Tech and Games You’ll Want Your Kids To Use Before Summer Ends, No Matter How Old They Are

Tech and Games You’ll Want Your Kids To Use Before Summer Ends, No Matter How Old They Are

Summer is coming to an end, and that means that many of us are preparing to send our children back to school. After spending days lounging at the beach and running around at camp, it’s important to get your children back in the groove. There’s nothing better than your child learning and having fun at the same time, so we searched for the perfect tech and games for your children to use this summer, and added them into one convenient list. No matter how old your child is – from elementary school to college – your kids will be enjoying learning in no time!

Tech and Games for The Little Ones

Summer vacation used to mean playing outside and soaking up the long summer nights. Nowadays with addictive gaming apps and Netflix’s instant streaming, it’s hard to drag your child away from anything with a screen. Even though summer is about relaxing and having fun, it’s also important to supplement some of this down time with some learning.

Parents have access to every educational option out there, one specifically can make a coder out of your little one in no time. Algobrix is the fun coding kit that allows kids to create their own programmable robots at home by using the LEGOs you have lying around the house. Algobrix isn’t just a fun way to reinvent your old childhood lego structures – it gives children the opportunity to understand the basics of STEM as they prepare to become the future engineers of tomorrow.

And what’s even better? Children can play with Algobrix without smartphones or an app, meaning they take a break from those screens for a while. The kits are designed for children ages 5 and up but of course, they’re well-suited to adults who consider themselves kids at heart!

One of the best things about young children is their sense of wonder. They are curious about everything. Why is the sky blue? What does that sign say? Where do babies come from? And even though all parents are superheroes, sometimes we just don’t know the answers. Well, like everything nowadays, there’s an app for that. CamFind, powered by CloudSight, is the leader in visual cognition technology and will allow your child to search and discover the physical world just by snapping a photo.

CamFind identifies anything from landmarks to dog breeds, and restaurants to movie posters based on a picture, and then comes back with relevant web results. Let’s say your child is curious about bugs? Bring him outside and have him take some pictures of ladybugs and butterflies using CamFind. From there he can learn all about the different insects in the backyard! Or maybe your child isn’t interested in bugs? Take her to a museum and CamFind can help her learn all about the artwork and artists. Now your children can explore the world around them, and learn while doing so!

Tech and Games for Teenage Years

Ah, the wonderful teenage years. When our sweet adorable babies turn into scary young adults. Trying to get your high school student to learn over summer vacation sounds like a very daunting task. But it’s important, especially in the complex world of today. Many teenagers are not aware of the decisions being made that will inevitably affect them. Some of them don’t always know how to handle their own finances, and very few take an interest in learning about the intricacies of the stock market. That’s where Bulls and Bears come in.

Bulls and Bears is a board game that makes those difficult concepts fun and enticing. It is one of the first board games that’s gamified financial education, by creating a fun environment where people of any age can learn about money, investing and stocks. Bulls and Bears is based on real life, but with none of the stress… so players can explore and learn from their own mistakes. Bulls and Bears is the perfect solution for your young adults this summer, so you can prepare them for the real world without completely boring them. Because who doesn’t love a good old family board game night?

Tech and Games for Children who are off to College

Before you know it, those little ones will be off to college. Luckily many of them return home for summer vacation, and it’s back to square one – figuring out how to get them to get off of Facebook and make the most of their summer. Although there aren’t many toys that will entice college students – there are a lot of educational tools you can introduce them to so they are prepared for the coming semester.

One of the scariest things for undergrads is the thought of post college life, especially finding a job. But, now there’s online software that will make sure your child stands out amongst the crowd. EMaze allows users to create engaging and captivating websites in minutes, using pre made templates. With just a few simple clicks of the wizard, and in under a minute, emaze users can now create a professional, personal and aesthetic website that automatically and intuitively embeds live feeds of their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube accounts. It’s the perfect way to upgrade the boring resume and make a lasting impression on future employers.

Not all undergrads spend the summer relaxing at home. Many take summer courses in order to further their degrees, but finding useful information over the summer can be a little difficult, especially if the campus library hours differ or the student is taking classes remotely. However, there is now an easy way for students to access the research they need. Meet Scholabrate, the next generation of academic social networks that will prepare students for their graduate level research and future job search. Scholabrate provides its members with various messaging communication tools to open communication channels between students and scholars. Scholabrate fosters social interactions that help further students’ research and potential careers.

And what’s the most common way college students spend their summer? Working to save enough money to buy a car, attend this year’s Spring Break, or purchase school supplies and books. RYDAR is the perfect app for those college students that are looking to make some extra cash. In today’s day and age, the best way to earn that money is being a driver for rideshare companies, like Uber or Lyft, for which RYDAR is the must have app. The app helps drivers earn more while saving more. With surge pricing notifications, event updates, and a calendar to set up the coolest events, drivers will never miss out on a chance to earn more money!

But There’s Always Time For Fun with Tech and Games!

It is summer after all, and there’s always room for some fun!! Most of the time, downtime for your family in the summer involves relaxing in the AC or hanging outside. And what do all children do during these times? They’re playing on their phones. Instead of wondering what your children are looking at, there’s now an app that will let you know exactly what your children are thinking…and typing!

Snaappy is a fun communication platform that shows users what their friends are typing as they type. The app also enhances the user experience with interactive 3D characters that are not only extremely adorable but also express emotions that users can actually relate to. A recently released version of the app features an AR video and picture editor, so your kids can have fun while enhancing all their summer pics with interactive designs and stickers. The 3D animations become an added layer to your already fabulous shot. Your children can upgrade these animations with text bubbles and voice notes, so Snaappy can tell them how cool they look anytime they share the pictures or videos with friends.

Snaappy also features live typing, which means that you can see what your children are writing to you before they hit send. No more staring at those three dots and wondering what your child is typing. If they are trying to make an excuse about their whereabouts, you’ll know!

Sadly, summer is coming to an end. So, make sure these last few weeks of summer really count! Any of the tech and games in this article will not only entertain your children but also will help prepare them for the school year to come.


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