How Travel Can Transform You



The more I travel and the more I realize that every moment I am being transformed from inside. Travel is a catalyst that brings about great changes in the way we think and perceive the world and the environment. The changes may seem almost imperceptible, but they are happening all the time.

Travel has worked a catalysis within me and transformed me into a romantic, a poet and a writer.

Here is a humble attempt to present a mosaic of words and pictures that try to describe what travel means and what it can do to any of us.


Travel is a window to the beautiful world outside, open the window and let the sunshine in.




Travel peels off layer after layer of your inner personality till at last the core is revealed, you discover yourself.



Voyager (19)

The colors of love and romance will drench you in their many splendoured hues as you travel the world.



You don’t need to travel to smile, but if you travel, you will definitely smile.




The world may be divided by religion, but there is one religion that binds the world together, travel.




Black or white, stripes or no stripes, this world is our home and let us all stay in peace and harmony.




I know no prayer, I know no God, but my heart wells up in gratitude and I want to thank whoever made this beautiful world.

Travel is one powerful medium that breaks down barriers and connects cultures and people. Here an example where Tourism/Travel is being used to bring people closer. Do check out this video:

Aziz Abu Sarah: For more tolerance, we need more … tourism?

Aziz Abu Sarah is a Palestinian activist with an unusual approach to peace-keeping: Be a tourist. The TED Fellow shows how simple interactions with people in different cultures can erode decades of hate. He starts with Palestinians visiting Israelis and moves beyond …

Travel has transformed me from within!

What do you feel about travel? Is it a passion with you? Do you see it as a type of meditation that takes you closer to your inner self? Has travel transformed you as a person from withing? Do let us know your thoughts through our comments section.






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41 thoughts on “How Travel Can Transform You

  1. Claire Henderson Reply

    Being able to travel is an amazing opportunity that everyone should indulge in if they can (we all know what an expensive experience it can be!). I have been lucky enough to travel extensively and feel that I grow wiser and learn something new about the place I am visiting and myself whenever I travel.

  2. Carol Cassara Reply

    I really enjoyed your images. We travel all of the time and all over the world. It is our very fave thing to do! The world is far smaller than we think.

  3. Elizabeth O. Reply

    Traveling can change you in a lot of ways and it’s so nice that these days people are more willing to explore the world outside of their homes. I’ve been to many places and with each one, I’ve learned a lesson about myself and about the people around me.

  4. Angie (FeetDoTravel) Reply

    This is a lovely post and very true! I love your sentiments and I love how travelling as been a passion that has grown within you, as it has within me! Travelling has opened my eyes and my heart to the many different people and cultures in this world that are so very beautiful, it has changed me in ways I never thought and made me a better person. Travelling is the best education anyone can get!

  5. Travel Lexx Reply

    Travel is all of those things you mention and more. It allows us to explore, discover and learn. It lets us recharge our batteries and gain new perspectives on the world around us. We would be poorer without travel and I’m glad that we are lucky enough to have an option to travel. Great post!

  6. Barry Reply

    As a traveller, I like that we treat each other as equal. We judge a person on his or her merits, not by their job title or material possessions.

  7. anna Reply

    Love that TED video! Thank you for sharing. I 100% believe that travel transforms people!

  8. Arni Reply

    Reading your post brought me a sense of calm. Travel revealed different facets of myself. It peels off the layers and it continues to show me who I am especially during those moments when I am connected to a place I visit.

  9. Lisa Reply

    Great post! I agree whole heartedly. Even traveling in your own country can be such a learning experience. Safe travels my friend!!

  10. Global Brunch Reply

    It’s so true, travel really does transform you and you learn so much about yourself too. Travel has helped me overcome fears, be independent from an early age and approach people. The best addiction there is 🙂

    Happy travels,

  11. melody pittman Reply

    Travel has been the passion driving me for around 30 years now. I knew at the ripe age of 17 I would be going anywhere and everywhere possible, and at 47 years old, I am still keeping that dream alive and burning hotter than ever! I love all the pictures and quotes you shared in your post. The result of traveling defines every decision I make, the rationalizations I make, and the sense of decency I abide by. It definitely is a game changer. 😉

  12. Candida Reply

    Great post. Travel has definitely transformed me as an individual in more ways than I could have ever imagined it to. We have a beautiful world out there, just waiting to be explored 🙂

  13. Sally Reply

    Travel opens your eyes. You want to see so much more. You appreciate how lucky you are and how much you have compared to some others and you learn to appreciate the little things in life. I think travel can be very educating and everyone should try some sort of extended trip at least once

  14. Ellie Cleary Reply

    Beautiful post and post. Thank you for writing this. I completely agree that travel has the power to change us, to allow us to know and love ourselves better. Travel can be such a positive exchange, it’s up to us now to make it that way.

  15. Lisa Rios Reply

    I love traveling a lot & I can agree very much that it brings different transformation inside you as you get to explore different tradition & culture away from home. The pictures are so beautiful & it is true that travel brings us under one religion!

  16. JM Reply

    I did not realize before how travel made me as a person I am right now. I spent almost half of my life travelling around and I can say that it has significantly changed me as a person.

  17. Rob+Ann @TravelLatte(.net) Reply

    Nice post! Reminds us of a favorite travel quote from Miriam Beard: “Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” That pretty much nails it for us!

  18. Joanna Reply

    I think that every trip I take transforms me a bit, and that is due to the wonderful people I met on the way, that make my journeys better. And every single person opens my heart a little bit more and makes me more understanding, more humble and more open minded.

  19. Christina Reply

    Travel has definitely transformed me. I believe it has made me a better person which is why I have decided to travel with my children. I truly believe it will have a positive impact on their lives.

  20. Darlene Reply

    Definitely agree! Travel really teaches us a lot of lessons. I learned so much especially when I traveled solo and slowly last year. I was amazed with what I managed to do outside of my comfort zone. That is why travel is my passion.

  21. Rosey Reply

    Travel definitely makes me smile. It’s one of my most favorite things to do.

  22. Salini Reply

    It was an inspiring post. When I was going through it, I was comparing the changes that I have went through after becoming a frequent traveler. I can relate to many of the points. Especially the last point. When I witness the natural wonders and abundant beauty of the earth, I feel thankful. I think, it is a prayer in purest form, not selfish or narrow minded, but just feel thankful for the things that are given to us.

  23. Randolph Reply

    Yes, travelling changes us obliviously. And it gives a wider sense of appreciation for everything around us. Keep travelling 😊

  24. Rachel Pearson Reply

    I couldn’t agree more. Travels makes the soul happy and also humbles you by how little of this beautiful world we occupy, Thank you for sharing.

  25. Tracie Howe Reply

    Travel, what it can do and how it can make people feel, is so complex. It’s something I have trouble describing because there is so much to say! You’ve definitely hit on a lot of great points here.

  26. Cai Dominguez Reply

    I super loved this article 🙂 It made me realized all the things I’ve been through in the past 2 Years of traveling. Travelling made me love myself more 🙂

  27. Ami Reply

    Lovely quotes. I love this one the best – You don’t need to travel to smile, but if you travel, you will definitely smile.

  28. Cynthia Reply

    I really enjoy reading how traveling transforms you into a poet! Traveling is for me not only a lifestyle, it is my daily breath, the core of my soul. I often wondered what was wrong with me because I can’t imagine a life without wandering around our planet earth. Traveling makes me feel alive, it inspires my creativity, it changes my way of thinking. Thanks for sharing this post!

  29. Claudette Esterine Reply

    Travel most certainly changes your perspective and broadens your horizons. I think everyone should go outside of their own culture and country at least once.

  30. Sebastian Wojnar Reply

    Nice insight into the effect of travel on the psyche. In my opinion, whenever you travel, you leave a part of yourself behind. Both in the minds of those you interact with, and also the burning desire to one day come back!

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