7 Amazing Hill Stations In Madhya Pradesh

Amazing Hill Stations In Madhya Pradesh

Here are 7 amazing hill stations in Madhya Pradesh that make for wonderful vacation getaways that you can head to this summer.

Amazing Hill Stations In Madhya Pradesh

If you thought that there were no hill stations in Madhya Pradesh, then think again. The state has a diverse topography including plateaus, river valleys, and hills as well as mountain ranges. The important mountain ranges of Vidyanchal and the Satpura-Maikal ranges are located within the state of Madhya Pradesh. The state which is quite literally, the heart of India, is a mesmerizing mosaic of heritage, wildlife, culture, tribal culture, and nature, and has many places that make perfect getaways if you are thinking of hill stations. We take a look at 7 amazing summer getaways in Madhya Pradesh.

7 Amazing Destinations In Madhya Pradesh For Your Holidays

Amazing Hill Stations In Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is indeed a mesmerizing smorgasbord of amazing destinations for travellers. It is home to the famous Khajuraho Temples, and the Sanchi Group of Monuments, tigers thrive in its reserves including Pench, Kanha, Panna, and others. Madhya Pradesh also has a vibrant tribal culture. However, we take a look at 7 offbeat hill stations in Madhya Pradesh that also serve as hill stations in Madhya Pradesh.

Hill Stations In Madhya Pradesh

Hill Stations In Madhya Pradesh

Here are 7 of the best offbeat destinations in Madhya Pradesh. These hill stations offer perfect summer escapes and cater to a wide range of interests, including nature, heritage, history, and spirituality. Here’s the list of 7 hill stations in MP:

  • Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh
  • Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh
  • Tamia, Madhya Pradesh
  • Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh
  • Omkareshwar, Madhya Pradesh
  • Mandu, Madhya Pradesh
  • Shivpuri Hill, Madhya Pradesh

Let’s now dive deep to learn more about each of these 7 lovely hill stations in Madhya Pradesh.

Pachmarhi In Madhya Pradesh | Hill Stations In MP 

Places to Visit in India in August - Pachmarhi Valley

Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh is known as the “Queen of the Satpuras,” and is a hill station that was developed by the British in the late 19th century. It is a place that makes for a quiet getaway amid nature. It oozes the typical charm that one associates with vintage hill stations of India like Darjeeling or Mussoorie.

The main attractions of Pachmarhi apart from its pristine nature are Dhoopgarh which has both a sunrise and sunset point, Jatashankar which is a cave temple of Shiva, Bee Falls, Pandav Caves, Pachmarhi Church.

Pachmarhi Distance From Bhopal: 210 Km

The nearest Airport is Raja Bhoj International Airport in Bhopal at a distance of 222 Km

Hotels/Resorts: MPT Champak Bungalow, The Summer House

Amarkantak | MP Hill Station


Amarkantak in Madhya Pradesh is a picturesque as also a spiritual destination. The source of the holy river Narmada is located here, and there is a temple to the river Goddess which is a place of pilgrimage. Amarkantak is where the hill ranges of Vindhya and Satpura meet. Kabir is believed to have meditated near the town of Amarkantak., which has an average elevation of 1048 metres.

The main points of interest in Amarkantak are Narmada Udgam Temple, the Ancient Temples of Kalachuri, Dudh Dhara and Kapil Dhara Falls, and Shri Yantra Mandir.

Amarkantak Distance From Bhopal: 551 Km

The nearest Airport is Jabalpur at a distance of 243 Km

Hotels/Resorts: MPT Holiday Homes, Maikal Hills Resort

Tamia | Hill Stations In Madhya Pradesh


Tamia is one of the well-kept secrets of Madhya Pradesh. It is perched up on a mountain and looks down upon the Patalkot valley. It is the place to head to if you want to get away from the city into the pristine arms of nature. Tamia promises some spectacular views of sunrise and sunset. The famous Pench Tiger Reserve is located about 128 km from Tamia.

Tamia is a place where you go to just enjoy the vibes of nature, go trekking, and meet the Bhariya tribe in Patalkot. You can also enjoy the Tamia Waterfalls.

Tamia Distance From Bhopal: 234 Km

The nearest Airport is Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport in Nagpur at a distance of 185 Km

Hotels/Resorts: Youreka Adventure Camp, Wild Valley Resort

Chanderi | Hill Station In Madhya Pradesh


Chanderi is another offbeat destination of Madhya Pradesh that has remained in the shadow of places like Khajuraho, Sanchi, and others. Chanderi was historically located near the great and ancient trade route known as Dakshinapatha. Chanderi is home to hundreds of historical and prehistorical sites. It is also known for its famous, “Chanderi Sarees.” Chanderi is located at an average elevation of 466 metres.
The main points of interest in Chanderi are the Chanderi Archaeological Museum, Chanderi Fort, Badal Mahal, Jama Masjid, Baiju Bawra Memorial, and Kati Ghati.

Chanderi Distance From Bhopal: 210 Km

The nearest Airport is Gwalior at a distance of 213 Km

Hotels/Resorts: MPT Kila Kothi, Tana Bana Hotel

Omkareshwar | Hill Stations In Madhya Pradesh


Omkareshwar is a sacred destination of Madhya Pradesh on the banks of the Narmada River. It is home to one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. The main points of interest at Omkareshwar are Omkareshwar Jyotirling Temple, Mamleshwar Temple, and Shankaracharya Cave.

Omkareshwar Distance From Bhopal: 257 Km

The nearest Airport is Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport, Indore, at a distance of 84 Km

Hotels/Resorts: MPT Temple View, Narmada Hill Resort

Mandu | MP Hill Station


Mandu in Madhya Pradesh nestles on a hill that overlooks the Narmada River valley and the Malwa Plateau. The average elevation of Mandu is 634 metres. Mandu is known for its architectural heritage and has many grand monuments and palaces. It is also a place that overflows with scenic beauty.

The main points of interest in Mandu are Jahaz Mahal, Baz Bahadur’s Mahal, Hindola Mahal, Rani Rupmati Palace, Hoshang Shah’s Tomb, and other monuments.

Mandu Distance From Bhopal: 277 Km

The nearest Airport is Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport, Indore, at a distance of 84 Km

Hotels/Resorts: MPT Malwa Resort, Malwa Retreat, TGI Jahaj Mahal Hotel

Shivpuri Hill | Hill Stations In Madhya Pradesh

Shivpuri Hill

Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh has an average elevation of about 48 metres. Shivpuri is endowed with natural beauty and is known for its elegant marble chhatris that were built by the Scindia rulers. The main points of interest in Shivpuri are Madhav National Park, Bhoora Khon Waterfall, Sankhya Sagar, and Bhadaiya Kund.

Mandu Distance From Bhopal: 284 Km

The nearest Airport is Gwalior, at a distance of 125 Km

Hotels/Resorts: MPT Tourist Village

How To Reach Madhya Pradesh


  • Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and is serviced by the Raja Bhoj International Airport
  • Other major airports are at Indore, Gwalior, Jabalpur, and Khajuraho
  • Bhopal and other cities are well connected by road and rail

If you are planning a trip to Madhya Pradesh, you can book your flight to the nearest airport of your destination right here through Cleartrip or Makemytrip or CheapAir or Priceline . If you are thinking of a road trip from anywhere in India check out the rental car and bus options.

Where To Stay When In Madhya Pradesh

Best place to stay in Khajuraho

There are plenty of options for staying in the various tourist places of Madhya Pradesh on your Madhya Pradesh Itinerary. Some of our recommended places to stay are Jehan Numa Retreat and Jehan Numa Palace in Bhopal. The Lalit Temple View in Khajuraho. Madhya Pradesh Tourism also has its hotels and resorts at different tourist places and these include the Kutni Island Resort in Khajuraho and the Gateway Retreat in Sanchi.

For your Madhya Pradesh accommodation, you can book your stay through any of the below options, at the location of your choice here – TripAdvisor or Cleartrip or  makemytrip or  goibibo or  Booking.com or  HotelsCombined or  Agoda and save a lot by getting the best deals on booking your stay.

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Madhya Pradesh Tourism

Hill station MP

Tourism in Madhya Pradesh offers a rich range of heritage, culture, history, and wildlife destinations. These include UNESCO World Heritage sites like Khajuraho, Bhimbetka, and Sanchi as well as lesser-known gems like Chanderi.

For visiting Madhya Pradesh you can also avail of package tours that will cover other must-visit places of Madhya Pradesh. You can plan your trip and book online different places to visit in Madhya Pradesh right here.

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FAQs About Hill Stations in Madhya Pradesh

Tourist Places in Madhya Pradesh

Discover answers to some of the most common questions about the enchanting hill stations of Madhya Pradesh.

What is Pachmarhi known for?

Pachmarhi, also known as the “Queen of Satpura,” is renowned for its stunning waterfalls, caves, and the Satpura Tiger Reserve.

Why should I visit Amarkantak?

Amarkantak is a significant pilgrimage site and the origin of the Narmada and Sone rivers, surrounded by dense forests and scenic beauty.

What makes Tamia a unique hill station?

Tamia is known for its untouched natural beauty, deep valleys, and panoramic views, making it a perfect retreat for nature lovers.

What historical attractions are there in Chanderi?

Chanderi boasts a rich historical heritage with ancient temples, forts, and the famous Chanderi saris.

What is the significance of Omkareshwar?

Omkareshwar is a revered pilgrimage destination, home to one of the 12 Jyotirlingas and situated on an island shaped like the Hindu symbol ‘Om’.

Why is Mandu a must-visit hill station?

Mandu is celebrated for its Afghan architecture, historic forts, palaces, and the romantic legend of Rani Roopmati and Baz Bahadur.

What can I explore in Shivpuri Hill?

Shivpuri Hill is known for its picturesque landscape, dense forests, and as a former hunting ground for the Scindia royals.

When is the best time to visit Pachmarhi?

The best time to visit Pachmarhi is from October to June when the weather is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing.

What spiritual sites can I find in Amarkantak?

In Amarkantak, you can visit the ancient temples of Kalachuri, the Narmada Udgam Temple, and the Sonmuda viewpoint.

How do I reach Mandu?

Mandu is accessible by road from Indore (around 100 km away), with regular bus and taxi services available.

These are some of the offbeat destinations of Madhya Pradesh that are wonderful places to head to during vacations. We hope you found this post interesting and informative. Do let us know of any clarifications through the comments section. And do not forget to subscribe to our blog and newsletter and connect with us on our social media channels.

We hope this guide about hill stations in Madhya Pradesh helps you plan the perfect getaway in Madhya Pradesh. Share these enchanting hill stations in MP with your friends and family who are looking for travel ideas, and inspire their adventures and discoveries. Here’s to a lifetime filled with cherished memories and endless exploration!

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Amazing Hill Stations In Madhya Pradesh

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7 Amazing Hill Stations In Madhya Pradesh

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