The House Of MG – Fascinating Ahmedabad Heritage Hotel

The House Of MG

The House of MG is a heritage boutique hotel in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India. Here is a review of House of MG.

The House Of MG

The House of MG is a heritage hotel that nestles on the edge of the walled city of Ahmedabad. It is like a bridge that connects the contemporary city of Ahmedabad to its past. The hotel is itself a part of the rich heritage of Ahmedabad, India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City, being one of the oldest buildings in the city.

We had an opportunity to enter the portals of the House of MG and experience a slice of the rich heritage that it symbolizes before we moved on to Saputara as part of our Gujarat sojourn. Read on to know more about the House of MG Hotel, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The House Of MG – A Brush With History

The House Of MG - Fascinating Ahmedabad Heritage Hotel

The House of MG, Ahmedabad, is housed in a 20th-century building that epitomizes the architectural design of the colonial era. As you enter its portals, you get the feeling of turning the pages of history, which is even more accentuated as you pass through the reception area and enter your room.

The House of MG Hotel, Ahmedabad, is not just another hotel. It is a living and well-preserved slice of history. A boutique heritage property in keeping with the ethos of a city that has earned the status of a World Heritage City. Before looking at our experience at The House of MG – Ahmedabad Hotel, and the accommodation and facilities that it offers it is apt to look at it from the perspective of its history and genesis.

House of MG History – The House of Mangaldas Girdhardas

The House of Mangaldas Girdhardas
The House of Mangaldas Girdhardas

The fabric that constitutes the history of Ahmedabad is inextricably linked with textiles and so is the House of MG history. The building in which the hotel is housed is the ancestral home of the Mangaldas family Ahmedabad.

To get a perspective of the rich heritage which forms the background and the backdrop for the hotel, it is necessary to travel back in time to the year 1892, when two brothers Mangaldas Girdhardas and Chamanlal Girdhardas started a textile mill in Ahmedabad which had earned the sobriquet of, “Manchester of India.”

The textile business thrived and the brothers flourished. They soon built a palatial house into which the families of the brothers moved in. This house was the precursor of the House of MG. The house received many eminent personalities, and the most famous of them was Mahatma Gandhi, who stayed at the house on his return from South Africa in the year 1920.

The house had a chequered history and was later rented out to retail outlets and Government Offices. However, driven by a passion to preserve the heritage of his family and the city, Abhay Mangaldas the great-grandson of Mangal Girdhardas embarked on a journey of restoration and preservation of a building that was a part of his family’s living heritage.

After all most two decades of following his passion, his labour of love resulted in the House of MG, a beautiful boutique property located near the heart of Ahmedabad.

Location of The House Of MG Hotel Ahmedabad

The House Of MG Hotel, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The House of MG is located bang in front of the famous Sidi Saiyyed mosque in the Lal Darwaza area of Ahmedabad. The walled city of Ahmedabad is just a couple of kilometres away. The historic Bhadra Fort is just a kilometre away from the hotel, while Manek Chowk is about 1.5 kilometres away.

An iconic tea stall that has transformed into a regular restaurant known as Lucky Restaurant is located right down the road from the House of MG.

The city of Ahmedabad is divided by the Sabarmati River into its western and eastern parts. If you cross the river on the Nehru bridge, you will find yourself right in front of the House of MG hotel.

Accommodation At The House of MG

Accommodation At The House of MG
Accommodation at The House of MG

The hotel is actually made up of two wings, which were once occupied by the families of the Girdhardas brothers. The hotel offers 37 beautifully done rooms that are a blend of vintage class and modern convenience. There are three categories of rooms available.

Modern Heritage Classic Room

This is the standard room which consists of a King Sized bed, sofa, work table and all modern amenities that include a Television and Coffee Maker. A spacious bathroom with a dressing area is a really convenient aspect of these rooms. These rooms measure between 227 to 385 sqft.

Modern Heritage Grand Room

This category of rooms is super-spacious, measuring between 485 to 820 sqft. The room includes a King Sized bed or twin bed, sofa, work table and all modern amenities that include a Television and Coffee Maker. A delightful feature of these rooms is a separate sitting area that has a heritage swing for seating.

The swing is a common feature in traditional Gujarati houses. Another interesting touch is a small book rack filled with vintage classics and paperbacks.

Modern Heritage Grand Suite

The hotel offers 5 Grand Suites that have an area of between 670 to 822 sqft. The suites too are equipped with all modern amenities. There is a separate sitting area including a swing. The room includes a King Sized bed or twin bed, sofa, work table and all modern amenities that include a Television and Coffee Maker.

The Ambience of The Hotel

The ambience of the House of MG has to be its most riveting feature. The exterior of the hotel building with a brick-red hue has all the elements of a vintage colonial building. Columns support the porch that leads to the reception area. The facade is impressive and evokes the classic grandeur of a bygone era.

Images of House Of MG, Ahmedabad

A beautiful fountain, a temple bell hanging from the roof, a huge brass lamp, and a board that spells out the history of the hotel, usher you inside the hotel.

Images of House Of MG, Ahmedabad

Each and every corner of the hotel is a virtual art museum. Each and every aspect of the interior has been meticulously planned and designed with finesse. The rooms have all modern amenities seamlessly and harmoniously integrated with a vintage feel.

Facilities At The Hotel

The House of MG offers a unique stay experience, it offers a slice of what life would have been in the home of an eminent Gujarati business family in the 20th century. The hotel also offers fitness and rejuvenation options which include a swimming pool and fitness centre, and Spa.

Lotus Pool

Swimming pool at The House of MG
Swimming pool at The House of MG

The Lotus pool at the House of MG is a unique feature that defines the style and elegance of the hotel. The Lotus Pool is a 17-metre long indoor swimming pool. But what takes your breath away, is when you look at the ceiling that crowns the pool.

The entire ceiling is bedecked with a magnificent lotus-themed fresco that is simply mesmerizing in its beauty. The theme is drawn from the Pichhwai style of art. Pichhwai is the style of painting on fabric that is local to the temple city of Nathdwara in Rajasthan, famous for the Shrinathji temple.

Krishna themed painted fabrics are hung behind the idol of Krishna in the sanctum of the Shrinathji temple. The Mangaldas family have been devotees of Shrinathji and hence this theme seemed appropriate.

Another interesting aspect of the ceiling of the Lotus Pool is that it is inspired by the works of Alexandar Calder, an American sculptor. A huge Lotus mobile hangs above the pool. Mobiles are kinetic structures that are powered by motors or air currents.

Mobiles were the distinctive hallmark of Alexander Calder’s work and could be called an animated painting. If you happen to be at the House of MG or at any of the House of MG restaurants, do take a look at this amazing ceiling if you get the opportunity.

Chakra Spa

The House of MG Hotel, Ahmedabad Spa

Another luxuriating experience awaits guests at the Chakra Spa. It is a state of the art spa that has many indulgent soothing therapies to pamper yourself with. The Chakra Spa offers a range of treatments that include Swedish massage, therapeutic body massage, manicure and pedicure, and many others.

Fitness Centre

The hotel is equipped with a small gymnasium that is well equipped. The gym ensures that you do not have to miss out on your workout while staying at the House of MG. Treadmills, stationary bikes, weights, etc., at the gym, will ensure that you have your regular workout.

Dining & Restaurants At The Hotel

When it comes to food, the hotel pulls out all the stops. It has innovatively styled menus on offer. A delectable fusion of local Gujarati cuisine with other cuisines can be experienced at the two House of MG restaurants.

Agashiye House Of MG – House Of MG Restaurant

House Of MG
Agashiye House Of MG

A black and white picture at the House of MG shows a group of people seated on wooden Patlas (small platforms for seating) in a semi-circle, bent over thalis (plates), apparently enjoying a hearty dinner. The picture is taken on the terrace of what was then the Mangaldas family home. That picture depicts the precursor of Agashiye House of MG.

Agashiye in Gujarati, literally translates as, “on the terrace”, and a restaurant named Agashiye now stands at the place where the picture of the group having their dinner was taken.

The Agashiye restaurant is a celebration of traditional Gujarati cuisine and their way of eating. It offers the unique experience of how a Gujarati family actually eat at home. You can experience a sit-down dinner and enjoy an authentic Gujarati meal in an immersive Gujarati ethos.

Kansal Thali at The House of MG
Kansal Thali at The House of MG

The House Of MG Agashiye Menu includes a Kansa Thali and a Silver Thali. The Kansa Thali is an array of traditional Gujarati dishes served on a plate made of an alloy that has medicinal properties. The Silver Thali, as the name suggests is authentic Gujarati fare served in a silver plate. The restaurant also offers a takeaway thali.

The Terrace Garden

The Terrace Garden

The Agashiye Restaurant is surrounded by a beautifully landscaped terrace garden. We were presently surprised to be greeted by the cooing of birds when we emerged into the terrace garden. A crow perched on the edge of a fountain that stood in the midst of lush green lawns.

Carefully positioned sculptures and flowering plants created the illusion of a vast garden, right in the middle of a crowded area of the city. The terrace offers a great view of the Siddi Saiyed Mosque and the road that leads towards the Nehru Bridge.

The Green House – House Of MG Restaurant

The Green House - House Of MG Restaurant
The Green House – House Of MG Restaurant

The Green House of MG is an open restaurant covered at the top, that resembles a greenhouse. It is located right near the gate of the hotel. An interesting feature of this restaurant is its open kitchen, where you actually see your order being cooked.

You can choose to enjoy your food in the open pavilion that overlooks the famous Sidi Saiyyed Mosque or step inside the air-conditioned section, which was once the Buggy room.

Food at The House Of MG

The Green House has a melange of dishes from local Gujarati, International, and Pan Indian cuisines. It is a nice place to start your day with a sumptuous breakfast or end the day with a satisfying dinner.

All the famous Gujarati dishes like Patra, Dalvada, Methi Na Gota, Bataka Vada, and many others feature on the menu. But what really drew our attention were two unique Gujarati Thalis. One is interestingly named Agashiye Sampler thali. This thali is a miniature version of the thali served in the Agashiye restaurant.

The other item on the menu that had our attention was the ‘Founder’s Daily Meal.” This is a unique thali that mimics the low-calorie diet of its founder and incorporates healthy but tasty dishes.

Ginger, Coconut & Lemon Sherbat
Ginger, Coconut & Lemon Sherbat

The House Of MG Menu served at its two restaurants is really mind-boggling. Its repertoire includes a range of world cuisines, and of course the flavours and aromas of Gujarat.

Curated Experiences

The House of MG offers a slice of the heritage of Ahmedabad during your stay, but it does not stop there. The experience extends beyond your stay and food.

House Of MG Heritage Walk

During your stay at the House of MG, you can embark on a journey into the glorious heritage of the World Heritage city of Ahmedabad by means of heritage walks that are organized by the hotel itself.

There are two options to choose from; a Breakfast Heritage Walk that starts early in the morning and gets over in time for you to have a sumptuous breakfast at the House of MG, or a Night Heritage Walk. You also can explore the heritage city on an autorickshaw tour that takes you through the maze of narrow alleys of the walled city.

Apart from the above options the team at the House of MG can curate specific experiences for you and organize city tours with themes based on architecture, history, etc.

Ahmedabad Trunk Textile Gallery

Ahmedabad Trunk Textile Gallery
Ahmedabad Trunk Textile Gallery

The hotel has three fascinating galleries that showcase the legacy of Gujarat’s textiles.

Two galleries house specimens of Gujarat’s textile art, while the third gallery is dedicated to Sarees and Shawls from across India and was part of the personal collection of the ladies of the family. A fourth gallery exhibits the jewellery and silver heirlooms of the family. There is also another gallery that has a collection of family photos.

The House of MG also has an online shop called Ahmedabad Trunk where you can buy a host of products including textiles and artefacts online.

Other House of MG Properties in Ahmedabad

If you thought that the House of MG is the only property of the Mangaldas Family, you are wrong, there are two more lovely places in the city that are silent statements of the heritage and culture of Ahmedabad.

  • Mangaldas Ni Haveli I by House of MG is a beautiful 250-year-old wooden-carved villa located in the heart of the walled city of Ahmedabad, a bed and breakfast hotel
  • Mangaldas Ni Haveli II is a 150-year-old property in the heart of the heritage city with 6 modern rooms and a cafe
  • Mangalbag Gallery & Residency is a 90-year-old bungalow on the western banks of the River Sabarmati, it is occupied by the Mangaldas family and offers two ensuite rooms to guests

Our Experience 

Swing in Mangaldas Ni Haveli

As soon as we opened the twin doors and stepped into our room at the House of MG, we entered a charming new world, a world that stoked many a hidden memory in our consciousness. There was the swing, “hichko”, in Gujarati, a feature in traditional as well as modern Gujarati homes.

The swing brought back multiple nostalgic memories. Memories of an old Gujarati lady, sitting on a swing and cracking betel nuts with a nutcracker, memories of swinging wildly with friends on a swing in a neighbour’s garden, memories of swings in various houses that we lived during our stay in Gujarat.

The memories extended to a shelf of old paperbacks that ignited forgotten moments. We found our room extremely comfortable and fit for a royal. Our only regret was our stay was very short and we could not fully experience the hospitality of The House of MG.

We do not hesitate to recommend this boutique hotel to those visiting Ahmedabad. In fact, we would go so far as to say, that a stay here is a must to experience the vibes of the city and have an immersive experience of Gujarat.

The House of MG Video

Watch our video of our experience at The House of MG here.

House Of MG Booking

Hichko at Mangaldas Ni Haveli
Hichko at Mangaldas Ni Haveli

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The House Of MG

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