The Changing Face of Holidays With Sterling’s #HolidayDifferently

Holiday differently
PC: Sterling

Sterling Holiday Differently – Curated Experiences For Holiday Makers

An extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling. That is how the Oxford Dictionary defines Holiday or Holidays, and Vacation.

The concept of holidaying or traveling for leisure has roots that can be traced to 1660 when upper-class European Men who were well to do embarked on what was known as the Grand Tour. They traveled across Europe on a traditional itinerary that took them across France and Italy. This was a practice that thrived till about 1840.

With the massive strides the world made in communications and with the digital revolution, the world shrank and the aspirations of people expanded. People took to traveling like fish to water, some traveled solo, some traveled as a couple and some traveled with families. The world literally became their oyster as boundaries dissipated.

Over the years, like everything else the concept of holidays too has evolved fueled by the changing aspirations and desires of the people. Today the expectations from a holiday are different from what they were even a few years back. Also, the expectations are different for different individuals.

Today the expectations of holidaymakers go much beyond ticking off items from a bucket list or lazing on the beach. People are becoming more and more demanding and always looking for new and different experiences.

Keeping in mind the changing preferences of the people, Sterling has launched its concept #HolidayDifferently. In a major rebranding exercise, the company launched the concept in the major cities of India with interesting and interactive presentations and discussions about the nature of evolving holidays and the changing expectations of consumers.

It was our pleasure to be a part of the launch of #HolidayDifferently in Bangalore where the Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Peshwa Acharya of Sterling and his team unveiled the concept in the midst of travel bloggers and other travel enthusiasts.

Holiday differently

So Whats Different with #HolidayDifferently

Sterling Discoveries

You may have visited a destination a number of times and seen and done all that the guidebooks talk about, but have you ever tried going beyond the sanctimonious pages of the guidebooks on your own voyage of discovery? If you did you are sure to be surprised by what you discover. This is the premise and the cornerstone of Sterling’s Holiday Differently concept.

Sterling offers unique experiences at each of their resorts, ensuring you always holiday differentlyAt each of its resorts, Sterling has endeavored to discover experiences beyond the ordinary and curate the same for their guests. These experiences range from Tea and Coffee trails for the teetotaller, Culture trips for an immersive and local experience, food trails, heritage trails and much more.

Sterling #HolidayDifferently

Unexpected Surprises

Who does not love surprises? If the surprises are something which comes out of the blue and not expected then they become more exciting. Sterling aims to surprise its guests with these small surprises aimed at delighting them. Sterling has a calendar of 100 days of festivals and events which serve as a reason to celebrate and surprise the guests.

Holiday Insurance

Sterling along with its insurance partner would be providing a complete insurance cover for guests during their holidays. The cover would be effective right from the moment they leave their homes till they reach back.

Discovery Mascot

PC: Sterling

A new cute looking mascot was also unveiled at the launch. The mascot which is called Raja Rex and owes its name to “Rajasaurus Narmadensis” a dinosaur who roamed freely in India in the days of yore. Raja Rex contrary to the menacing and frightening demeanor of dinosaurs is depicted as cute, friendly, and lovable. Raja Rex the discovery mascot is a cute way to communicate about the new discoveries and experiences that await the guests at the Sterling Resorts.

The New and Different Sterling Logo


The company has come up with a very interesting and unique logo design that symbolizes everything that it stands for. A swirl made up of different colored and sized dots is the logo which symbolizes dynamism and movement.The royal purple hue stands for discovery and experiences. The red colored dots stand for passion, desire, and people, while the yellow stands for energy.

Mr. Peshwa Acharya, Chief Marketing Officer, and Mr. Anand Ramachandran, Chief Operating Officer of Sterling kept the group engrossed as they waxed eloquent about the changing face of holidays and the expectation of people.

Holiday differently

They also outlined Sterling’s vision to cater to these changing aspirations by offering a different and holistic holiday experience.

We caught up with Mr. Peshwa Acharya and asked him, what was different about #HolidayDifferently. Check out our video to find out what he had to say:

Sterling with the concept of holiday differently aims to cater to changing aspirations. It is promoting experiential holidays through curated experiences for holidaymakers with interesting themes. It is redefining the landscape of travel.

Watch here videos of some of Sterling’s properties in India to clearly understand what Holiday differently means:

Sterling Dindi

Sterling Munnar

Sterling Manali

How to book a Sterling property?

Sterling has 29 resorts in 26 scenic holiday destinations in India.

Holiday differently
As seen on Sterling website

You can book your stay in any of these beautiful Sterling properties by typing in the property name using Example: If you wish to book Sterling Corbett, type “Sterling Corbett” under destination/property name. 

We recommend HotelsCombined or Agoda or to save huge and get best deals on booking your stay. Choose any of the boxes below to book your stay:

What has been your top Holiday Differently experience? What are your views on the changing face of holidays? What do you think will be the nature of experiences that people will look for in holidays in the future? Do share your thoughts in the comments section.

Thanks to Sterling and Thrillophilia for inviting us to the event at Bangalore. 

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78 thoughts on “The Changing Face of Holidays With Sterling’s #HolidayDifferently

  1. nikki Reply

    This sounds great, often the best holidays are when you get off the beaten track and do something different!

  2. Rose Reply

    I take vacations rather then holidays. Makes it seem like a longer trip, lol. I do like to visit where the locals are not just the touristy areas. I like the holiday differently concept! If it was different you would keep come back.

  3. Sarah Bailey Reply

    Oh wow it sounds like Sterling really do holidays with a difference. We haven’t booked a holiday at all this year, and I am definitely going to have to look into them more now I think.

  4. Jay Colby Reply

    Sterling sounds like a great place to visit. I wouldn’t mind spending the holidays there.

  5. Lambam Reply

    This look like it will be a fun get away , sometimes is good to do things differently some times as it makes so pleasurable. Thanks for this post .

  6. Blair villanueva Reply

    This is a kind of promising vacation and its exciting! Are you going to avail this new promo?

  7. georgia boanoro Reply

    I hope that I will be able to visit India soon and I always love when my holidays are full of positive surprises! I like the concept at Sterling!

  8. Lisa Reply

    Cultural activities and outdoor adventure excursions are what we aim for when we travel! The tourism industry continues to evolve and change as more people travel now than ever before!

  9. Julia Thompson Reply

    What a great idea! Everyone has different ideas of what a holiday or vacation should be. It’s nice to see that this company is taking this into consideration and giving people an off the beaten path experience!

  10. Marcus Reply

    As a person who drinks upwards of 10 ‘proper’ cups of tea a day and loves Indian food a tea tasting tour sounds like my type of trip. Although I’m definitely not a teetotaller!

  11. Mei and Kerstin Reply

    Slow traveling without much planning ahead, exploring cultural sites and trying local food are what we like when traveling. And the most important thing is definitely to make time to discover hidden gems while exploring cities on foot, or making unexpected stops on road trips.

  12. Silvia Reply

    Definitely sounds like a very interesting experience,and more importantly a bit different which is refreshing to hear! I wonder if they would consider expanding beyond India…

  13. melissa Reply

    I am into doing different vacations for the holidays. I like to experience new traditions and holidays.

  14. Kim-Ling Richardson Reply

    I love the concept of ‘holiday differently’. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to tick off bucket list items or tourist hot spots (I still like to do it!), but there is something memorable about doing something a little unique and tailored to our interests. I’m all for food trails and immersive, local experiences, and I’m a sucker for a nice surprise. It sounds like Sterling really know how to look after and treat their guests. I would definitely look at staying at a Sterling property when I visit India.

  15. Jennifer Reply

    We always look for unique and exceptional experiences that aren’t the usual guidebook lists of the attractions everyone visits. We’ve done things like stayed in unique accommodations like bubbles and treehouses or had extraordinary experiences like a wine tasting with the vintages from our birth years. It sounds like Sterling would be a good match for us with experiences like the tea and food trails.

  16. Corinne Reply

    I’m all for traveling in new and exciting ways. I am not content just to sit back and do the same ol’ sights. I love this.

  17. Brooke Reply

    Yes-absolutely true that those who travel seek more and more out of the experience that goes far beyond the guide book. Things have changed drastically in this arena-thus the hundreds and hundreds of companies now making money creating unique or bespoke options for travelers who want to get an ‘insider’ view

  18. robin rue Reply

    I am all about the experiences on vacations. I like to make the most of my time away and do things I don’t usually do.

  19. Alli Smith Reply

    I’m all for getting off the beaten path and experiencing new and unique surprises. I love this idea! There’s nothing boring about this kind of holiday.

  20. Claire Reply

    I do agree with you that the concept of a holiday trip has been evolving over the years and people are wanting to explore places and have experiences that are out of the norm. It is a good thing that there are now travel companies that tries to cater to this new changes. However, looking ahead, do you think that the concept of customizing tours for different customers would become the norm as compared to a wide range of pre-planned trips for holiday-makers to choose from?

  21. Danila Caputo Reply

    I like the idea of getting to know a new place through a series of cultural or foodie experiences. It helps people to get more connected in stead than only focussing on thaking instagram pictures!

  22. Tomi C Reply

    It’s great to see Sterling considering what their customers want and it’s all about customization. Being able to craft the getaway you want makes for an amazing experience you’ll remember for years to come.

  23. candy Reply

    Vacation or holidays are all the same just depends are where you live and what people from the area call it. Sounds like a great to way to get away for enjoy something different.

  24. Anosa Reply

    When I travel I often look for vacations that are both touristy but also allows me to leave like a local for the duration of my stay, sounds like Sterling is changing the face of holidaying.

  25. Rebekah Reply

    I’ve never heard of Sterling before so this post was really informative! I will definitely keep them in mind if I was to ever travel to India. I could definitely use a holiday right now!

  26. valmg @ Mom Knows It All Reply

    Here the word holiday refers to a specific date, we call what you’re describing a vacation. We don’t take vacations often and tend to gravitate towards a fun place for my son. India is on my travel bucket list, along with almost everywhere.

  27. Vibeke Reply

    Sounds like a great concept. I love vacations that don’t follow the guidebooks. I would love to experience this and travel in India. Thank you for letting me know about Sterling, love the logo btw 😀

  28. Turtle Reply

    You’re so right – there are so many different ways to travel these days. People don’t always want to have the same holiday as everybody else. It’s great that tourism companies are coming up with new ways to offer different experiences to people.

  29. Laura Reply

    What an awesome way to vacation! I love how they are incorporating a surprise into each visit as well. When I head to India, I will have to look into this!

  30. Sarah Honey Reply

    We love to find the local places. Finding restaurants and activities that the locals do. It’s such a fun way to experience a different country.

  31. Our Family World Reply

    This sure promises a vacation to remember. It would be awesome to explore places out of the usual ones that tourists flock to. This year we will make sure that we will do our holidays differently.

  32. Chubskulit Rose Reply

    I am planning for our vacation this year so I will look at this and see what they have in store for me. I like looking at different sources just like this.

  33. Kate Reply

    It sounds like a good initiative for scraping below the surface and experiencing more of a country’s culture beyond the likes of “top 5” lists. It’s good that Sterling is trying to change the face of travel in India in a positive way.

  34. Chantell Collins Reply

    You definitely had my attention with #holidaydifferently. I think more and more people are interested in local experiences and there will be an increase in demand for these type of tours and holiday packages.

  35. Shweta Reply

    I am all for experiential and immersive travel. You are right that people no longer want to just tick off items from a checklist. And there is value if someone provides this immersion in a fruitful for those who dont want the hassle of independent research and planning.

  36. Abhinav Singh Reply

    Sterling Holidays are doing a great job by identifying the evolved taste of modern travels. Travelers these days prefer experiential trips rather than the ones which just touch the surface. I liked the new logo. It is cool and easily identifiable. Hope to stay in one of their properties someday.

  37. Danik Reply

    Looks like a great company to vacation with and offer a different type of stay by the looks of it. Like the company image, logo and the video. Maybe I try one of their properties one day.

  38. Marvi Reply

    What an interesting new concept! Love how Sterling was able to conceptualise such an interesting way for tourists and travelers to immerse with local culture and offbeat travel experiences!

  39. Stevo Joslin Reply

    I love the mascot. Dinosaurs deserve their moment in the sun again. I like the idea, I remember the experiences from traveling more than any one location. Traveling is all about the doing, and it’s great to see people doing something different.

  40. Travelquartz Reply

    I like the Mascot , and the logo #HolidayDifferently . I bet it is a great experience and I will surely see to book this in my next plan.

  41. Lucy Reply

    Enjoyed reading the history of the holiday was very interesting. Everyone wants more now and to wants to know right now, the world is changing. Sterling seem to offer a lot of holidays in India and when I go I will be sure to look for a package with them.

  42. Paige Reply

    Sterling sounds like a great company. I like their emphasis on doing holidays differently. They seem like tours that even people who like being called travelers instead of tourist would enjoy! I like their logo + design too! Looks great!

  43. Megan Jerrard Reply

    I love Sterling’s concept of Holidaying differently. It really is one industry (travel and holidays) which has evolved at a crazy rapid pace, and people want different things than they did 10 years ago. I love the mentality of going beyond the guidebooks to your own journey of discovery, to get off the beaten path, immerse yourself and promote holidays with different themes. I think people nowadays want something unique and memorable from a vacation instead of just lying on a beach 🙂

  44. Ada Reply

    #HolidayDifferently seems like a perfect idea! I would love to expierience more while I travel, like see locals life, take cooking classes or be part of some celebrations! Sterling is definetly a good business in India!

  45. Angelina Reply

    Curated holidays are definitely making a move in the tourism industry. I think it’s a great idea to have a holiday experience arranged in advance that is customized to my likes. People are so busy these days, finding a convenient way to organize and book an excursion is a great way to go.

  46. Chesca Reply

    It’s nice to see a tour operator so passionate about providing a unique and cultural experience for their customers. Sounds like they have some amazing itineraries for their guests!

  47. Bharat & Supriya Reply

    My dad has been a member with Sterling Resorts for many years now, and while growing up, Sterling has played a huge role in making our holidays I’m surprised and yet not so surprised to see their new move 🙂 I think Sterling is a brand many people in India are aware of, and can relate with. Thanks for sharing their new initiative with the rest of us!

  48. Catherine Reply

    I’m not familiar with Sterling properties. We’ve stayed at Taj hotels in India and really enjoyed the experience, but Sterling is a brand we should try out our next time in India. Great initiative!

  49. Lance Reply

    Travelers are becoming more discerning and wanting an “experience.” It seems that Sterling understands this and has worked to make experiences for those who want to Holiday Differently. I loved seeing some of the ideas and cannot wait to see how these experiences evolve over time.

  50. Samantha Sparrow Reply

    I’ve never heard of Sterling before, but I think I’ll be checking them out now! I love the idea of developing a holiday that is really tailored to your specific interests and hobbies as opposed just following the well trodden trail. I would definitely want a tailored foodie experience!

  51. Mimi & Mitch Reply

    This is so unusual for a travel mascot! Although it is so adorable. The night seemed to be a great industry night for Travel Bloggers of the area. Hope you made some good contacts!

  52. Mel Butler Reply

    I haven’t been on an actually holiday for a long time, everything is work related. Glad that you got to be a part of the launch of #HolidayDifferently in Bangalore sounds like you made some good contacts and had a lot of fun

  53. Rye Santiago Reply

    Oh my. I would very much love to visit tea plantations in India (or anywhere in the world for that matter). I’m not fond of non-DIY trips but I go for them once in a while when the trip offers the possibility of being genuinely enlightening. 🙂

  54. Miranda Knudtson Reply

    I love the surprises aspect that they do! Sounds like this company is working hard to think outside the box. It’s great to see exciting change in the travel industry!

  55. Milosz Zak Reply

    I for one would be most interested in the tea trail excursion – and especially if there’s tea sampling along the way.

  56. neha Reply

    I am really excited about this new offering from Sterling Holidays in India. We have stayed at some of the Sterling Resorts previously, and found them to be so good. They really seem to understand different traveling modes and cater to the needs of varied range of travelers

  57. Ami Reply

    These guys sure had an interesting concept to share – one that keeps up with the changing needs of the travelers today. I loved the Sterling Discoveries bit the most for that is actually the essence of it all. Hope to be able to try this out myself.

  58. Manjulika Pramod Reply

    I quite liked the fact that Sterling Holidays are evolving as per the needs of the travelers. They will also be providing for travel insurance which is very nice approach to do something different. I will be experiencing their services soon. I hope they live up to my expectations.

  59. Katchutravels Reply

    Its good to see them re-brand. I have stayed in 2010 and 2012 at Ooty and Manali and found them to be not bothered about the customer experience. It’s good to see the right people bringing about change.

  60. Yukti Reply

    Agreed with you on the concept of holidays. Holidays is having perfect leisure away from home. Sterling holiday resorts look like a complete package to quench the thirst of actual travel lover. I loved the cute mascot of Sterling holidays.

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