Things to do in Goa during Christmas and New Year

New Year in Goa

Celebrate Christmas and New Year in Goa

It is that time of the year again when there is a nip in the air and waves of anticipation and excitement seem to surge tantalizingly in the mind. Christmas is in the air and time is again poised for its annual transition as 2017 waits patiently behind the curtains to make an entry. This Christmas holds the promise of something special as we would be reuniting with a few close friends. All of us plan to assemble in Pune and then move on to Goa to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Initially, we were thinking of traveling from Pune to Goa by road but we found that Pune to Goa flights are available and cost effective as well. So we have changed our plans. After all, flying would result in us getting more time in Goa.

Why did we choose to celebrate Christmas and ring in the New Year in Goa? Of course for all the obvious reasons, but also for many lesser known reasons which appealed to us as a group. However, we must confess that though it was a decision of the group, we were the ones who pitched for Goa and ensured we finalized on it, simply because we have always been besotted with Goa.

Our affair with Goa started many years back and we fell passionately in love with the place. The beauty of Goa is such that it continues to enthrall us and its magnetic charm ensures that we return again and again for one more glimpse. We do not look at reasons or seasons when it comes to visiting Goa because Goa enchants at all times of the year. In winter Goa is all decked up and blushing coyly like a bride. Come rains, and the magic of Goa springs to supernatural life as the sands of Goa get showered by silvery drops of rain and the palm trees sway in a rhythmic dance of gay abandon. Now that you know about our obsession with Goa, you might agree that Goa can be best experienced during Christmas and New Year.  Next question that comes to mind is how to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Goa and ring in the new with friends. You can enjoy the sandy beaches, dance, music, fireworks, go on a sightseeing and what do not! Here is a list of activities that we have lined up for our rendezvous with Goa this time around when we celebrate Christmas and New Year in Goa with friends.

Setup our camp in Bogmalo Beach South Goa

Goa New Year

It was on our last visit to Goa that we discovered this small beach. Bogmalo beach nestles within the folds of a small and sleepy fishing village, where time seems to stand still. There is a cove that has a mile long curving stretch of sand which is perennially washed by the blue waves of the Arabian Sea. It a great place to wake up in and go for a morning jog, breathing in the fresh air and allowing the waves to touch your feet tantalizingly. Evenings cast an ethereal glow as the sun sets in majestic splendor over the Arabian Sea.  This time around, we shall be setting up camp at Beach Bay Cottages, Goa. The fact that the beach happens to be less than 10 kilometers from Dabolim Airport is very convenient.

Scuba Diving at Grand Island

Goa New Year

We plan to take a boat ride to Grande Island and indulge in some snorkeling and Scuba diving. This island which is a few kilometers into the sea is one of the best sites in India for diving. We plan to dive at one of the popular sites very near the island where lies a sunken British ship that was built in 1948. After some memorable moments spent in the fascinating underwater world, the plan is to indulge in a barbecue lunch and later probably watch a spectacular sunset.

 Trek to Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Goa New Year

We had a great time on a road trip to the base of Dudhsagar falls, the last time we were in Goa. This time we plan a 11 kilometer trek to the falls along the railway track that passes besides the spectacular falls. The trek which will take us through the Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary holds the promise of a great adventure as we pass through lush green forests. The camaraderie of old friends will definitely add spice to the entire experience and we are rearing to be off.

 Get high on Kaju Feni

Goa new year

When in Goa, can you afford not to taste the famed Kaju Feni? Of course being teetotalers we will not but our friends will definitely binge on this iconic Goan spirit made from cashew fruits. They plan to have it in their favorite way , with lemonade, a bit of salt and a green chilly!

Experience Nirvana with Goan Seafood

Goa sea food

No trip to Goa can be said to be complete if one does not experience the unique flavors and aromas of Goan cuisine which is a heady blend of the influences of Hindu, Muslim and Portugese cuisines. The seafood that my friends look forward to gorge on include Pomfret, Shark, Lobster, Prawn Tuna, and Squid among others. Of course we shall be happy looking at the satisfaction on the faces of our friends as they relish Goan cuisine, as we stick to its vegetarian variants.

Ring in 2017 at the Sunburn Festival

New Year

We plan to ring in the New Year in Goa by totally immersing ourselves in the romance, music and vibrant culture of Goa. There is no better way to do this than by being a part of the 10th edition of the Sunburn festival. Sunburn is probably one of Asia’s largest EDM events and promises to be a musically rocking vehicle to celebrate and party on the sands of Goa. We are keeping our fingers crossed on this one as there is a chance that the venue for Sunburn 2016 may not be Goa.

We are really excited looking forward to setting foot on the golden sands of Goa very soon. We cannot wait for the day to come when we shall board our Jet Airways flight and be off on yet another romantic fling with a passion called Goa.

We do not need any rhyme or reason to visit Goa as we are ready to visit Goa any season! How did you like our plans for Christmas and the New Year in Goa? Don’t you agree that Goa can be best experienced during Christmas and New Year?  Where are you headed to? Do share your plans through the comments section.

New Year Goa

New Year Goa

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25 thoughts on “Things to do in Goa during Christmas and New Year

  1. Nina Reply

    That sounds like such a cool way to experience Christmas … in the warmth and eating amazing seafood!

  2. kelly reci Reply

    never tried celebrating Christmas or NEw year outside home, but i guess this one is something my family should try!

  3. Our Family World Reply

    Oh my goodness! That place is really stunning and perfect idea for a family!

  4. Wendy Polisi Reply

    The fireworks are really beautiful! I’m going to make sure that next year I’ll bring my family there.

  5. Elizabeth Reply

    Oh how I would love to spend New Year there instead of hiding indoors from the cold where I live with a glass of bubbly watching Jools Holland on the telly, lol! Such a beautiful place, Goa!

  6. DogVills Reply

    I’ve never tried to celebrate Christmas out of the country and without my family! But this place looks so much fun and exciting.

  7. Carol Cassara Reply

    It would be nice to experience everything that the place has to offer! These are very cool suggestions! I’d love to see Goa some time soon!

  8. Elizabeth O. Reply

    Honestly, I wouldn’t mind camping by the beach. It would be nice to welcome the New Year there! I love the view from the falls as well. There are so many things that you can do here over the Holidays!

  9. Bill S Reply

    What a great way to bring in the new year!! I love to travel and hope to be able to do more in the new year!

  10. TColeman Reply

    This looks like such a beautiful place to celebrate New years! I would love to go any time of the year.

  11. Swati & Sam Reply

    No one can have enough of Goa, no matter where we travel to. Lovely pictures. How difficult is the 11km trek to Dudhsagar falls? We have never done Scuba in India, I think its high time we need to do Scuba diving in India.

  12. Fabio Reply

    I have been in Goa several times and will be again in two weeks, but to be honest i never been there in Christmas/new year time… hum, i must try scuba dive there i never saw Goa as a scuba dive place but i must try it there. Thanks for your tips 🙂

  13. Claudine Reply

    So beautiful. Goa is on my list too! I guess this time is the best time of the year to visit because everyone is in the festive mood!

  14. neha Reply

    The climate in Goa is just fabulous during the christmas and new year time. I have always wanted to go here during this time. Haven’t experienced scuba diving here yet. Will add that to my list and head here this Christmas 🙂

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