Romancing The Kerala Backwaters With Spice Routes Luxury Cruises

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

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Kerala Houseboat Cruise

Pepper, Clove, Cinnamon, Saffron, Tamarind, Cardamom, Fennel.

These are the names of the exotic spices whose intoxicating fragrance has drawn the world to what has been dubbed as the “Spice Bowl of the World”, Kerala, India. The scent of spices lured the Portuguese, the Dutch, the French, the Spanish, and the British to the shores of an exotic land that was rich in spices.

Pepper, Clove, Cinnamon, Saffron, Tamarind, Cardamom, Fennel, also happen to be the names of the houseboats that are part of the fleet of the Spice Routes Luxury Cruises based in Alappuzha which is also known as Alleppey in Kerala, India. Alleppey is also the best place to revel in the experience of the Kerala Houseboat cruise.

Alleppey is not only a major tourist attraction of Kerala but has a fascinating history that stretches way back in time. The town is known to have had trade relations with the ancient civilizations of Rome and Greece during the middle ages. It is also believed that Saint Thomas, one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ landed in the vicinity of Alleppey in the year 52 AD and preached Christianity in the region.

Today travelers head to Alleppey in to bask in the Kerala Luxury Houseboats experience.

Lord Curzon, the British Viceroy of India between 1899 to 1905  made a visit to Alleppey. It is said that he was so mesmerized by the charm of the place, he exclaimed  “Here nature has spent up on the land her richest bounties. Alleppey, Venice of the East” 

The Kerala houseboat cruise – Spice Routes Luxury Cruises Experience

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

It was probably a generous dose of good Karma that saw us making our way towards God’s own country, Kerala, for the third time in the year. This time around it was to Alleppey, a place which had till now resided in the realms of our imagination. As we weaved our way across the hilly terrain of Kerala images of Alleppey houseboats flooded our imagination. One thing that we had not experienced was the Kerala Houseboat Cruise. We were excited as we drove through the lush green countryside of Kerala towards our destination which beckoned with experiences waiting to be savored. The magic of a Kerala Houseboat Cruise on the mesmerizing backwaters of Kerala with the Spice Routes Luxury Cruises loomed tantalizingly on the horizon.

We were soon at the boarding point for the luxury houseboats of Spice Routes Luxury Cruises. The Spice Routes offer the service of premium luxury houseboats in Alleppey.

It was love at first sight!

Kerala Houseboat Cruise
PC: Spice Routes

The boats stood docked, their exteriors gleaming and reflecting the rays of the sun. We were at Chennamkary and the houseboats that were not out cruising stood in front of us. We looked with eagerness at the houseboat named Fennel. Fennel would be our home for the next couple of days. Our floating home on the water.

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

We were welcomed aboard with warm smiles and garlands and shown to our rooms.

The Rooms

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

Fennel consisted of 3 luxury cabins with twin beds and attached bathroom. The room was equipped with air-conditioner, LCD, and comfortable twin beds. The attached bathroom with a shower enclosure was equipped with all required toiletries and bathroom slippers. What we loved was the large glass window by the side of the bed that gave a breathtaking view of the backwaters. One could lie in bed and watch for hours the activity on the waterway.

The Dining Cum Living Area

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

There was a dining cum living area towards the bow of the boat equipped with lounge sofas and a dining table where food was served. This area was our favorite hangout to chill while cruising.

The Kitchen

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

A narrow passage on the starboard side connected the living area to a neat and compact kitchen near the stern. The kitchen was well equipped and it was here that the chef whipped up some authentic delicacies. We also were treated to a cooking demonstration by the chef. We were really impressed by the orderly way in which the kitchen was organized.

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

Excitement tinged the air as we set sail. It was magical to stand on the bow of the houseboat as it glided through the serene backwaters and feel the air on your face. We would be cruising for about 4 hours after which we would be docking. We cruised along the backwaters of the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, feasting our eyes on the spectacle of exotic migratory birds that weaved around the waters.

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

The sight of a flock of birds merrily riding on a floating tree captured our imagination.  The Spice Routes Luxury Cruises Houseboats cruise on the Vembanad Lake. The boats dock for the night as boats are not allowed to ply after 6 pm in the evening. After a leisurely cruise which gave us an opportunity to experience the romance of the Kerala Backwaters in laidback luxury, we watched the sunset in majestic splendor on the western horizon and soon the boat was anchored. We settled down to indulge our senses in the romance of the evening.

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

After a tranquil sleep, lulled by the gentle bobbing of the houseboat we woke up to the sounds of the chirping of birds and views of canoes gliding away to their unknown rendezvous.

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

The day proved to be fascinating as we visited quaint villages, temples, and ancient churches. In the evening we took a canoe and glided through the waterways passing little villages, observing slices of their daily lives.

It was an exhilarating feeling to know that you do not have to rush back to your hotel or home as your home itself was moving with you.

After a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience, it was time to say goodbye to our floating home – Spice Routes, one of the best Kerala Houseboats. We took our leave with a bag full of memories to cherish for a lifetime. But not before taking one last look at Fennel, the Spice Routes houseboat Alleppey that had captivated our hearts.

The houseboats of Spice Routes Luxury Cruises

Kerala Houseboat Cruise


We stayed in the houseboat named Fennel which is a three bedroom one, but there are other options available with Spice Routes Luxury Cruises.

Clove and Cinnamon

Kerala Houseboat Cruise
PC: Spice Routes Clove Dining Area
Kerala Houseboat Cruise
PC: Spice Routes Clove Living Room
Kerala Houseboat Cruise
PC: Spice Routes Cinnamon Living room
Kerala Houseboat Cruise
PC: Spice Routes Cinnamon Bedroom

Clove and Cinnamon are two other houseboats that have three bedrooms and are similar to Fennel


Pepper is a houseboat equipped with two bedrooms


Cardamom is a premium houseboat equipped with 5-star facilities and large and spacious


Kerala Houseboat Cruise
PC: Spice Routes Saffron Dining Area

Saffron is dubbed as the Presidential Suite on the backwaters and is an ideal place having the makings of an exclusive honeymoon. Looking at the tranquil surroundings and the exclusivity of the place this could be one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations to head out to in India.

Kerala Houseboat Cruise
PC: Spice Routes Saffron Bedroom

It is a single bedroom houseboat with a living room, dining room on the upper deck and a Jacuzzi. If you are thinking of a honeymoon houseboat in Alleppey and a houseboat with jacuzzi in Kerala then Saffron fits the bill perfectly. Spice Routes ensures that this is one of the best among the Kerala houseboat honeymoon packages

All the Spice Route Luxury Cruises houseboats are airconditioned and ensure that one can admire the beauty of the backwaters minus the heat

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

Kerala houseboat cruise packages

The Kerala backwaters houseboat cruise packages are best experienced with Spice Routes Luxury Cruises. They have standard one- day and two-day packages and also can customize packages based on need. The packages include stay, food, and guided tours of villages that dot the backwaters of Kerala.

The Service aboard The Spice Routes Luxury Cruises

  • Each houseboat has a 3 member crew which consists of the Captain who steers the boat through the tranquil backwaters, a cook, and an assistant
  • The Captain whose name was Shashi was a hand’s on person who did a lot more than steering the boat, he was the one who discussed the menu and had the food prepared based on our preferences
  • Overall the service was bang on and the crew were ever smiling and ready to help

Food Served on The Spice Routes Luxury Cruises

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

There is a choice of the best of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine on offer. The best part is that the food is prepared based on individual preferences.

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

From seafood to authentic Kerala vegetarian cuisine to continental breakfasts, the food is what your palate wants.

Sustainable Tourism by The Spice Routes Luxury Cruises

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

Sustainable tourism is practiced by the Spice Routes Luxury Cruises in its various aspects. Generation of employment for the locals, use of local produce including vegetables, spices, fish and other seafood for cooking, and an environment-friendly waste management system are some of the ways that the Spice Routes Luxury Cruises is promoting sustainable tourism in the region.

What Will it cost to experience a Kerala Backwaters Houseboat Cruise with Spice Route

Kerala Houseboat Cruise
PC: Spice Routes

It is generally thought that Kerala houseboat rates are exorbitant, however, we find the Spice Routes offerings reasonable and complete value for money. The entire experience of spending some indulgent time relaxing amidst the natural beauty of Kerala in a houseboat is indeed something that is really invaluable. To know about Kerala backwaters houseboat rates and get details of the cost and book a package click here.

The Verdict

The entire experience of a laidback cruise pampered by the crew was enjoyable. It is a unique experience and probably one of the best ways to immerse oneself in the ethereal beauty of God’s own Country, Kerala. We would definitely recommend the Spice Route Cruise Experience to our readers. If you are thinking of 5-star houseboats in Alleppey to give wings to your dream Kerala Houseboat Cruise experience,  then Spice Routes definitely a place to head to. Spice Routes Luxury Cruises are among the top 10 houseboats in Alleppey.

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

Tips to  Make the Most of your Kerala Houseboat Cruise with Spice Routes Luxury Cruise

  • The winter months from November to February is the best time to visit Alleppey and embark on Alleppey houseboat cruise as the weather is pleasant though it does tend to get a little hot in the later part of the day, of course, the air-conditioning takes care of that
  • The best way to enjoy the cruise is to completely switch off from television and social media and enjoy the bounty of nature
  • The Wi-Fi may be a little sketchy as the boat is cruising, but we are sure you will hardly care about it

How to Get to Alleppey and the Spice Routes Luxury Cruise

Cochin International Airport (COK), Airport Rd, Kochi, Kerala 683111

No Description

  • Alleppey is situated at a distance of about 83 kilometers from Kochi International Airport and the Spice Routes Luxury Cruises boarding point is about 19 kilometers from Alleppey
  • Alleppey is situated about 146 kilometers from Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala State
  • The nearest airport to Alleppey is Cochin International airport which is well connected to all major cities of India

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Have you been on a Kerala Houseboat Cruise? Have you experienced the romance of the backwaters of Kerala in a luxury houseboat? If not, you must do it at the least once in a lifetime. Do you have questions like:

What are the best Kerala houseboat packages?

Where can I do the Kerala houseboat booking?

How is the experience of the Kerala houseboat stay?

What to look forward to on a Kerala backwaters houseboat?

Are the Kerala backwaters tour package price reasonable?

Then do connect with us through our comments section and we will be more than happy to answer your questions related to Kerala Houseboat Cruise. Until the next post, happy cruising!

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

We were hosted by Spice Routes Luxury Cruises. However, the views and opinions expressed here are our own based on our experience of the Kerala Houseboat Cruise.

Kerala Houseboat Cruise    Kerala Houseboat Cruise
Kerala Houseboat Cruise

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82 thoughts on “Romancing The Kerala Backwaters With Spice Routes Luxury Cruises

  1. lisa Reply

    I am so jealous.. I had a house boat booked for last year but our train was delayed in Hampi resulting in us missing our train to Kerela, it was to late so we lost our booking. This looks amazing you have provided so much info here its great! still on my bucket list.

  2. Followingtherivera Reply

    I’ve never been to India before, and this looks incredible. What a houseboat, and quite luxurious too! Thank you!

  3. Alli Smith Reply

    I’ve never seen a houseboat so luxurious and I’ve never been on a houseboat cruise before. I love that the boats are named after the exotic spices in the area. This is one adventure I’d love to take!

  4. Lisa Reply

    What an amazing way to travel. Those boats are all so beautiful and I’m sure it was a great way to tour the area.

  5. Preethika Reply

    You have some great pictures in the post. Loved my house boat experience in Allepey. Kerala is such a beauty I must say 🙂

  6. Coralie Grassin Reply

    Love at first sight indeed – and oh my, the beds on board!! I have seen many swarms in my life but the one you show it quite something. I’d jump on board even just for a chance to see that…

  7. Sarah Bailey Reply

    Oh my goodness how absolutely stunning is that houseboat what a lovely way to cruise as well. I would love to do something like that.

  8. Franc Ramon Reply

    It does look really scenic, romantic and refreshing to be on a cruise at Kerala. It’s nice how they linked the boats to Kerala being the spice bowl of the world.

  9. Nina Zara Reply

    Fabulous! I really enjoyed reading this post because cruise is on the top list when I visit India! I am curious how is mosquito situation in this region?

  10. Ada Reply

    wow Ive never seen or heard about houseboat cruise! Thats sounds like a great trip especially when you get stunning views like that and amazing dining! Your photos are truly beautiful !

  11. Our Family World Reply

    I would love to have a houseboat vacation too. That looks really luxurious! I have to remember this if and when we get to India.


  12. Chantell Collins Reply

    Sign me up for one of these cruises! The Saffron definitely looks presidential, although I would happily settle with the Clove and Cinnamon ha ha. The food also looks delicious. What an amazing houseboat experience.

  13. Natalie Reply

    Wow sounds like you had such a great time on this cruise! Exploring the spice routes has just been added to my bucket list!

  14. Claudia Krusch Reply

    I would love to try a Spice Routes Luxury Cruises Experience. It would be an amazing getaway. A three bedroom houseboat would be perfect for my family.

  15. Liz Mays Reply

    These cruises sound incredibly luxurious and I’m impressed with the rooms and the nice dining area. This seems like it would be a really relaxing way to experience the route!

  16. Tony Wilson Reply

    Wow!!!! I would say its wonderful. Traveled with my friends for a day out. Welcome was such traditional way with tender coconut, and the luxuries amenities very clean and tidy. Food was delicious with local cuisines with pearl spot ,duck ,kappa ,beef and some local delicacy. They offered us a speed boat drive that was one of the best experience in my life. We also checked out the other houseboats, which were equally beautiful and made to suits needs for everyone . Stunning photos and loved your story.

  17. Maggie Reply

    That is one fabulous boat! How luxurious with some really great food as well. I never thought I’d want to cruise, but this looks like an amazing experience.

  18. Tomi C Reply

    Wow! This houseboat looks so gorgeous and the route being able to travel on that historical spice route I’m sure that was quite an amazing experience.

  19. Nidhi Joshi Reply

    This is one trip that I am waiting to go on. I would like to go on a houseboat trip with my family and I am surey girls will love the experience.

  20. Julee Morrison Reply

    I think travel should be submerging of culture. I love the names of the boats and how they are named after exotic spices of the area. The houseboat is in incredibly stunning and beautiful. I love the church you photographed–beautiful architecture. What a fantastic place to relax and reset for a couple of days.

  21. Mimi & Mitch Reply

    We both heard so many things from our friends about Kerala. Didn’t know they would run some luxury cruises there! Boat from outside seems great and super picture friendly! Man we feel like we are missing out and would love to try this out very soon! Thanks for sharing this amazing adventure!

  22. Danik Reply

    My partner Claire (the other half of the Curious Explorers) has done this region and done the houseboat cruise and said it has to be done. She totally love her experience. However I need to go there and check Kerala out.

  23. Amanda Reply

    I have only been on massive cruise ships, not on cozy and intimate boats like this. It sounds like such a lovely adventure…and the boat is adorable!

  24. Dannielle Reply

    I can almost smell the spices! This all looks wonderfully luxurious, what a fabulous experience. I have a friend from Kerala and her takes from home make me want to visit.

  25. Paige Wunder Reply

    I’ve always wanted to take a Houseboat Cruise in Kerela! Everything from the scenery to the food to the boat all looks so dreamy! I love that Spice Routes is a sustainable company as well. I always try to book a sustainable tour as frequently as possible.

  26. Tara Reply

    Oh my goodness! Those houseboats are definitely luxurious. From those gorgeous interiors, I would have never guessed they were houseboats. I just researched houseboats vacations here in the USA, and they are nowhere near as luxurious as these.

  27. Abhinav Singh Reply

    I have been to the backwaters of Kerala 4 times and can vouch for its unparallel beauty. I am impressed to see such luxury rooms aboard a houseboat. The interiors are classy. I love vegetarian Keralan cuisine, especially avail and thoran.

  28. candy Reply

    I have never heard of this and it sounds and looks amazing. The rooms look comfy and fully equipped with all the necessities. I also love that they practice Sustainable tourism. I’m a huge fan of spices, so this would be such a fun journey for me!

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    I have never been to a luxury cruise like this. I wish someday I could , I would love to share this kind of experience with my family. The inside floating like house is so cool.

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  31. Manjulika Pramod Reply

    This reminded me of the good times spend on the houseboat. Cheers to the lovely trip. Houseboat experience is a must do and Spice Route made it fun for us.

  32. Lena from fouronaworldtrip Reply

    wow that seems like a great experience… ! I never did a cruise and I always only thought of this big cruise ships that are totally not my style.. but a Kerala Houseboat Cruise! Yes! Please! 🙂 The food looks great, too

  33. Joanna Reply

    The room looks wonderful and luxurious, I can’t believe there is even a four poster bed in there. It’s definitely an experience that I would love to try! I have only slept on a boat once before, in Vietnam, but it was nothing like this.

  34. Shannon Reply

    Cruises don’t usually appeal to me, but this looks extra special. What a unique experience. India seems a little overwhelming to me, but this looks like the perfect getaway.

  35. Danijela Reply

    This is so lovely! Yes, well, the scent of spices lured so many throughout history, and the cinnamon would easily lure me today. 🙂
    Love the idea that boats have spices’ names and different surroundings. And once again, my favorite would be the cinnamon boat. It really looks cozy and elegant.
    Definitely on my list, thanks! 🙂

  36. Anne Slater-Brooks Reply

    Just last week I was talking to someone about doing this kind of trip. This company definitely looks to have a great proposition. I tried clicking on the link for prices though and could not get any availability. Can you provide a rough indication of costs?

  37. Elaine Reply

    I recently watched an episode of “Dream Cruises” that featured one of these Spice Coast cruises! Both you and they make it look amazing. Your photos are beautiful. I am not sure how I would feel for an extended period of time in close quarters with strangers.

  38. Marvi Reply

    Wow.. Such a unique experience indeed.. I’d gladly try one when I visit Kerala.. Love everything about the houseboat. It looks really good and all the rooms are pretty impressive! Nice to hear that the captain was very hands-on too and that personal preference on food is also considered! 🙂

  39. Linda Aksomitis Reply

    Thanks for all of the detailed information! I’ve only slept on a houseboat — never actually went anywhere, but I’d certainly consider this trip in Kerala.

  40. Wendy Reply

    The Kerala Houseboat looks like a terrific way to travel. It looks like something we would like. Bookmarked your post.

  41. Internationalcaty Reply

    These are houseboat? I had such a negative view points of them. The Fennel has to be my favorite. Very roomy. I can actually see myself enjoying the cruise

  42. Rachel Reply

    Well I need to book onto a Spice Routes House Boat asap! Your photos look amazing and I love how the boats are all named after spices! My favourite is saffron and of course it would be the most expensive one! Ha!

  43. Megan Jerrard Reply

    I’ve read a lot about the house boats of Kerala, and would love to organize the experience one day, though these are definitely the most luxury house boats I’ve seen! The spaces are so modern and organized!

    Interesting that boats aren’t allowed to ply after 6pm – definitely sounds like it’s a very relaxed, laid back experience in beautiful country. I love that the backwaters provide access to smaller villages and churches you probably wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to see.

    I’ve personally become a big advocate recently for sustainable tourism, so it’s great to hear that Spice Route Luxury Cruises have worked this into their mission too. Always nice to travel with a company who mirrors your values. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  44. Silke Reply

    I love cruises. Full stop. I’ve cruised on oceans, I would love to do a river cruise one day. But this one that you just showed me is taking this even further. Pure luxury and indulgence. I would so love to do this! The food looks amazing. The boat interior looks like you are not even on a boat. The landscapes – stunning. Definitely a wonderful honeymoon experience or simply a getting away from it all thing to do. Wonderful.

  45. Harsh Gupta Reply

    Regretting missing an opportunity to sail with a different luxury cruise this year. Seeing your pictures, tempted to another level. This houseboat cruise trip goes on our list now.

  46. mark Reply

    Looks like an amazing experience not to mention luxurious. Do you think these boats would be suitable if you bought them along? The staff included on the boats would mean a totally relaxing time from start to finish. The bedrooms look huge and waking up to the sunrises over the water would be amazing

  47. Jenn and Ed Coleman Reply

    Touring in an air conditioned houseboat with such fabulous food sounds like an ideal way to explore the Kerala. I could imagine that all of the truly ancient civilization used the river as the primary mode of transportation, so you could see a thousand years of history right off the deck. We would love to experience this one day.

  48. Soumya Nambiar Reply

    How I miss our time on the Spice Routes luxury houseboats!! How much fun we had during those 5 days. Hope we get to travel together again. Hopefully next time with Sandy. I love all the pictures, especially the one with the birds in formation.

  49. neha Reply

    I have been on a houseboat in Kerala, so, I know it is a once in a lifetime experience. However, coming to your houseboat, the luxury and comfort of this houseboat must be adding to the wonderful experience that you had. I wish mine were as beautiful, and the cuisines as rich. Next time I go, I am surely going to opt for this one 🙂

  50. Linda de Beer Reply

    It was the spice route that brought the Dutch to South Africa, and the spice influence is still very evident in South African food. I would love to do the Kerala Spice Route and visit Alleppey. What better way than on a luxury houseboat? Wow, the rooms and the food look amazing.

  51. Kirstie Reply

    Wow, that houseboat is very interesting. This is a wonderful idea for honeymoon or a trip with your special someone. There’s just so many things to do in India and I think this one shouldn’t be missed!

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    The picture of the flock of birds is simply wow! What a sight! I can imagine the scene of them flying with the lilting sound of the backwaters in the background and the sunset! What a perfect moment. Had visited the backwaters earlier this year and you post brought back those beautiful memories. It is so cool to have names of spices as the names of houseboats! They look super duper luxurious and a perfect houseboat to choose especially coz they dock it in the evenings and you need it to be very comfortable at night. Like you said who cares for the wifi when you are cruising in the company of nature!

  53. Rosie Reply

    We are heading to India next year and staying on a houseboat in Kerala is top of our list!! It looks like you had a fantastic experience, it is so luxurious and the food looks great.

  54. Katchutravels Reply

    I have not quite explored Kerala yet. I loved the wide angle photo of the view from Cinnamon, and yes it is fun having to visit places and not worry about getting back home, because your home travels with you wherever you go. Are the monsoons a good time to spend 2-3 days by the backwaters?

  55. Ivy Reply

    The Kerala houseboat cruise looks like an amazing experience. Who knew the inside of a boat could be so spacious?! I’m adding this to my list when we head to India!

  56. Samantha Sparrow Reply

    Oh I’d love to houseboat cruise in Kerala, what an amazing way to get around – I love the look of them. I’m experienced in narrowboating in the UK so I think I’d definitely be ok in India doing this. Adding the Spice Route Luxury Cruise to my list if I finally make it to Kerala.

  57. Elisa Reply

    What a nice cruising experience. Loved your vintage photos of Kerala’s backwaters and the boats everything looks like stepped back in time. I also loved that the boats have a spice name, it puts you on the mood even before starting cruising. A touch of luxury from time to time never hurts, right? 😉

  58. Dany Reply

    I never knew there was such a cruise but now I’d live to try it for myself! The inside looks cute and romantic, and the food made me hungry, I can’t believe they cooked all that on a boat! It takes some mastery!

  59. Saakshi Reply

    Absolutely love your style of writing, such detailed review of the luxury boat. I hope to be there someday to indulge in those emscenic views of the backwaters.

  60. Lauren Reply

    I don’t think I’ve ever been on a houseboat before! This is a total dream trip. I love cruises…which it’s like a very, very small scale cruise. You get to see so much up close, and there’s a big choice of vegetarian cuisine! I need to go here.

  61. Anna Reply

    I would love to go Kerela someday! It has been on my bucket list for ages. Hopefully next year! Thanks for sharing your awesome experience!

  62. Amelie Reply

    Whoa, I had never seen these house boats from the inside, I am totally shocked, it’s so luxurious, haha! I am totally jealous now 😛 Seriously, it looks incredible, I really hope I get to experience this one day!

  63. amit Reply

    Wow, this looks better than some hotels I’ve stayed in over the years haha. I have to say I’ve been on houseboats before but none in the luxury of these. I’ve never been to India myself either but have heard great things about Kerala, the food is meant to be amazing. If ever I do go, I might have to stretch my budget and try out on these majestic house boats, I’m sure there is no better way to experience the river 😀

  64. Jim Jones Reply

    Sounds like a great way to see a beautiful part of India! I especially like that you did a lot of photos of the cabins and the rest of the ship…it looks very cool. Nice to know that travelers are really pampered and taken good care of!

  65. Mary Reply

    I saw a program about the Kerala backwaters the other day and thought it looked interesting. Now that I have read your post I know I want to go. This cruise looks wonderful!

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