Elephant – The gentle giant

Elephants - The gentle giants

Elephant – The gentle giant

Elephants! The gentle giants have always fascinated Man, children clap with glee on seeing elephants whether it be in the zoo, circus or hauling heavy loads on the road. The association of Man and Elephant goes a long way back in history. Elephants were used as ‘working animals’ as far back as the Indus Valley Civilization (3300 BC – 1700 BC). Elephants have been part of many a war in history, the earliest reference of Elephants in warfare is found in the Indian Epic Mahabharata, written in the 4th Century BC, but said to depict events that occurred between the 11th and 8th Century BC.

However the population of elephants across the world is dwindling because of the threats faced from poaching for Ivory and urbanization. The need of the hour is to ensure the safety and survival of these magnificent animals who are worshipped as God in many countries.

August, 12th is World Elephant Day, as conceived in 2011 by Canadian Filmmakers Patricia Slims and Michael Clark and a Thailand foundation as a bid to raise awareness to the threats faced by the Elephant worldwide.

Here is a unique Elephant Sanctuary you must visit:

Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary

This sanctuary is situated in Northern Thailand and was founded by Katherine Connor in memory of a Baby Elephant named Boon Lott, which means ‘Survivor’ in Thai. The sanctuary is rendering yeoman service in rescuing and protecting elephants in Thailand from abuse and extinction. Visitors to the sanctuary can interact with the elephants in an environment of love and peace.

If you are inspired and want to say hello to the elephants of Boon Lott, please check them out here. If Wildlife excites you, why don’t you wake up in the wild.

Elephant – The gentle giant

Elephant – The gentle giant


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24 thoughts on “Elephant – The gentle giant

  1. Renne Simpson Reply

    Just looked them up. It’s nice to see someone trying to help these sweet creatures. The things these animals go through just makes me so sad.

    • Voyager Reply

      Very true Renne. We have seen some horrific videos on how these poor animals are tortured and feel sad that man fails to understand these creatures and these animals suffer at the hands of man! 🙁

    • Voyager Reply

      I have read about this place and wish to visit in my next trip to Thailand. Ideally all wildlife should stay in forest with all the freedom they need.

  2. Rob Taylor Reply

    I can’t imagine how it must be to be such a huge animal and need to be rescued to a confined area. While I’m so glad people are stepping up to offer protection, sanctuaries still break my heart, or it’s that we need them that breaks my heart. It’s a fine line.

    • Voyager Reply

      True. I second your thought. Actual home for all the wild animals should be the forest where they can freely move around and be as they want to be.

  3. Cathy Reply

    Such sweet, intelligent animals! I loved seeing them on safari, a whole new level of admiration for them.

  4. samiya selim Reply

    WIll definitely try and visit this sanctuary when we are in Thailand next, probably around end of this year. Elephants are such amazing creatures!

    • Voyager Reply

      Elephants are truly amazing! Glad to know you will be going to Thailand this year. Can’t wait to hear the stories Samiya. 🙂

  5. Shelly Reply

    Elephants are awesome. Sadly, I remember going to an Animal Safari park here in Canada as a kid and riding an elephant. The things we humans do to other animals for our own entertainment.

  6. Ami Reply

    Have found this creature all around Kerala – in fact, one tusker on the road, holding up traffic. The Elephant camp at Dubare too, is a fun place to interact with them. I also, loved the Elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka…remember feeding a baby elephant, who was as tall as me (ha ha). Sigh! Thanks for bringing in these memories.

  7. shayan Naveed Reply

    Elephants are definitely amazing creatures! I love them and I have never sat on one but I used to see their shows and at zoos but ever since I started travel blogging and learned the horrors of their abuse, I have stopped.

    As far as elephant sanctuaries go, there are many in Chiang Mai. I wish I went to one.

  8. [email protected] Reply

    It’s so heartbreaking that humans were almost able to wipe out this majestic animal! I’m so happy that awareness is now much more prevalent. Hopefully one day these gentle giants will be able to roam free in their natural environments without any danger. Good thing these sanctuaries exist.

  9. Thelittlelai: Beyond limits Reply

    Wow, I haven’t seen an elephant in my entire life and reading this is like I wanted to meet them with my naked eyes. I will surely visit Thailand soon to see these giant elephants. Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. Abbi @ Spin the Windrose Reply

    I’m hoping to visit an elephant sanctuary in Sri Lanka. It was great to read about this place in Thailand. We need to take care of these gentle giants and ensure they are protected!

  11. Emma Reply

    Elephants have always been my favourite animals. They seem so wise and gentle like you said! and also really wise – it’s such a shame that there are so few left and they’re endangered! Good on you for raising awareness about them!

  12. neha Reply

    When we were children, living in small towns, elephants were a rare treat and they seemed so wonderful to us. It’s sad they are being mistreated by human and they are nearing extinct. We all should do our part to preserve them, provide them with their natural habitat and just let them be

  13. Harsh Gupta Reply

    Makes me really sad when I know humans have been using these cute creatures for their own benefits – but worst when being a human we couldn’t do much! Thanks for spreading awareneSS..

  14. Swati & Sam Reply

    It is so sad that such a beautiful animal is poached. Thanks to places like Boon Lott which ensure the safety and security of these animals in their natural habitat. We remember visiting a simial park called Kenyir Elephant Nature Reserve in Malaysia. We did get to interact with the elephants in their natural habitat.

  15. Zwitsy Reply

    I remember reading an article about the danger of Elephant, they are only a few left! And that sure saddens many of us. 🙁 But I am glad that there are still people who take good care of them. I haven’t seen one personally but I would love to be able to visit a certain place that has it! Hopefully, one day.

  16. The Travel Ninjas Reply

    We learned so much about Elephants at a similar sanctuary in Malaysia. Like many, we were sadly ignorant of the plight of the elephants. The work of these sanctuaries are so important and we feel they should definitely be supported.

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