St Lawrence Church Karkala – Empyrean Icon of Faith

St Lawrence Church Karkala

The St Lawrence Church Karkala in the village of Attur near Udupi, Karnataka, India is dedicated to the 3rd century Christian Christian martyr.

St Lawrence Church Karkala Attur

A strange sense of calm enveloped us as we stood in front of the divine-looking St. Lawrence Church Karkala. The stone structure of many churches, temples, mosques has a certain magnetism that defies explanation. It is as if these stone structures are pulsating with life, they exude a benign warmth that fills your being with love. The St Lawrence Church Attur is in the same league.

St Lawrence Church Attur Karkala is a priceless gem that sparkles with an inner glow and its lustre pulls thousands of faithfuls to its fold. The St. Lawrence Church Attur is also known as St Lawerence Shrine Minor Basilica or Attur Basilica. It is a Roman Catholic Church and is located in the small village of Attur in Karkala Taluka of the Udupi district of Karnataka, India.

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St Lawrence Church Karkala – Miracle Church of Attur

The St Lawrence Church Karkala is a very ancient church with an original structure dating back to the 18th century. This Karkala church is believed to be the site of many miracles and continues to draw the faithful in huge numbers. Located about 35 kilometres from the Udupi Sri Krishna Matha in Udupi. the St Lawrence Church Karkala is one of the off-beat places to visit in the Udupi district of Karnataka.

About St Lawrence Church Karkala | Attur Church Karkala

St Lawrence Basilica Karkala
St Lawrence Basilica Karkala

The St Lawrence Church Attur Karkala is a Roman Catholic church in Karkala that has St Lawrence as its patron saint. The St Lawrence Basilica Karkala is a shrine dedicated to the martyred Roman deacon who lived during the 3rd century. The history and legend of St Lawrence Karkala Attur Church predate even the physical structures that now stand. The church has stood as a defiant testimony to the faith and devotion of the people associated with it throughout its chequered history.

History Of St Lawrence Church Karkala | St Lawrence Basilica Karkala

Attur Church Karkala
Attur Church Karkala

The Attur Church Karkala History makes for fascinating reading. Its history is a poignant account of the resilience of the Church and the undying faith of its followers across history.

According to the annals of the church, St Lawrence Church Karkala in Attur has a history that goes back in time beyond the year 1759 AD. According to the records, Fr. Francis Salvador Lobo was the parish priest in 1759 AD. It is believed that the Christians who lived in the area those days suffered persecution at the hands of the Tipu Sultan of Mysore. It is believed that the Parish Church in those days was located some 7 kilometres away from the location of the present-day church. That church was ransacked and destroyed by the forces of Tipu Sultan and the Christians were taken to Srirangapatna as prisoners.

Later in 1801 some of the Christians who had been taken prisoner were freed and returned to build a small church with a thatched roof. In 1839 under the leadership of a priest from Goa, the devotees of St Lawrence set out with the statue of St Lawrence to find a place to build a church worthy of the great saint and martyr. They halted near the foot of a hill and refreshed themselves from the water of a nearby spring.

The priest then got up to continue the journey and reached out to pick the statue of St Lawernce. But the statue seemed to have frozen at the spot, and despite the priest and the devotees exerting all their strength, the statue did not budge from the spot. The priest knew that it was the divine will of the saint and decided to build the Church to St Lawrence at that spot.

The legend of St Lawrence and the fame of the church grew from then on. People flocked to the Church to pray to St Lawrence. Novenas and Prayers were organized, and the fame of the Church and the miraculous powers of the patron saint spread far and wide. The Church expanded and in the year 1901 a bigger church was built to accommodate the growing number of devotees.

Attur Church Pond or Miracle Pond
Attur Church Pond or Miracle Pond

Many embellishments were made to the church over the last 50 years, the little church which contained the original statue of St Lawrence was rebuilt in 1975. The Miracle Pond was also renovated, and later in the year 1997, a 100 feet tower that incorporated different religious art was built. The tower symbolizes the faith of people from different religions in the divinity and power of St Lawrence. In the year 2000, a new Church building came up in front of the old building and adjacent to the new facade.

In the year 2016, The St Lawrence Attur Church Attur was designated as a Minor Basilica, by a Papal brief.

The St Lawrence Church Attur has been a beacon guiding the poor and the devout for centuries. It continues to attract tens of thousands of devotees of different religions to its hallowed portals.

Who Was St Lawrence? – The Patron Saint of St Lawrence Church Karkala | St Lawrence Basilica Karkala

St Lawrence
St. Lawrence

The shrine at Attur is dedicated to St Lawrence also sometimes referred to as St Laurence. To know who was St Lawrence and why his shrine in the small village of Udupi attracts so many visitors, one would need to travel back in time to 3rd century Rome.

St Lawrence was one of the seven deacons who in the 3rd century were serving under Pope Sixtus II, who was then the Bishop of Rome. It was the year 258, and the persecution of Christians at the hands of the Roman Emperor Valerian was at its height. The Emperor ordered a series of executions of numerous Bishops, Priests, and Deacons. One of the first of these executions was that of Pope Sixtus II on the 6th of August in the year 258.

Legend has it that St Lawrence was so inspired by the martyrdom of Pope Sixtus II, that he too was filled with a burning desire to die for the Church. Pope Sixtus II had prophesied that St Lawrence would follow him after a few days. But before that St Lawrence had a task to do, he distributed the treasures of the Church to the poor, destitute, and needy people of the society.

When the Prefect of Rome came to know about this, he was overcome with greed, and thinking that there was a huge treasure of the Church that had been hidden, ordered St Lawrence to present all the treasures of the Church before him.

St Lawrence asked for time to collect all the treasures of the Church to present before the Prefect. He was granted 3 days. On the designated day, St Lawrence presented the treasures of the Church to the Prefect. Standing before the Prefect was row upon row of the poor and downtrodden of society, lepers, orphans, widows, and other helpless people whom the Church had supported.

The Prefect was infuriated and ordered St Lawrence to immediately present the real treasures of the Church before him. A calm St Lawrence explained to the Prefect that what he was seeing was the real treasure of the church, the love of these people who stood before him. The Prefect was blinded by fury and ordered the immediate death of St Lawrence. A slow and torturous death.

St Lawrence

A special gridiron (raised iron platform) was made. St Lawrence was stripped and bound with chains to this platform and a slow fire was kept burning below it. St Lawrence was slowly roasted to death. But St Lawrence was made of different mettle. His face glowed with a beautiful lustre, his lips were adorned with a tranquil smile as he looked heavenwards.

He calmly awaited his death without a trace of fear or hatred on his face. Soon he breathed his last. St Lawrence was one of the earliest martyrs of Christianity and is venerated for his Christian valour and is considered as the patron saint of the poor and of cooks.

It is said that so moving was the sight of St Lawrence calmly going to his death on the burning hot gridiron, that even some of the Roman Senators present were moved. Many of them converted to Christianity and taking the body of the martyred saint on their shoulders, proceeded to give him a Christian burial.

The place where he was buried in the spot where the Basilica di San Lorenzo,  also known as the Basilica of San Lorenzo outside the Walls, or San Lorenzo Fuori Le  Mura, stands in Rome, Italy today. It is a much-venerated place of pilgrimage and one of the 7 principal churches in Rome. St Lawrence is the third patron saint of Rome after St Peter and St Paul. On the feast day of St Lawrence, the reliquary that contains the remains of his burnt head is displayed in St Peter’s Basilica for veneration.

The day that St Lawrence was martyred was August 10 and the year was 258. He was all of 32 years. August 10 is celebrated as the Feast day of St Lawrence by Roman Catholics all over the world.

O St. Lawrence, who in the flower of youth suffered and died for the faith, hear our prayers. With confidence we fly to your patronage. Obtain for us deep faith, strong hope, a sincere love of God and neighbour, unsullied chastity and humble obedience. Inspire us to succour the poor, the needy, the sick and the afflicted. Lead the erring back to the Father’s Home. May God’s Kingdom spread far and wide on earth. Help us in all our needs especially…………. Finally grant that we live as the worthy people of God, die a holy death and join you in the heavenly bliss forever. Amen
St Lawrence Novena Prayer

St Lawrence Church Karkala Architecture

St Lawrence Attur Church Karkala Architecture
St Lawrence Attur Church Karkala Architecture

The St Lawrence Church Attur is an oasis of serenity, faith, and devotion. It is enveloped in a cocoon of tranquillity which is almost palpable. What adds to the soothing sense of serenity is the exquisite architectural design of the church. The architecture of St Lawrence Church Karkala combines elements of Gothic and Romanesque architectural styles. These styles can be found both in the old church and the new church.

A pair of arches flanked by pairs of towers and topped with a cross bear the words, ” I am the way the truth and the life.” This is the entrance that leads to the church from the main road. Soon you are met with the stunning sight of the facade of the church, the facade looms majestically in front of you in a flamboyant Gothic style reminiscent of the beautiful churches and cathedrals of Europe.

Stained glass windows
Stained glass windows

The facade consists of a pair of huge towers that rises to the skies and is crowned with crosses. The exquisite design of the facade includes a series of stained glass windows framed by pointed arches. The visual impact of the facade that is framed against the blue sky is, to say the least, mesmerizing. The facade is the most decorative and ornamental feature of the St Lawrence Church Attur.

The 0ld church is semi-dark as we enter it, it is not used for Mass as of now and is used mainly for prayer and meditation. The atmosphere inside this church is surcharged with positive vibrations accrued from years of prayers and the blessings of the patron saint. The hall is studded with arches and stain glass doors and windows.

Statue of St Lawrence
Statue of St Lawrence

The huge hall is dominated by the altar in the centre, which has a statue of St Lawrence symmetrically placed in the centre. The altarpiece consists of two paintings from the life of St Lawrence. One painting depicts St Lawrence in front of the Roman emperor Valerian while the second painting depicts the martyrdom of the saint on a gridiron.

Just outside the old church is a small shrine that houses the original miracle statue of St Lawrence. This is the same statue that a group of faithfuls had carried in their hands to establish the St Lawrence Church near its present location in the year 1839. It is a spartan shrine that incorporates elements of local South Indian temple architecture.

Behind the facade, has been built the new church, which is a cluster of roman columns and beautifully ornamented with stain glass windows and arches.

The Miracles of St Lawrence Minor Basilica, Attur, Karkala | St Lawrence Miracles

Miracles of St Lawrence
Miracles of St Lawrence

The Attur Church miracles over the years have contributed to a steady increase in the number of devotees drawn to the shrine of St Lawrence. The first recorded miracle of St Lawrence Minor Basilica at Attur dates back to 1839 when the statue of the saint refused to move from its place. There have been many St Lawrence Miraclessince then that have continued to bless the devotees who throng the church.

People visit the church for solace and relief from pain and suffering. They come for a cure for their diseases and other miseries of the world. Devotees pledge to light candles once they are blessed by the benign gaze of Saint Lawrence. They then pray and light candles which are available in sizes of 2, 3, and 5 feet in length. It is believed that as the candle burns and melts the wax, so too the sins of the person lighting the candle will be burnt and his soul cleansed.

There are many miracles associated with St Lawrence in the many churches associated with him or dedicated to him across the world. A text that was titled, ‘The Acts of St Lawrence,” contained incidents from his life and miracles, but unfortunately, this text has been lost to the world.
Here are some miracles linked to St Lawrence and the Church Of St Lawrence.

  • A priest by the name of Fr. Sanctulus was once rebuilding a church of St Lawrence that had been burned down when he found that he had run out of food to feed the workers, he prayed to St Lawrence and immediately found a small loaf of bread in his basket, the loaf was too small to feed all the workers, but putting his faith in his patron saint the priest began distributing the loaf, as soon as he broke the loaf into a piece, it immediately multiplied, and all the workers could be fed
  • The medieval church of St Mary Assumed in Lazio, Italy has a reliquary that contains relics of St Lawrence that includes a small quantum of his blood, fragments of flesh, and ashes, on the occasion of the Feast Day of St Lawrence, this quantum of blood liquefies miraculously and then again re-coagulates by the next day

Things To See At St Lawrence Church Karkala | St Lawrence Martyr Catholic Church

When you visit the St Lawrence Church Karkala, here is a list of what you must see and not miss.

Fabulous Facade of the Attur Church Karkala

Facade of the Attur Church Karkala
Facade of the Attur Church Karkala

One of the most riveting features of the Attur church Karkala is its beautiful facade which reminds one of the medieval castles and churches of Europe.

The Shrine of St Lawrence

Shrine of St Lawrence
Shrine of St Lawrence

The original shrine that was built for the miracle statue of St Lawrence has been renovated and is a much-venerated place within the campus of St Lawrence Church Karkala. The simple shrine has the beautiful statue of St Lawrence and there is a plaque that details the history of the shrine and the miracle associated with it.

The Old Church And New Church of Attur Church Karkala

Altar at New Church in Attur, Karkala
Altar at New Church in Attur, Karkala

The old church which has a history of over 220 years has a beautiful altar with a statue of St Lawrence. The old church is used only for prayers. It is believed that the special vibrations inside the old church are conducive to meditation and induces the calming of the mind. The new church was built to commemorate 200 years of the old church and is now used for Mass.

Attur Church Pond or Miracle Pond (Pushkarini) |St. Lawrence Church Attur

Attur Church Pond | Miracle Pond
Attur Church Pond | Miracle Pond

The miracle pond is a historical place and is similar to the Pushkarini that one finds in Hindu temples. The pond is located near the church in pristine surroundings. The place is tranquil and one feels connected with all the elements of nature here. Tortoises and fish swim in the waters. The water is believed to possess miraculous properties. Devotees take the holy water to their homes for its purifying and miraculous properties.

The Cross of Parpale Hill Near Attur Church Karkala

There is another sacred place visited by devotees behind the Attur Church Karkala. This is a cross erected on top of a hill called Parpale Hills. It is located about a kilometre from the church. The cross was erected in 1930-35. On Palm Sundays, devotees visit the Cross of Parpale after the Holy Mass in the church.

Church Stall At Attur Church Karkala | Souvenirs at Attur Church

Souvenirs at Attur Church
Souvenirs at Attur Church

There is a church stall where one can buy souvenirs like small statues of Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, and St Lawrence, as well as Crosses and candles. Oil and other religious articles related to worship at the church are available at the stall. One can buy the Holy Eucharist and other religious books and articles here. The Church stall is open from 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

Festivals And Events At St Lawrence Shrine Church, Karkala

The annual feast of Attur Church is held in January, it is locally known as Attur Jatre or Attur festival. Though the church is visited by thousands the whole year round, during the Attur Jatre it is attended by more than a million people. It is pertinent to note that the people from different religions flock to the St Lawrence Church during the annual feast, in fact, 80 per cent of the visitors are non-Christians. The Novena & Annual Feast Of St Lawrence Minor Basilica, Attur Karkala, is a very important religious and spiritual event of the region. The festival is spread over 10 days and is marked by St Lawrence Novena Prayer, Holy Mass and Holy Eucharistic Celebrations.

August 10, is the day of martyrdom of St Lawrence and is observed as the St Lawrence feast day.

Best Time To Visit St Lawrence Church Karkala | St Lawrence The Martyr Church


Visit St Lawrence Church Karkala
St.Lawrence Church Karkala

The St Lawrence Shrine Minor Basilica can be visited throughout the year. However, visiting it during the Attur Jatre is a special experience. Another important day to visit the Church is on August 10 which is the feast day of St Lawrence. In terms of weather, the summer months in Udupi are quite hot, so if you are worried about the heat, the best time to visit St Lawrence Church Kakala is during the winter months, from October to February.

Timings of St Lawrence Church Attur Karkala

Here are the details of the timings of the St Lawrence Church Karkala:

Church Timings

The St Lawrence Church is open on all days from 6 AM to 7 PM.

St Lawrence Church Karkala Mass Timings

St Lawrence Church Karkala Hall for Mass
St Lawrence Church Karkala Hall for Mass

Check out the St. Lawrence Church Karkala Mass Timings below, do refer to their official website for any changes or updates.

  • Weekdays 6.30 in the morning
  • Sundays 7.30 AM and Mass is followed by Novena, there is a second Mass at 10.15 AM
  • Saturdays, there is Obligatory Mass at 4.30 PM
  • Thursdays there are Confessions at 9.30 AM, Rosary at 10.15 AM, Adoration at 10.30 AM, and Holy Mass followed by Novena at 11.00 AM

St. Lawrence Church Karkala Novena Timings | St Lawrence Church Attur Novena

  • Novena after the Holy Mass at 11.00 AM on Thursdays
  • Free vegetarian meals or, “Prasaad”, is served to all devotees on Thursdays after the Novena

Confession Timings At Attur Church Karkala

  • The confession timings at the Attur Church Karkala is Thursdays at 10.30 AM
  • Devotees can email their intentions and favours received details to the Director of the shrine

How to Reach Attur St Lawrence Church

Attur Church
Attur Church | St. Lawrence Church Attur Karkala
  • The St Lawrence Minor Basilica is located in the village of Attur in Karkala Taluk of the Udupi district of Karnataka in India
  • The Attur Church Karkala is at a distance of about 42 kilometres from the temple city of Udupi
  • The Attur Church Karkala is at a distance of about 58 kilometres from the city of Mangalore

Reaching St Lawrence Church Karkala by Air

The nearest airport to the St.Lawrence Church is the Mangaluru International Airport at a distance of about 45 kilometres. Mangaluru is well connected with the major cities of India. Visitors to St Lawrence Minor Basilica can fly to Mangalore and then travel by road to Attur by public bus or cab.

Reaching St Lawrence Church Karkala by Rail

The nearest railway station to the St Lawrence Church Karkala is at Udupi. The Udupi railway station is located on the Konkan railway line. From Udupi trains to distant places like Chandigarh, Pune, Mumbai, etc., are available. For details of train schedules and train, bookings do check out the IRCTC site to book a train.

Reaching St. Lawrence Church Karkala by Road

Karkala and Udupi are well connected by road to all parts of Karnataka and India. The St Lawrence Church can be reached by public bus from Udupi or by hiring a taxi from Udupi or Mangalore. One can also drive down to the St Lawrence Church as a road trip from Udupi or anywhere else.

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Where To Stay When Visiting Karkala St Lawrence Church Attur

The best option for a stay while visiting the St Lawrence Shrine Minor Basilica is to stay in Udupi which has a range of accommodations. These include beach resorts, luxury hotels, homestays, and other budget accommodation. Accommodation at the St Lawrence Church Attur in the form of about 90 rooms is currently being made ready.

If you are planning a visit to Karkala or Udupi, you can book your accommodation right here. You can book your stay in Udupi here – TripAdvisor or Cleartrip or  makemytrip or  goibibo or or  HotelsCombined or  Agoda and save a lot by getting the best deals on booking your stay.

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Tips For Visiting St. Lawrence Church Attur

Attur Basilica
Attur Basilica | St. Lawrence Basilica Karkala
  • The time required to visit the St Lawrence Church depends on your interests, but you need to spare at least a couple of hours and more if you intend to pray or meditate
  • Dress conservatively while visiting the church as it is a place of worship
  • Maintain the sanctity of the Church premises by maintaining silence and not disturbing the devotees
  • Do spend at least a few minutes in prayer before the miracle statue of St Lawrence and at the old Church
  • Photography and videography is prohibited inside the Church campus, do check with the authorities on this

Other Places to Visit Near St Lawrence Basilica Attur

Udupi district is a melange of beautiful places to visit. It is scattered with gems that include beaches and islands, Hindu temples and Jain shrines, magnificent churches, and heritage and natural sites of interest. Here are some of the places not far from the Attur Church Karkala, that can be included when you plan your Udupi itinerary.

  • Gomateshwara Statue in Karkala at a distance of about 6 kilometres from the St Lawrence Minor Basilica
  • Chaturmukha Basadi or 108 pillar Basadi at a distance of about 6 kilometres
  • Varanga Jain Temples at a distance of about 28 kilometres
  • Kudremukh National Park at a distance of about 56 kilometres
  • Udupi city and its many attractions at a distance of about 42 kilometres

St. Lawrence Shrine Basilica – FAQ

St. Lawrence Shrine Basilica
St. Lawrence Shrine Basilica

We hope we have answered the questions that arise in your mind about the St Lawrence Church and its patron Saint. Here are some frequently asked questions about St Lawrence Minor Basilica in Karkala and their answers:

How far is St. Lawrence Church Karkala from Udupi?
The St Lawrence Church Karkala is at a distance of about 42 kilometres from Udupi.

How Far is St. Lawrence Church Attur, Karkala from the Mangalore International Airport?
The Attur church is about 42 kilometres from Mangaluru International Airport.

What are the timings of the St Lawrence Church Attur, Karkala?
The St Lawrence Shrine Minor Basilica is open on all days from 6 AM to 7 PM.

Who was St Lawrence?
St Lawrence was one of the seven deacons who served under Pope Sixtus II of Rome in the 3rd century. He is one of the most revered Roman Catholic martyred saints.

How was St Lawrence martyred?
St Lawrence was tied to a gridiron which was placed above a slow-burning fire. He went to his death with a smile on his lips and a prayer in his heart.

The Saint Lawrence story is indeed poignant and inspiring at the same time. We hope you loved our St Lawrence Church Karlkala blog post. We are sure that the information that we have provided serves as a complete guide to visiting the St Lawrence Church Karkala. The Church is the most beautiful of the many churches in the Udupi district.

The appeal of the church lies in its beautiful and peaceful environs, its uplifting architecture, and above all the faith, belief, and devotion of the people from all castes, creeds, and religions. We are sure that the beautiful images  St Lawrence Church Karkala, will touch the core of your heart and you will plan a visit to the hallowed place soon.

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St Lawrence Church Karkala

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St Lawrence Church Karkala - Empyrean Icon of Faith

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