9-Day Coastal Karnataka Itinerary – Best Coastal Karnataka Places

Coastal Karnataka Itinerary

Here is a coastal Karnataka itinerary that covers places along the coast from Mangalore to Karwar covering about 320 kilometres.

Coastal Karnataka Itinerary - Best Coastal Karnataka Places

Karnataka’s coastline that hugs the Arabian Sea for a little more than 300 kilometres, has many amazing places. We present here a coastal Karnataka itinerary that extends from Mangalore to Karwar and includes some of the important beaches and places near the coast. So if you are planning for a coastal Karnataka road trip, then these coastal Karnataka places that we have covered should be useful.

Coastal Karnataka Itinerary – Coastal Karnataka Trip Plan

Coastal Karnataka Itinerary

This coastal Karnataka trip plan covers some of the best places to visit in coastal Karnataka. It will help you discover some of the best beach places in Karnataka. It will also provide you with an immersive experience of the culture and cuisine of the coast of Karnataka, which is also known as Karavalli. The coastal Karnataka tour starts from Mangalore and culminates in Karwar, located near the Karnataka-Goa state border. The itinerary that we present is a 9-day itinerary of Coastal Karnataka, however, you can customize it to your requirements based on our recommendations of places you may want to add to the itinerary.

Coastal Karnataka Tourist Places Map

Coastal Karnataka Map
Coastal Karnataka Map

Coastal Karnataka Itinerary – Day 1

Coastal Karnataka Itinerary
Kudroli Gokarnatheswara temple

The trip along the coast of Karnataka will start from the port city of Mangalore or Mangaluru. Mangalore can be easily reached by air, road, or train. The trip would ideally start from the morning of Day 1 in Mangalore. The places and experiences recommended in Mangalore are detailed below.

Mangalore – Coastal Karnataka Itinerary

  • Proceed for local sightseeing after breakfast
  • Start the day by visiting the famous Kadri Manjunath temple which is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and has a history dating back to the 10th and 11th centuries
  • Next, visit another famous temple of Mangalore, the Kudroli Gokarnatheswara temple, known for its famous Dussehra celebrations
  • Proceed for lunch at one of the restaurants in Mangalore, if you like seafood, you can experience the flavours and aromas of Shetty Lunch Home, or if you are vegetarian, you can have lunch at any of the many vegetarian restaurants that serve authentic local food
  • Late afternoon proceed towards Udupi
  • On the way to Udupi spend some time at the Padubidri Beach, one of the Blue Flag certified beaches of Karnataka
coastal karnataka itinerary- Kaup beach
Kaup Beach
  • After this visit Kaup Beach and Kaup Lighthouse which is about 14 kilometres from Padubidri
  • Night halt at Udupi

Other Places In Mangalore That You Can Add To Your Itinerary

  • Panambur Beach
  • Aloysius Chapel
  • Sultan Battery
  • Tannirbhavi Beach
  • Milagres Church
  • Rosario Cathedral

For your stay in Udupi, you can check out some of the Udupi Resorts here

Tip For The Day: When in Mangalore do taste its famous Ideal ice cream.

Udupi – Coastal Karnataka Tour – Day 2

udupi krishna matha
Udupi Krishna Matha

On Day 2 of your coastal Karnataka trip, you will explore the temple city of Udupi and its vicinity. Udupi figures prominently in the coastal Karnataka tourist places map.

  • Early morning proceed to the famous Udupi Sri Krishna Matha for darshan along with other two main temples, Shree Ananteshwara Temple, and Shri Chandramouleeshwara Temple
  • After the temple visit, have breakfast and proceed to St Lawrence Church in Attur, which is about 50 kilometres from Udupi
Attur Church
St. Lawrence Attur Church
  • After spending about 1 hour at the beautiful Attur Church it is time to head to the next destination ( 25 kilometres away ) which is the Varanga Jain temple 
coastal karnataka itinerary
Varanga Jain Temple
  • After spending about 1 hour at the Varanga Jain Temple, you head back to Udupi for lunch
Hastashilpa Heritage Village
Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village
  • After lunch visit the  Hastashilpa Heritage Village Museum where you can spend a couple of hours
Beach Places In Karnataka-Malpe Beach
Malpe Beach
  • In the evening head towards Malpe Beach for water sports including parasailing, banana boat, Jet Skiing etc., and have a nice view of the sunset on the Arabian Sea
Coastal Karnataka Itinerary
Fishermans Bay
  • Have a nice dinner either at Malpe Beach at the Fisherman’s Cove or at any other restaurant based on your preferences
  • Night halt in Udupi

Other Places In Udupi That You Can Add To Your Itinerary

  • Pajaka
  • Delta Beach

Tip For The Day: Shop for the famous Udupi condiments

Do you want to add more places to visit in Udupi to your itinerary, then check out these places here.

Udupi and Baindur/ Byndoor – Coastal Karnataka Places To Visit – Day 3

Coastal Karnataka Places-St Mary's Island
St. Mary’s Island

Today you will explore some of the beautiful beach places in Karnataka including the exotic St. Mary’s Island. The island is a picturesque island known for its columnar basalt rocks.

  • In the morning you head back to Malpe Beach to take the ferry to the beautiful St. Mary’s Island
  • Breakfast is at St. Mary’s Island, and you can spend about an hour on the island
  • Head back to your hotel and after lunch check out and leave for Baindur which is about 70 kilometres from Udupi
Baindur Beach
Baindur Beach
  • In Baindur check in to your hotel, we recommend Sai Vishram Resort which is right near the beach
  • Spend the evening on the beach enjoying a sunset and water sports or just walking on the sands
  • Night halt at Baindur

Tip For The Day: Do watch a Yakshagana performance in Udupi if possible.

Baindur and Kasarkod – Coastal Karnataka Road Trip – Day 4

  • Early morning you can take a walk to view a spectacular sunrise from the top of a hillock in Baindur followed by watching the early morning activity on the Baindur beach, also known as Ottinene Beach or Byndoor beach
  • You can opt for an exciting ride on an airboat in the backwaters
Coastal Karnataka Itinerary
  • After lunch checkout and leave for the next destination which is Murdeshwar at a distance of about 32 kilometres
  • Visit the famous Murudeshwar temple and spend time on the beach, indulge in water sports
  • Night halt at Murdeshwar

Kasarkod Blue Flag Beach – Day 5

Kasarkod Beach
Kasarkod Beach
  • After breakfast checkout and leave for the next destination which is the Kasarkod Blue Flag Beach at a distance of about 24 kilometres
  • Spend a couple of hours at the Kasarkod beach and leave for Gokarna which is about 55 kilometres away
  • Check in to the hotel in Gokarna and proceed for lunch, relax in the hotel
Gokarna Sunset Cruise
Gokarna Sunset Cruise
  • In the evening proceed for an evening dinner cruise aboard the White Pearl
  • Night halt in Gokarna, the Om Beach Resort is a good place to stay in Gokarna. you can stay here or any other hotel or resort of your choice

Gokarna – Karnataka Coastal Tourism – Day 6

  • In the morning visit the famous Shre Mahabaleshwara Temple of Shiva and the Ganesha Temple
  • Breakfast
  • After breakfast proceed to the Mirjan Fort which is about 22 kilometres from Gokarna and is a historic 16th-century fort
  • After lunch visit Om Beach/Gokarna Beach/Kudle Beach and return to the hotel after sunset
  • Overnight stay in Gokarna

Other Places In Gokarna That You Can Add To Your Itinerary

  • Paradise Beach
  • Half-Moon Beach
  • Yana

Gokarna – Karwar – Day 7 – Coastal Karnataka Itinerary 

Kudle Beach Gokarna
Kudle Beach Gokarna
  • If you like trekking, you can do a beach trek starting early in the morning and return to the hotel
  • Checkout after breakfast and proceed to Karwar which is about 61 kilometres away
  • Check in to the hotel in Karwar and proceed for lunch, we recommend the Devbagh Beach Resort
  • After lunch proceed by boat to visit Kali Island and mangroves
  • Relax at the beach and watch the sunset in the evening at the beach resort
  • Night Halt in Karwar

Other Places In Karwar That You Can Add To Your Itinerary

  • Sadashivgadh Fort
  • Kurumgad Island
  • Oyster Rock Lighthouse
  • Durga Temple
  • Venkatramana Temple
  • Nagnath Temple

Karwar – Day 8 – Coastal Karnataka Itinerary 

Coastal Karnataka itinerary
Devbagh Beach
  • Go for an early morning nature walk and watch the sunrise over the river Kali
  • Breakfast
  • Spend the day in the midst of nature and indulge in water sports or go dolphin spotting
  • Lunch and dinner at the resort
  • Night halt at Karwar

Karwar – Day 9 – Coastal Karnataka Itinerary 

  • Checkout from the resort after breakfast and proceed to your onward destination
  • The nearest airport to Karwar is Dabolim Airport of Goa at a distance of about 90 kilometres
  • The Coastal Karnataka Itinerary culminates at Karwar

Best Time To Visit Coastal Karnataka | Beach Places In Karnataka

The best time to visit coastal Karnataka is during winter. The ideal time would be between the months of October to February. The weather in coastal Karnataka is pleasant during this time and the humidity is also less.

Our List of Recommended Hotels for Coastal Karnataka Itinerary | Karnataka Beach Tourism 

There are plenty of options to suit every budget and preference for your stay on your coastal Karnataka itinerary. These include some of the best coastal Karnataka resorts, hotels, and homestays. You can book your stay right here!

Booking Your Hotels For Your Coastal Karnataka Itinerary | Coastal Karnataka Road Trip

Here are the recommended restaurants and hotels at the places along the coast of Karnataka. Please click on the links to book the hotels right here.


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Baindur / Byndoor

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Click here to choose and book the best hotels/resorts in Karwar.

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Flights| Self-Drive Car Bookings For Your Coastal Karnataka Road Trip

If you are planning a trip to coastal Karnataka places to visit you can book a cheap flight right here through TripAdvisor or CheapAir or Cleartrip or Makemytrip or Priceline and come to Mangalore. If you are thinking of a complete road trip across the coast of Karnataka, or anywhere in India check out the rental car and bus options.

Useful Travel Tips | What to Pack and Carry

  • Carry sunscreen, beachwear, refillable water bottles, hat/cap, flip flops
  • It is better to wear comfortable clothes – preferable cotton clothes
  • Carry your sunglasses
  • Carry your Smartphones and DSLRs to click images of Coastal Karnataka
  • Carry an umbrella/raincoat during monsoon
  • Dress modestly while visiting places of worship like temples/churches etc.
  • Try out local food
  • Buy souvenirs from locals to promote sustainable tourism
  • Keep the environment clean. Avoid usage of plastic and be a responsible traveller by not littering

Coastal Karnataka Road Trip – FAQ

Which are the coastal areas in Karnataka?
The coastal Karnataka districts are Dakshina Kannada, Uttara Kannada, and Udupi. During a coastal Karnataka road trip, you can cover the best places to visit in Mangalore and Udupi. You can also cover the major Dakshina Kannada tourist Places and Uttara Kannada tourist places.

How long is Karnataka’s coastline?
Karnataka’s coastline is about 300 kilometres long.

How is the weather in coastal Karnataka?

The weather is generally humid. It tends to be quite hot during summer and pleasant during winters. The coastal Karnataka region receives fairly heavy rainfall during the monsoon season.

What is the common food of coastal Karnataka?
Rice and fish form the staple of coastal Karnataka food, there are differences based on the region. For example, Udupi is known for its vegetarian temple cuisine and also seafood. Check out our post about Coastal Karnataka cuisine for details.

What is the best time to visit coastal Karnataka?
The best time to visit coastal Karnataka is during the winter season. The best months to plan a coastal Karnataka road trip is between the months of November to February. During this time the weather is pleasant and the skies are clear.

Which are the main languages spoken in Coastal Karnataka?
Kannada and its different dialects and Tulu are the main languages that are spoken in coastal Karnataka.

Which are the best road trips from Bangalore to coastal Karnataka?
Here are some of the best road trips to coastal Karnataka from Bangalore. Coastal Karnataka Tour From Bangalore.
Bangalore To Mangalore Road Trip By Car
Bangalore To Udupi Road Trip By Car
Bangalore To Murudeshwar Road Trip By Car
Bangalore To Gokarna Road Trip By Car
Bangalore To Karwar Road Trip By Car

How many beaches are there in Karnataka?
There are about 30 beaches in Karnataka.

Which coastal Karnataka beaches can be covered in the coastal Karnataka itinerary?
The list of beaches in Karnataka includes many famous beaches In Karnataka. As the coastal Karnataka itinerary covers all the beaches places of Karnataka, you can visit the famous beaches like the Blue flag beaches of Padubidri and Kasarkod, beaches of Gokarna, Malpe Beach, beaches of Karwar, etc.

What to wear while visiting places in Coastal Karnataka?
It is recommended that you dress lightly as you shall be visiting many beaches. Wear appropriate footwear and be ready with your beachwear too. Even if you are travelling in winter, it can get hot and humid in the afternoons. So do not forget to take your shades and caps as well as sunscreen.

What to wear while visiting temples/churches/mosques in Coastal Karnataka?

Coastal Karnataka places list, includes many temples, churches, and other places of worship. When visiting these places make sure that you are dressed modestly and avoid revealing dresses like shorts, mini-skirts, etc. In short, dress as befits a place of worship.

We hope you find our coastal Karnataka road trip itinerary useful and informative. The itinerary covers many of the Karnataka beach places and other Coastal Places In Karnataka. It is in many ways also an unexplored coastal Karnataka itinerary. If you have any queries, do connect with us.

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Coastal Karnataka Itinerary

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