Road Trip – Dos and Don’ts for Rajasthan

Road trip across Rajasthan

Road trip across Rajasthan – Dos and Don’ts

Road trips are an incredible experience in themselves, and nothing beats one amidst the glorious dunes of a dessert. Strewn across the landscape like mounds of gold in the sun, the deserts of Rajasthan are one of the best places to indulge in a long road trip. We went for a road trip across Rajasthan – traversing 1,322 kilometers of stunning landscapes with an approximate driving time of 22 hours. However, as much as Rajasthan is a visual treat, it is also a tough journey through heat and dust.

Road trip across Rajasthan

So, we share travel tips about how to prepare for a road trip across Rajasthan from our experience!

Travel Tips for Road trip across Rajasthan

Covered Car

Road trip across Rajasthan

Firstly, while on a road trip across Rajasthan, it is absolutely integral to rent a covered car. If not, you can forget about seeing yourself clean at the end of the journey. As pretty as Rajasthan is from the inside of your SUV, it can be equally irritating travelling, some might say impossible, in an open vehicle like a jeep.

Water and Fresh fruit juices

Road trip across Rajasthan

Secondly, while on a road trip across Rajasthan, do not forget that Rajasthan is hot and dry – and remains so for most of the year, so ensure that your car is stocked with water and fresh fruit juices at all times. It is very easy to get dehydrated in the desert which can lead to your blood pressure falling.

Clothes & Accessories

Road trip across Rajasthan

Thirdly, while on a road trip across Rajasthan, ensure that you are wearing comfortable and breathable clothes. Though it was the month of December and mornings were cool enough, the sun would be scorching in the afternoons, heating up our car. Air conditioning kept us cool when we were inside, but we sweated profusely whenever we stepped out of the car. Keep a deo and face mist handy and oh yes – a huge box of tissues or wet wipes!

Car freshener

Road trip across Rajasthan

Finally, while on a road trip across Rajasthan, let’s talk about creating an ambiance in your car to get you through the heat and stuffiness. One often does not anticipate the heat that builds while travelling in a car for a long time. On the road, your car will definitely leave you with an itch of missing freshness – which is why the Godrej Aer Twist car fragrances are a life saviour – especially if you are travelling in a hot and humid area.

Road trip across Rajasthan

We picked up the Godrej Aer Twist car fragrance before we headed out on a road trip across Rajasthan and found the Twist to be the perfect freshness companion on our trip.  The perfume mixed with the cold air and created an invigorating atmosphere. We moved in and out of our car repeatedly over the course of the journey but never once did the fragrance diminish.

road trip in Rajasthan

Another amazing advantage of this product is that it uses a very clever gel technology which means it’s absolutely spill-proof – a prominent problem with multiple car perfumes. No matter how much your car bumps, you do not need to worry about your front seat smelling like perfumer’s laboratory. Incidentally, it is very pocket-friendly too and lasts upto 60 days, so you can say goodbye to constantly replacing your car fragrance or driving around with an empty bottle on your dashboard.

The amazing freshness inside made it easier for us to focus on road outside and we still believe that our road trip was a great one only because of this little buddy, sitting prettily on the car dashboard. Car fragrances are a must if you keep travelling and we can say with assurance that this is one gorgeous little bottle that will not disappoint you!

Road trip across Rajasthan

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your next road trip today! And we highly recommend a road trip across Rajasthan in India!


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78 thoughts on “Road Trip – Dos and Don’ts for Rajasthan

  1. robin rue Reply

    A good air freshener is a must in my car. Not because of the heat because we have AC, but because I have two tween boys and they get really smelly.

  2. Kavey Favelle Reply

    I think your tips are a very apt reminder of ensuring that you are properly prepared before embarking on a road trip – and you really covered a huge distance in a short time. I forget that Rajasthan is so vast, actually! The advice to have a covered car and make sure you carry good supply of water and drinks is very good, as you don’t know when you might find a suitable shop, and good to have them in case of breakdown. I would also add a note to ensure that your car has been fully checked and has spare tyres etc. so you can give yourself best chance of a safe and enjoyable trip.

  3. Sarah Bailey Reply

    These sound like some great tips for a road trip anywhere. Making sure you have enough water to drink is definitely going to make everything easier.

  4. Amber Myers Reply

    Fun! This would be a great place to have a road trip. If we’re ever in the area, I’ll keep this in mind.

  5. Christy Maurer Reply

    We love taking snacks on our road trips, so we make sure we take drinks too! It is really important to be prepared when you’re driving long distances!!

  6. Doria Reply

    Good tips! Driving overseas can be such a daunting experience if you aren’t prepared.

  7. Diana Reply

    These are such great tips! Honestly, I’d never think to pack towels or tissues for a road trip and I’d probably be very sorry about that. Air fresheners are a great idea as well! The photos are breathtaking, it must be beautiful in person!

  8. Candy Reply

    I honestly never considered getting an air freshener before my road trips. I will have to try this on my one. I also like that it lasts a lot longer than other brands and that it is spill proof!

  9. Natalie Reply

    I would love to visit India someday. Rajasthan looks like a really cool place to road trip across!

  10. Betty Reply

    Wow I can’t imagine the air quality if you need a covered car to travel through! The tip on getting a air freshener is an interesting one, never really thought about it, but why not!

  11. sara Reply

    These are wonderful travel tips for anyone going to Rajasthan. I love the covered car tip. I always drive a covered car and I never thought about how safe it keeps me.

  12. Travel Blogger Reply

    I traveled in southern India years ago, and I am bummed I didn’t get to see more of northern India. I would love to go back and do a road trip like this. It sounds like such a great adventure.

  13. Elizabeth O. Reply

    Road trips will always be fun but it’s important to have all the things that you need to survive it. Water is something that we should never forget. I also bring a few snacks with me.

  14. Annemarie LeBlanc Reply

    Thanks for these tips. I always make sure I have enough water and/or fruit juice in my car every time I go on a road trip. If anything untoward would happen, at least I can survive as along as I have water or something to drink. Seriously though, I think Rajasthan is a great place to visit. Love the views!

  15. rika Reply

    Stunning road.. Looks beautiful but also scary! The view is so amazing!

  16. Iris Reply

    Thanks for the tips. With traffic and scorging heat in the Philippines, we usually bring water and snacks when we’re going on a roadtrip.

  17. valmg @ Mom Knows It All Reply

    You make a good point reminding about the heat. Staying hydrated and cool would be important for comfort and undoubtedly safety as well. The wipes were a good idea.

  18. LaiAriel R. Samangka Reply

    Your travel tips are truly helpful as this will remind us to be well prepared before deciding to have a road trip across Rajasthan. Everything that you have shared here are truly a help for each and everyone of us especially those that are planning to visit Rajasthan. I like how it was written specifically and concise. I haven’t tried a road trip before and this might be a good idea. Your photos are also really stunning. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  19. kelly reci Reply

    Very interesting article of Rajasthan! Would love to visit the place someday too and I’ll remember this tips!

  20. Anne Reply

    Great tips although I have to confess I don’t think I would ever dare drive in India. I have to keep my eyes closed most of the time as a passenger. If I do open them, I am far too fascinated by the landscape to want to drive lol

  21. Natasha Reply

    These are some great reminders. The worst thing I think is when I forget to bring enough water on a hike or road trip. It makes things so uncomfortable and it’s not healthy! Thanks for sharing this guide. I think India would have some amazing road trip offerings.

  22. chei Reply

    My family and i loves having a road trip! This will be fun. Thanks for the tips!

  23. Jo Reply

    Road trips are SO much fun. I went to jodhpur from delhi and it was long and tiring but wish I had read this before. A covered car is DEF a must for the sandy terrain of the area and staying hydrated is the key. I would suggest to pack some glucose too (glucon D).

  24. Tara Reply

    I would say that I’m an expert road tripper in the US, but I haven’t done much car travel in other countries. It sounds like it might be the best way to go in Rajasthan. I am curious – where did you spend the night? Are there decent lodging options for a road trip like this?

  25. Laura Nalin Reply

    You’ve got some great tips in here. I wonder if you’ve ever seen tourists renting cars without roofs. If so, were they covered in dirt and dust? That would be the worst road trip ever! Good shout on bringing extra water — I always carry a massive water bottle with me wherever I go, traveling or not.

  26. David Elliott Reply

    It does look like such a great road trip there. I know that I love road trips almost anywhere. Just getting out and experiencing the unexpected is such a great part of it I think. The best things in life are the ones that you cannot plan for.

  27. My Teen Guide Reply

    Thank you for your tips. I have never been to India before, but I wish I could soon. I have read a lot about beautiful places to visit and Rajasthan is one of them.

  28. Chrishelle Ebner Reply

    These are good tips for travel through any hot and dry areas. I have never thought of the importance of a car freshener. I would love to try one of those little cute fresheners.

  29. Julie Syl Reply

    I’m really glad that you shared this amazing tips and ideas! Will add this to my next road trip.

  30. Raine C.S. Reply

    Seems like an interesting journey. I’m sure your list of do’s and don’ts will come in very handy for people who are traveling to Rajasthan, as well as other places with similar climates. Thanks for writing.

  31. Jenn Jg Reply

    Great Road Trip Tips! Water is so important to have in the hot desert and I love the air freshener idea!

  32. Kaylee Reply

    These are great tips for any road trip. I always have an air freshener in my car, I don’t think I could go without one.

  33. Vibeke Johannessen Reply

    I haven’t really been on a proper road trip. I have heard so much about Rajasthan and it looks very unique and different. I would probably hire a pro driver to drive in India. Really good tips to remember for a road trip. 😃

  34. Deanna Reply

    Looks like a great trip. I like the car freshener idea, always great for long trips!

  35. Chloe Reply

    These would be some great trips for driving through Australia as well! Looks like you are all set for an exciting trip!

  36. Ana De- Jesus Reply

    I would like to go some point so it is handy to know what I should and shouldn’t do. I will remember to have a good fluid intake and wear light clothing x

  37. Claudia Krusch Reply

    It would be fun to do a road trip across Rajasthan. I always pack a ton of snacks and refreshments when we go for a trip.

  38. Ophelia Tang Reply

    I love the photos. Your tips remind me some of the things I should always keep in mind in Road trips. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Paula Bendfeldt Reply

    Oh wow! That is such an exotic and interesting location for a road trip. We love road trips but the only road trip we’ve taken outside of the US and Guatemala (my home country) is in Spain in Portugal. Would love to visit Rajasthan.

  40. Anosa Reply

    Ohh I would love to visit India. Taj Mahal is my top place to visit and I guess I would check this if its on the way so I can pay a visit too.

  41. Corinne & Kirsty Reply

    So many great tips here! I guess it is always super important to inform yourself on your destination before travelling so that you know what to expect and you come prepared! xx corinne

  42. Terri Beavers Reply

    You just reminded me I need to get a new car freshener. What a beautiful and scenic road trip. It would be a memorable experience.

  43. Ravi Reply

    Visit Rajasthan every year but never taken a Road Trip. I liked the pictures as well..

  44. Megan Reply

    It would be fun to do a road trip across Rajasthan. I loved the photos!

  45. Divyakshi Gupta Reply

    Rajasthan is BEST experienced by road. It is my favourite state for road trips because of the sheer diversity it brings. From stunning landscapes to desert hues to mountains to splashes of colour at every nook.
    The roads are in a great shape as well! You post got me all nostalgic. The cover is a great idea and is very essential.

  46. katriza Reply

    Very great list of do’s and don’ts! I hate road trips, I didn’t mind them so much when I had no children but now I can’t do it!

  47. Susan Reply

    This is very useful advice, as I find long road trips quite a challenge. I’d add, find out where the public toilets are along the way too! The car fragrance sounds handy for keeping things fresh inside the car.

  48. Courtneylynne Reply

    Oooo so many great road trip must haves!!! For me drinks and snacks are a must!

  49. Nadine Cathleen Reply

    Good tips! I always have lots of water and food in the car and usually a blanket, sanitizer gel, and of course a few clothes to change. And toilet paper.. depending where the road trip is, the public toilets sometimes don’t have any..

  50. neha Reply

    These are some great tips when touring through Rajasthan. As the weather there is mostly harsh. Particularly in the daytime. And thus, calls for enough preparation before embarking on a trip.


    I would love to have a roadtrip in rajasthan. I think it would be so much fun together with the scenery and your travel tips that are essential. 🙂 I would really put this in my bucket list when I visit India.

  52. Trish Reply

    These are great travel tips! I especially like the idea of preparing ahead with water and fruit juices to stay hydrated and cool.

  53. Neely Moldovan Reply

    Im such a stickler for being prepared on any trip. This are such great pointers that could be used so many different places.

  54. Marge Reply

    I’ve seen movies where the actors are on a road trip with the top down in the midst of the heat and I wonder if it’s that even possible especially out in the dessert. I would love to go on a road trip, but I don’t think I’d like to burn myself with a roofless car. So definitely, your advice is sound. The packaging of the Godrej Aer Twist is very cute I must say.

  55. Scott Reply

    I’d love to visit India, but don’t think I’d be brave enough to do a road trip. Not until I had been there a few times and got more comfortable with the idea.

  56. Adriana Lopez Reply

    Rajasthan looks like a great place to adventure. India is so surprising so many sites to see and enjoy. Hopefully one day I will be able to travel there.

  57. [email protected] Reply

    I love taking road trips. They can be so much fun. I especially like taking the scenic route when we go on road trips as well. These are some great tips you have!

  58. Carol Cassara Reply

    Road trips are always fun but just like any trip, you have to make sure you have everything you need! This sounds like a very exciting road trip, I’ve never been to Rajasthan.

  59. Suruchi Reply

    We take so many road trips in a year but never the idea of having a car freshener struck up. Now after your post, I got the logic behind it. So, for sure going to try it next time. Even we did Rajasthan road trip from Delhi in January and I must say the weather is really really harsh, so fruits, water, and closed vehicle is must.

  60. kelly reci Reply

    Will remember this do’s and dont’s! The place is very interesting to visit someday!

  61. Courtney Reply

    Ooooo so many helpful tips here!!! Great reminder that I need a new freshener in my car!! Mine is pretty much out

  62. Swayam Tiwari Reply

    On the contrary, I would love to inhale as much as I can the smell of cow dung while tripping across Rajasthan, and I am serious. Native smells and aromas add to the overall travel experience.These smells linger on in your heads for several years, and they make you yearn to return to these places.

  63. Zwitsal Reply

    OMG! I miss traveling! Been on school straight this year so I can finish it right away and do what I love, traveling! 🙂

  64. you.theworld.wandering Reply

    I’m about to do a road trip through India next month!! This post was a great read to know what I’ll be in for! Very exciting.
    Kristie – you.theworld.wandering

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