Review of the Influencer App

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With the advent of the internet and mobile telephony the way companies and brands reach out to existing and potential customers has seen a sea change. The emergence of Social Media as a powerful medium for reaching out to targeted segments of the market has seen the emergence of a new breed of freelancers or Social Media Influencers who collaborate with brands and use their own established Social Media platforms and Reach to help the Brands market their products and services.

Voyager’s Blog Articles Now Take an App Avatar

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Reading and travelling are our twin passions, and keeping in pace with changing technologies we have transitioned from Books to eBooks and so on. Today Apps virtually rule the world or at least a part of it. You have apps for virtually everything from ordering Chinese Food to summoning a cab to drop you at the airport, from helping you get your Yoga postures right to filing your tax Returns, and so on, the list is endless.