A Road Trip from Sydney to Brisbane

The Ultimate Road Trip in Australia Road trip from Sydney to Brisbane

A Road Trip from Sydney to Brisbane, Australia

A Road Trip from Sydney to Brisbane

“Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn’t mean to take.”


If you can compare travel to a cake, the road trips are the icing on it. Road trips by their very nature are full of adventure and anticipation. Whether you are a regular traveler or a casual one, road trips are something that is sure to set your adrenaline coursing in excitement. We are no exception and love our road trips. The fact that road trips take you very close to the places you travel through is in itself an exhilarating experience. These trips give one ample opportunity to bask in the glory of nature at a leisurely pace. Road trips are also a lot more educational and give one a totally immersive experience. The local culture, people, and their mores seem suddenly close and you feel as if you are a part of the experience and not a neutral observer.

The world is full of amazing sights and the best way to see them is through a road trip. One of the best countries for road trips is undoubtedly Australia. The great outdoors of this enchanting country beckons travelers to experience the magic of its varied landscapes and revel in their beauty. When it comes to Australia, there are so many road trips that have acquired iconic status and figure on the bucket list of most if not all travelers.

We too have many an Australian Road Trip on our bucket lists like the Great Ocean RoadSydney to Melbourne and one of the trips that top this is the road trip from Sydney to Brisbane. This road trip spans a distance of approximately 1,000 kilometers and is a drive that takes you along the iconic Pacific Coast. You are serenaded by gorgeous beaches and lush and verdant hills as you pass through quaint and charming towns that seem to have emerged from the pages of a fairy tale book. The drive takes you through some stunning National Parks that are rich in biodiversity.

A Road Trip from Sydney to Brisbane, Australia

The first pit stop is Terrigal after a drive of about 1.5 hours where one can feast one’s eyes at the stunning coastline sipping a cup of coffee. For shopping buffs, this is a heaven.

A Road Trip from Sydney to Brisbane, Australia

The next destination is Newcastle which has featured in Lonely Planet’s “Best in Travel’ list. Newcastle is a beach lover’s paradise with 8 beaches in the vicinity. A great place to have a bite would be in one of the really quirky cafes that dot the area.

A Road Trip from Sydney to Brisbane, Australia

The other mesmerizing places that will ensnare you with their magic include the bustling town of Coffs Harbour which again has some great beaches. Coffs Harbour also has a unique miniature model Dutch village called Clog Barn.

A Road Trip from Sydney to Brisbane, Australia

The Byron Bay which is one of the most popular places is the easternmost point of the continent. It is a beachside destination popular for its surfing and also its beautiful lighthouse which becomes ethereal during sunrise. Byron Bay is a great place for the spiritually inclined who want to rejuvenate themselves and energize the mind, body, and soul. A session of Yoga on the beach is definitely on the cards.

As you approach Brisbane and peer out of the car window you are sure to wish that the road trip never ends. The blissful experience of the road trip is sure to stay etched in memory for a long, long time.

As this road trip from Sydney to Brisbane would be a journey of a lifetime and we would love to take our time to complete it, we would probably buy a second-hand car to have full freedom to explore without the worries of an expensive rental.

How to get to Sydney

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Where to stay  

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Have you been on a road trip from Sydney to Brisbane? What was your experience?

The Ultimate Road Trip in Australia Road trip from Sydney to Brisbane

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54 thoughts on “A Road Trip from Sydney to Brisbane

  1. Alli Smith Reply

    The coastline is indeed stunning and I’d love to spend the day exploring the area surrounding that peaceful looking harbor. One of these days, I’m going to make the trip to Australia and take that road trip.

  2. candy Reply

    Now that is one road trip I would love to be on. Pictures are beautiful and that coastline is something to see.

  3. Anita Reply

    Wow, now this is nice. I would love to visit a place like this. I’m so jealous! What a sight and place to be.

  4. Tomi C Reply

    I’ve never been to Australia but my cousin went for a volleyball tourney over the summer. Her team shared some amazing pics. Beautiful coastline.

  5. Heather Reply

    Fantastic pictures! Australia is on my bucket list and I’ve read so many blogs recommending this road trip. Is the driving in Australia easy?

  6. Lisa Reply

    That is a beautiful coastline. We used to take a lot of road trips before kids and always had a great time.

  7. Sarah Bailey Reply

    I would absolutely love to visit Australia one day, it looks like the most beautiful country and what an amazing adventure taking a road trip!

  8. Janet Reply

    Australia is so far from where I am located in Florida, but I’d love to go someday when I can spend a good chunk of time. Thanks for posting this great road trip to keep in mind.

  9. Liz Mays Reply

    Gosh this sounds like it would be such a memorable adventure. I hadn’t considered going on a road trip like this before.

  10. Chubskulit Rose Reply

    Wow. what a road trip of a lifetime. MY kids and I haven’t been in Australia but my husband has been in a couple of places, he said’t it”s beautiful there.

  11. Claudia K Reply

    After reading your post, I now want to go to Australia more! It is on my bucket list and I will do it one day.

  12. Tom Bourlet Reply

    ah so jealous, I want to head out to Aussie some point soon, plus a road trip is always a winner. I keep hearing about Melbourne recently.

  13. Tamara Elliott Reply

    No doubt Australia has some amazing road trips, and this one looks epic thanks to it being along the coast. I did the Great Ocean Road and it was a highlight of my trip!

  14. Lauren Reply

    Road trips are among my favorite adventures! I love taking them from home and abroad. Just did an epic one in Ireland over 2.5 weeks and it was incredible. Would love to go in Australia!

  15. Ricci Reply

    I love a good road trip and I think traveling from Sydney to Brisbane would be an amazing one to take! Great post!

  16. Kavita Favelle | Kavey Eats Reply

    Yay, I love road trips too! My husband enjoys driving and is a very laid back driver, but also skilled enough to handle tricky roads or driving conditions. And we have some great conversations in the car, or sometimes just chill to good music. I haven’t yet made it to Australia (the only continent I’m yet to visit) so I definitely need to make it happen. I think I’d love to road trip Sydney to Brisbane, coastal road trips are amongst our favourites.

  17. Silke Reply

    Sydney to Brisbane is indeed a worthwhile trip to make. The landscapes and the beaches are stunning, the little towns and villages along the way full of character. I went as far as Sydney to Coffs Harbour, and hopefully one day I get to see Byron Bay, too. Great post!

  18. Dogvills Reply

    Oh look at that lovely lighthouse! I love exploring lighthouses. They are beautiful structures and to think they have a significant role in keeping sailors safe is just so amazing.

  19. Coralie Grassin Reply

    The kind of trip where you just have to triple the journey time given by Google as you stop everywhere yo enjoy the stunning views! Love that there is a lighthouse along the way too 🙂

  20. Dannielle Reply

    I visited both cities a few years ago and reading this makes me want to go back to Australia, and this time hire a car! One day…

  21. Fiona Maclean Reply

    I’d heard of Byron Bay – but I never realised how stunning it was. Australia is just somewhere I need to explore so thank you for the tips

  22. Peter Korchnak Reply

    Agreed, a road trip is a great way to see a country. We have one in the works, around Australia, so this helps. If your photos are any indications, I can already tell it will be epic!

  23. Pam Weaver Reply

    Australia is amazing! I’ve been to Gold Coast and to Sydney. Definitely worth the trip. Great blog post!

  24. Lucy Reply

    I would love to do this trip! I have been to Australia on a cruise, but I really want to see more. This has given me food for thought! Newcastle and Byron Bay look stunning and I wouldn’t mine going to yoga session there too!

  25. Siddhartha Joshi Reply

    Ah! I love that comparison with cake and icing and I completely subscribe to that philosophy as well. Whether alone or with friends/ family, road-trips never disappoint 🙂

    I haven’t been to either Brisbane or Sydney, but I am sure I will give this road-trip a try when I visit Australia next 🙂

  26. Kirstie Reply

    The Australian coast is amazing and of course road trips in Australia is highly recommended. I’ve never been to this beautiful country but I soon plan to. I was just wondering if it’s easy to rent a car?

  27. melody pittman Reply

    I haven’t been to Australia but my husband has been begging for us to go for years. I would definitely want to do many road trips through the country. Your suggestions would be very helpful because Australia looks so daunting to me.

  28. Eloise Reply

    I live in Brisbane and I’ve done a few trips on the coast down to Sydney. There are so many great places where to stop – it all depends on the time you have to do the road trip! I’ve always chosen to skip Newcastle so I was surprised to read it is on Lonely Planet’s list. One of my favourite places is Port Stephens – but it’s becoming very popular.
    I’m looking forward to doing this road trip again 🙂

  29. Nicholas Reply

    Now this sounds like a great roadtrip! One that I will definitely take at one point. My girlfriend and I will be in Australia next year and driving along the coastline is something that we’re planning on doing.When we are there, we’ll have a second look at your itinerary for sure!

  30. Aleney Reply

    I’ve been making this trip since I was a kid and yet still find something special every time we drive it. Coffs is a favourite stop over for us along the way.

  31. amit Reply

    I smiled while reading this, because I have done this road trip, but our went all the way from Sydney all the way up to Cape Tribulation…It is still to this day one of my favorite road trips (we Took a month doing it haha)

  32. Mags Reply

    I was literally just trying to talk my husband into this very road trip for our honeymoon (he’s uncomfortable driving on the left). It sounds like so much fun!

  33. Carmen Edelson Reply

    I totally agree that one of the best way to see places is through a road trip! I just love the freedom it gives you. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing 🙂

  34. Adelheid Bethanny Reply

    I love road trips and I totally agree that it is one the best ways to see everything and travel. All the photos were great but Byron Bay seems to be my favorite! Where will you be heading next?

  35. Alessia Morello Reply

    I want to visit more Australia, I’ve been just in Melbourne and I love it so so so much! You guys are so lucky to visit a dreamy place like this. Now I add Newcastle in my travel list!

  36. Rosemary Reply

    Have not been to Australia yet and this road trip is something I’d love to do. The coastline is gorgeous with my favorite picture being Coffs Harbour. Thanks for sharing your itinerary.

  37. Abhinav Singh Reply

    I was in Australia last month and had actually planned Sydney to Brisbane. But I had to cancel it due to lack of time. Now I know what I have missed out on! Though I did manage to go to the Great Ocean Road Trip which is one of your bucket list destinations.

  38. Elena Reply

    The road trip from Sydney to Brisbane looks picture perfect. Up until this year, I would agree with you about Australia being one of the best countries for road trips. Not anymore. Recently, I spent more than half a year in West Australia. Naturally, I couldn’t resist to get into a car and go sightseeing. Australian nature is stunning. Australian roads are not (at least in West Australia). The relatively low speed limit, the overzealous police, and the vast distances make any extended road trip a chore.

  39. Tami Reply

    I’d love to visit Clog Barn — that sounds like so much fun…and I loved themed villages! Also, I’ve heard a lot about how beautiful Byron Bay is. What’s not to like about a road trip that takes you to these locations?!

  40. Cat Reply

    8 beaches in Newcastle alone? It is a great place to beach hop there! If I make my way to Australia one day, I will keep this place in mind!

  41. Panchami Reply

    Road trips are an amazing and great way to explore the picturesque spots of the city, especially if you are traveling along the coast!
    The photos are wonderful.

  42. Mary Reply

    I love a good road trip and this one looks like a lot of fun! The last time I was in Australia we drove a portion of the Great Ocean Road and really enjoyed it.

  43. Kerri McConnel Reply

    As as Aussie who has driven a lot over this vast country, I love doing road trips. There are certainly some beautiful locations along this route. But, like much of Australia, road trips are lengthy things, taking hours and hours and quite often you see nothing of any beauty in between. this drive takes about 12 hours and it’s a long haul that’s for sure.

  44. Jas Reply

    I absolutely adored your cake and icing analogy!!! Road trips are defs my faves and I’ve been dying to visit Australia for the longest time too. Will definitely have this bookmarked for info + inspiration when I plan my own trip there! Thanks for sharing!!

  45. anshul Reply

    Your travelogue transferred me to the to this magical place. Such beautiful photos and equally nice description.


  46. Ami Reply

    Love the coastline and I know I would be stopping every now and them to grab these pictures. This does sound like a lovely road trip. Hope I get to do it some day

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