10 Amazing Mysteries And Facts of Modhera Sun Temple

Facts of Modhera Sun Temple

Here are 10 amazing mysteries and facts of Modhera Sun temple located in Modhera, Gujarat, India near the banks of the river Pushpavati.

Facts of Modhera Sun Temple

Sun temples in India are beautiful testimonials to the practice of the worship of the Sun that dates back to the Vedic times. Here are some amazing mysteries and facts of Modhera Sun Temple, which is one of the three major Sun temples in India. The other two are the Konark Sun Temple, in Odisha and the Markand Sun Temple in Kashmir. The Modhera Sun Temple is one of the most exquisite examples of architectural brilliance in a sun temple.

Amazing Facts Of Modhera Sun Temple

Facts of Modhera Sun Temple

The civilizations of the world have been worshipping the Sun as the one who sustains and nourishes life on earth for many aeons. Of these India holds a pivotal position and boasts of some of the best temples that have been raised in veneration of the Sun. There are 7 major sun temples in India and many minor sun temples like the Katarmal Sun temple in Uttarakhand, Suryanar Kovil in Tamil Nadu, among many others. The Modhera Sun Temple is one of the most important Sun Temples of India and is surrounded by its share of mysteries and facts.

About Sun Temple Modhera – Facts of Modhera Sun Temple

Facts of Modhera Sun Temple
Facts of Modhera Sun Temple

The famous Sun Temple of Modhera is a monument of national importance and is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. It is located near the banks of the river Pushpavati in the village of Modhera in the Mehsana district of Gujarat, India. The Modhera Sun Temple is located about 98 kilometres from the World Heritage City of Ahmedabad. The Sun temple is only about 34 kilometres from Patan which is the site of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Rani Ki Vav.

The Modhera Sun Temple dates back to the 11th century and was built during the rule of the Solanki dynasty, by King Bhimadeva-I. He is the same king who had reconstructed the iconic Somnath temple after it was destroyed by Mahmud Ghazni.

Amazing Facts Of Modhera Sun Temple

Modhera Sun Temple
Modhera Sun Temple

The Modhera Sun Temple stands not only as a remarkable example of architectural finesse but is also an enduring enigma, wrapped in layers of intriguing facts, mysteries and legends. Here are some of the most interesting of these facts of Modhera Sun Temple.

1. Tropic of Cancer – Mysteries and Facts of Modhera Sun Temple

The Modhera Sun Temple is located near the Tropic of Cancer at a latitude of 23.5835° N, 72.1330° E, the latitude through which the Tropic of Cancer passes is 23.4999° N, 85.4866° E.

2. Solar Equinox 

The design of the Sun Temple in Modhera is such that during the Solar equinox, the very first rays of the morning sun illuminated the image of the Sun God in the sanctum.

3. Summer Solstice   

The sun shines on the top of the temple during the summer solstice without casting any shadow. This is a remarkable phenomenon that speaks volumes of the engineering and design skills of its builders.

4. Temple Without A Deity 

The image of the principal deity, Surya, is missing from the Garbagriha or sanctum sanctorum. The Modhera Sun Temple is not one where worship takes place.

5. Surya With Boots

Amazing Mysteries And Facts Of Modhera Sun Temple
Amazing Mysteries And Facts Of Modhera Sun Temple

In the sculptures of the Sun God, Surya, at the Modhera Sun temple, he is depicted as wearing boots, which is believed to be a Central Asian influence

6. Date With History 

An inscription on the back wall of the temple which is inverted has the date, “Vikram Samvat 1083.” This fact has helped historians estimate the time period during which the Modhera Sun Temple was built.

7. Intriguing Design 

The Sabha Mandapa inside the Sun temple in Modhera simulates the illusion of a star owing to its architectural design consisting of a series of recessed corners

8. Pillars 

Amazing Mysteries And Facts Of Modhera Sun Temple
Pillars – Amazing Mysteries And Facts Of Modhera Sun Temple

There are 52 ornate pillars that stand in the Sun temple of Modhera, Gujarat. These are believed to symbolize the 52 weeks of the year.

9. Temple Destruction 

The Modhera Sun Temple is believed to have been ransacked once by Mahmud Ghazni and later by Allaudin Khalji who is believed to have destroyed the main idol of Surya.

10. Mythological Reference

Legend has it that Lord Shri Ram and Sita Devi had sanctified the place where the temple stands. Modhera is believed to have been the place where Lord Ram did penance to atone for the sin of killing a Brahmin, Ravana.

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Amazing Mysteries & Facts of Modhera Sun Temple

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