A Packing List to Send All Your Travel Woes Packing

Packing List

The sky was filled with a golden halo, the waves shone with the radiance of burning embers, the sun emerged from the sea like a huge incandescent Orange.

My wife stood in silhouette against this spectacular backdrop in a classic yogic posture. I knelt down in the sand and then stretched full length on my back armed with my camera, to take that perfect shot.

My wife smiled for the camera in a way I envied as I pressed the shutter-release button.

Nothing happened!

I looked at the camera as realization slowly dawned on me. There was no battery in the camera! I had removed the battery and had kept it for charging. The battery must now have had its full quota of energy and probably dozing off with the charger in my bedroom at home, a thousand miles away!

To cut a long story short, I had forgotten to pack the charger and also had forgotten to replace the charged battery in the camera.

My wife gave me a look that could kill as I fleetingly wondered about that smile for the camera.

That moment we (or should I say I!) learnt our lessons. This was an experience few years ago when we just started traveling together! To avoid such moments we now have a comprehensive packing list or check list which will ensure that we embark on our travel (with or without family) without the risk of forgetting something which was absolutely essential.

A Packing List to Send All Your Travel Woes Packing

Packing List

So here is our Packing list, it may not be comprehensive and may vary based on individual needs, but it works for us. Also like everything else in the world, this too needs constant review and updating.


Do not even dare to step out of the house without these

  • Passport/Visa and any other travel permits of the entire family
  • Insurance
  • Travel tickets
  • Foreign exchange
  • Photographs of each family member
  • Tickets of pre-booked activities
  • Print outs of Air tickets, Train tickets, Hotels/Accommodation
  • Copy of the tour itinerary
  • Contact details of friends and or embassies of your country if travelling abroad

TIP:    Keep copies of all the important documents and keep these in a separate bag from the originals and also keep scanned copies on cloud

Packing List

Clothes & Accessories

Research on the weather conditions at the place where you are off to; to finalize your packing list under this section based on this and the activities that you have planned out.

  • Casual and Formal wear (formals in case you are combining business with pleasure)
  • Comfortable footwear based on your activities
  • Sufficient pair of socks
  • Glasses/ Spectacles / Contact lens
  • Sunglasses
  • Belts
  • Plenty of Handkerchiefs and/or hand napkins
  • A light blanket/Shawl/Stole
  • Sweaters/Jackets for cold weather
  • Headgear, depending on the weather – Cap/Hat
  • Umbrella/Raincoat/Windcheater
  • Pouch to carry money, cards and camera
  • Sleep mask/Ear plugs/Headphones
  • Swimsuit/Beachwear depending on requirement

TIP: Always pack in a couple of extra pair of clothes especially for children. Click here to find the best luggage for kids. And find out tips on packing for a winter trip here. And we suggest you check out here the Best carry on luggage

Toiletries & Cosmetics

  • Dental Care accessories
  • Soaps, Shampoos and Conditioners
  • Hair oil or Gel
  • Comb/Hair brush
  • Deo/Perfume
  • Body lotion/Sunscreen
  • Mens’ shaving accessories
  • Ladies’ makeup and accessories
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Tissue

TIP: Be careful about the restrictions on hand baggage on flights and pack any liquid items so as to comply with these 

Electronics & Allied Accessories

These have become an integral part now and the list of items here keeps increasing by the day.

  • Cameras, memory cards, batteries, chargers, tripods, Selfie sticks and all other accessories
  • Mobile phones with relevant cards and chargers
  • International sim (if traveling to another country)
  • Data cards
  • Laptop/ipad/Tablet
  • Pen drive (USB Flash drive) / Hard drive to transfer data/photos 
  • Universal Electrical adapter

Packing List


  • Cash & Credit cards
  • Light dry snacks like chocolates or dry fruits
  • Water bottle/Sipper
  • Essential medicines with prescriptions
  • Writing instruments and notepads/ travel journal pad
  • A few spare paper bags for easy dispose of trash
  • International driving license
  • GPS device
  • Tote bag
  • Torch/Flashlight
  • Binoculars

Babies/Kids items

  • Baby/Kids clothes
  • Toileteries
  • Powder/Lotion
  • Bowl/Spoon
  • Pacifiers
  • Shoes/Socks
  • Wipes/Tissues/Hand towels
  • Diapers
  • Sling/Stroller
  • Formula/Water/Juice
  • Bibs
  • Kids essential medicines
  • Toys/ Kid’s favorite video game/Books/ipod
  • Snacks
  • Nightwear
  • Blanket/Sweater/Cap/Hat
  • Extra dresses

We use the above packing list as our check list. This is what we follow religiously and have found it useful. How do you organize your packing for travels? Do let us know through our comments section.

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Packing List

Packing List



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60 thoughts on “A Packing List to Send All Your Travel Woes Packing

  1. Heather Reply

    We have left behind a battery or SD card, too. It’s such a disappointing feeling. Don’t let the stress of packing get to you…remember most items can be purchased at most destination.

  2. Katy Reply

    As a slightly neurotic over packer – I plan for all eventualities – this is a great list of the essentials. Excellent tip about the kids clothes and I would add that I need extra clothes too now I travel with my toddlers!

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Haha. You are right, while traveling with toddlers, we ourselves might need a few extra clothes. 🙂

  3. Lisa (Klipdrifters) Reply

    Very handy packing list, so easy to forget something if you don’t have a list to refer back to and double check.
    One thing we have added to our packing list is basic medications for headaches, nausea, indigestion etc. I got food poisoning during our visit to Zanzibar and never realized how difficult it is when you don’t know medication brands in another country, have communication barriers or even worse…. cant find a pharmacy! Luckily our hotel was able to help me out. 🙂

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Yes, we do carry our essential medicines. As you said rightly, running for medicines in a new place and that too for cases like dehydration, stomach upset can sometimes be painful and difficult.

  4. Amanda Reply

    Very thorough list. I always forget to make a contact list and rely on my phone too much. I have to remember to do this next time.

  5. Emily Kydd Reply

    This is a great list! I have left chargers behind too, a good tip if you do this is to ask at the front desk of your hotel or hostel. If you leave chargers, other people do too! There is a good chance they might have one behind the desk you could borrow or have!

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Exactly, we once took scissors from front desk to cut the tags airport authorities had tied to our bags and another time, we borrowed electric adapters from front desk. 🙂

  6. Angie (FeetDoTravel) Reply

    We have a packing list as well!! Admittedly it’s not as comprehensive as yours – but we ensure the essentials are jotted down with a tick box next to it – such as camera batteries, chargers, sunscreen etc – a list is definitely a good idea! We learnt the hard way as well – don’t want others making the same mistakes as you and me 🙂

  7. Sheri Reply

    This post and list is so eerily similar to one I have written – even the picture! LOL. It is essential to have a packing list after a while you tend not to need it and know what to pack. My advice would be the same as all this is on my list.

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Indeed Sheri, these kind of posts are so generic in nature that one always does get a sense of deja vu when reading. Also if free images from free sites are used, there are bound to be similarities. 🙂

  8. Jennifer St Louis Reply

    Great list! Print outs of Hotels/Accommodations are so important! Trying to explain to an immigration officer that you are staying in a vacation rental but you don’t know the address is trying in a foreign language.

  9. Tonya Reply

    Very comprehensive. I just struggle fitting it all in my suitcase! Of course, my cat always finds room to climb in and as well. 🙂

  10. Lisa Reply

    Thanks for all the tips. Even seasoned travelers forget something now and then, making a checklist helps

  11. Garth Reply

    Good Tips and lots of ideas! Agree with Heather’s comment, try not to stress if you do forget to pack something, we have! You can always buy it when you get there…

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Absolutely right Garth. After all these small things add to our travel experience. 🙂

  12. Rob+Ann @TravelLatte(.net) Reply

    One thing that’s always on our packing list: Disinfectant wipes. I’m not generally a germophobe, but gosh there are some dirty places out there! So a small pack of wipes goes in my carry-on at all times. And my favorite coffee creamer – that’s my own bit of luxury. -Rob

  13. Karen Reply

    I’m pretty adept at packing as I travel so much, but it’s always great to have your list refreshed by reading how others do it! A fabulous and very informative post with lots of useful tips for newbie travellers, Karen

  14. Chris Reply

    I think less is definitely more!

    We rarely use taxis, so public transport or our legs are usually our means of getting around (so the lighter the better).

    We’d always have a roll of toilet paper with us just in case as well, but so many other things are down to the individual (if it was a long trip, we’d not bother with any dress clothes, and just go with practical options), and as for shoes, we usually have 2 pairs of flip-flops minimum! We would wear them 90% of the time 🙂

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      I agree, less is definitely more if we are hiking, walking or using public transport. In case of traveling with family or long trip, we would need few things to be packed which are essential.

  15. Carola Reply

    I’m so chaotic. This is a really handy list! I always forget something. Funny to read ‘belts’ on your list. The last thing I forgot was a belt. Whn we left I wore a dress so I didn’t need one. So I brought pant, but no belt. So that was a pity haha. I think I should always check the list before I leave.

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Haha.. It happens. It is good to have a checklist and if still miss something then will need to buy at the place we are in. 🙂

  16. Celeste Burgess Reply

    HA! Great list of packing items to remember. Including the cat. Well, for me it would be little pooch. I need to start allowing her to travel with us. Thanks a ton for sharing. 😉

  17. Christina Reply

    Great list! We have been in the same situation more than once. If it’s not a cord, battery, SD card…the list goes on. Having a list has certainly helped. Now just to remember to keep track of all the bags!

  18. Karlaroundtheworld | Karla Reply

    Oh my, that was a terrible experience though I’d probably laugh about it if my partner forgot about it. That said, not everyone can try to avoid being frustrated by forgetting something and your list here really serves as a great checklist, even more detailed than the usual one I have.

  19. Marry Reply

    Oh that’s really nice tip from you! Covers all the things that are usually needed) thank you

  20. Evan Kristine Reply

    Great list, I have troubles packing (always leaving it to the last minute) and having a checklist makes is soo much easier!

  21. Jessica Reply

    Very detailed. I am a light packer but could really be tricky if traveling during winter. And most of the time, gadgets consume of the space in my baggage. 🙂

  22. Leta Reply

    Great list. We always manage to forget something vital, and we already have a list! I best check ours against yours and see what we’ve left out. Love a bit of holiday planning!

  23. Carol Cassara Reply

    I use lists, too and began when I would leave stuff behind. This is a pretty comprehensive post with al of the must haves on it.

  24. Elizabeth O. Reply

    It’s hard to survive traveling without a list. It’s definitely something that I always do whenever we have something planned, especially if it’s out of the country. I can’t risk leaving anything behind, especially the essentials. This is a very helpful list that you have here!

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Thank you. 🙂 You are absolutely right. It is always good to plan and have a checklist.

  25. Mardene Carr Reply

    This is quite a comprehensive packing list. I had to laugh at the passport at the top of the list…another thing to remember is to make sure the passport is up to date…LOL

  26. Neha Verma Reply

    This is an excellent list. Thanks for putting it up. After years of travel what I have realized is that there are some things that are common in your list , no matter where ever you go. And compiling them separately makes things so much easier.

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