A Traveler’s Guide to The Roof of the World

Tibet – The Roof of the World

Tibet - The Roof of the World

If you have been planning a trip to the exotic land of Tibet with its wild and natural beauty, a land consecrated by Buddhism and the Lamas, then this article is just for you.

What is the right time to go to Tibet? What are the travel formalities to be done? What are the top attractions I should not miss?

You shall get answers to all your questions in the course of this post, for a hassle free trip to Tibet you can check out Tibet Travel.


How to travel to Tibet – The Roof of the World?

It is very important to note that independent travel is not allowed to Tibet. Travelers must book an organized tour through authorized travel agencies of Tibet. The Travel Agency takes care of organizing the Tibet permit as well as the services of a guide and vehicle. One has the option of going in for a group or private tour.


How to get a travel permit for Tibet – The Roof of the World?

A Chinese Visa along with a Tibet travel permit is mandatory for entering Tibet. In the absence of a Tibet permit, you will not be allowed to board a plane or a train toTibet. You will also not be able to secure other permits required for traveling across Tibet.

For a start, you must get a Chinese Visa from the Chinese Embassy in your home country and only then will you get the Tibet Travel Permit issued in Lhasa, Tibet.

Once you have the Chinese Visa, the tour company shall take care of all your Tibet Permit needs.


When is the best time to visit Tibet – The Roof of the World?

The summer and autumn months are ideal for traveling to Tibet. This is the time when the sun is up and the snow has melted, clearing many of the blocked roads. Oxygen content is also relatively higher, facilitating trips to high altitudes for some spectacular views.


Some tips and tricks to tackle Altitude/Mountain Sickness

  • Avoid catching cold before you go to Tibet
  • Drinking plenty of water is a must as it will prevent dehydration
  • Eat light food rich in carbohydrates
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking during travel to avoid dehydration
  • Ascending slowly is the best way to avoid altitude sickness and avoid strenuous activity
  • Get prophylactic (preventive) medications


What are the Must-See Attractions in Tibet – The Roof of the World?

Mt. Everest Base Camp

Tibet - The Roof of the World

No trip to Tibet would be complete without a visit to the Everest Base Camp. The Tibet side of the Everest Base Camp affords a wonderful view of the Everest summit, the highest peak in the world. It is heartening to note that one can reach the base camp without undergoing the rigors of an arduous trek. You are driven straight to the Base camp in the comfort of a Bus.


Waking up in the morning to the magical beauty of the mountains with the Sun casting its golden glow on the silver crest of the Himalayan peaks is a moment of sheer ecstasy. This is an experience that you would cherish for a lifetime.


Potala Palace

Tibet - The Roof of the World

This is one of the highlights of the Tibetan trip. This is a UNESCO world heritage site and the former residence of the Dalai Lama. The Stupas, Statues, Murals and other artifacts of the Palace shall take you on a fascinating journey into the rich history and culture of the land of Tibet.


Jokhang Temple

Tibet - The Roof of the World

This is another UNESCO world heritage site and is considered as the most sacred Buddhist temple in Tibet. The temple is a harmonious blend of Indian, Tibetan and Nepalese architectural styles. You are sure to be immersed in an aura of Spirituality in the temple as you watch devout pilgrims prostrating on the ground with a prayer on their lips.


Lake Namtso

Tibet - The Roof of the World

This is a spectacular lake hemmed by snow clad mountains. This lake is the second largest salt water lake in China. The name of the lake literally translates into ‘Heavenly Lake’ and indeed the beauty of the lake with its turquoise water renders it a heavenly halo.


Sera Monastery

Tibet - The Roof of the World

Sera Monastery is one of the biggest monasteries in Lhasa. The biggest attraction is to watch the Monks debating from 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm. It’s an interesting place and makes for a wonderful and unforgettable experience.


Tibet is an experience that one must have once in a lifetime. It is a land of mystery and wonder, a land of snow clad mountains and magical lakes, a land immersed in the beauty of Nature, a land where spirituality whispers in your ears.

Tibet may not be heaven, but it is close to it!

 After reading this article, do you feel like planning a trip to Tibet – The Roof of the World?

Tibet - The Roof of the World

Tibet - The Roof of the World

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  1. Chris Reply

    Wow, a true highlight!

    It must have been a wonderful experience, yet sad at the same tim.

    I do feel for the Tibetan people in exile all across the world…

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    Thank you especially for the tips and tricks on tackling Altitude/Mountain Sickness, definitely would not have thought of those. The Potala Palace looks incredible.

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    Lake Namtso looks like one to add to the ever-growing list! What a stunning sight. I can’t believe just how tough it is to travel there. Did you find that aspect to be frustrating?

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    WOW!!! Especially the “Heavenly Lake” looks almost like a beach, right?!
    Fantastic photos, envy you!!

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    Wow, Tibet looks absolutely amazing. And who knew you could just bus it to Everest Base Camp, I would love to do the hike but now that I know there is a bus….. haha

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    Hmmm, perhaps my comment earlier didn’t work…

    What an amazing place, however it must also be a little sad.

    I think I would find myself thinking of all the wonderful Tibetan people living in exile who have lost their home…

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    Incredible photos! I would love to go to Tibet. Your article gives a lot of good advice in case I ever get to make the journey. 🙂

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    What a fantastic post with stunning pictures. Have always had Bhutan on my list — will have to add Tibet to the same journey. Thanks for laying it out so well.

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    Tibet looks incredible. Thanks for the tips on avoiding altitude sickness – I was hit hard in Bolivia!

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Thank you Michele. Travel tips definitely help avoid some things in a new and unknown territory!

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    Wow, Tibet looks absolutely amazing – the temples and palaces are breathtaking! I’d love to go someday.

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    This is a wonderful post that does make me want to visit Tibet. I hadn’t realized how much red tape is involved in going there. Thanks for the heads-up! This is obviously a destination that one must plan for well in advance. I would be very interested in visiting the Potala Palace.

  20. Sreeram Reply

    I have no words to thank you for publishing such a helpful article. Tibet is my dream destination. This post is more than helpful to me. Lake Namtso looks undoubtedly like a heaven.

  21. Janna Reply

    I recently watched the movie Everest and I think it would be cool to see the Base Camp. It’s great to know that it’s not difficult to get there and you can do it by just going on a bus ride.

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Yes, the Everest movie is quite inspiring. We watched it last year and Tibet side of Everest base camp is easier to go.

  22. Kevin Wagar Reply

    Tibet is high on the list of places I’ve been dreaming of visiting. Thanks for the great tips on what you need to know. I wasn’t aware that so many permits were available and that there were options other than hiking to Everest base camp!

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      Thanks Kevin. With the help of the tour agency and guides, the Everest base camp is easy to do!

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    Thank you for sharing this! Great tips. I love the photos! Now I want to go! Very. Badly.

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    This article has definitely made me serious about visiting Tibet and doing the Everest Base camp too.
    The pictures are alluring and everything seems doable after reading this. Thank you for the article.

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    This is amazing. It has been a childhood dream to visit Tibet. Is it easy for Indians to visit Tibet? I was amazed to read that you can reach Everest Base Camp on a bus. I did EBC from Nepal side. Mine was a back breaking trek on rough terrains.

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    I heard so many interesting things about Tibet, as well saw some movies. One day I would love to go there but somehow I believe that would like to go with the group or tour operator. Would fell more comfortable to travel there 🙂

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    One of the best adventures one can have. Good to know their detailed policy in tibet. Each of your photos stunned my eyes! 🙂

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    Tibet is soo beautiful, but I wonder why there so much restrictions. Like getting Chinese visa, not allowing travelers via do it yourself etc. I know that there is political or whatever reasons behind tibet and china. But I still do hope to see Mt. Everest someday 🙂

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