Trabug – Travel Across India Simplified!


India is a vast, diverse and complicated country. If you are planning to travel to India then first you need to decide the destinations you want to travel to.  And if you are travelling for the first time, it is advisable to stick to popular destinations like Rajasthan, Delhi, Mumbai, Goa and Kerala to name a few. They are extremely tourist friendly. Narrow down places based on weather conditions you prefer or your personal interests too. There is something for everyone in India. There are tonnes of itineraries available on Tripadvisor to help you plan a great trip. But this post isn’t about how to plan your trip to India, but about to getting around in India with Trabug.

Trabug – Travel across India simplified!

Think about how you want to stay connected on the go. There is a possibility that you land in India and your phone doesn’t work on local networks. That could be because your phone is customised to your home country, or is locked to one particular cellular network and procuring a local sim card in India can be a long and complex process for a foreign national.

But now you will not have to face this particular problem and you can get connected through Trabug. It is a traveller’s smartphone with a 4G SIM card and hosts all information and services which travellers need on the go. You can connect with your family while travelling or keep a record of precious moments while travelling via its high-end camera.

Since everyone despises paperwork, the documents required to order a Trabug are kept to a bare minimum – especially considering the redundancy of the seven-step process for purchasing an Indian SIM anywhere else. How it works is that you place an order online at and from there, you can select your phone plan. Your order is confirmed by sending a copy of just your passport, Indian visa and a passport-size photograph. You also have to specify your travel dates and the address of the location you want Trabug to arrive – be it a hotel, homestay or a bnb. If you’re often faced with the paradox of choice as I am, you’ll appreciate that there are only three simple and effective plans to choose from: the Eco, Flexi and Power phone plan. Opting for the Flexi will cover most of your bases.

Just like a brand new phone, Trabug arrives neatly packaged in a small box along with a charging device that you can use right from the get-go.  You won’t need to waste any of your precious travel time learning how to navigate this smartphone. Despite being loaded with all the big-time apps such as Uber, Google Maps Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Skype, the interface is extremely simple and user-friendly. Everything is neatly categorised on one screen so you there’s no need to scroll through multiple screens to search what you’re looking for. The only popular apps you won’t find are Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, however, there is a solution for those of you who are not unlike me and need to live off either of these two apps as crucially as you need oxygen to breath. There is just another way Trabug blows the lid off another one of its incredibly useful features: the ability to connect your personal phone to Trabug’s hotspot to experience the best of both worlds!

Speaking of two phones, the only (somewhat humorous) hassle you might come across while using Trabug is that all of the phones are identical. If you’re travelling in a large group where everyone has their own Trabug, you might want to throw a little sticker on the back to help you identify which phone is yours; it’ll save you having to pick up the wrong phone multiple times before you find the one that belongs to you. Alternatively, you can take a beautiful selfie and save it as your wallpaper! But I wouldn’t let identical phones turn you off when there’s an entire aspect of Trabug dedicated to helping tourists make the best decisions about where to eat and what to see.

As India is famous for its spices and food so it’s time to consult Trabug for options and test out its recommendations. Trabug’s recommendations will not disappoint you. And if you’re not the biggest foodie and you prefer the educational side of things, there’s a real treat for you too: audio guides for just about every tourist destination in India. It’s far more convenient to read and listen at your own pace. It adds a special touch to be able to learn about the rich culture and history of each city you visit, especially when it can all be done from the comfort of your phone.


Visit Trabug’s website to scope out further details about its plans and features. A travel phone is a revolutionary solution that’s been long overdue for travellers visiting India, and it won’t be long before other start-ups follow the same trail Trabug has paved to enhance the quality of a traveller’s experience. If you’re travelling to India, Trabug is by far the most useful and convenient device you could possibly carry.

Trabug is a smartphone that is given out on a rental basis. The phone hosts information and services which most travellers need on the go. It is also powered by a 4G SIM, which offers data, and voice plans. It gets delivered to your address in India upon your arrival free of cost. Trabug saves a lot of your precious vacation time.  Trabug also gives emergency information about hospitals, police stations and embassies. The information is specific to the location of the tourist. Besides information, Trabug also hosts services like ordering foreign exchange, getting a cab, audio tours etc. They aim to make travel across India Safe, Spontaneous and Easy.

In short, Trabug provides smartphones to foreign nationals travelling to India. The phone has location based integrated services to eat, shop, explore, book a cab etc. which makes travel hassle-free. Check out the plans and pricing here. Do share your thoughts on whether the travel tips provided here to travel to India is useful.

Voyager readers travelling to India or planning to travel to India in the near future can get extra 100 minutes of talk time or 1 GB data quoting the code IM101EXTRA.


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68 thoughts on “Trabug – Travel Across India Simplified!

  1. Chris Reply

    I can see how this would appeal to people who like the security of a phone when they travel.

    For many, this would allay the fear of being disconnected in a foreign country.

    Personally however, I’m happy to stick to the Wi-Fi at hostels and other lodging options 😉

  2. ada Reply

    That sounds really good especially when we travel to countries where internet is very limited ! Its important to connect with family let them know that we safe, or even find the right directions on our way. Thanks for sharing

  3. Emma Reply

    This is great – my mum is off to Goa next month so I’ll have to tell her about it. I need her to stay in contact with me so I can be sure that she’s safe!

  4. Lynne Sarao Reply

    I have never heard of this before. It’s very interesting! Is it just for India or are they thinking of adding support and information for other countries as well?

  5. Kim-Ling Reply

    This is a great idea! Is it just for India? I like that it comes with Uber, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Skype pre-loaded. Good to know it also acts as a hotspot, as I normally communicate abroad via Whatsapp or Messenger. I also like the idea of the audio guides and restaurant suggestions! What do you do with it when you leave though?

    • Voyager - Sandy & Vyjay Post authorReply

      Yes, this is for people traveling to India. It will be highly useful. You will return it at the hotel reception desk once you are ready to leave India. Hope that answers your query. Let us know if you need any more info.

    • Sunali Reply

      Yes its for India only for now. You can leave it at your hotel reception or friend’s place and we will have it picked up from anywhere in India.

  6. Rhonda Albom Reply

    Looks like a great tool, easy to use and obtain, and certainly better than seven steps to get a SIM card. With food and culture planning, Trabug looks pretty complete.

  7. Cai Dominguez Reply

    Wow! it’s my first time to know something like this. This is really helpful for travelers in India. Especially, if you don’t have an open line phone. I will take note of this in case I will visit India. Hopefully soon!

  8. Jenn and Ed Coleman Reply

    This sounds like a great idea. We used wi-fi exclusively in Thailand and it was somewhat limited. Particularly, when we left the hotel in the morning and wanted to change our destination in the afternoon. Without internet at our fingertips, we had to find a cafe first, usually purchase a little food, and then log in to re-route. I imagine that we would have saved money and certainly flexibility if we didn’t have to keep hopping into hot spots.

    • ankita Reply

      Hey Jenn,
      Trabug will definitely save you time and money both. You can convert the Trabug phone into a hotspot and connect other devices also.
      If you plan a trip to India, feel free contact us.

  9. Jen Reply

    This is great. I will tell my friends who will be travelling to India about this. This is great.

  10. anneklien meanne Reply

    Trabug looks like a good idea when travelling around India to be insta instantly connected with social media and give updates to families back home.

  11. Tracie Howe Reply

    How interesting! So, it’s like renting a phone then, right? I definitely prefer not to rely on wi-fi alone when I travel, so this is good to know. Thanks for sharing!

    • ankita Reply

      hi Tracie,
      Yeah, it’s like renting a phone and a SIM card too. You can even connect your laptop to the hotspot, share pictures with your friends easily and stay connected with your family. If you want to know more about the service feel free to contact us at:
      [email protected]

    • Ankita Reply

      Thanks Stephanie!!
      March is a good time to travel India because of the weather. So plan your trip soon. If you want to know more about the service contact us at [email protected]

  12. Vishal Vashisht Reply

    This is not bad. As the name suggests TraBug (travel bug), it is actually a bug that let’s us travel freely with all the required necessities of travels. I will try it next time when I am back home and see how it goes?

  13. anto Reply

    Great idea! No plans to go to India anytime soon but would love to hear when they are adding more countries!

  14. Travelwith2ofus Reply

    Brilliant concept. I have never heard about anything like this before. I wonder if it’s only for Indian? This is indeed a time saver and will greatly help so you can concentrate on exploring India instead of looking for ways to get connected.

  15. Ance Reply

    India is great place to explore Thanks for the tips really helpful information I will know when i will decide to visit India ! Thank you !

  16. The Travel Ninjas Reply

    We hope to visit India later this year. TraBug sounds great. It’s too bad sim cards are such a hassle there. I prefer my own phone, but this seems like a good alternative to stay connected.

  17. Nisha Reply

    This looks like a great device. I can see some immediate benefits, like not having to buy a local sim card with data. I remember that a hotel in Hong Kong and also in Singapore , gave a local phone for us to use during our stay there.

  18. Madhurima Maiti Reply

    Amazing! This is a great way to stay connected especially when one travels to a different country. I am going to share this with my friends and family.


    I wish I’ve read this before our four-week trip in India without our own local sim because the shops we asked to needed a local ID! Was it challenging? Very! Especially in booking trains in advance. But we survived!

  20. Kassie Reply

    Wow this is such a cool option to have! Especially if you are a digital nomad or long-term traveling and need to have access to wifi. Usually, I would just get a local sim in my phone but this sounds like it would be much less of a hassle!

  21. Cori Reply

    This is a great idea. I traveled in the age before cell phones…and when you could still get away with leaving your phone at home for a few months. I can’t imagine doing that now, which is why I have a phone plan that works everywhere. But if you don’t have an international cell phone plan, so many of the travel deals offered by cell phone companies are a huge rip off! This sounds like a great alternative to stay in touch and do basic tasks.

  22. Ami Bhat Reply

    This makes it so much more easier for the foreigners to have a connectivity when they visit India. It definitely makes life easier for them. Glad you shared all the information on the same.

  23. knycx.journeying Reply

    Nice information and I will keep that in mind next time I visit India again~ India is a beautiful country with rich and unique history and culture. 🙂 @ knycx.journeying

  24. neha Reply

    I can understand how overwhelming a travel to India can be for people visiting from foreign lands. travbug seems to be a perfect solution to set aside many worries that travelers generally have

  25. Claire Reply

    I had no idea it was so complicated to get a sim card in India! That’s what I usually rely on for long-term travel, but this trabug seems like a good option instead! I guess it depends how long you’re travelling for to decide if it’s worthwhile – I suppose for just a couple of weeks then I’d make do with wifi when its available, but any longer and I’d need this! 🙂

  26. Jessica C Reply

    I hadn’t heard of this before, but I think there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to traveling and data services. This is definitely one to look into especially if it’s so difficult to get a local SIM in India!

  27. Gina Reply

    I love how this phone is provided to tourists for free. It’s so easy to look up places to eat, sleep and play without having to Google everything. I may be traveling to India in the future, so I would definitely be using this service.

  28. Sarah Kim Reply

    This is really good to know because I want to go to India but will need some help. I like that the app recommends things like food too because that’s the best reason to travel anywhere!

  29. FS Page Reply

    That is a very useful blog for so many people. The problems you sighted are so true and a solutions this remarkable with hardly any cons is too good to be true. Thank you for sharing this.

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