India Travel Checklist for US Citizens – Best Places To See

India Travel Checklist for US Citizens – Best Places To See

Here is the best India travel guide cum India Travel Checklist for US citizens from preparation for eVisa to safety precautions to the best places to visit.

India Travel Checklist for US Citizens – Best Places To See

India, a country with a rich cultural heritage and a diverse landscape, is on the bucket list of many travellers. As a US citizen, there are certain steps you need to take to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip. In this article, we will cover the preparation, eVisa application, landing in India, places to avoid, proper etiquette, and top places to see.

A Comprehensive Guide to India for US Citizens

India Travel Checklist for US Citizens – Best Places To See

We present you a comprehensive guide to India for US Citizens, from research, preparation, visa procedures, and safety tips. Read on to check out this best India travel guide for US Citizens visiting India for the first time.

India Travel Checklist for US Citizens – Preparing For Your Trip To India

Research And Planning

To make the most of your trip to India, start by conducting thorough research on the regions you want to visit, local customs, and current travel advisories. Check the US Department of State website for any travel advisories and subscribe to their Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) for updates on safety and security information.

Health Precautions

Consult your healthcare provider at least 4-6 weeks before your trip to discuss necessary vaccinations and medications. The CDC recommends vaccines for Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and routine vaccinations, such as MMR and DPT. Consider carrying a first-aid kit, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, and hand sanitiser.

Travel Insurance

It is advisable to purchase comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical expenses, trip cancellations, baggage loss, and other potential issues.

India Travel Checklist for US Citizens – India Visa For US Citizens

eVisa Application

The easiest and most convenient way for US citizens to obtain an Indian eVisa is through the online platform. Apply for an eVisa at least 4-7 days before your departure by visiting the official Indian government eVisa website. Follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the online application form with your personal details, travel plans, and passport information
  2. Upload a digital passport-sized photograph and a scanned copy of your passport’s bio page
  3. Pay the eVisa fee using a credit or debit card
  4. Once approved, you will receive your eVisa via email. Print it and carry it with your passport during your trip

India Travel Checklist for US Citizens – Landing In India 

Customs And Immigration

Upon arrival in India, proceed to the immigration counter for passport control and eVisa verification. Keep your passport, eVisa, and a printed copy of your hotel reservation handy. Declare any dutiable goods and currencies exceeding $5,000 at the customs desk.


Use authorized prepaid taxi services or ride-hailing apps like Uber and Ola to ensure safe and reliable transportation from the airport. Avoid unregistered taxis and touts offering transportation services.

Places To Avoid

While India has many beautiful destinations, some areas are best avoided due to safety and security concerns. Check the US Department of State’s travel advisories for up-to-date information on areas to avoid and commonly cited areas that are listed to avoid getting into trouble.

India Travel Checklist for US Citizens – Proper Etiquette

Respecting local customs and traditions is crucial while travelling in India. Here are some etiquette tips:

  1. Dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites. Cover your shoulders and knees, and remove your shoes before entering the temples
  2. Avoid public displays of affection, as they may be considered disrespectful
  3. Use your right hand for eating, exchanging money, and greeting people, as the left hand is considered inappropriate
  4. Seek permission before taking photographs of people or religious sites
  5. When invited to someone’s home, it is customary to bring a small gift like chocolates or sweets. Do not be surprised if the host refuses the gift once or twice before accepting it

India Travel Checklist for US Citizens – Best Places To See In India

Best India Travel Guide For Americans - Best Places To See

India offers a plethora of breathtaking destinations, rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. Here are some of the top places you should not miss:

The Golden Triangle

This popular tourist circuit consists of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. Delhi, the capital city, boasts iconic landmarks such as the Qutub Minar, India Gate, and Red Fort. Agra is home to the magnificent Taj Mahal, a symbol of eternal love and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Jaipur, also known as the Pink City, features stunning palaces and forts such as the Amber Fort, City Palace, and Hawa Mahal.


This coastal paradise offers pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife, and a unique blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures. Visit the Basilica of Bom Jesus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and explore Fort Aguada and Chapora Fort for a glimpse into Goa’s history.


Known as “God’s Own Country,” Kerala is famous for its lush backwaters, palm-lined beaches, and verdant hills. Cruise the backwaters on a traditional houseboat, unwind on the serene beaches of Varkala and Kovalam, or explore the tea plantations in Munnar.

Varanasi | Kashi

As one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, Varanasi holds deep spiritual significance. Witness the mesmerizing Ganga Aarti ceremony, take a boat ride along the Ganges at sunrise, and explore the city’s narrow lanes and ancient temples.


 For adventure enthusiasts, Ladakh is a must-visit destination. The rugged landscapes, snow-capped mountains, and ancient monasteries offer a captivating experience. Visit the famous Pangong Lake, Nubra Valley, and Thiksey Monastery, and don’t miss the opportunity to drive through the world’s highest motorable road at Khardung La, or the breathtaking Changla Pass.

In Conclusion – Best India Travel Guide For Americans

A trip to India can be a life-changing experience, offering a glimpse into the country’s rich history, diverse culture, and breathtaking natural beauty. By following the tips outlined in this article, from preparation to proper etiquette, US citizens can make the most of their Indian adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime.

We hope you liked reading our comprehensive guide to India and find it useful for planning your own trip to India, a country with endless possibilities. Do connect with us for more information or any clarifications that you may need. We are also available on all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Linkedin.

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India Travel Checklist for US Citizens – Best Places To See

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India Travel Checklist for US Citizens - Best Places To See

India Travel Checklist for US Citizens - Best Places To See

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