The Famous Sidi Saiyyed Jaali in Ahmedabad

Sidi Saiyyed Mosque in Ahmedabad, IndiaSidi Saiyyed Mosque in Ahmedabad, India

Sidi Saiyyed Mosque

Sidi Saiyyed Mosque

My Introduction to Siddi Sayyed Mosque aka Siddi Sayyed Jaali

Cars, buses, autorickshaws, two wheelers all moved around a building that looked quite ancient and was dotted with trees. It looked like a mosque from whatever portion was visible from the road. Hardly anyone spared a second glance to the unpretentious building in the bus that I sat in and neither did I. In fact, I must have passed by the building hundreds of times without realizing its importance. It was much later when I visited Sidi Saiyyed mosque in Ahmedabad that I was awestruck by what I saw.

Sidi Saiyyed Mosque

I came to know that the old looking building that I used to pass by was Sidi Saiyyed Mosque, famously referred to in common parlance as Sidi Saiyyed Ni Jaali or Sidi Saiyyid ki Jaali. I also realized that the Sidi Saiyad Mosque in Ahmedabad was one of the sights that figured in most people’s list of must see places in Ahmedabad.

A Visit to the Sidi Sayyed Mosque is an exquisite experience

Sidi Saiyyed Mosque

One fine day saw me at the threshold of the Sidi Sayeed Mosque, Ahmedabad. The mosque itself was quite spartan built in the style of architecture which most mosques in the country adhere to. The Sidi Saiyyed Mosque architecture is executed in an Indo-Saracenic style which combines elements of Indo-Islamic and Indian architecture. The famous Jali work of the screen in the Sidi Saiyyed Mosque is the source of attraction and the lodestone that drew people to its fold were the Jaalis ( also known as Sidi Saiyad Ni Jali ) or intricate lattice work of the windows of the mosque.

Sidi Saiyyed Mosque

In all, there are 10 windows with very intricate stone lattice work. When I visited the place the sun was already on the western horizon and as the orange glow of light gently kissed the intricate lattice work of the windows and streamed in, it created an effect so surreal and beautiful that involuntary waves of ecstasy seemed to engulf my very being.

Sidi Saiyyed Mosque

I gazed and gazed at the window where a mystical tree and its intertwined branches had been carved. Each element of the art work seemed to be perfect, a magical light filtered through the gap between the leaves and intertwined branches, creating a mysterious halo. The experience of merely gazing at this spectacle was blissful. Standing in the mosque and looking at the busy traffic inexorably moving around it, one feels as if for a moment time has stopped and you are at peace.


Sidi Saiyyed Mosque

The Sidi Sayed Mosque is a small mosque that is still used for prayers by the devout Muslims of the area. It is bang in the center of the main traffic junction in the heart of Ahmedabad, the commercial capital of Gujarat, a western state of India. The famous Sidi Saiyyed Mosque in Ahmedabad is located in a small compound and shaded by trees. Ten windows with intricate lattice work adorn the sides and the rear of the mosque. The most exquisitely carved window is known as the “Tree of Life”, and is a joy to behold, a resplendent ode to the artistic genius of its makers.

History of the Sidi Sayyed Mosque

Sidi Saiyyed Mosque

Sidi Saiyad Jali history dates back to 1573. The construction of the Sidi Sayyed Mosque is attributed to an Abyssinian soldier by the name of Sidi Saiyyed in the year 1573, which coincidentally was also the last year of the Gujarat Sultanate with the Mughals led by Akbar taking over the kingdom.

Sidi Saiyyed Mosque

The mosque is apparently incomplete and some accounts attribute this fact to the Mughal invasion.The Sidi Saiyyed Ki Jali view at the entrance has two structures. It seems the two structures that frame the entrance to the courtyard of the Mosque were meant to be towers which were never completed. The central arch surprisingly does not have any lattice work and is just covered with dull and drab stone. Probably another pointer to the incomplete nature of the structure. But whether complete or incomplete, the Sidi Sayyed Jali is a unique piece of architecture that has dazzled millions with its beauty across the passage of history.

Why did IIM-Ahmedabad get inspired by the Sidi Saiyyed Jali

Sidi Saiyyed Mosque logo

The stone carving marvel in Sidi Saiyyed ni Jali is popular worldwide and has been executed in Indo-Saracenic style. The Founding fathers of the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad were so impressed by the elegant and intricate design of The Tree of Life lattice window that they adopted it as their logo. The exquisitely crafted lattice work is also in many ways a visual symbol of the city of Ahmedabad.

Some Practical Tips for visiting Sidi Sayyed Mosque

Siddi Saiyad Jali Mosque

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  • The Sidi Sayyed Mosque is located in the city of Ahmedabad which is well connected by air, road, and rail to all major cities of India
  • Ahmedabad is about 530 kilometers from Mumbai and 947 kilometers from the Indian Capital of Delhi
  • The best time to visit Ahmedabad is during the winter months between September to March as summers tend to get too hot
  • Ladies are not allowed inside the prayer hall of the Siddi Sayyed Mosque
  • The Mosque is open on all days and there is no entrance fee

Lucky Tea Stall

Lucky Tea Stall

If you happen to visit the Sidi Sayyed Mosque, do step into the Lucky Tea Stall which is nearby. The place which started as a small joint underneath a Neem tree and adjacent to a grave has grown into a restaurant. The grave and the tree are incorporated into the premises and the place continues to serve out of the world tea and buns.

M.F. Hussain

An original painting of M.F.Husain hangs in the premises. M.F.Husain, the famous painter is said to have frequented the place for its tea whenever he was in Ahmedabad.

Other Places of Interest in Ahmedabad

  • Gandhi Ashram
  • Shaking Minarets
  • Sabarmati Riverfront
  • Kankaria Lake and Zoo
  • Calico Museum
  • Jama Masjid

Sidi Sayyed Mosque is indeed one of the treasures of the city of Ahmedabad and Incredible India. A must see place if you are traveling in these parts. Have you seen this poetry in stone? Have you been to Ahmedabad? What is your favorite attraction in Ahmedabad? Do let us know your feedback by leaving a comment, your opinions keep us going and are highly valued.


Sidi Saiyyed Mosque in Ahmedabad, India        Sidi Saiyyed Mosque in Ahmedabad, India

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59 thoughts on “The Famous Sidi Saiyyed Jaali in Ahmedabad

  1. candy Reply

    How beautiful all the windows are. Truly works of art. The tree of life is the best known and depicted piece of art and can be found everywhere in all cultures.

  2. Jeanette Reply

    I think the architecture in other countries is so much nicer than where I live. You’re so much more detail and beauty. I would love to explore all the architecture. This place looks gorgeous.

  3. Betty Boiron Reply

    This is a such a detailed and beautiful mosque. The window where there is a mystical tree and its branches is absolutely perfect!

  4. Tomi C Reply

    Beautiful architecture and the art within is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve seen the Tree of Life sculpture in pics and imagine it is quite a sight to behold in person.

  5. Doria Reply

    Oh my goodness, the windows are so incredibly beautiful and detailed! It’s so amazing to see different places of worship 🙂

  6. Anosa Reply

    There has been many times I have passed places not giving a second glance until I realise the importance. This mosque is definitely unique and gorgeous

  7. Angie Reply

    I really need to do more traveling, and I would love to see this! Thanks for sharing so I can at least virtually see it through your eyes! 😀

  8. Paula Bendfeldt Reply

    The detail and art on these buildings are amazing. I think I would just be happy gazing at them for the day. I would love some of that tea as well, I bet it is good.

  9. Pam Reply

    Wow, this mosque is beautiful. I love the window made of the tree carving. How beautiful.

  10. Heather Reply

    I love old buildings like this. Even if it’s not your religion, you can so appreciate the detailed architecture.

  11. Claudia Krusch Reply

    I love to find old buildings with amazing architecture. That is one amazing window. It is beautiful the way the light goes threw it.

  12. Cheryl Reply

    The mosque was so lovely. I loved the glazed window. The design was so intricate and beautiful.


    loved the pics of the Jaali – its quite stunning and you have done it plenty of justice in your frame. Interesting to note the tea stall and MF hussain connection

  14. Doreen Pendgracs Reply

    The Sidi Sayed Mosque looks like a fabulous place to visit and learn about Muslim culture. I visited a couple of mosques in the UAE and was deeply inspired.

  15. Catvills Reply

    Those windows are breathtaking! I can only imagine how labor intensive it would be to carve those designs. Awesome! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  16. Debra Hawkins Reply

    Wow! What a truly beautiful place. Those windows are absolutely incredible. I can only imagine what it took to create them!

  17. Anita Reply

    Wow! That was an amazing read. I enjoyed reading about the culture and of course it’s rich history. I love reading and learning about about different things and cultures. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Julie at FuninFairfaxVA Reply

    The intricate window carvings are absolutely beautiful and must draw many people to visit and photograph this mosque. Very interesting to learn about the history and culture too.

  19. Eric Gamble Reply

    That latice work is absolutely amazing. Darcee & I were in Ahmedabad this past january but and visited with a friend. But we were only there a half a day. I wish I had know about the Sidi Saiyyed because witnessing the Tree of Life would have been truly a gift. Can you imagine the patience it took to carve out each and every one of those “limbs”? Mind boggling to me

  20. Jen Lawrence Reply

    Oh, the architecture and art detail is amazing! It would be great to experience this in person along with the culture. Thanks you for sharing and great pictures.

  21. Debra Schroeder Reply

    It’s incredible how beautiful and ornate the windows are at the mosque. Your shots came out fantastic. I’ll have to remember to visit at sunset.

  22. Kavey Favelle Reply

    Wow! The intricate stone lattice work in those gorgeous windows really is stunning, I’d love to see this. One to add to my wishlist, just so beautiful.

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    Saiyyad Mosque seems like a must visit place when in Ahmedabad. Looking at those ‘jaalis’ or the intricate work in the door makes me wonder about the artistic excellence of it’s creature. They looks so unique and wonderful

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    Those window/door designs are indescribable – wow. I would love to visit here!! Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing all its history 🙂

  25. Anna @ shenANNAgans Reply

    The stone lattice work is incredible, your picture is beautiful, I can only imagine how lovely it would of been to just sit and take it all in. It is rare to find places that just kinda speak to you like you’ve described. I’d like to visit now.

  26. Abigail Sinsona Reply

    The details on the windows are spectacular. The architecture is beautiful with this mosque – so impressive!

  27. Eddie Reply

    Wow, that tree of life lattice work is absolutely gorgeous. I love hidden gems like these. Definitely will keep this in mind for future travels!

  28. Danijela WorldGlimpses Reply

    Such beautiful windows! Sidi Sayeed Mosque is deservedly on bucket lists. I mean, just look at those details and imagine the time spent in creating these pretty objects. And you are so right, I can think of few places I’ve overlooked myself just because I got used to them and they are “familiar”. The good thing is that we finally go back to them one day, right. 🙂

  29. julz Reply

    These carvings are stunning! such a craftsman’s work. There are so many treasures to be discovered!

  30. Shibani Reply

    Wow, such an architecture marvel dating back to 15th century. Love all the jali work and the painting of M.F.Hussein – it looks real!! Whenever I get lucky to visit Ahmedabad, I am going to visit the Mosque for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Megan Indoe Reply

    I find mosques to be so intricate and stunning. I especially love this design at Sidi Saiyyed! It’s also so interesting that this dates back to the 15th century! It makes me realize how young the US is when we find places that date back hundreds and hundreds of years!

  32. Edith Reply

    The detail in the mosque looks incredible. I especially like the design and detail of the tree of life. I’m hoping to be in India in February and it’s nice to read of places that I can possibly visit. Seems like this is a worthy stop!

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    That window really is intricate, what a beautiful building. I’m curious about the Lucky Tea stall, whether it is supposed to bring you good luck? Definitely a good reason to have a cup

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    Funny how sometimes those that we don’t give too much attention before turns out to have something that interests us. Glad to see that you’ve found this gem!

  35. Lauren Reply

    This mosque is absolutely gorgeous. I love the intricate designs. It’s really something special! Thank you also for the tea stall recommendation.

  36. Tania Mukherjee Reply

    We often take things for granted when we live in a town vs when we go to a town as tourists. Those jaali windows of the mosque are something incredible though. That tree is mystical indeed, the first time I saw that picture it sort of hypnotised me and I spent atleast 3 minutes just staring at it. It looks so magical!

  37. SindhuMurthy Reply

    Woow! That window with the tree of life looks so exquisite. No one told me about this beautiful piece of art while I visited Ahmadabad early this year. Now that I know it and that the city has got its UNESCO tag, I m surely going back to explore some heritage structures.

  38. Vibeke Reply

    You are so good at describing the mosque and the history of it. The windows look so beautiful and detailed decorated. I haven’t been to many mosques. But I think they are very fascinating. I would definitely check out Saiyeed mosque if I go to Ahmedabad 🙂

  39. Suruchi Reply

    OMG! The Jali is so so pretty and I can look at its intricate design for hours. The Tree of Life, itself mean so many important cycles of life and the intermingled design in the window really depicts that. I really feel it is quite interesting.

  40. Iuliana Marchian Reply

    The Sidi Saiyyed Mosque from Ahmedabad is incredible beautiful. I love mosques wherever I go and it’s such a pity that ladies are not allowed to enter this one. I think that the oriental architecture had put a lot of efforts in decorating their masterpieces.

  41. Suma Reply

    The Jaali work is really stunning, I haven’t seen anything so beautifully done ever. It is really amazing that IIM Ahmedabad got inspired with this masterpiece as their logo.

  42. Ami Reply

    That tree of life is amazing. I can’t believe I have not seen this place before. Noted for my next visit to Ahmedabad. This is indeed a lovely post abt my home state/ place

  43. Mike Reply

    Wow! That architecture is so beautiful! Truly is poetry in stone. I have not yet been to Ahmedabad, but your articles are giving me some ideas! Great writing!

  44. Bruce Schinkel Reply

    I love when you find out interesting things about places that otherwise appear to be unassuming! I often try to seek out these places not just while travelling, but in my hometown also

  45. Abhinav Singh Reply

    The last time I was in Ahmedabad, I visited this place. I was awestruck with the intricate carvings. Ahmedabad has some of the finest architecture in India. I would also recommend a heritage walk in the ‘pols’ of old Ahmedabad, It is an enriching experience.

  46. LadyInRead Reply

    really beautiful jaali!! havent been to Ahmedabad but recalled my memories of our Golden Triangle trip to Delhi/Agra/Jaipur..
    and that earthern cup of chai is just so heavenly (glad I am drinking my chai with this post)

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