Brahmins’ Coffee Bar – Bangalore’s Timeless Institution

Brahmins' Coffee Bar, Basavanagudi, Bangalore

The Brahmins’ Coffee Bar is an iconic eatery that served popular south Indian fare and in the Shankarpuram area of South Bangalore.

Brahmins' Coffee Bar Bangalore

The Brahmins’ Coffee Bar holds its head high with its traditional idlis and vadas in a world, where the likes of Pizzas, Burgers, and Chinese food grab eyeballs. What started as a humble venture in a small room in a bylane of Shankarapuram in South Bangalore, slowly built a reputation for itself which resulted in a loyal clientele that has only grown over the decades.

Brahmin's Coffee Bar, Basavanagudi, Bangalore
Brahmin’s Coffee Bar, Basavanagudi, Bangalore

The success of Brahmins’ Coffee Bar can be attributed to its simplicity which reflects in its menu, and the focus on quality, which is again reflected in the food that is lapped up every day by thousands.

Brahmins’ Coffee Bar – All About Chutney and Coffee

Coffee at Brahmin's Coffee Bar Bangalore
Coffee at Brahmins’ Coffee Bar Bangalore

The Brahmins’ Coffee Bar is a place where many head to in the mornings with devotion, as if on a morning visit to a temple. And temple it is for many, the temple of food. The Brahmins’ Coffee Bar was born in 1965, the brainchild of Late Shri K.V.Nagesh Rao. Initially, it opened in a small room and served coffee, tea, and a sprinkling of bakery items. Six years down the line, it added a few popular south Indian breakfast items like Idli, etc., to its repertoire, and the rest is history.

Photos of Brahmins' Coffee Bar Bangalore

The restaurant has shifted to a bigger space adjacent to the original room where it had started operations. It is a self-service outlet, with customers overflowing onto the road. What is it that has been drawing hordes of gourmets regularly to this spartan and no-frills restaurant that serves a limited range of dishes? There are many reasons, and one of them, surprisingly is the chutney and the coffee!

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar Basavangudi – Simple Menu, Great Quality

Brahmin's Coffee Bar Bangalore

This eatery has come a long way since its inception in 1965, but what remains unchanged is the quality and simplicity of its menu. The limited range of items helps them to focus on enhanced quality.

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar Menu

  • Idli
  • Vada
  • Khara Bath
  • Kesari Bath
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Plain Milk

The simple menu has Idly, Vade, Khara Bath, and Kesari  Bath, with hot beverages of Coffee, Tea, and plain milk. This simple menu, however, succeeds in firing the imagination of thousands, who throng the restaurant during its opening hour to savour its fare.

The most popular of the dishes is a plate of idly and vada, but many are drawn by the enticing taste of the chutney, while others are hypnotised by the aroma of its coffee. Whatever be the reason, there are crowds swarming around like bees outside the restaurant, waiting for it to open.

Brahmins’ Coffee Bar – Location & Timings

Brahmins Coffee Bar Bangalore
Brahmins Coffee Bar Bangalore

The Brahmins’ Coffee Bar is located in a quiet street of Shankarpuram in South Bangalore.

Brahmins’ Coffee Bar Address:

Brahmins’ Coffee Bar
Ranga Rao Rd,
Near Shankar Mutt,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004.

  • Distance from M.G.Road – 6.8 kilometres
  • Distance from Majestic – 3.0 kilometres

Brahmins Coffee Bar Timings:

The brahmins coffee bar timings are 6:00 AM to 12:00 Noon, and 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM, the restaurant is closed every Sunday.

Images of Brahmins’ Coffee Bar Bangalore | Photos of Brahmin’s Coffee Bar Bangalore

Images of Brahmins' Coffee Bar Bangalore
Images of Brahmins’ Coffee Bar Bangalore

The Brahmin’s Coffee Bar is one of the many iconic eateries of Bangalore, that has defied the march of time. They stand as a defiant reminder of a glorious and endearing past. They are part of the rich heritage and culture of Bangalore, an essential and integral part of its ethos. A crucial part of the very identity and personae of the city that we know as Bangalore.

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Brahmins' Coffee Bar Bangalore

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