5 Must Have Gadgets For Travelers

Travel Gadgets
Traveling is all about living in the now and experiencing the world with your own two eyes. But that doesn’t mean technology doesn’t play an important role in the world of wandering. Without it, capturing your stunning experiences wouldn’t be possible. Now, more than ever, there are so many wonderful travel gadgets out there that can make your traveling experience a whole lot better. Plus, most of them are incredibly easy and fun to use!

Next time you head out on an adventure, make sure you have these five must-have travel gadgets packed safely in your carry-on bag. Here we go!

Travel Gadgets


Travel Gadgets

Possibly the most important piece of technology for any traveler is a camera. Travel photography is the absolute best way to capture memories from your exploits. From the landscapes and places you visit, the activities you do and the people you meet. A trip is incomplete without capturing these memories!

You really don’t need a big, bulky, expensive camera these days. Smaller point-and-shoot cameras have become fairly advanced, taking photos that look nearly as good as those with professional DSLRs. The DSLR, however, offers a lot of versatility, with interchangeable lenses and additional ways to customize your pictures. Consider what kind of traveler and photographer you want to be and choose what is best for you from there. Just because your friends or travelers you meet along the way have the biggest and most expensive camera, doesn’t mean that you have to too. Check out tips to choose a best camera.

Mobile Smartphone

Travel Gadgets

Chances are your mobile phone also has a camera. Though it may not be as high quality as a separate DSLR or point-and-shoot, cameras on mobile phones offer additional options, like the ability to take selfies or panoramic photos. It’s also so easy to carry around, look at and share your photos. Easy!

Smartphones have a lot of other benefits as well. As app technology becomes increasingly more popular, it’s easy to do everything from finding directions and hailing an Uber to ordering food and purchasing tickets for museums and other attractions.

Smartphones can also serve as mobile hotspots so you can stay connected with friends and family or work online while traveling. Plus they are a great tool for passing time on planes and trains, with games and puzzles to keep your mind busy along the way.

Mobile Chargers

Travel Gadgets

Another must-have tool that can be incredibly handy for wanderers is a mobile charger. When you’re traveling and using your gadgets non-stop for everything from directions and communication to photos and music, your battery drains extremely quickly.

A mobile charger can easily keep your devices accessible long after they should have died. However, travelers may want to take it a step further and purchase a wireless mobile charger like the Bezalel Prelude wireless charger. Without cords and cables getting all tangled up, it’s easier to charge your gadgets on the go—just set them on top of the wireless charger and wait for it to work its magic. There’s nothing worse than not having the right plug or cable on you when you need them the most. Wireless is the way to go!

USB On-the-Go

Travel Gadgets

Especially for those who work on the road, the USB On-the-Go, or USB OTG, is an incredibly useful must-have gadget that can make tech problems ever so simple.

While standard USB runs on a master-slave relationship, USB OTG erases that issue, allowing devices that usually serve as the slave—like a mobile phone—to attach to another device that also typically acts as a slave, like a printer. This enhances the way travelers can use technology across the world.

USB OTG can work with most devices, like flash drives, tablets, laptops, cameras, keyboards, printers and even mice. It can make your life so much easier. If you’re nomadic and you have clients to reach, you won’t be slipping up with the help of this gadget.


Travel Gadgets

Headphones are one of the more classic items on our list, serving as a great tool for both listening to music and working on the road.

Get a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to block out travel sounds and help you fall asleep to relaxing music while you’re traveling. These can be beneficial for planes, trains, and buses but also for hotels or hostels if you’re staying in a bustling city center. Ever had a snoring traveler in your hostel? Beat them with a pair of headphones!

Travelers can also carry a pair of headphones or earbuds that have a speaker attached to making calls from the road—everyone around you won’t have to hear your conversation, but you can still keep your hands free while chatting. Perfect for when you carry your luggage, riding your bike and generally having the time of your life!

The above mentioned are the top 5 essential Travel Gadgets that every traveler needs to carry. These gadgets can make your traveling experience a whole lot better. Do check out Kate’s tips on  Travel Gadgets for Tech Savvy Travellers.

What must-have gadgets do you recommend for traveling? Pop your tips in the comments box below!

Travel Gadgets

Travel Gadgets

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49 thoughts on “5 Must Have Gadgets For Travelers

  1. Soraya Reply

    That Bezalel Prelude wireless charger sounds awesome! I ALWAYS forget to bring my USB connection cable for my portable charger, so it usually defeats the purpose. The wireless charger sounds so convenient. And good quality noise-cancelling headphones are an absolute life changer!

  2. Kristina Reply

    These are, without a doubt, the top five things people should have when traveling. Powerbanks are SO helpful, I don’t know how we survived without them hahaha.

  3. Jo Reply

    You are absolutely right on all 5. I don’t even leave home without my phone and sometimes even my gopro – you never know when there’s a photo opp (yeah blogging has made me obsessed about photography). Great list.

  4. neha Reply

    I know now a days these gadgets are indispensable when we travel. Add to that ipad and kindle (I carry them mostly). I wish there was one single gadget invented with us travel lovers in mind that could serve the purpose of these all. Imagine how convenient it would be

  5. Jenn Reply

    Love this, thanks for introducing us to some new products. The wireless mobile charger looks like a great addition to our travel must-haves!

  6. Revati Reply

    That’s a great list of essentials. I literally carry every single one of those with my when I travel! I’ve got this real nifty USB that also plugs into my phone, so I can just pull out images and videos if my phone starts getting slow on the go!

  7. Pete Reply

    Hadn’t heard of the USB OTG thing.

    I can afford a good DSLR. I had a Canon 70D and was building up a nice set of lenses. But for travel, that’s too big and bulky. A mirrorless interchangeable lens camera like the Olympus EPL7 is a LOT smaller, takes pictures every bit as impressive, and won’t break the bank.

    There are a lot of good point and shoots that will slip into a pocket or pouch. But they fall short in low light, or for telephoto, or portraits. Being unable to swap out for a specialist lens means that one is always going to be restricted in subject.

  8. FS Page Reply

    Thats definitely an essential list. The wireless charger is something i need to get my hands on. You are right that lots of wires from mobile chargers to powerbank wires to camera chargers to earphone wires make life too messy and going wireless is the need of the hour.

  9. Samantha Reply

    I would love to get a DSLR but right now, I just double up my smartphones as cameras. I just recently got a mobile charger to bring with me on my adventures; although, it dies quickly (it was cheap) so I need to get a better one!

  10. Ami Bhat Reply

    Camera…definitely, no. 1, Mobile next…and then the charger….And one more thing is universal plug-point, you never know when you need, especially when heading abroad. Nice set of important gadgets for travelers

  11. Chris Reply

    People always used to look at me in amazement when I’d tell them I don’t travel with a smart phone… the Camera is mandatory, everything else is a luxury 🙂

  12. Suz Reply

    I absolutely depend on my mobile phone for pretty much everything! We just got back from a seven month backpacking trip through Europe, and while I took my DSLR, some of my favorite photos came from my phone! I wouldn’t have forgotten my camera for anything, but it’s always a good thing to remember that you phone also has a camera. I also wish I would have had a mobile charger!

  13. Abhinav Singh Reply

    These are very important to me too. I always cross check my bag for exactly these things before I leave home. I used smart phone for lot of things like making notes and even clicking pictures of places which help me in writing later.

  14. Nisha Reply

    Great list! Except for headphones, I carry every single one of those when I travel. I like to hear the outside sound. 🙂

  15. Candy Reply

    Yup!!! I carry all of these when I travel. The only thing is that my headphones are a lot smaller, since I run out of room in my bag with all the camera equipment 🙂

  16. Cori Reply

    It’s hard to imagine the days of traveling before a smart phone (even though I experienced them!). I don’t travel with a camera, usb, or headphones, but I can’t get by without my laptop! Of course, I’m working remotely, so it’s not optional.

  17. Chi Le Reply

    This post is interesting and I totally agree with you on these 5 gadgets. They are helpful as we’re all living in a digital world haha Mobile charger is what I forgot on the last trip and I was kinda stuck when the battery died.

  18. Global Girl Travels Reply

    Yes to all of these. I bring them all to my travels especially the camera and camera phones. You’ll never know when you will encounter something worthwhile so it is best to have something to capture it with!

  19. Irma Reply

    The only thing I hate about traveling is packing. It seems it is impossible for me to pack everything I need. And the usual stuff I forget are headphones and chargers. I will bookmark this list as a reminder. If that does not help me then I ma a lost case definitively.

  20. Maria Reply

    Jealous of the wireless charger! Hoping there will be too for Apple phones. Whenever I travel, I always bring my camera, smartphone and chargers alongside with other necessities like clothes, etc. However, nowadays, I realized that people seem to forget to connect with the place they are going to and just take photos. My camera is quite heavy since it’s a Nikon D90 but it’s hard to let it go because it was a gift. 😀

  21. Tonya Wilhelm Reply

    Great 5. Camera, phone, charger, usb those are all in my travel bag. That charger is pretty cool. I will have to check it out.

  22. Liz Mays Reply

    I do have a DSLR but I tend to rely on my smartphone for taking pictures while traveling. Having a reliable charger is an absolute necessity.

  23. Divya Reply

    I’m in definite agreement with the camera and the portable charger. I feel like my battery always dies and I’m never in a place where I can charge it.

  24. Jessica Hughes Reply

    I always have my smartphone and my camera with me when traveling. I don’t have a wireless charging bank yet, but I really need to pick one up as not having to worry about finding the right cord would be fantastic. The USB OTG is so interesting, I hadn’t heard of these yet but they would be so handy for me to have along on a trip.

  25. Neely Moldovan Reply

    mobile chargers are important for my day to day life. Travel especially!

  26. shelly Reply

    I definitely need to get a mobile charger. I’m always using my cell for photos and it uses the battery quickly.

  27. Lisa Reply

    Yay me – these are all in my tech travel bag! I used to over pack my gadgets but now I know what works the best and what I need to have with me!

  28. Elizabeth O. Reply

    I think this is a pretty good list. Those are usually the things that I have when I travel. I can never go without my camera with me.

  29. Carol Cassara Reply

    One thing that I learned is to bring a powerbank as well. It’s been really helpful especially when all I have is my smartphone for everything, for work, for pictures, and for communication. These are all definitely must haves!

  30. Travel Blogger Reply

    Great list! I don’t go anywhere without my headphones or mobile charger. I have a few different cameras I take depending on the trip, but I really like my DSLR. Much easier to take on travel.

  31. Heather Reply

    I rely on my iphone for everything. I carry extra portable chargers as well. I’d add a selfie stick or a tripod.

  32. Our Family World Reply

    I’ve got the very same list, except I have not gotten a USB OTG yet. I have been meaning to get one but I always forget when I am in the store. I guess it would be better if I ordered online! Thanks for the reminder

  33. Ave Reply

    I always have my camera with me! All the gadgets you mention are really useful, I’d also add an external battery, just in case!

  34. Rosey Reply

    I need a wireless charger. I always mess up my little prongs inside of my devices, leaving them hard to charge.

  35. Julie Syl Reply

    These all are great lists! I will noted this. This is such a great and good advice!

  36. ejnosillA/RedefiningHERstory Reply

    Those are items you would need to have on a trip and they are very stylish… I always forget to buy a camera to go out of town and than when you see something you want to capture… my phone is always dead. I really could of used a camera on my last trip to Vegas, but I am going to Florida and thanks for the reminder… I am on my way to Best Buys to make sure I have one for my trip next week!

  37. Tami Reply

    These are all ‘must haves’ for me when I travel. I forgot my camera a few times and regretted it big time.

  38. Aziel morte Reply

    I agree this is on my lists too, I think gadget now was important when you are on travel.

  39. Mike Lee Reply

    Great list and I think gadgets are really becoming a common part of our travel luggage nowadays. I like the wireless charger, something very handy, and the USB looks like a pretty handy saving device. Smartphones I have to say, thanks to so many Apps really make travel easier, so it is the most essential one of them all.

  40. Nikhil Dhariya Reply

    When Traveling comes the must have gadget would be a camera then smart phone, and rest all are secondary gadgets. Never forget your camera you will regret it later.

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