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Reading and travelling are our twin passions, and keeping in pace with changing technologies we have transitioned from Books to eBooks and so on. Today Apps virtually rule the world or at least a part of it. You have apps for virtually everything from ordering Chinese Food to summoning a cab to drop you at the airport, from helping you get your Yoga postures right to filing your tax Returns, and so on, the list is endless.

One area of this App revolution that we have embraced is that of downloading and reading content offline. We find this so useful and convenient as it helps us catch up on our reading, on the go.

With this background in mind we would like to introduce you to a relatively new and innovative concept launched by GPSMyCity, that of Blog Article Apps. Click here to check the same.

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Each article is an individual app which you can download for free. This allows you to access the article offline, and read it on the go, literally from wherever you are and you do need not worry about the availability of an Internet connection. There is also the option to upgrade for a small fee. This assists with your travel planning by providing an offline map showing the points of interest. And it links the app to GPS, so that when you are actually in the city you can get a route to the places mentioned in the article.

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce here that two of our posts are now available as Apps, these are our posts on Lucerne, Switzerland and Fiesole, Italy.

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To enable you to have a first-hand experience of this new concept of Blog Article Apps, we are giving away for free the above two article apps between June-27 to July-3. During this giveaway period one can upgrade the apps for free.

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Here is how to download the app and then upgrade to the free full version:

A Magical Morning in Misty Lucerne, Switzerland

Fascinating Fiesole

To get your free upgraded app, you need to click on the link for the article(s) you are interested in. Then follow the instructions to download the GPSMyCity app. You will then be taken to the page for the article app – click on Upgrade and the app will be automatically linked to an offline map and the GPS navigator.

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Go ahead and experience the magic of these two lovely European towns, Lucerne and Fiesole on your fingertips by downloading the apps and do let us know your experience.

We thank GPSMyCity for providing free updated apps for the period of the giveaway.



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38 thoughts on “Voyager’s Blog Articles Now Take an App Avatar

  1. Sheri Reply

    I think the idea behind it is a fantastic one and I am glad you have your content on there. I have a question as I am not sure I understood right. If each article is an app, and I download 10 articles, do I then have 10 new apps on my phone and display? How does this work for saving space on the phone?

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Here is what I got to know:
      Some apps are standalone apps and downloaded directly from iTunes. Each such app has its own icon displayed on your iPhone home screen, so they take up space on your iPhone home screen. The article apps are downloaded inside the GPSmyCity app. On your home screen, you see only the GPSmyCity app. But each downloaded article app still takes up space on your iPhone disk. If you are running out of disk space, you should consider deleting some of the downloaded articles to free up space on the disk.

  2. Erin Scherer Reply

    This is a great idea! I love using apps in collaboration with travel. It just seems to go hand in hand since you can’t lug around a computer with you everywhere!


  3. Grey World Nomads Reply

    I’ve never heard of this app before. Sounds very interesting.

  4. Epepa Reply

    I like to read about the place where I am when I travel and this app is a fantastic thing. I checked this website and there are some nice tours around Budapest. Thanks for sharing a link!

  5. Rashmi&Chalukya Reply

    This sounds like a superb idea, to have an article and details of a place like map and navigation on the go would be so helpful.

  6. Kat Reply

    Well, this is interesting. I’d like to see reviews from other users of this app. 🙂 I think it’s great that there are now more tools for travelers’ use, it just makes life so much easier.

  7. Blair Villanueva Reply

    This is a cool travel app, not just for pointing on the right direction but also giving us more information about the places, like a travel magazine. Great idea 😀

  8. Maria Reply

    Congratulations for turning your articles into a Travel App. This sounds like a cool way to help tourists find and explore their destination without having to carry around a massive guidebook and map. Very cool 🙂

  9. star lengas Reply

    This is super cool! My husband would enjoy this, he prefers kindles or reading articles on his phone. Goodluck with the giveaway!

  10. Stella the Travelerette Reply

    This sounds like an interesting idea. Was it a lot of work on your part to get the articles ready to be an app? I wonder how smoothly it works for the reader too.

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      On our part, we just shared our website link. GPSmycity went through the site to convert the articles into an app. It was that easy!

  11. Ana Reply

    This app sounds amazing and best for tech savvy travelers. I will definitely check this out!

  12. Andra Reply

    Really nice concept. I like it when travel meets innovation and the result is a cool app like this one. Good luck!

  13. Tamshuk Reply

    This is quite an interesting idea for making the blogposts available offline. Definitely helps on catching up with all the articles and also makes for interesting reads during our travels.

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