Hotel Review: OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

Hotel Review: OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore


A new concept on the hospitality landscape of India was what the OYO Townhouse has been touted as. The concept is a departure from the traditions of the hotel industry and was looking at a futuristic way of operations, the SMARTER way. The aim of the Townhouse is to provide a home away from home in a centrally located place right in the heart of the cities. The Townhouse hotels are geared to combine the coziness of a home, the convenience of a hotel, the informality of a cafe, and the formal environs of a workspace all rolled into one. The OYO Townhouse hotels also look to offer the convenience of a merchandise store for its guests. The new concept is a result of relooking at all the aspects of how a traditional hotel operates and re-engineering them to be compatible with the changing times and the needs of the Millenial traveler.The OYO Townhouse has ‘smartened’ up all aspects including booking, checking in, rooms, menus, facilities, communication, location and service with the objective of providing value for money to its guests.The Townhouse hotels are integrated with their surroundings and are geared to emerge as social hotspots in the vicinity. So if you are looking for one of the best hotels and places to stay in Bangalore, you may zero in on an OYO Townhouse hotel.

Budget hotel chain OYO launched OYO Townhouse in January 2017 with a hotel starting operations in Delhi and as of today, there are 22 OYO Townhouse hotels across the cities of Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.

The Experience at OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

We were invited to experience first hand the concept of the OYO Townhouse and review the hotel as a whole. So Monday morning, when office goers were fighting the Monday blues and heading reluctantly to the office we drove towards the OYO Townhouse located at Koramangala, a central business hub of Bangalore.

“OYO Townhouse Koramangala Sony Signal”, we told our driver and we were off!

Read on to see how we found the experience and what are our thoughts on the OYO Townhouse.

Booking Experience at OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

As soon as you book your room a confirmation message reaches your registered mobile number with the details of your booking including a link to the location map of the hotel as well as a Booking Id. OYO Townhouse 006 Koramangala Sony Signal, said the message, referring to the address of the OYO Townhouse.

The Booking Id is going to come in handy to help you log in to the Wi-Fi at the hotel. We found this so convenient as we were able to log in to the Wi-Fi even before the check-in process was completed as all we needed was the Booking Id and our mobile number which we already had. Closer to the Check-in date the hotel will call and confirm your arrival time as per the message that we had received. We received another message giving precise directions to reach the hotel. We did not have any difficulty in finding the hotel because of this as well as google maps.

Location of OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

The OYO Townhouse in Koramangala is located right on the main road very near the busy Sony Signal junction and is flanked by buzzing commercial establishments. Shopping malls, restaurants, and other hotspots are just a stone’s throw away. The OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore is situated about 40 Kilometers from Bengaluru International Airport and about 7 Kilometers from the iconic M.G.Road. Koramangala is a great choice for travelers interested in food, shopping, nightlife, and pubs and hence the location is ideal for some relaxing times after a hard day’s work.The location of the hotel is also ideal for guests with some time on hand to embark on a day tour of Bangalore.

Business Centers Near OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore:

  • Embassy Golf Links –  2 Kms.
  • Forum Mall, Koramangala –  2 Kms.
  • IBC Knowledge Park –  3 Kms.
  • RMZ Millenia  –  5 Kms.
  • Baghmane Tech Park –  10 Kms.

Shopping Options Near OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

  • Forum Mall, Koramangala – 2 Kms.
  • Lido Mall – 5 Kms.
  • M.G. Road – 7 Kms.
  • Oasis Centre – Right Next Door

Restaurants around OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

  • Rajdhani Restaurant
  • Barbeque Factory
  • Nagarjuna
  • Barleyz
  • The Oriental Kitchen
  • Go Italia

The Reception and Check-in Process Experience at OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

A cute red door at the end of a path across a small lawn led to the reception. We were greeted with a smiling face and a welcome drink as we entered the reception of the OYO Townhouse. We were asked for ID’s and then signed in the Hotel register and were asked to wait. The reception itself was compact and neat, organized in a smart way. After a brief wait, we were shown to our room which was on the second floor and accessed through two modern lifts.

The Rooms at OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

The OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore has a total of 16 rooms all identical with a choice of either King Size double bed or two separate beds. The room was done up in simple and subdued tones and had a wooden flooring. An LCD television, a storage cabinet, and a working table were provided apart from a compact and clean bathroom.

OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

We found the room pretty spacious and also checked the Wi-Fi connectivity which was good. The lighting availability was good and kept in mind the fact that guests may like to work on their laptops. The provision of adequate power points ensured that we had no issues in charging our multiple gadgets at one go.

The Ambience at OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

The overall ambiance of the hotel was quirky and contemporary as well as utilitarian and made the best use of all available space. We found the paintings which looked like enlarged clip art on the corridors really fascinating.

The Food at OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

The OYO Townhouse Koramangala offers some nice choices of food. There is a complimentary breakfast served at the restaurant on the fourth floor with a delightful sit out that gives a view of the road below. It is nice to have a relaxed breakfast as you watch the world go by right below you.

OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

The breakfast consisted of continental and Indian fare with vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian options. One can order lunch or dinner in the room itself and there are also some items in the menu that can be ordered round the clock.

OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

So if one is returning late from work or from a late night party, those hunger pangs can be pacified easily as all-day dining facility is available.

The Service at OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

We found the service levels at the OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore quite good and the staff courteous, professional and ready to help.

Other Facilities at OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

There is a conference room that can seat around 10 people at the OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore.

OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

However, we were informed that the restaurant could also be quickly converted into a conference room that could accommodate 25 people.

Overall Impressions of OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

Having been used to the pampering and indulgence of luxury travel, at first we did feel something missing. But we soon remembered that this was a different concept. So this is not the kind of hotel that you would head to for a luxury getaway with family. It is one of the best hotels and places to stay in Bangalore for business travelers. It is an ideal business hotel in Bangalore for those looking for a central location and a clean and spacious location to stay in with excellent service and good food. The OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore indeed measures up the tag of “Your friendly neighbourhood hotel” and can be considered as one of the best budget hotels in Bangalore.

If you are looking to book hotels in Bangalore for your next business trip then the OYO Townhouse Koramangala is a good choice as the OYO Townhouse Koramangala is rated for the best value in Bangalore.

You can now book your room at OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore by clicking here.


We were hosted by OYO Townhouse. However, the views and opinions expressed here are our own.

OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore

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  1. Alli Smith Reply

    This is quite different from hotels and it’s perfect for the business traveler. I like the quirky artwork and the contemporary vibe. I love that some items from the menu can be ordered round the clock.

  2. robin rue Reply

    That looks like a wonderful place to stay. I love how modern the decor is at this hotel.

  3. candy Reply

    All the art on the wall is very interesting. Very sleep and modern place. Looks very clean and comfortable.

  4. Tomi C Reply

    Looks like a modern pop art kinda place. I’m digging the artwork and the modern furniture in the guest rooms. Very chic.

  5. Bonnie G Reply

    Wow, that looks like a really nice place to stay. I wouldn’t mind staying there.

  6. Pam Reply

    This looks like a really unique hotel concept. It is very sleek and I like that it has a complimentary breakfast.

  7. Liz Mays Reply

    I just love the aesthetic of the hotel. I can definitely see how this would be a good choice for business-related travel.

  8. Claudia Krusch Reply

    The OYO Townhouse looks like a fantastic place to stay. It would be amazing to get away from the typical hotel room.

  9. Agnes Dela Cruz Reply

    I love the minimalist look of the interior of the hotel. It gives the sense of simplicity and trendy too! The service, food and the accommodation look so relaxing.

  10. rosemary palmer Reply

    This looks somewhat like the boutique hotels some companies are opening in the US. Especially in the downtown areas of larger cities. Always so interesting.

  11. Doreen Pendgracs Reply

    Thx for the review and introducing us to this concept. I’ve not previously heard of Bangalore, but if I visit, I will definitely check out the OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore.

  12. Thu Nguyen Reply

    It seems that OYO Townhouse Koramangala Bangalore will give us the best service ever. That bedroom looks just comfortable and cozy like our home. I really want to spend some days there on vacation. Thanks for your sharing.

  13. Anosa Reply

    Wow, this is my first time to learn about this hotel and I am amazed by the design. Modern and unique from other hotels I have seen. Will take note of this whenever I got the chance to go near it.

  14. Our Family World Reply

    Sure looks like a great hotel to stay when you’re traveling for business purposes. It is neat, spacious and has the amenities needed to set up an impromptu meeting. Will recommend this hotel to friends who are frequently flying out for business.

  15. California Globetrotter Reply

    I like the sound of these new hotels and the direction in which they’re going! If I can stay somewhere that feels like a home away from home though, I may never go home again! #FeetDoTravel

  16. Maria Angelova Reply

    Looks like a perfect spot for business traveler to have a comfortable and cozy stay, while still being close to all the business centers and city areas they might need. I liked the graphics in the hotel.

  17. Dominic Reply

    Hospitality in this part of the world is so amazing – as a leisure traveller I wouldn’t trade that experience in on a holiday. Great option for a business traveller who wants the familiarity of “home” when they are on the road and those that don’t require white glove service.

  18. Tania Mukherjee Reply

    I liked the quirky ambiance of the OYO townhouse. I had once experienced OYO hospitality in Darjeeling and it was so lovely. I still remember the complementary Bengali sweets (because we are bongs) they served us! So much thoughtfulness.

  19. Abhinav Singh Reply

    I like Oyo rooms. They are good value for money and offer good product and services. I like the OYO Townhouse concept. It will revolutionize the way we travel and work. I didn’t know that the Bangalore one is already operational.

  20. Lara Dunning Reply

    This sounds like a great option when you are traveling, and good for the budget. I’ve never heard of OYO and sounds like they’ve found a good niche to appeal to a business traveler.

  21. amit Reply

    I love the art dotted around here, the hotel looks so modern and slick and love how they are trying to combine the coziness of a home with the convenience of a hotel. Although I’ a budget traveler and normally stay in hostels, I would love to give this place a go if ever I’m in Bangalore.

  22. Corinne Reply

    Sandy, I’m bookmarking this for the next time I’m visiting India. I haven’t been to Bangalore yet and it seems like a great place to cool off and get some work done. Plus that bed looked super-cozy. Love it.

  23. Renata Green Reply

    Interesting, I would consider it exclusively for job related travels, though. When on a vacation I like to get pampered a teeny bit at some nice, cozy hotel. This hotel looks somewhat stylish and cool – but for me too functional for a vacation. When travelling for work I think it might keep you focused.

  24. Yukti Reply

    Oyo Townhouse in heart of Koramangala looks a nice and cool place to stay. It looks so comfortable and also near to many famous landmarks. The favorite part of this hotel is wall art according to me.

  25. Barry Reply

    This looks like a funky little place. I’m always on the lookout for new places to stay and will have to check this out next time I’m in Bangalore.

  26. Paula - Gone with the Wine Reply

    Sounds like a very cool concept. I like everything that differs from the main stream hotel chains where every single hotel looks exactly the same. That is so boring. I’m so glad there are new option coming up like this one.

  27. Shona Reply

    The simple style of the hotel and the streamlined check-in process attract me to this hotel. Pinned for later.

  28. Ami Reply

    I have stayed at the townhouse in Delhi and it is quite unlike the other Oyo rooms that one experiences. They sure have made it friendly for business visitors in particular. And of course, affordable. Your Koramangala experience is quite similar to mine.

  29. Sarah Reply

    I love the look of the contemporary design and artwork in the Oya townhouse would certainly work well for business travellers

  30. Suma Reply

    What a cosy yet chic place to stay while travelling. I have to say the location is perfect for everyone, it is close to the city’s IT parks and also all the major hot spots. The room are very clean and well worthy the price, that is definitely a plus point for me.

  31. melody pittman Reply

    Nice! I really like the sleek and modern appearance of this townhouse! The splashes of modern, folksy art make it feel so warm and welcoming!

  32. Carmen Baguio Reply

    You’re right about it not really being for a luxury holiday. It looks perfect for business travel– good location, small, and all amenities needed for a good night’s sleep.

  33. Vijay Patel Reply

    It’s looking perfect! Every minute details you have given us with such great pictures are so amazing. Thank you for this share! I would love to visit it.

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