Investment or Protection? The CHOICE is InvestShield

InvestShield  – Investment and Protection


This is a common dilemma that most of us face when we are mulling a financial investment. We all want our investment to grow and give us the best returns, but on the other hand we also want to ensure that our near and dear ones are insulated against any unexpected eventuality by Life Insurance. How much should one invest for returns and how much should one contribute to ensure everything is smooth for the family in the case of any eventuality is a question that vexes most of us.

Now there is an answer to all these questions through Investshield, an investment plan from CHOICE Life Insurance, which is a joint venture of Canara Bank, HSBC Insurance and Oriental Bank of Commerce.

What is Investshield

#InvestShield is an investment plan that ensures your investment gives you good returns so that you can ensure that your dreams and your family’s dreams are fulfilled. On the other hand it smartly protects your family and insulates them financially against any untoward eventuality. The plan ensures that a portion of your money goes into investments like Equity, Debt Securities, Money Markets etc., based on your own investment and risk taking inclinations. Another portion of your money would go towards Life Insurance.

The #Investshield plan has a premium funding option where in the event of life insured’s death, apart from immediate benefit payout, the insurer funds remaining premiums for the remaining policy term. And later, at maturity; the fund value is paid out.

The best part of Investshield is that the plan offers you a whole lot of options for customization based on your needs. This ranges from the amount of investment to the term of the plan as well as the kind of investments that you would like your money to go into. There is room for systematic investment too.

Additionally, the whole process of investing in Investshield is very simple and hassle free. It also offers a good degree of liquidity for partial withdrawals for contingencies. And in addition to all these benefits, it is also eligible for Tax benefits under the appropriate sections of the Income Tax act, 1961.

In my opinion, the best part of this plan is that it is not like the usual plans where you put in your money and then simply wait. In the case of Investshield, the control is in your hands and the flexible options enable you to make your own decisions about your money.

#Investshield is truly a new investment plan by CHOICE Life Insurance. I cannot wait for this product to launch as I can have best of both a€“ Investment and Protection and also enjoy tax benefits!

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One thought on “Investment or Protection? The CHOICE is InvestShield

  1. neha Reply

    Invest shield looks like the perfect way to invest worry free. As it would ensure the good returns for you.The flexible options available seem to make it even more attractive

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