10 Important Summer Travel Tips

Important Summer Travel Tips

Here are 10 important summer travel tips that are sure to make your summer holidays more enjoyable, safe, and also healthy.

Important Summer Travel Tips

Summer in India is severe in most places, however ironically when most of us head out for our holidays. This is because of the long school holidays. Here are some important summer travel tips that will stand you in good stead, and make your holiday more enjoyable. Don’t we all have nostalgic memories associated with summer holidays, of family vacations that remain etched in mind for posterity? Never mind the heat and the dust, those trips always remain special.

Tips For Summer Travel – Makings Of A Perfect Holiday

Important Summer Travel Tips

There is excitement in the air. The kids have just finished their examinations, and the parents are drawing up plans for the annual family vacation. This is a typical scene in most Indian families. I am sure all of you have experienced this at some time or the other. However, most places in India are in the grip of a heat wave during this time, so it is necessary to plan meticulously for your summer holiday and more so if you travel with elders and kids.

10 Important Summer Travel Tips

Here are 10 tips for summer travel that are sure to help you enhance the quality of your summer vacation, and also ensure your and your family’s health and safety. Travelling in the summer could prove challenging and result in episodes of dehydration to more serious issues like heat exhaustion and sunstroke. So check out these tips for summer travel and incorporate them into your travel style for healthier and safer summer travel.

Summer Travel Tips – Choose Your Destination Wisely

This is indeed the first step to ensuring a great summer travel experience. Research well and choose a destination which you feel will not be hot. In India, many hill stations, waterfalls, islands, and mountains make for great summer destinations.

Tips For Summer Travel – Stay Hydrated

The golden rule or one of the commandments for summer travel is to stay hydrated. Ensure that your liquid intake is high. It can be in the form of pure water or fresh juices or even fruits with high water content.

Tips For Summer Travel – Carry Light Refreshments

Travelling in the summer could very quickly sap your energy, especially if you are participating in strenuous adventure activities like trekking. Make sure you are carrying energy boosters in the form of energy bars or chocolates so that your sugar levels do not drop drastically.

Summer Travel Tips – Do Not Forget Sunscreen

Do not step out in the sun without the protective layer of a sunscreen lotion. The rays of the sun will be harsh, especially if you are at a high altitude place like Ladakh, though the temperatures may be low, the ultraviolet rays of the sun can harm your skin and even lead to cancer in extreme cases.

Tips For Summer Travel – Plan Your Itinerary

If you feel that the temperatures are high at the place that you are visiting, plan your itinerary in such a manner, that you step out in the mornings and in the evenings, when it is relatively cooler. You may also plan to visit a forest, waterfall, or waterpark in the afternoon. This becomes even more important if you are travelling with kids and senior citizens.

Summer Travel Tips – Be Mindful Of What You Wear

It is very important to dress befitting the weather. Wear white or light-coloured clothes during your summer travels, and avoid black and other dark-coloured clothes. Wear cotton fabrics and avoid synthetic material. In some places, mornings may be chill and afternoons hot. In such cases wear layered clothing, so that you can conveniently shed a layer or two, based on the weather.

Tips For Summer Travel – Rest, Rest, Rest

Include periods of rest in your itinerary. Do not overcrowd your itinerary and unnecessarily exert yourself. Incorporating rest is important, as it gives your body a chance to recharge for your next adventure.

Summer Travel Tips – Travel Light

It makes sense to travel light in summer. Anyway, you would be carrying lesser clothes as compared to winter travel. The lesser luggage you have to manage, the lesser energy you will expend.

Tips For Summer Travel – Protect Yourself

When you step out of your home in summer, make sure you are carrying extra headgear in the form of caps, hats, or bandanas. Carry your favourite shades as well as a spare one. In terms of footwear, wear comfortable and light shoes, based on the terrain that you would be covering on your trip.

Summer Travel Tips – Your Saviour, Vitamin C

Do not forget Vitamin C-rich drinks, or food, or supplements on your summer travel. Vitamin C helps the body to fight excessive heat and also stave off related issues like heat stroke, and heat exertion.

These are some of the tips that are sure to ensure a safe, healthy, and memorable summer vacation for you and your family. Feel free to contact us for any clarifications. Do not forget to subscribe to our blog an connect with us on our social media channels.

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Summer Travel Tips

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10 Important Summer Travel Tips

10 Important Summer Travel Tips

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  1. Those are really useful tips. I remember over two decades ago, we had to go to Rajasthan in summer. It was the most painful trip as we had no plans and didn’t take any contigencies in mind. Good trips need good planning.

  2. This is a beautiful article post that will help summer travellers. I prefer travelling in winter as in summer its very hot and uncomfortable. Though we can visit hill stations in summer but then there will be no snow.

  3. These summer vacation tips are really great. I am so excited to plan my trip and make the most of these tips. I’m sure many people will benefit from these tips, especially in such times of heat waves sweeping across the country. So it’s even more important to plan ahead and make the most of our vacations. With these tips, we can prepare for any situations that may arise and be ready to have a fun time. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone when it comes to planning my summer vacation!

  4. All those tips are a necessity but could easily be skipped. I am also heading for a vacay soon. Thank you for this list. I am going to jot it down and make sure to tick them off as I should.

  5. These summer travel tips are essential for a stress-free and enjoyable vacation. From packing smartly to staying hydrated, this post covers all the bases. A must-read before your next adventure!

  6. These are anyone dream bucket list
    Thank you for this list. I am going to jot it down and make sure to tick them off as I would go
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