Life Saving Medical Technology Brings Emergency Hospital Care to You


As the world has unfortunately witnessed over the last few months, hurricanes are both a prevalent and catastrophic disaster.   Between Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Hurricane Irma in Florida and the U.S.Virgin Islands, and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, total death tolls amounted to over 260.  In situations like these, relief efforts that are successfully executed in a timely manner tend to be few and far between.  This is why, more than ever, innovative technology for emergency care is necessary, no matter where in the world it may be or when it may occur.  

Disasters, whether they be earthquakes, hurricanes, or ongoing violent conflicts are often unpredictable and complex.  No matter how much a population goes into preparing for one, the need for prompt emergency medical attention is continuous, while resources are often limited.  This is why innovative technologies for emergency medicine and trauma care are considered to be the most efficient, and therefore the most vital.  The Israel Pavilion is known to bring the most profound of these technologies, focusing on clear and concise needs for first responders in emergency situations.  They will be presenting EMS with specialized products conceived by teams of R&D engineers and accomplished executives, that are supported by internationally renowned medical experts specific to intensive care, respiratory, cardiac, central nervous system and trauma medical emergencies.  


MEDICA 2017, a trade fair for the world’s key players of the medical industry, seems to be coming in at one of the most crucial and relevant times.  One of those key players?  The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute (IEICI).  IEICI is a non-profit organization that promotes Israeli trade relations, cooperation, and strategic alliances with overseas companies.  They will be presenting Israel’s leading Medical Device and HealthCare IT leaders in the MedTech field at the Israel Pavilion at MEDICA 2017.  Together with Israel’s Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the Israel Pavilion is introducing advanced emergency medical and digital health solutions tailored for every patient and every type of care in emerging medical technologies.

It is important to note that these medical devices are not limited to only Israel, but rather are introduced to connect the international community with Israel’s innovative medical technology for impact on a global scale.  Major strides are being made in towards critical respiratory and cardiac aid, digital monitoring, and blood and fluid control.    

Respiratory and Cardiac Aid

One of the most imperative types of care in emergency situations is focused on making sure the patient can breathe.  Unfortunately, it may be too late by the time those first responders are able to transfer the person to a hospital.  So, what if hospital services could come to you?  Inovytec

Inovytec Medical Solution combines multi-functionality and light-weight portability for out-of-hospital, first-responder critical conditions.  They offer a first-line solution specifically for respiratory and cardiac critical aid with three non-invasive technologies for treatment: The Lubo, The SALI, and The VentWay. All are designed for the out-of-hospital critical care and oxygen therapy in field conditions and during transit.  Guide in Medical is a medical device company specializing in the respiratory field enabling clear tracheal identification as well as fast, accurate and safe intubations. Guide in Medical’s intubation device is a non-invasive electronic illumination patch that can be placed on the patient’s neck. Once activated the device transmits the signal to the underlying tissues, where the signal is completely absorbed by the surrounding tissues and a fraction is emitted solely by the trachea enabling clear identification of its location during intubation procedures. The unique device is meant for one-time-use, is disposable, and most importantly, facilitates intubation in the most difficult clinical situations.  Another company centered around personalized and portable medical care is CardiacX Medical Ltd.  They develop, manufacture and market cardiac resuscitation solutions, including the world’s first miniature personal external defibrillator (PED). Similar to the size of a smartphone, PED is able to deliver the same energy and number of biphasic pulses comparable to the public AED. Imagine having something with that much impact, in that small of a size.  The PED will raise the out-of-hospital survival rate from 5% up to the in-hospital survival rate of 50% or more. Each device stays with the patient all the time, making the survival rate independent of the victim’s location.  And let’s face it… if people can stay connected to their smartphones, they can stay connected to their PED.  

Digital Monitoring

It can become confusing, stressful, and disorganized to monitor multiple things at once in a critical situation, which in itself fosters an environment for human error.  Better to have a device do it for you.  Medisim Ltd is one of the leading and innovative forces in developing non-invasive professional and home thermometry products. Its Temple Touch Pro system provides core temperature monitoring and management that is fully operational during patient alertness or anesthesia. Based on unique conductive heat flux technology, Temple Touch Pro offers a premium yet cost-effective temperature monitoring solution for clinical and at-home environments. Flight Medical, developed state of the art ventilators, now operating in 50 countries, that provides ICU quality affordable ventilation with its double battery concept Flight 60. There is a growing need for ventilation spanning across many situations, and Flight 60 is a cost-effective, compact and lightweight ventilator offering advanced monitoring, easy use, and invasive and non-invasive capabilities. In 2017  Cnoga Medical Ltd. raised $50 million dollars to help further establish and distribute its non-invasive medical monitor devices. Portable and easy to use, patients simply place their finger in the CNOGA device and, with a unique algorithm, the automatic measurement provides the 14 blood parameters in under 60 seconds for non-invasive, needle-free glucose monitoring. CNOGA offers, TensorTip glucometer for diabetics, VSM for blood pressure monitoring, and MTX for noninvasive blood hemodynamics and blood chemistry analysis.

Blood and Fluid Control

In emergency situations, you can expect to see a lot of blood that can prove difficult to control.  Core Scientific Creations Ltd. is the wound management and emergency medicine services behind WoundClot. Uniquely engineered to control non-compressional mild, moderate and severe bleeding, Wound Clot is the only bio-absorbable hemostat approved for severe arterial bleeding. Whether it be vascular, soft tissue, bones, or severe traumatic hemorrhage, WoundClot stops all types of bleeding through a biological clot, that is fully absorbed by the body within seven days.  QinFlow Ltd. (short for Quality in Flow) has worked since 2008 to develop and perfect an extremely efficient fluid warming technology. The company’s flagship product – the Warrior – provides front-end rescue teams, paramedics, critical care transport teams, ER teams, trauma centers, intensive care units and operating rooms with a reliable, simple to operate, and completely portable blood and IV fluid warming device that operates flawlessly in all environmental conditions in order to fight hypothermia and save lives.

The theme across all of these innovative technologies is portability and durability, making it accessible and easy-to-transport in any and all situations.  No longer will you need to wait for the dust to settle (no pun intended) to receive hospital level critical care.  Now, it can come to you.  

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    Quite interesting to note these technologies. Especially the multi monitoring unit. This does help in situations where there are multiple issues and one needs to monitor them all consistently. Thanks for sharing these.

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