Weekend Fun With Nilkamal Pillow Fight Championship


The weekend comes like manna from heaven to the inhabitants of urban India. Saturday and Sunday are the days when people look towards some change in their mechanical and stressful lives.

Fatigued minds and bodies wait for the weekend to recharge and rejuvenate. Some head out of the city, some chill at home while many make their way to the many shopping malls that dot the city, hoping to relieve their stress by shopping, catching a movie or just hanging around. This is a phenomenon and story of most, if not all of the major cities of India, and Bangalore is no exception.

A favorite haunt of weekend revelers in Bangalore is the Phoenix Market City in Whitefield. The place holds the promise of something fun and happening for the entire family. It has shopping, food, and entertainment for the adults as well as children.

Nilkamal Pillow Fight Championship

This Saturday and Sunday saw a special and unique experience awaiting visitors, young and old alike. This was a Pillow Fight championship that was organized by renowned brand in furniture and mattresses Nilkamal Ltd. Nilkamal is a well known and a trusted name in Home furnishings in India.


A ring, very similar to a boxing ring occupied center stage. The ring was filled with the Nilkamal range of mattresses and pillows.


Excitement rent the air as ‘opponents’ dueled, going after each other, not with hammer and tongs, but soft pillows.


Small kids, barely able to walk without falling tried their hand at pillow fighting and gave an exhibition of aggression that belied their years. Sisters gave vent to their sibling rivalry through the soft touch of the pillows.


Suppressed emotions came to the fore as Mothers-In-Law and Daughters-In-Law wielded the pillows expertly like rolling pins. Husbands and wives took up their pillows to fight it out to the end in full public glare.


A young couple decided to test each other’s fighting and survival capabilities ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Whatever the motivation, whatever the frustration, without hesitation, each and every one of the Pillow Fighters had a whale of a time. They attacked, they dodged, and they feigned, much to the glee and applause of the audience.


It was a fun evening for all and something that made the day a truly exciting one. There were goodies for all the winners and everyone went home with their moods elevated, with a feeling of having had a great time.


The Pillow fight drew people in large numbers who were fascinated by the novel experience. The bold and the adventurous came forward to try their pillow fighting prowess, as multitudes cheered from around the ring as well as from the next level where they had a vantage view.

The mattresses and pillows which were displayed near the Pillow Fight ring looked really inviting and comfortable and we had a ringside view of the pillow fights from here.

Thanks to Nilkamal, a company whose history dates back to the year 1934, people stole moments of fun and made indelible memories to carry home.

It is in the fitness of things to mention a little about Nilkamal who were instrumental in ensuring smiles lit up countless faces in Phoenix Market City, Bangalore during the weekend. Nilkamal is in the business of Home Furnishings that include Living and Bedroom furniture, storage solutions, mattresses, and pillows. Nilkamal also is in the business of Material Handling as well as Office and School furniture. The Nilkamal range of products is manufactured in its eight manufacturing facilities across India. Talking about pillows, the Nilkamal range of pillows include Fern, Iris and Tulip. The Nilkamal mattresses come in Foam, Spring and Coir variants. Their mattresses are tailored to suit different sleeping styles. So there is a special mattress for you if you are a person who is habituated to sleeping on the side. So Nilkamal ensures you get a good night’s sleep and get up feeling relaxed.

Do you pillow fight? How about having a pillow fight with your loved one, this Valentine’s Day?

Then do take a leaf out of these champions who dared to pillow fight over the weekend. Do watch this video:

Have you participated in a pillow fight like the #NilkamalPillowFight? How do you spend your weekend? Do you take part in such activities in Malls? Do let us know through comments. We would love to hear your stories.



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18 thoughts to “Weekend Fun With Nilkamal Pillow Fight Championship”

  1. Hold up, a pillow fight?! Wow! I’ve always wanted to try this. Call me childish but really, I’ve never had a pajama party before (where most pillowfights occur) and I’ve always fantasied about doing it complete with flying feather stuffing from the pillows haha…

    I’ve never heard of Nilkamal before, I wonder if they distribute in the Philippines. I hope there’d be a similar activity in any of the malls here and I’d probably join in the fun.

  2. This is so interesting. I am going to take my daughter there when they hold it the next time. She loves pillow fighting and does it almost every day with us.

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