Why are the Monuments of the World Crying?


Monuments of the world are crying!

“9 Italians, 7 Japanese, 2 Bangladeshis, 1 American and 1 Indian were taken hostage and then killed in my beloved city of Dhaka, where I was born in 1872”, said the red complexioned Ahsan Manzil in a voice choked with emotion.

Monuments - Ahsan Manzil, Dhaka

The Gateway of IndiaΒ put an arm around her consolingly and said, “I understand exactly how you feel, my sister, I still remember that dark night of November, eight years ago, when the merchants of death entered the city of Mumbai through my very gates, and I could not do anything about it”, tears streamed down the eyes of the 92 year old Mumbai monument as she recounted the horrors of that fateful day.

“The merchants of death came in a boat and entered the city of Mumbai and released a storm of hate and terror across the city, killing hundreds of innocent people, and I watched mutely, unable to do a thing. I watched the massacre across the road at The Taj and The Oberoi hotels and all I could do was wail and bemoan my fate”.

Monuments - Gateway of India, Mumbai

The Iron Lady looked sympathetically at her friends, her normally erect posture seemed to have stooped slightly as she spoke in a soft voice which sounded husky, probably because of hours of crying. “They call me the “Iron Lady” and I have been standing tall and erect from 1924 but what happened last year in November in Paris has affected me like nothing else has. Bloodshed of innocents, is something that should never happen”. “Why is Man fighting Man? Why are guns replacing flowers? Where has love gone?

Monuments - Eiffel Tower, Paris

The Blue Mosque sat pensive, lost in thought as they all looked at him, hoping for some words of reassurance, hoping for some kind of direction. They all looked up to him expectantly as he was the oldest of them all, at 400 years, he had seen more of the world than they had and he was a font of wisdom.

“We need to do something NOW, said the Blue Mosque gravely”. “Just the other day, my beloved Istanbul was turned into a river of blood by these faceless terrorists whose only religion is hate”.

Monuments - Blue Mosque, Istanbul


“But sir, what can we do, we are all helpless and are mute witnesses to the mayhem across our cities”, said the “Notre Dame Β du Sablon”, from Brussels.

Monuments - Notre Dame du Sablon, Brussels

“We cannot continue to be mute spectators, it is time we shook our foundations and did something, otherwise it will be too late”, said the Blue Mosque somberly. “Billions of travelers from all around the world come to see and admire us and their lives are at risk because of the heinous intentions of a few, this needs to stop”!

The monuments then were huddled together for 12 hours of continuous discussion and then came to a decision, they wrote an open letter to all the heads of State and all the religious heads of the World. Here is what they wrote:

Dear Brothers and Sisters of this beautiful World,

Please do something today, to stop this bloodshed. Say yes to love and a BIG No to hate. Stop the manufacture of weapons of hate and death. Increase the manufacture of weapons of love and peace, e.g. trees, flowers, monuments, sculpture, paintings, books, music etc.. The World is very big and there is place for everyone to live in peace and harmony, in fact only 43% of the earth’s inhabitable area is utilized today. Don’t let religion divide you, when we monuments are one, than why can’t you humans, who are supposed to be super intelligent understand the oneness of humanity. There are only two religions, love and hate. Please convert everyone to the religion of love and banish hate out of the world. We, all monuments take a pledge today to support you in a joint quest for peace and happiness. We are ready to sacrifice our lives but do not want to see the tears and blood of innocent people wash our cities, we do not want to hear the wails of a child crying for the touch of a mother who lies still and lifeless in a pool of blood.Β 

We do not want the monuments of the world to cry!

Monumentally yours

Monuments of the world.

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107 thoughts on “Why are the Monuments of the World Crying?

  1. Mar Pages Reply

    The letter is heartbreakingly needed. So many monuments mark multiple deaths of innocent people, yet the killing and violence continues.

  2. Kevin Wagar Reply

    Great story. I like to think of monuments as things that will prove that hate and destruction won’t win. Once the gunfire and destruction are silenced, the monuments stand tall as a reminder that hate will not win and the love of the people will outlast it all.

  3. jess Reply

    What a fascinating perspective– from that of the world’s great monuments. Very interesting!

  4. Travel Pockets Reply

    …β€œWhy is Man fighting Man? Why are guns replacing flowers?”… I wonder this all the time. Isn’t it time we think of other ways to get along and not automatically start fighting πŸ™

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      You are absolutely right. We need to have a world where there is no fear of such happenings.

  5. Patricia Reply

    Powerful images of these grand symbols of civilization and cultures — and even more powerful words to go along with the world’s heartbreak. There has to be a more peaceful way. Thank you for sharing.

  6. marie Reply

    Interesting subject. There are far too many monuments in the world marking fallen heroes and brave men dying needlessly in conflict. Love and Peace.

  7. Doreen Pendgracs Reply

    Well put! We are all human beings who would like the world to be a peaceful place — except for a few radicals who have lost all sense of reality. Thank you for helping us reiterate this point. I have happily shared your post.

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Thank you Doreen. πŸ™‚ We really need to come together and makes this world a happy place.

  8. Tom Reply

    It’s true, we humans need to come together instead of drifting apart! No wonder the statues are weeping!

  9. Ivan Jose Reply

    Beautiful post! This is exactly what we need right now — more love and less hate. I like how you creatively written a topic that is probably as old as those monuments.

  10. melody pittman Reply

    What a brilliant and thought provoking post. I thoroughly enjoyed it and seeing the descriptions alongside the monument. Definitely, let love rule.

  11. Erika Bisbocci Reply

    This is a beautiful and unique post. If these buildings could really talk, I’m sure they’d have similar stories to tell about the atrocities that people have committed against each other. What is sad is that some of them are becoming defenseless targets, too….the mosque in Medina, the ruins of Palmyra, the ruins of Timbuktu….

  12. Jen Morrow Reply

    Beautiful. Each one of these has a story to tell, if we simply want to listen. The history is important.

  13. Amanda Williams Reply

    This is really beautifully written and definitely needed saying. There is too much hate and not enough love in this world right now.

  14. Joe Reply

    Amen to that. I fervently hope with each passing day that the world comes to its senses and we get the one thing we so badly need.


  15. Natalie Reply

    A really thought provoking read! I totally agree that their needs to be less hate in this world.

  16. Colby Reply

    β€œWhy is Man fighting Man? Why are guns replacing flowers? Where has love gone?” is the question that I ask constantly. So sad to see what our world is becoming, but I still have hope for humanity. This was a great post and interesting perspective. I’d never quite thought about it.

  17. Nickida Reply

    Wow such a beautiful letter, thanks for creating and sharing such beautiful words. I do hope people actually read this and take note.

  18. Sheri Reply

    A lovely post and great insight. Also a reminder for all of us to love and respect each other in the world we live in rather than hurting and killing one another.

  19. MarieAnne Reply

    I am all about making the world a better place. I am somehow surprised at how we haven’t really evolved as human beings, after thousands of years…

  20. Rob Taylor Reply

    This is really accurate to what everyone who’s not instigating the violence is saying. It’s heartbreaking across the board.

  21. Tamshuk Reply

    This is a very touching post. You have given a different perspective to the monuments and the prevalent human tragedies of today’s time.

  22. Subhadrika Sen Reply

    This is very well put. It describes the current situation like no other. hope the world becomes a better place in the near future.

  23. Tae Reply

    A creative and touching way to capture how many of us are feeling right now πŸ™ It is so frustrating — and I 100% agree that the only religions are love and hate. Flowers > guns.

  24. Sreeram Reply

    You have portrayed this in such an interesting perspective. The world needs peace, that can shed off the racial discriminations and other stereotypes. One of the most powerful posts I have ever come across.

  25. Curious Claire Reply

    Wow this is such a powerful and moving post. This has been so beautifully written and the pictures compliment the words. Great post

  26. Liz Reply

    Creative perspective and a very important message! Hopefully more people will realize that humans are essentially the same and we all want the same simple things out of life.

  27. Danjuma Reply

    great post with wonderful images to illustrate it all… monuments have a long way of telling one his or her history you know…

  28. Blair Villanueva Reply

    this is one of many posts I read today that truly touched my heart and soul, and I couldn’t help to shred tears. Tears of hope that one day, we wake up not worrying of our lives, and just happy to see each others smiles.

  29. mark wyld Reply

    Great article bloke, monuments have been the sight of some of mankind’s worst acts throughout history and will continue to be no doubt. Churches are especially significant for terror as that is what they say they are representing. Maybe one day the world will be a better place but i doubt it

  30. Sabine Reply

    This post really moved me, beautifully written and unfortunately so true. Why indeed can’t we make our monuments smile instead of cry….

  31. Sanket D. Reply

    I feel you! I feel everything you say. I was there in Mumbai that fateful day – I walked down to the scene while there were still bullets flying about the morning after. It was a painful situation, and though the wounds have healed over time, the anger at these incidents happening every now and then doesn’t go away!

  32. Stella the Travelerette Reply

    This made me tear up, especially seeing Notre Dame de Sablon. Brussels is not as popular as some other cities but I love visiting there. But traveling around the world you see scars of other bad times–world wars, oppressive Communist dictators, military juntas–and they never last forever. I believe the same thing will happen with these terrorists.

  33. Jessica Reply

    Very genuine letter and wonderfully written piece. With all the not-so-good things happening now, some can reflect from the past. Monuments may present a lot of pride, but people should be reminded that behind that honor was a lot of sacrfices.

  34. suanlee Reply

    The monuments have every right to cry. What a neat way of explaining your thoughts and opinion, using monuments has that instant connection with many travellers. Good post. Hopefully people unite, now more than ever.

  35. Gina Gomez Reply

    I can’t help myself not to shed some tears. Yes! The monument of the world is dying and I am in sorrow watching those innocent people die. Nowadays, sympathy and love are hard to find. Why is it happening? There’s only one thing that I could do to save this world, to pray to God. I know everything happens for a reason.

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Pray for everyone and we need to realize that all are human beings and at the end deep down all are the same.

  36. Veronica Reply

    This is so sad and beautiful at the same time! Why are some people so cruel? This world should be a safer and happier place.
    I really like how you combined the photos of the sights and tears, very touching!

  37. Claire Reply

    This is a very good angle to look on things – I, like many others, never considered statues in this way before! It’s very sad, and I hope the world sees more cheerful times in the future.

  38. Christina Guan Reply

    I was in Paris 2 weeks after the attack in November, and in Istanbul 2 days after the bombing in Sultanahmet Square. Being in these places, you can feel the immense grief, but also a powerful resilience as well, which I think is captured in the enduring presence of these monuments. This was a beautiful, though heartbreaking piece. Thanks for writing it!

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Thank you. πŸ™‚ I am sure experiencing these heart breaking events will have left a life changing experience for you.

  39. Evan Kristine Reply

    Seriously, what have we become? We are the greatest threat to this world. I don’t understand. Not only monuments cry from this cruel world, unfortunately.

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Yes, it is really sad, we now hear about Nice in France and Turkey! Humanity should not die!

  40. neha Reply

    Such an interesting way of putting such a deep thought. Indeed there are genuine reasons for the monuments of the world to be sad. We human need to re-learn and re-ignite our humanity and the world will be so much more beautiful

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