Famous Veena Stores Malleshwaram Bangalore Since 1977

Famous Veena Stores Malleshwaram Bangalore

Veena Stores Malleshwaram is one of the iconic eateries of Bangalore which serves some of the fluffiest idlys and crispiest Vadas in town.

Famous Veena Stores Malleshwaram Bangalore

Veena Stores Malleshwaram is one of those iconic eateries, where if you stop by for a bite, you experience the vintage charm of Bangalore. The city which once was known for its quintessential, old-world charm, lakes, gardens, and temples, also had another claim to fame, its many eateries that dished out pure fare to a loyal clientele, who swore by them. Though the city has undergone a dramatic transformation in the last couple of decades, many of these iconic restaurants have survived and remain the favourite hangout for its loyal customers.

Serving The Best Idlis –  Veena Stores Since 1977

Famous Veena Stores Malleshwaram Bangalore
If you are in old Bengaluru’s Malleshwaram area in the morning and you are a local, in all probability your feet shall take you to Veena Stores Malleshwaram for a hearty south Indian breakfast. That is exactly what happened to us the other day when the flavours and aromas of the four-decade-old Veena Stores drew us like magic to its doors.

Veena Stores Malleshwaram – Food Without Frills

Veena Stores Malleshwaram

It must have been around 9 on a Sunday morning when we found ourselves on Margosa Road in Malleshwaram. The traffic signals at one of the intersections kept changing, and the relatively heavy traffic for a Sunday morning kept moving with a mindless rhythm. We crossed the road when the green light for pedestrian crossing came on, and a few others joined us as we scampered across. A motley crowd stood on the pavement, in a world of their own, oblivious to the traffic. They had plates in their hands and seemed to be lost in what seemed like an epicurean trance.

We had arrived at the famed Veena Stores Malleshwaram, a favourite breakfast haunt of the locals. A restaurant which drew people from far and wide just on the basis of its homely food. A restaurant that was loved by all and sundry, including locals, tourists, and celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Late Puneeth Rajkumar, and many others.

The winds of change have swept over Veena Stores Malleshwaram also. It is no longer a small shop, they have expanded a wee bit to include some sitting space. There is a machine at the entrance where you can read the menu and place your order, paying digitally. You take the printed token that pops out and hand it to the smiling staff behind the counter, who serve your order in a jiffy.

Soon our order, which consisted of Idly-Vada, Bisibelebath, and Chow-Chow Bath was ready. It was when we put the first morsel of idli in our mouths, and it melted away instantly, that we realized that nothing had changed as far as the homely taste of the idlis was concerned.

The pleased expressions of the people around us who were digging into their breakfast spoke volumes of the quality of the food served at Veena Stores Malleshwaram. Many of them were regulars, while some were new to the city and had come in search of this tiny eatery in Malleshwaram. It is amazing, how Veena Stores Malleshwaram, has turned into a prominent Brand in Bengaluru in its own right.

It is not some glitzy promotional blitzkrieg on social media or an astute marketing strategy followed by an aggressive marketing campaign, that has made Veena Stores so popular. On the contrary, it is sheer hard work, focus on quality food and word-of-mouth publicity, that has made the place so popular.

Veena Stores Malleswaram History

Veena Stores Malleswaram History

The story of the birth of Veena Stores Malleshwaram is as fascinating as its idlis are fluffy. This Malleshwaram icon is the labour of one man supported by his family. It is the story of the passion and hard work of one man, a man named Suryarnarayana.

Born in Sirsi in the Karwar district of Karnataka, Suryanarayana who had lost both his parents at a tender age, made his way to Bangalore in search of a new life. Having had some experience working in an eatery owned by relatives in his hometown, Suryanarayana started working as a cook in the home of one Dr Shivaram who edited a Kannada magazine.

After around seven years Suryanarayana opened his own restaurant on Samipge Road near the Malleshwaram Market. He called it Gajendra Vilas. He ran the restaurant for 18 years when financial issues forced him to close it in 1977. It was a blessing in disguise, as it was in 1977, that he opened a small condiment store on Margosa Road, and called it Veena Stores, after his daughter.

It was a small hole-in-the-wall place, where he sold condiments, coffee, tea, and badam milk. Patrons used to stand on the pavement, and sip their hot beverage and nibble on condiments. Soon he started serving home-made idlis, the batter for which was readied by his wife on the grinding stone in their home. With the passage of time, the idlis gained popularity, owing to their homely taste.

People soon started streaming into this small shop, that started serving hot idlis at 7 AM. They did not mind the discomfort of standing and eating. Remember, this was much before the mushrooming of the Darshinis.

Those who ate at Veena Stores came back again and again, they also spoke about it to their friends and relatives, who also thronged the place, and soon Veena Stores Malleshwaram became a household name. The reason for the popularity was the stringent quality standards that the owner himself enforced. This embraced all parameters from the quality of ingredients, cooking time, and cleanliness.

The small shop thrived on the foundation of quality food without external fills. It was only much later that they expanded and incorporated some seating space. But even today, the thrill of eating at Veena Stores is to savour your idli or Vada, while watching the traffic go by, standing on the pavement. Today the small condiment store, started by Suryanarayana still stands beside the small eatery.

Veena Stores Malleshwaram Menu

Veena Stores Malleshwaram Menu

The showstoppers at Veena Stores are, without a doubt, its fluffy idlis and crisp Vadas. However, over time, the Veena Stores Menu has expanded and includes many other dishes in its repertoire.

  • Idly
  • Vada
  • Khara Bath
  • Kesari Bath
  • Chow Chow Bath
  • Shavige Bath
  • Avalakki Bath
  • Bisibele Bath
  • Puliyogare
  • Khara Pongal
  • Sweet Pongal
  • Tea/Coffee/Badam Milk

What is impressive is that all items are very reasonably priced, and are complete value for money.

Veena Stores Malleswaram Timings

Veena Stores Malleswaram Timings

If you like to have an early breakfast, then Veena Stores timings, are something you are sure to love. It opens as early as 7 AM and is open till Noon. It again opens at 4 PM and is open till late at night. The best thing is that you can head to Veena Stores Malleshwaram on any day, as it is open on all days.

Where Is Veena Stores Malleshwaram

Where Is Veena Stores Malleshwaram

Are you new to Bangalore and want to head to Veena Stores Margosa Road Malleswaram Bengaluru Karnataka?

Here is Veena Stores Malleswaram Address: 183, Margosa Rd, Malleshwara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560003.

  • Veena Stores Malleshwaram is about 2.8 km from the Mantri Square Metro Station
  • Veena Stores Malleshwaram is about 4.1 km from the Majestic
  • Veena Stores Malleshwaram is about 7 km from M.G.Road
  • The famous Kadu Malleshwara Shiva Temple is just 450 M from Veena Stores Malleswaram
  • Another iconic restaurant CTR is just 850 M from Veena Stores

Malleshwaram Veena Stores – FAQ

Malleshwaram Veena Stores

What is famous in Veena stores?
Idlys and Vadas are Veena Stores’ claim to fame, though the other items on the menu are equally good.

What are the timings of Veena stores?
Veena Stores opens at 7 AM and is open till 12. It again opens at  4 and remains open till late in the night.

Who is the owner of Veena stores?
Veena Stores’ owner and founder is Suryanarayana. These days the restaurant is run by his son named Pradeep.

Veena Stores, one of Bangalore’s favourite breakfast haunts has been serving its pillowy idlis and crispy Vadas since 1977, barring a brief period during the pandemic. Idlis which were once sold at 15 Paise now cost 10 Rs, but they provide the same joy to customers in a healthy and hygienic environment. The commitment to quality which has been the cornerstone of this small eatery still reflects in its offerings and the smiles of satisfied customers.

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Veena Stores Malleshwaram Bangalore

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Famous Veena Stores Malleshwaram Bangalore Since 1977

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