Some Glimpses Of The Beautiful Mosaic Called India – Part I

Incredible India

In the year 1950, one of the World’s largest and greatest democracies was forged and the country was christened Republic of India. The constitution of India came into force on this day, the 26th of January, 1950. India celebrates Republic Day with great pomp, gaiety and solemnity every year. Colourful and ceremonial parades and pageants take place at Rajpath in Delhi and the city transforms itself into the vibrant colours of the Indian flag. The same spirit of pride and celebration pervades each and every village, town and city of this vast and varied country called India.

The intricate mosaic that is India consists of 29 states and 7 union territories which adorn it from North to South and East to West. The voices of the people of India resonates in over 122 major languages and over 720 dialects. The same diversity is evident in the country’s cuisine and culture. But in the midst of all this diversity runs a common thread of patriotism that strings the people and the states together to form a multi-coloured and multi-splendoured fragrant garland of flowers which is Incredible India.

Nature also plays it part in the diversity of India. The landscapes of Incredible India range from the snowy and freezing mountains of the Himalayas, to the arid Thar Desert, from the picturesque backwaters of Kerala to the sun-kissed beaches of Goa.

On the occasion of India’s Republic Day, we list here the 29 states and 7 union territories of Incredible India and one must-see place or must have experience which has become synonymous with the state. To enable you to get an idea of the geographical location of the states covered in this post, they have been marked in green in the below image.

Incredible India

Glimpses Of Incredible India: States And Union Territories

Andhra Pradesh

Incredible India

The state is situated in the southern part of India. The capital city is Hyderabad, however, a new capital city called Amaravathi is on the cards. One of the most visited places in the state that has in many ways come to visually represent the state is the Charminar in Hyderabad. The Charminar is a charming monument and mosque that was constructed in the year 1591 CE. Though various theories exist on the purpose of the construction of this monument. The widely accepted theory is that it was built to commemorate the eradication of Plague which ruled rampant in those times.

Arunachal Pradesh

Incredible India

This state lies to the North-East extreme of India and has its capital in Itanagar. The name of the state literally translates to “Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains”. The state is rich in biodiversity and is also known as the “Orchid State of India” and the “Paradise of the Botanists”. The state is an irresistible platter of pristine and unblemished nature that beckons you to immerse in its magic. While in Arunachal Pradesh, you cannot miss visiting the Tawang Monastery, said to be one of the biggest Buddhist monasteries in the world. The monastery situated in heaven like settings is sure to offer an ethereal experience.


Incredible India

This is another state that straddles the North-Eastern part of India. The capital of Assam is Dispur and the state is synonymous with its tea. Assam Tea is famous, the world over. The mighty Brahmaputra river flows through this state. Assam is also home to almost two-thirds of the one-horned Rhinoceros of the world. These can be found in the environs of the Kaziranga National Park. While in Assam, one must not forget to keep their date with the one-horned Rhino.


Incredible India

This is the third largest state of India in terms of population and lies in the eastern part of the country. The capital of the state is Patna and it has a rich history that dates back in time and its mention is found in the religious texts and scriptures of India. Bihar is the state which once echoed to the soothing sermons that emerged from the hallowed lips of the Buddha. If you want to feel the aura of the Buddha, then a visit to Bodh Gaya where he attained enlightenment is a spiritual experience that cannot be missed.


Incredible India

The name literally translates into “36 Forts”. This is a relatively new state that was carved out from another state of India, Madhya Pradesh in the year 2000. The capital of the state is Raipur. When in Chhatisgarh one should not forget to revel in the spray of the Chitrakote falls, which is dubbed as the Niagara Falls of India. In full flow, the falls are a spectacular sight with a width of over 300 metres. The rising sun casts a magic spell on the waters creating a kaleidoscopic effect.


Incredible India

India’s smallest state by area is Goa and it is serenaded by the Arabian Sea on its western flank. Goa is well known for its silvery stretches of beaches and its unique and rocking culture. The capital of Goa is Panaji. Apart from the ubiquitous beaches of Goa and Dudhsagar waterfalls, the other must-see place is the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The church which was constructed in 1605, holds the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier.


Incredible India

A state on the western side of India is Gujarat, which has Gandhinagar as its capital. The state has a rich history and its 2000-year-old maritime history is referenced in Greek books of yore. The State gyrates to the spell binding allure of its folk music during the festival of Navratri and soars high during the Kite festival called Uttarayan. Gujarat is also the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi and embraces in its fold many historical monuments. The most important among these is the famous Somnath temple, which seems to have existed well beyond the realms of history. The earliest reference that can be found to the temple is 649 CE. The temple was razed by invaders and rebuilt again and again several times. It is a historic and religious monument that stands triumphantly with the backdrop of the Arabian Sea.


Incredible India

This is one of the agrarian states, situated in the Northern part of India. The capital of the state is Chandigarh. The state produces wheat, rice and sugarcane in abundance and also has a flourishing Dairy industry. Chandigarh is an example of a planned city and its architecture and design is a great example of Urban design across the world. The famous Rock Garden that spreads over 40 acres of land and is engineered from throw-away items and waste material is indeed a sight to behold. The garden is the culmination of one man’s dreams and passions. A man called Nek Chand.

Himachal Pradesh

Incredible India

The name literally translates to “Land in the lap of Snow” and is an apt description of this northern state of India. The state, bordered by snow clad mountains houses some of the most beautiful landscapes of India. The capital of the state is Shimla, which is a picturesque little city situated at an altitude of 2,277 metres above sea level. Himachal Pradesh is a veritable wonderland of natural beauty with great opportunities for trekking and skiing. A destination that would be a treat for the senses in Himachal Pradesh is Spiti. A place where the music of nature combines with the heady elixir of spirituality to lull you into a hypnotic spell which you would never want to be broken.

Jammu & Kashmir

Incredible India

This state lies in the extreme north of India and is mostly situated in the Himalayan Mountains. The state is well known for its picture-postcard landscapes. Its lakes, mountains and meadows together forge a fairyland that is the stuff of dreams. Srinagar is the summer capital of the state while in winter Jammu assumes the role. The jewel in the crown of the state is undoubtedly the enchanting Dal lake which is the epicentre of the tourism industry in the state. The lake skirted by magnificent gardens of the Mughal era and with colourful houseboats is something one must experience while visiting the state. The beauty of the state is so bewitching that Kashmir tour packages are much sough after by travelers.

Glimpses of Incredible India. This post covers Andhra, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhatisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu Kashmir. This is the first of the 4 part series of posts on 29 states and 7 union territories. We have covered glimpses of 10 states of Incredible India in this post.

This is a brief peep into a complex mosaic that is Incredible India. India is like a massive ocean with countless pearls and precious stones. Every time you dive in, you come up with a gem. This post on Incredible India has just skimmed the surface. Do check out for our post in this series where we will take a glimpse of some other states of India.

Glimpses Of Incredible India: States And Union Territories:

Part I

Part II

Incredible India


Incredible India    Incredible India

Incredible India    Incredible India



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113 thoughts on “Some Glimpses Of The Beautiful Mosaic Called India – Part I

  1. Joaquim Miro Reply

    I don’t know why but I’ve always been crazy attracted to the Northern part of India. Himashal Pradesh, Haryana & Jammu and Kashmir look absolutely stunning. The rest does as well but this part is especially inviting in my opinion. I’m going in May and can’t wait to check out those regions.

  2. Danni Lawson Reply

    Ashamed to say that although I love Assam tea I ahd no idea it was from this part of the world. The tradition of festivals seems immensely varied too. Would love to see the waterfalls at Chhatisgarh or ’36 forts’ and have a good explore

  3. Ami Reply

    ooh I am so glad that you are doing this series. It will be so helpful for people to see things beyond Taj . Waiting to read part 2

  4. Brianna Reply

    Great post! India is such a large and diverse country that it can be relly difficult to pick just one place to travel!

  5. Khansa Reply

    Have you been to all of the states?I have been to four of them and I would like to visit all of them someday!

  6. Jen Reply

    Its amazing how diverse the different parts of India are! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

  7. Christine K Reply

    Such a great idea to describe the different areas of India. It is such a vast country and for those who want to visit, breaking the country down to areas makes it easier to decide where to go. I think I would start with Northern India but after reading it is much more difficult to decide. Enjoyed the post.

  8. Emma Reply

    You always have such amazing photos and your write ups about the different parts of India make me want to experience it so badly. Im just off to make myself some Assam Tea! It’s the closest to Indian I’m going to get for a while!

  9. Ariane Reply

    Jammu & Kashmir and also Himachal Pradesh are the regions that I’m the most interested in. I especialy like the picture with the mountains, it inspires to pack for a trek! But then aigain, I wouldn’t wanna miss a date with a one-horned Rhino for nothing in the world! 😉 Thanks a lot for sharing this interesting info about India!

  10. Stella the Travelerette Reply

    India really is an incredible and diverse country! I am dying to go and visit and these photos just made me want to go more. I would especially love to see Chitrakote Falls and the beaches at Goa.

  11. The Travel Ninjas Reply

    Wow India is incredible indeed. We absolutely love this series of posts on “Incredible India.” They are so inspiring and informative. Thanks so much for sharing it all.

  12. Swati & Sam Reply

    Awesome post guys … Love that you are highlighting some beautiful places beyond Taj, Goa, Rajasthan, and Kerala. We are blessed to have so many amazing places in our country which often gets sidelined and its time to promote them and country as a whole 🙂

  13. Cori Reply

    India is such a huge, diverse country I’ve always found it a bit overwhelming to think about where to go. This is a great overview of what to see around the country, it makes it much more manageable to think of.

  14. Alexa Meisler Reply

    What an awesome post and it’s so comprehensive. I have to admit that I haven’t made it to India yet. On the list, but with my son in school our best time to visit is Summer. What are the best places to visit in Summer that aren’t horribly hot?

  15. stacey Reply

    I love your photos. It shows the beauty, India offers to the world. Hoping our family could visit the country some time.

  16. Katrina | Aqua & Ink Reply

    I am in India now and this is so helpful! I only have a month so have been finding it hard knowing where to go and how to do it efficiently! Thanks for pointing out your highlights!

  17. Ance Antovska Reply

    You have here so beautiful pictures and so beautiful places to visit I hope I will have opportunity to visit some of this gorgeous places.

  18. Sheena Reply

    Wow, such a comprehensive post & so well-written, I also love the high quality photos. Most of these regions aren’t so well-known to travellers so it’s great that you’ve chosen to highlight them. I didn’t get to visit Jammu & Kashmir on my last visit due to weather & road access, I’m really keen to go back in the summer & spend some time in Srinagar.

  19. neha Reply

    So happy to see this series. Often I am surprised by the fact that how less people know about India. They mostly have visited one town in one state and somehow the notion develops that’s India !!

  20. Indrani Reply

    Chhattis garh is actually 36 districts, now some have split and the count has increased. No forts. Just back from Chhattisgarh… so giving you some gyan 😉 😛 🙂

  21. Violeta Matei Reply

    Your article is going to be very useful to me, as I’m currently planning a trip to India, and I have to choose what to see and what to leave out. I’d start from Goa, but it seems I should plan for at least three weeks, if I want to cover everything I have in mind.

  22. Celma Costa Reply

    I’ve a very good friend who spent some time in Chandigarh. What she didn’t tell me was about the architecture of the city. After reading your point on it, I’m curious to see how it is constructed as a metropolis… especially considering the already existing Indian tradition of design if you like!

  23. candy Reply

    I’ve never been to India, but I would love to visit some day. India is such a beautiful and diverse country. I’m a huge fan of tea and would love to visit Dispur 🙂

  24. Melissa Reply

    First off, you have amazing photography on here, but that first photo is especially majestic! India looks like such a beautiful country, and I can’t wait to visit and explore it myself one day (hopefully sooner rather than later!)

  25. Anne Reply

    Oh wow this post has really given me food for thought. I love India but most Brits travelling to the country tend to head to Goa or the Taj and miss out on some of the other amazing places. I love those destinations too but loved Rishikesh more. I’d love to visit some of these but sure wish the price of those visas would come down

  26. Patricia Reply

    It all looks incredible! I’ve never been to India, and I think I’d have a hard time choosing where to begin. Andhra Pradesh or Goa? Assam (and the rhino!) or Gujarat? Clearly, I’m going to need to spend some serious time there!

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    I’ve always wanted to go to Goa, but dang Jamma and Kashmir look incredible too! My husband’s dream is to spend an entire year just traveling around India so I’m sure we will be there one day! I really don’t know where we would begin, but I want to see all of these places!

  28. Shem Reply

    Although my family is from India, I feel like I barely even scratched the surface of it when I visited a couple times! You’ve truly captured all the beauty I could have imagined in each of those cities. I’ve most wanted to visit Kashmir, as my parents honeymoon-ed there!

  29. Laura Nalin Reply

    I’m absolutely loving all of these photos and information about each part of this gorgeous country. I have yet to go, but when I do I want to spend a long time there so I can see as much as possible. So diverse! I love all the architecture. I seriously can’t wait to try Indian food in India!

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    Your photos are simply amazing! Bihar looks super cool and I love the rhino capture too. I’m heading to India in March and this post made me super excited to get there!

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    I have not made it to India yet. It looks like such a great place and so much to see and do. Your pictures are making me want to get it higher up the list, maybe next winter I can get there 🙂

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    It always amazes me how incredibly diverse India is! From the architecture to the natural wonders. I can’t wait to visit one day!

  33. Jo Reply

    What a detailed piece about various parts of India. I love it. Have you visited all these states yourself? I love the Chitrakote fall picture – did you click it? I can never get a rainbow clearly in my pictures. Incredible, indeed!

  34. Soumya Nambiar Reply

    I am already waiting to see part 2. Such beautiful photos. Have you been to all the states and union territories? I am yet to complete so many of them and the seven sisters are on top of my wishlist.

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    Until today I’d never considered going to India. But everyone has been posting such beautiful pics of their time there that it’s now shot straight to the top of my list of places I want to go!! Great post 🙂

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    This is super super useful and I am sure so many travelers to India will benefit from this! It would be great if you can also show these states on a map to give an even better perspective 🙂

    Btw looking forward to the part 2 🙂

  39. Marian Reply

    I was there for a month in November. I realize I’ve just scratched the surface but trekking in the Western Ghats between Kerala and Tamil Urdu was incredibly beautiful. Would love to visit the Kashmir area but they say it’s still pretty off limits to foreigners……or not?

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    Absolutely amazing pictures! I’ve neveer been to India, but my parents have been 3 times and they are so in live with this country! Your post is really inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

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    Amazing photos! I can not even believe the diversity in India. It is so amazing! Truly something for everyone by the looks of this. What a beautiful place.

  42. Deepa Reply

    Apt post for Republic day and very informative. I am showing it to my kids as it has information about all the states.

  43. The Travel Ninjas Reply

    Kaziranga National Park is fascinating and on our bucket list. Those one horned Rhinos are so cool. Its amazing that most of the world population lives there. Can you stay in the park?

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    I would love to make it back to India soon! I spent six-weeks there before and I feel like I barely scratched the surface. It’s such a huge and interesting country.

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  47. davide utravelshare Reply

    Wonderful, stunning, breathtaking India!! This post opened my mind about many things about India that I didn’t know! This country is always on my bucket list, but it’s too big, I have just 1 month free per year and I would like to visit it properly!! I will do, I will have a chance maybe to visit it state by state… Like you said, India differs for many and beautiful different things: Nature, landscape, wildlife but also history, amazing culture and traditions, great food!! I met Indian people in my life, all of them nice, helpful and friendly!! I already love this place even if I have never been to! thanks for sharing it

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    India is definitely on my To do List, such a great place with so many things to do.
    For a first trip, which part of India would you recommend to visit? I’m sure a year of traveling won’t be enough to see everything..

    • Voyager - Sandy & Vyjay Post authorReply

      Maxime – glad you liked it. It depends on your interests like nature/wildlife/art/history/food etc. If you are visiting India for the first time and that too during summer, then we would recommend you choose Himachal Pradesh or Jammu and Kashmir as they are quite cool during summers too. Do contact us if you plan to visit. We can guide you accordingly.

  57. Harsh Gupta Reply

    As always, a good post. Assam and J&K have been on our radar since so long. I am just waiting for the time to fly to these beauties.

  58. Caroline @ The Travelling Sloth Reply

    Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir have been on my list for the longest time – Jammu & Kashmir because of Ladakh (I saw it in the “3 Idiots” film and it took my breath away). I’ve only been to Tamil Nadu but talking with a lot of my Indian friends, things are quite different between each state and territory – especially the food and clothes!

    Really beautiful description and photos of each place… Bookmarking this for when I head back to India! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  59. Wanderlust Vegans Reply

    I always forget how big India is. In my head its all overly hot and dry climates. Then you share a gorgeous photo of a waterfall and my whole image is changed. I would love to explore India, but I think we would need a few years to do so.

  60. Ana Ojha Reply

    Your post made me nostalgic about the time I lived in India. Glad to see so many wonderful places in Incredible India!

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    This is a very comprehensive post about India! I will definitely bookmark this as I plan to travel to the country this year. I have not decided which areas to go, but this one for sure gave me an overview. Thanks for sharing!

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    This is an excellent post on “Incredible India” beyond the regular stops. Looking forward to the next instalment.

  63. Allison Reply

    Wow! I share birthday with India (Jan 26). India is a little older than me though lol. Jan 26 is also Australia Day and we celebrate with a public holdiday each year.

  64. Mansi K. Reply

    India is a really difficult country to cover in one post because of its diversity…not only in terms of geography and terrain, but culture and food as well. Not to mention history. It will be interesting to see how you cover each of these places. Having lived in the country for most of my life, I still find it to be like an onion…lots of layers to peel!

    That said, I love that you’ve chosen not to highlight the typical tourist attractions or places in your first post. Lovely photos!

  65. Marlene Marques Reply

    I think your sentence “India is like a massive ocean with countless pearls and precious stones” says it all! This post is incredible for a person like me, that never been to India and sometimes am a bit confused with all its states. I guess with all your descriptions, once I go there, I’ll always be back!

  66. Debra Schroeder Reply

    The more of your posts on India I read, the more I realize how beautiful the country is. And that it’s one of those places that need to be visited multiple times.

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    India is such a beautiful country, I can’t wait to visit … though so much to see I think you would need quite a few trips! Found out that India Republic Day was on the same day as our Australia Day! Hope you had a great one!

  68. elisa Reply

    I guess that it was not easy to summarize a huge country like India in only two posts. But the result is excellent and I will keep both posts close to me for next time I decide to visit India. Thanks

  69. Carmen's Luxury Travel Reply

    I’d absolutely love to see a one horned rhino! Actually, I’d love to see any of these places! I’m hoping to go to India in a few months. Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    I had no idea that India was as young as being born in the 1950’s! The Republic of India anyway, obviously your stunning landscapes and cultural heritage have been around for a lot longer than that 🙂 I would love to get to India primarily for it’s landscapes and wildlife. Diverse in itself and well worth the trip!

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