Amazing Cricket Ground In Ahmedabad – Narendra Modi Stadium

Cricket Ground In Ahmedabad - Narendra Modi Stadium

The Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium is the legendary cricket ground in Ahmedabad which is the world’s largest cricket stadium in terms of capacity.

Cricket Ground In Ahmedabad - Narendra Modi Stadium

If the sound of leather meeting willow fires your passion, then the Cricket Ground in Ahmedabad, the Narendra Modi Stadium is sure to fire your imagination. Watching an international cricket match at the stadium which was once referred to simply as, Motera Stadium, in the company of a million cricket-crazy fans, is an out-of-the-world experience.

The capacity of Narendra Modi Stadium Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is 1,32,000, and this cricket ground in Ahmedabad has had many makeovers and grabbed eyeballs in its latest avatar when it was the venue for the “Namaste Trump,” event in February 2020.

World’s Largest Cricket Stadium In Ahmedabad

Cricket Ground In Ahmedabad - Narendra Modi Stadium

What was once a relatively modest cricket ground in Ahmedabad, located on what was then the outskirts of Ahmedabad, is today acknowledged as the largest cricket stadium in the world. The Ahmedabad stadium has emerged as one of the iconic and much sought-after cricket grounds in India and the world. Watching a cricket match live at the Narendra Modi cricket ground in Ahmedabad is a truly unbelievable experience.

Cricket Ground In Ahmedabad – Narendra Modi Stadium Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, which has many laurels in its kitty, including the tag of World Heritage City has one more jewel in its crown, the massive Narendra Modi Stadium, which is an epic theatre made-to-order for legendary cricket wars. Whether your interests lie in cricket or not, this cricket ground in Ahmedabad is sure to leave you amazed with its sheer scale.

Narendra Modi Stadium Ahmedabad – Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about the famous cricket ground in Ahmedabad that is sure to be of interest to you, including facts like Narendra Modi Stadium Size, Narendra Modi Stadium Capacity, facilities, and much more.

  • The old name of Narendra Modi Stadium was Sardar Patel Stadium
  • Earlier the stadium was also known as Motera Stadium and Gujarat Stadium
  • The area of Narendra Modi Stadium is 63 acres
  • The Narendra Modi Stadium seating capacity is more than 1.3 lakh
  • The field size of the Narendra Modi Stadium is 180 yards X 150 yards
  • There are 4 team dressing rooms at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad
  • The Narendra Modi cricket stadium in Ahmedabad is equipped with 3 outdoor practice fields and 6 indoor practice pitches
  • There are 76 corporate boxes each with a seating capacity of 25
  • The total area of the stadium is equal to 32 football fields
  • The stadium has 11 centre pitches on the main ground

History of Narendra Modi Stadium – About Narendra Modi Stadium

Motera Stadium - Narendra Modi Stadium Ahmedabad - Sardar Patel Stadium

The history of the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad dates back to 1983. The year of India’s historic World Cup win. It was in the month of November 1983, that the first Test match was played here, and it was between India and the West Indies. Though India lost the match, it is part of cricketing lore as Kapil Dev came up with a magical haul of 9 wickets in an innings. These remain the legend’s best bowling figures in tests.

What is known as the Narendra Modi Stadium today was known as Gujarat Stadium and locals referred to it as Motera Stadium. The construction of this cricket ground in Ahmedabad was begun in 1982 and completed in 1983. It may be mentioned that before the Narendra Modi stadium came up, the only major cricket ground in Ahmedabad was the Sardar Patel Stadium in the Navrangpura area. This stadium used to host Ranji trophy matches and other domestic fixtures. Three-day matches between state teams and visiting foreign cricket teams were also held at this stadium.

The Gujarat Stadium was renamed Sardar Patel Stadium and became the venue for many international matches. In 2015, the stadium was demolished and the reconstruction of a brand new stadium began. It was in the year 2020, that that new stadium was ready, with state-of-the-art facilities. The stadium was named Narendra Modi Stadium in honour of Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India and also the Ex-Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Narendra Modi Stadium Infrastructure And Facilities

The Narendra Modi Stadium, the famous cricket ground in Ahmedabad is spread over an area of 63 acres. There are three entrances to the stadium and one of the entrances is near the Metro Line. Inside the stadium complex, there is an Olympic-sized swimming pool and also a clubhouse.

The stadium has a huge ramp that facilitates the movement of 60,000 people simultaneously into and out of the stadium. The design of the stadium is such that it does not have pillars and gives an unhindered view to the spectators. A special feature of the stadium is the LED lights which are placed on the roof, unlike the floodlights in most cricketing venues.

Matches In Narendra Modi Stadium and Trivia | Narendra Modi Stadium Matches

Here are some interesting trivia and statistics that are sure to bring the Narendra Modi Stadium Live in your imagination.

  • The legendary Indian opening batsman Sunil Gavaskar completed 10,000 runs in test cricket at what is now the Narendra Modi Stadium in 1986-87
  • Another of India’s cricketing legends, Kapil Dev, broke Richard Hadlee’s record of 432 wickets in a test in 1994 at this very venue, it is also here that he got his career-best bowling figures
  • The man who has been eulogized as the “God of Cricket,” Sachin Tendulkar, became the first-ever batsman to score 30,000 runs in test cricket at this very venue in 2013

Narendra Modi Stadium Tickets | Narendra Modi Stadium Tickets Price

The ticket prices at the Narendra Modi Stadium, a cricket ground in Ahmedabad depend on the specific match and the stand that you are interested in. The rates will be on the higher side for special matches including IPL matches and the World Cup matches.

How To Get To Narendra Modi Stadium | Narendra Modi Stadium Location | Narendra Modi Stadium Address

Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad Route map
Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad Route Map

The Narendra Modi Stadium is the famous cricket ground in Ahmedabad. It is located in the commercial capital of Gujarat State, Ahmedabad, in the western region of India. Click here for the route map to Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

  • Ahmedabad is about 525 kilometres from the city of Mumbai
  • Ahmedabad is about 28 kilometres from Gujarat’s capital, Gandhinagar
  • Ahmedabad to Delhi distance is about 923 kilometres

Reaching Ahmedabad By Air

Ahmedabad is served by the Sardar Patel International Airport and is well connected by air to all major cities of India including Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Jaipur, and others. It is also connected to international destinations like Dubai, Sharjah, Kuwait, Singapore, and others.

Reaching Ahmedabad By Train

Ahmedabad is well connected to major cities of India by train. The main railway station is located in the Kalupur area. It is well-connected to Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Howrah, Bangalore, and many other cities.

Reaching Ahmedabad By Road

Ahmedabad is well connected by a good road network with other places within the state as well as across India through the national highway network.

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Where To Stay When Watching A Match At Narendra Modi Stadium Ahmedabad

There are many stay options in Ahmedabad that range from heritage hotels to luxury 5-star hotels and homestays. You can also look at the convenience of staying in one of the hotels near Narendra Modi Stadium Ahmedabad.
If you want to experience a slice of the rich heritage of Ahmedabad, you can stay at the House of MG. If your preference is a contemporary business hotel, Fortune Landmark on Ashram Road is a good option. If you want to stay in Gandhinagar, there are many options including the Gift City. You can also choose to stay in Mehsana or Patan.

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Narendra Modi Stadium FAQ

Is Narendra Modi Stadium bowling or batting pitch?

Generally, the pitch at the Narendra Modi Stadium has been found to tilt in favour of the bowlers.

What is the average score at Narendra Modi Stadium IPL?

The average score is in the range of 170.

Which cricket stadium is the biggest in India?

The Narendra Modi Stadium is the biggest cricket stadium not only in India but also in the world.

What is the highest score in Narendra Modi Stadium in IPL?

The highest score for an IPL match here is 227.

How far is Narendra Modi Stadium from the airport?

The Narendra Modi stadium is at a distance of about 9 kilometres.

We hope you found our blog post about the Narendra Modi Stadium, the famous cricket ground in Ahmedabad interesting and informative. Have you watched a match at Narendra Modi Stadium Ahmedabad? How was the experience? In the comments section, do share your experience watching a match at the stadium.

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Narendra Modi Stadium Ahmedabad

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Amazing Cricket Ground In Ahmedabad - Narendra Modi Stadium

Amazing Cricket Ground In Ahmedabad - Narendra Modi Stadium

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