Greece – A 365 Day Destination

Greece as a destination

Greece As A Destination

Greece is a country we have never visited.

Yet, it is a paradox of sorts that the country and its culture seems so close to our hearts.

Greece as a destination

The fascination with Greek Gods and Greek Mythology took root very early in life. Names like Alexander The Great, and Megasthenes rang in our ears in the early years of schooling and beyond. The enigmatic similarity between Sanskrit and Greek and the links of India and Greece that can be dated back to the 5th Century BCE when the famous Sanskrit Grammarian Panini lived makes Greece a destination that has an altogether different charm.

Greece as a destination

Athens, one of the oldest cities in the world always fuels the imagination with images of a magnificent era in history. When you think of the Olympic Games, your mind races to Olympia in South-West Greece where the precursor to the modern Olympics began in 776 BC. The ruins of Delphi hauntingly reminds one of the powers of the Oracle.

Greece as a destination

Modern Day Greece is a beautiful medley of ancient history, culture, and nature waiting to be explored.

Greece as a destination

Indeed for us, Greece is the stuff that dreams are made of and visiting Greece is a dream we cherish.

So when we got the opportunity to have a tete a tete with Mr. Michael Michailidis, Head of Market Research Department, Greek National Tourism Organization, at the OTM-2018 in Mumbai, India, we simply jumped at the chance.

We listened wide-eyed as Mr. Michilldis talked passionately about Greece as a holiday destination and what all it has to offer, especially to the Indian travelers.

He talked about how Greece is an all-weather destination and that Greece can be visited 365 days a year. He pointed out that there is much more to Greece than Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini. He said Greece has many treasures some known and some hidden waiting to be discovered.

Greece as a destination is a complete family destination with a wide range of experiences which would appeal to all. While on the one hand, the gorgeous Greek beaches seduce you with their beauty; the sites of the ancient civilizations leave you awestruck. Mr. Michilldis stressed the varied options that Greece as a destination has to offer.

He pointed out that Greece as a destination with its romantic sunsets and timeless and historic ruins combined with a vibrant culture and cuisine makes for a great wedding destination. The exotic locales of the country are also ideal for films and Bollywood. Songs for Bollywood films like Bang Bang, Wanted and many others have already been shot in locales around Santorini, Mykonos, and others.

Greece has a total area of 50,949 square miles and has more than 3,000 islands which include some of the most famous islands in the world like Santorini and Mykonos. It is interesting to note that only about 130 of these islands are inhabited.

Greece as a destination has a lot to offer the Indian traveler and these range from a contemporary, vibrant culture to the thrills and spills of adventure. Given the fact that 4/5th of Greece is made up of mountains and it has one of the largest coastlines in the world, it is indeed an ideal theatre for adventure sports. Add to this the fact that the climate of Greece is temperate and conducive to sports all throughout the year. Watersports, mountain biking, Trekking, rock climbing and many other activities guaranteed to give an adrenaline rush await visitors to Greece.

Given the long coastline, ancient sites, idyllic islands, and stunning beaches Greece makes for an ideal destination for cruises too.

Greece as a destination

Here are a few points that Mr. Michilldis shared about Greece as a destination for the Indian traveler.

  • The fact that more and more Indians are showing an interest in traveling to Greece is underscored by the fact that there has been a 30% increase in Indian Nationals visiting Greece over the years
  • Greece is looking at an increase of 10-15% growth in tourists from India in 2018
  • Indian tourists are discovering in Greece a destination that is close to their culture and a place which offers the best in terms of history, cuisine, art, and nature
  • The warmth of the people of Greece and their friendly nature is something which charms the Indian traveler and adds to the allure of the country
  • Greece as a destination has featured in many Bollywood songs, music videos, and advertisements, so much so that Bollywood music and dance have become extremely popular with the Greek youth
  • Greece also makes for an attractive investment destination for Indian businesses with opportunities in tourism, real estate, and high tech infrastructure

The tete a tete with Mr. Michael Michailidis ended with a cup of coffee and we walked away with dreams of a land full of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and historic sites of timeless beauty.

A land called Greece. A land which is the stuff of dreams.

We thank Mr. Michael Michailidis for taking time from a busy schedule and speaking to us about Greece.

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Have you visited Greece? Which is your favorite place in Greece? Do let us know your thoughts through our comments section. As always they bring a lot of sunshine into our lives.

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30 thoughts on “Greece – A 365 Day Destination

  1. Eloise Reply

    I have never visited Greece (although I’ve been there, but I was too young to remember anything!). I visited ruins from Ancient Greece in Turkey, and it was an incredible experience. I’d love to travel back in time again and do that in Greece. While in Turkey, I also sailed in islands that were almost in Greece (I kept receiving text messages saying “Welcome to Greece” on my mobile phone!), and it was stunning so I’m not surprised Greece is a good destination for cruises.
    It’s good to know it can be visited any time during the year. It makes it a perfect European destination!

  2. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle Reply

    I cannot get enough of Greece. We went there for the first time about a year ago, and it was amazing. The geography, the architecture, the history, the FOOD – all of it made for an experience that I have never had before or since.

  3. Ashley Reply

    It looks beautiful in Greece. I would love to visit there and see all the old architecture and learn more about the history.

  4. Agness of eTramping Reply

    Greece really seems like an ultimate travel destination and your pictures just prove that, Sandy and Vyjay! Is the stunning beach on the last picture easily accessible?

  5. Marysa Reply

    I’ve never been to Greece, or Europe for that matter. It sounds like it would be a fun trip, no shortage of things to do!

  6. Vibeke Reply

    Greece is high on my bucket list, a perfect destination for beach and history. I would love to get off the beaten path as well and not only the most famous places, but will sure see those as well 😀 The food must be amazing as well 😀

  7. Candy Reply

    I need to revisit Greece! I’ve only been once, but I ended up exploring the islands and never made it to Athens. I really love history, so it’s high on my bucket list to visit this part of Greece.

  8. Jennifer Van Huss Reply

    Greese is one of those place I have never been to but always wanted to go. I had a penpal that lived in Greece and I wish I had visited her when we were in contact. One day! 🙂

  9. Cat Reply

    I love Athens and Greece is such a great year round destination. How lucky you got to speak to such an expert. You have me dreaming of going back to Greece now 🙂

  10. Leah Reply

    Your pictures are amazing! I would love to go to Greece one of these days. The color of that water is stunning!

  11. Melissa Dixon Reply

    I always say that I would never leave the country, due to my own fears but when I see things like this, I think twice. Greece sounds awesome!

  12. Ilana Reply

    I’ve been a couple of times in Greece, especially Athens and the Macedonian part, but would love to come back to explore the islands and other historical destinations!

  13. Ricci Reply

    I have always been fascinated with Greece, it’s history and it’s beauty. I would love to have the opportunity to visit there one day!!

  14. Kathy Reply

    Those are some very beautiful photos. I have always wanted to visit Greece. It looks like such a beautiful place to visit. I hope someday I will get to see it.

  15. Amy Reply

    My “twin” is from Greece (best friend from high school, we’re the EXACT same age). He goes back every so often… And has told me how wonderful it was. One day I hope to be able to visit.

  16. Terri Beavers Reply

    The buildings and the water make me want to visit there. My niece went on a school event and her photos are amazing as yours are. I want to go so bad.

  17. Advanced Holidays Reply

    This is one very helpful and inspirational post with all the information needed to inspire a first-time visit to Greece. Thank you for sharing the amazing charm of this country!

  18. Turtle Reply

    Greece is a fantastic destination – and there’s so much more to it than the islands. I really like Athens (even though many people suggest you should avoid it) and I love the archaeological sites like Epidaurus, Mycenae and Olympia!

  19. Danila Caputo Reply

    Greece is a country full of history and beauty. Me and my husband have been there years ago when we weren’t together and we’ve since been wanting to get back for a trip as a couple. You’re right when you say the weather is always good: you can go whenever you want and it’s also a cheap destination!

  20. Danik Reply

    I love Greece, such an amazing country to explore, to hike and of course, check out the history. Hope to be back in Athens doing the marathon later this year. Fingers crossed.

  21. Ami Reply

    Athens for the history buff, Santorini for the beach bum – I am talking of myself in this case. Definitely Greece on my list. To add the bonus, are the cruises that you are suggesting. Sigh! Hope it happens soon.

  22. Jitaditya Reply

    Enough can’t be said about Greece. I understand the lure of Mediterranean beauty but I would love to spend a few months in Greece exploring its ancient heritage. There is so much we learn about their civilization even in schoolbooks that it must feel great to actually witness them.

  23. Arnav Mathur Reply

    Havent yet got the time to visit Greece, but am going to tick it off very soon. Greece as a destination, apart from being famous for the history, also appeals to me because of the beauty of the place owing to the long coastline, with a lot of beautiful destinations, to relax and enjoy the sunrises and sunsets in.

  24. Alli Reply

    I love Greece so much that after my first trip there, I returned the very next year and stayed for 5 weeks! It is such an adventure, and I look the food the most 🙂

  25. Medha Reply

    Greece is amazing and I particularly loved Santorini. I know everyone does! Those white buildings against the backdrop of brown cliffs, and the blue ocean below is such an amazing thing. I have also been to Mykonos and Athens which were nice but I really want to visit again to explore the more offbeat islands!

  26. David Lehman Reply

    I believe that the beauty of Greece can’t be defined in words.The beauty of Greece makes me go crazy about it.The Architecture, History, Food, and Places everything is so good.The Sunshine and atmosphere in Greece are very relaxing.

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