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The Irresistible Call of London With British Airways

British Airways

The call of London has been irresistible and consistent and my London dreams have a very early origin. I have been hearing the call right from the time when as a kid, the sonorous voice of a Nursery school teacher rhythmically reciting nursery rhymes like Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been? I’ve been up to London to look at the queen, fell on my ears.

London continues to haunt me in my dreams. The fascination for London grew as I read about the legendary city in the pages of the books authored by various illustrious authors. Charles Dickens and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle succeeded in conjuring up magical and intriguing images of the city in my mind and further fueling my London dreams.

I yearned and still yearn to set foot on the soil of London to turn my dreams into reality.

British Airways

The sights of London seem to be calling out to me. The images of The London Eye flickers in my minds’ eye, the chimes of The Big Ben ring in my ear, and the Buckingham Palace along with the Tower of London serenade me in my dreams. I cannot wait for the time when I will wake up to a London morning and experience the sights of London. London has so much to see and do. It is a pulsating cultural hotpot with so many events lined up throughout the year. Something is always happening in London.

British Airways

I hope my London dreams take shape. I also wish they solidify into reality around Christmas. During the festive season of Christmas and the New Year, London transforms itself into a resplendent dreamland.

The brightly illuminated Christmas Markets which are a haven for shopping act like a magnet, pulling hordes into their fold.

British Airways
British Airways
British Airways
British Airways
British Airways

The sweet sounds of Christmas Carols waft in the air and there is a spirit of gaiety and friendship all around. The Thames lights up with fireworks as it transforms into a party river with boats hosting parties cruising along merrily and the riverside restaurants vibrating to the beat of music. The lure of London seems to go up a thousand folds during the festival season in the months of November, December and January.

British Airways

Probably this is the right time to visit London and be bowled over by its charm.I was largely influenced after going through this virtual tour of festive events in London. I must have planned an itinerary for my dream visit a number of times including a detailed plan of where to stay, what to see and what to do. The meticulous planner, that I am, I also have looked at the costs that would be involved for my dream trip. So once again, I made yet another itinerary, yet another plan, and yet another cost estimate. To my pleasant surprise, I realized that my estimated cost was drastically lower than what it was the last time I had done the same exercise. After some simple analysis, I realized that the reason for the extra savings was the exchange rate conversion. 1 GBP which was equal to INR 100 at the beginning of the year now stands around INR 82. What this means is apart from other savings, cheaper air tickets!

“This is the best time to travel to London with British Airways (my favorite airline)”, I thought. I quickly jotted down the benefits:

  • I can get more for my rupee
  • Sightseeing including Christmas and New Year fireworks on river Thames would be amazing
  • British Airways is offering exclusive retail/ shopping offers for BA customer (an exclusive offer for British Airways customers only)

All these are too good to resist.

British Airways

I hope my flight of fancy to London takes off this season as this is indeed the best time to travel to London with British Airways. I visualize myself at Heathrow Airport waiting for my Airport Transfer in London. It will be my Best London Trip. I am keeping my fingers crossed as I mentally prepare to go to London to see the Queen! Do you have London dreams? Then why wait. get set and go! Celebrate Christmas and New Year and Shop till you drop in London!

British Airways

British Airways      British Airways




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43 thoughts to “The Irresistible Call of London With British Airways”

  1. You really can’t turn down a call from London especially when you’re going to see places like these! I loved going there before and how I wish I could visit again soon! London is one of my favorite cities!

  2. omg! really nice photos! bring me to London now please! lol. this is something to plan with my family! I think we need to organize visiting London next year! thanks for posting!

  3. These photos are amazing! They seriously take my breath away. I have never been outside North America, but I desperately would love to travel to places like this.

  4. London is a perfect place to visit during the holiday season. Someday I would love to visit it during New Years Eve because it looks fun, festive and spectacular 🙂

  5. It was Bedknobs & Broomsticks that sparked my interest in London from a very young age. The first time I ever visited the city I made my way to Portobello Road and was gutted to find there were no singing and dancing people, lol! Loads of wee shops though. 🙂

  6. London looks so magical! It’s been my dream to go and I will make it a reality hopefully this year or in 2018! Thanks for posting such beautiful photos, too!

  7. I’ve always wanted to visit London around the holidays and ride the ferris wheel. I love Charles Dickens and any literature from the Victorian Era.

  8. Looking at these wonderful pictures and the beautiful lightings, I want to plan my london trip around the christmas time. The whole city seems to be wonderfully decorated at that time!! And then looks like British Airways will be a great choice to fly there!

  9. Wait, you have been to Paris but not to London yet? How come if London was your dreamed destination? Well, yes, now it is the right time to go to London for you so don’t wait more and hope to see your experiences and thoughts about (real) London on a cool post 😉

    ps. I prefer Air France ! 😀

  10. It is good to see somebody wanting to go to one place that much. London is a great place, very busy and you can definitely find something for your taste. If you fancy Christmas spirit, you should consider going to Winter Wonderland which is organised in December.
    I am going to follow you on Fb for your posts. Feel free to follow back 🙂

  11. I arrived from Uk a few days ago, was in London, in Westminster on 21 March. I have been there many times, in Europe together with Lisbon and Prague this is the city that I like most. Have you been in Prague and Lisbon? I have never been there on Christmas/New Year time but it is in my plans. i love your dreams 😉

  12. London is my town, I can just hop on a train and be in central London within 25minutes. It’s chaotic, loud, vibrant, rich with culture, cuisines from around the world, a real 24-hour-city. Whenever I leave England, the place I miss the most is London at Christmas. Your photography here, it really captures what Xmas in London is like.

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