Review of Bag It All-The Inspiring Story of Nina Lekhi & Baggit


I have always had a fascination for books that tell the real stories of personal and professional triumphs of their protagonists. I always find these books a notch above the ordinary. Reading such books, I feel strangely uplifted and inspired. Books that highlight the triumph of the human spirit against all odds always hold a special place in my heart. In this genre, one of my all-time favorites has been Lee Iacocca’s stirring autobiography.

Last week, I had an opportunity to read the biography of Nina Lekhi, an enterprising entrepreneur who has built a 100 crore company fueled by sheer grit and love. The book titled, “Bag it all”, comes from the stable of Rashmi Bansal’s Bushfire Publications.


I read the blurb and was attracted to read the book – Bag it all. I picked up the Bag it all book with the intention of reading a few pages and getting back to it later. I read the foreword and my interest was ignited and I read page after page and finished the Bag it all book in one sitting.


Bag It All-The Inspiring Story of Nina Lekhi & Baggit

This book, Bag it all is about the rise and rise of Nina Lekhi, a woman entrepreneur and the company Baggit which was started by her in the year 1990. The simple and lucid style of the book kept me riveted and I could actually feel a personal connect with the events and happenings described by Nina in the book.

The Bag it all book traces the growth and rise of Nina as a person as well as a successful entrepreneur right from her school days. The glimpses into her childhood and how her middle-class background and values coupled with events in her life only strengthened her determination to turn failures into success are narrated in a very endearing manner. As the scene shifts from childhood to adolescence, the seeds of creativity and enterprise blossom into a full blown idea with Nina creating the brand “Baggit”, at the tender age of 18!


The Bag it all book takes the reader on a captivating journey of human relationships, and dives deep into the life of Nina Lekhi as a student, as a young entrepreneur bubbling with energy and as a responsible wife and mother multi-tasking her way to success after success. The book also highlights how love and understanding can also transform a business. Though the book is the story of the resounding success of a businesswoman and her business Baggit, what is heartening, is that it is fully grounded and states complex realities of life and business in simple terms.

Another unique aspect of the book,  as well as Nina’s life,  is the internal transformation she herself undergoes owing to her practicing Siddha Samadhi Yoga. However, the strongest aspect of the book is that it is a great inspiration for men and women who dare to dream. The story of how a young girl starts by selling home stitched canvas bags and over the years transforms the business into an international brand – Bag it all is an inspirational story of a woman entrepreneur, Nina Lekhi who has built a 100-crore company – Baggit with the power of intent and love.

The journey of Nina Lekhi is by itself very engrossing, but what makes reading about it really absorbing, is the style of writing which brings the people and the events very close to the reader who has an almost immersive experience of sorts. The book is interspersed with little boxes titled learnings, which are brief gems of wisdom about life, management, and business. These by themselves are great pieces of motivation to be reflected upon and inculcated.

Bag it all is an inspirational and motivational story of a woman entrepreneur, Nina Lekhi who has built a 100-crore company – Baggit with the power of intent and love. Bag It All – The Inspiring Story of Nina Lekhi & Baggit.

I would recommend readers to read this book not only because it is a good read, but because there is a deeper inspirational current running through the book, which is truly transformational.



Baggit   Baggit


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28 thoughts on “Review of Bag It All-The Inspiring Story of Nina Lekhi & Baggit

  1. neha Reply

    An inspirational story indeed. I had read her story in a collection of similar stories by Rashmi Bansal and totally loved it . Will love to get into the details with this book

  2. Heather Reply

    It sounds inspirational! Those are the kinds of books I like to read. I want to start my own business one day, so I think I should read something like this.

  3. Elizabeth O. Reply

    It sounds like an inspiring book that will take you to the whole journey of starting a business and maintaining it. I’m sure a lot of people will enjoy reading this one.

  4. Kelly Reci Reply

    ive seen this somewhere on my newsfeed.. someone posted it! i think it’s very interesting, i have to read this too!

  5. Tessa Reply

    I will have to add this to my list of things to read (it is growing quickly – can never find the time with 2 little ones anymore). It sounds very interesting and I have heard good things form others too!

  6. Dawn McAlexander Reply

    I like books that tell about women overcoming the odds to empower themselves. We have been held back for so long, it’s time for us to take control and make life our own. That would be what attracts me to this book.

  7. Hey Sharonoox Reply

    This sounds like a good read! I like checking out motivation books especially those that empowers women. Love the sound of the brand “Baggit”

  8. Robin Rue Reply

    This book looks like it has a lot to offer. I love books that lift you up and inspire you to move forward.

  9. TColeman Reply

    This definitely drew me right in too just reading about it. I am going to have to find a copy.

  10. Marge Reply

    I am also in love with reading stories that depict that strength of a human spirit. I love getting inspired (and we know maintaining the motivation is a lot of hard work) because it makes me want to do more and be more. And now I am quite curious to read this book myself. I would go ahead and see if I can find a copy.

  11. Megan Jerrard Reply

    I love inspirational and motivational stories about female entrepreneurs, and am always on the look out for my next favorite book 🙂 Thanks for the introduction to Nina Lekhi and Bag It All – sounds like a really fascinating read!

  12. Iuliana Marchian Reply

    This book seems so motivating. I’ll definitely search for it on the internet and try to order it somehow to Romania (I have a problem, I like to read only books on paper!). About money, business, and love, I’ve just read a few days ago about an entrepreneur that was telling how she built all her business based on what she loved to do. These stories are amazing.

  13. Aparna Reply

    Sounds like quite the motivating and inspiring book. Will have to add to my reading list. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Jojo Reply

    I think this book would be good for a book club at work. We have a group of women who are always looking for women leaders to learn from. I will recommend this to them. Thank you!

  15. Tamason Gamble Reply

    This is the first time I have heard of both the book and Baggit but definitely sounds like a book I would read. I always think even if I only learn one thing from reading about these successful individuals then the book was worth my time.

  16. Claire Reply

    She sounds like a very inspirational lady. It is always inspiring to read about female entrepeneurs. Catchy title too 😉

  17. Anne Reply

    It’s always nice to come across a story like this, it gives me such a boost of power and inspiration! Never heard of this lady before (let alone the book), but I will look into her work. And I agree with a poster above that it would make a nice reading for a book club, as an example some of us could look up to!

  18. Candy Reply

    What an inspiration. I love reading books like this because it goes to show that success does not just land on your door step. It takes hard work, dedication, and passion 🙂

  19. Thuymi Do Reply

    Her work is great and very inspirationnal. Love it as well when this type of thing comes from a woman! Thanks for sharing

  20. Yentl Reply

    Haven’t heard of the book or the brand before. Thanks for all the great details! I want to find out more now:)

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