Amazing Ladakh – 5 Places To Visit In Ladakh

5 Places To Visit In Ladakh

There are many places to visit in Ladakh for those interested in nature, adventure, Buddhism, heritage, and spirituality.

5 Amazing Places To Visit In Ladakh

Every human being requires a break from their daily routine, an escape to feel energized and to create memories to cherish for a lifetime. Travel does the needful by adding meaning and memories to life. When it comes to boating and enthralling beauty, Ladakh tops the list.

5 Places To Visit in Ladakh

5 Amazing Places To Visit In Ladakh

A tour to Leh Ladakh can never fail to amaze with the majestic mountains, rugged trails, craggy pathways, azure lakes, and adventure-driven highways, the blend of leisure, adventure, and spirituality is something every travel enthusiast must experience.

There are several offbeat places and halting points in Ladakh, however, it’s always difficult to find the right one, so we have curated a list of all the splendid and offbeat places that one must not miss on their Leh Ladakh trip. You can opt for this place very easily using Leh Ladakh Packages created by thrillophilia.


Sarchu Ladakh
Sarchu, Ladakh

Sarchu is a lush green meadow and a major halt point for hikers and travel enthusiasts, it also happens to be a base camp for several Himalayan treks. Frequented by jeep rides and motorcycle tours to Leh and Manali.

Apart from being a halting point for trekkers, the place is also known for its spiritual significance. The key monastery is one of the largest Buddhist monasteries in the Spiti, visit the places and experience the magic and soul-stirring moments with your loved one. Enjoy camping in the hills during May and September when the place is calm and the weather is warm.

Baralacha La

Baralacha La, Ladakh
Baralacha La, Ladakh

The Baralacha La, known as Baralacha Pass, is situated in the Zanskar range. It is a high mountain pass on the Leh-Manali highway that integrates the districts of Leh in Ladakh and Lahaul in Himachal Pradesh.

The barren landscapes, devoid of any shops or hotels, appear truly beautiful to travellers. A few km away from Baralacha la is the Bhaga river where you can loosen up and grace your eyes with the mesmerizing view of the Himalayas.

The place is also bound by a significant history of love and togetherness, so if you are planning to be here make sure that your trip is anytime between April to October, as it is considered a safe and pleasant time to visit this place.


Pang, Ladakh
Pang, Ladakh

Pang is a mesmerizing campsite and one of the prime locations for halting, on your tour to Ladakh this place will take you to several bliss points. Apart from having an enriching panorama, the place is effortlessly beautiful and unspoiled.

Here you will get to experience nature in its real form. Since the pang is elevated at a height of 15,820 feet above sea level, numerous tents are available to accommodate and small tea stalls can help travellers with food.

Though the place is filled with tourists throughout the year, June to October is considered the best time to be here.

More Plains

More Plains, Ladakh
More Plains, Ladakh

More plains is a bikers paradise, if you are planning to take a solo bike trip to Ladakh make your way to More plains, this charming awe-inspiring place exhibits a breathtaking view of the rugged Himalayas, mesmerizing lakes, and lush green meadows.

The magical and unspoiled beauty of more plains is said to be one of its kind and gives tourists a Zen-like experience. From enriching its visitors’ spirituality till making them fall in love with the place, this trip and unwinding at More plains will also make you more comfortable in your skin and help you make peace with yourself.

Tanglang La

Tanglang La, Ladakh
Tanglang La, Ladakh

Tanglang la is one of the incredibly high altitudes passes in Ladakh located 5828 meters above sea level. Whether you are a thrill seeker or nature enthusiast the place could be your ultimate go for its spellbinding viewpoints and tricky turns.

The Tanglang Pass winds through rocky mountains straddled by gently flowing streams, and their slopes are a playground for oddly shaped shadows on a clear day. The snow-covered peaks can be seen from a distance, with clouds appearing to sit on top of them and the hit of icy breeze will stir your soul for sure.

The journey becomes more soothing with numerous stupas, tombs, and monasteries. So what are you waiting for? Get your trip planned today.


5 Places to visit in Ladakh

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