Connecting with Nature at Prestige Glenwood

Prestige Glenwood

The city of Bangalore has undergone a tremendous transformation over the years. The city which was once known for its tranquil and laid back life, its pleasant weather and lush gardens and had earned the sobriquet of “Pensioners’ Paradise”, has now transformed itself into the most dynamic city in the World. The growth of the city fueled mainly by the IT industry has in its wake brought a huge demand for living spaces and the pressure has invariably contributed to a decrease in the green cover.

Prestige Glenwood

The Prestige Group has been striving to help in the preservation of the green cover and at the same time cater to the burgeoning demand for living spaces. It has been incorporating open spaces and greenery in its projects and maintaining them impeccably for well-nigh a decade now.

Over the weekend, we had an opportunity to visit one of their latest projects called Prestige Glenwood, situated around 20 Kilometres from M.G.Road, the heart of Bangalore, at Budigere Cross which is off Old Madras Road. Prestige Glenwood is a gated residential living space spread over 15 acres of land.

Prestige Glenwood

We wove through the afternoon traffic of Bangalore city and finally took a turn at Budigere Cross. As we moved on, the cacophony and stress of the city suddenly seemed to lift and we felt an inexplicable lightness as we approached our destination, Prestige Glenwood. As we passed through the huge gates of the residential complex, we could see neat roads flanked by elegant looking villas and landscaped gardens. Prestige Glenwood is a gated residential living space offering elegant luxury Villa Homes and situated in Budigere, Bangalore amidst lush green landscapes.

Prestige Glenwood

We were given details about this luxurious property – Prestige Glenwood by Harshad Deshpande, Dy. General Manager, Prestige Group, and we were taken around the complex and shown the various amenities it boasted of.

The Houses

Prestige Glenwood
Prestige Glenwood
Prestige Glenwood
Prestige Glenwood
Prestige Glenwood
Prestige Glenwood
Prestige Glenwood

Prestige Glenwood has on offer Villas and Twin houses with 3 and 4 bedroom accommodations. We visited the Model Villa which had tasteful interiors done by Morph Design Company, another Prestige Group company. Jeevith Shetty, the Manager, Business Development for Morph, was kind enough to explain the finer points of the interior design aspects. We found the house spacious and well lit, the living area, dining area, kitchen and bedrooms on the ground floor as well as the first floor were well designed and elegantly furnished. There was a spacious balcony which afforded a wonderful view of the landscaped gardens and the pool. The house had the hallmark of the standards and quality with which Prestige has become synonymous with. The house was indeed the stuff that dream homes are made of.

The Club House

Prestige Glenwood
Prestige Glenwood
Prestige Glenwood

Prestige Glenwood has a spacious club house which is flanked by an enchanting pool. As we walked around the pool surrounded by a landscaped garden, the evening sun reflected beautifully in the shimmering waters and we thought it would be an ideal setting for a leisurely evening tea. The club house also has state of the art fitness center and Badminton Court. The complex also caters to its sports-loving residents with tennis and basketball courts as well.

Water & Electricity

Mr. Saleem Pasha, Deputy General Manager, Prestige Group, explained to us that electricity supply was ensured 24X7 by the power generators housed in the complex. Water supply was through exclusive bore wells. He also mentioned that there was an exclusive team which was responsible for the impeccable maintenance of the residential complex.

The Surroundings

Prestige Glenwood
Prestige Glenwood
Prestige Glenwood
Prestige Glenwood
Prestige Glenwood

We found the complex to be serene and calm. It was indeed like an oasis, set in the midst of Mango orchards. The fact that the land coverage of the complex was only 30% and the rest consisted of landscaped greenery ensured its seamless blend with the natural environment around it. It would be a place where the residents would wake up to the chirping of birds and be able to watch the last rays of the sun disappear in the horizon. The two-lane is proposed to become a 4 lane road to the International airport. The fact that this pristine residential complex is strategically located and well connected to the central business districts and also just about 35 kilometers from the airport makes for the residents to have the best of both worlds.

The Power of 3

Prestige Glenwood

We were explained about the Power of 3, which is an irresistible offer from the Prestige Group and can be availed during the period 1st February 2017 to 12th February 2017. Prestige Group is offering loans at as small an interest rate of 3.99% for a 10-year tenure, 4.99% for a 15-year tenure, and 5.99% for a 20-year tenure. Prestige Group has tied up with SBI and HDFC for these offers and is subventing the offer. This in simple terms means, that Prestige is subsidizing the rate of interest on these loans and is itself picking up the differential interest percentage.

Prestige Glenwood

As we drove past the gates of Prestige Glenwood, we looked back to see the place enveloped in an orange hue painted by the setting sun.

Prestige Glenwood

The chirpy chatter of birds returning to their homes soothed our ears and we looked at each other. “A dream home”, is what we silently told each other – Prestige Glenwood – Villa Homes That Connect With Nature!

To know more and to get more information about various Prestige properties, do check our their site here.

Prestige Glenwood   Prestige Glenwood
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20 thoughts on “Connecting with Nature at Prestige Glenwood

  1. neha Reply

    This does look like a promising property which is trying to keep balance with nature. Bangalore is in dire need of such properties where the greenery around are preserved. As it is loosing it’s green cover fast and the consequences will not be good if things continue in this direction

  2. Anita Anderson Reply

    This property is beautiful. What country is this? As I was not sure if it was in the USA. This looks like a resort but at the same time a place where you can retire.

  3. Stef Reply

    I love that they are trying to preserve more green space and help those living there to connect with nature.

  4. Cindy Ingalls Reply

    The homes feel very modern, yet also classic. I like that they didn’t strip away all signs of nature and greenery just to build a new development.

  5. Travel Blogger Reply

    These are so amazing and modern!! I had no idea there were such luxurious developments like this in Bangalore. I would like to live in one of these!

  6. Elizabeth O. Reply

    I like the designs of the houses. Everything is just beautiful here. It’s definitely a lovely place to live in especially if you’re planning to start a family. It’s peaceful and quiet.

  7. Kelly Reci Reply

    i like how it looks outside specially the club house. i wonder how it looks in the inside?? hope you could tour us inside! very interesting

  8. Rsey Reply

    It’s nice when you come across a place you really love. I think it does look ideal for nice evenings outside by the water. I’d love that too.

  9. Cori Reply

    I’m curious to know the price range for the properties. It’s unusual to not even provide a range of prices on their website, but I guess they’re not getting inquiries online, only in person.

    I knew Canadian interest rates were low compared to the US, but apparently they’re super low compared to India, too! Even as a new immigrant with no Canadian credit history we got an incredibly low interest rate, even for a second home. Of course, housing in India is so much cheaper, I imagine someone coming from the US wouldn’t need a mortgage to buy.

  10. nicki Reply

    Totally thought this was California at first site. These properties are beautiful. I’ll have to nudge my husband into buying one. hehe

  11. Melbtravel Reply

    I needed to take a double take because I thought it was America at first. I worked in India a few years ago and it definitely never looked like this. I am glad to see that they trying to build places in keeping Nature as its main point. They look luxurious and stunning.

  12. Paige W Reply

    I love the idea of trying to save green space. I really admire them for pairing housing with that! Perhaps this would be one of those winter-home-dreams!

  13. Jen Morrow Reply

    What a nice resort style property. That is a nice break from the busy city life. Every time you can “home” you will feel like you are on a resort vacation.

  14. carlinn meyer Reply

    Wow it does look beautiful and sounds quite self sufficient with the water and energy as well. I love the look of the houses and it also looks like a nice secure place to live! 🙂

  15. Susanna Reply

    I’ve heard Bangalore is definitely changing a lot lately. These houses look like great places to stay. As a traveler, I must ask if this is an area you can stay in while traveling or only buy? I’m glad they are striving to connect with nature.

  16. Bhushavali Reply

    Interesting property! Located 20km from MG Road and 35km from Airport sounds like its bang at a location that’s not very affected by traffic as well. But going to office in the centre of Banglore staying here would be a pain I guess!!!

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