Immersive Ways To Remember Your Travelling Experience

Immersive Ways To Remember Your Travelling Experience

Immersive Ways To Remember Your Travelling Experience

Immersive Ways To Remember Your Travelling Experience

Travelling is an enriching, maturing, memorable experience that changes the way a person thinks of themselves, and the world around them. Although there was a dip in a number of students going on a gap year during the recession years, figures show that the numbers are rising again. It’s no surprise really, as the benefits of travelling are so much more far-reaching than they were before.

Just some travelling benefits include:

  •      Meeting new people
  •      Gaining life experience
  •      Gaining independence
  •      Having rich backdrops and subjects for photography
  •      Work experience in other cultures and lifestyles
  •      Learning about new foods, sports and cultures in a way you never can online or in a book
  •      Being in situations and places that naturally lend themselves to blogs and vlogs
  •      Having the opportunity to have rich life experiences to include on a CV
  •      Having the opportunity to seek out educational and work experiences in other countries

With remote working, building your own business, and the sharing of global job opportunities being so common now, travelling is so much more common and reachable than it used to be, but that doesn’t make it a disposable life experience.

Whether you’ve been on a gap year before you start university, or you’re later on in life, and you’re fitting in lots of trips to beautiful and exotic places, it is likely you will want to keep the memories of your adventures alive. There are lots of immersive ways to do this, including printing photos out of the most memorable day, framing ticket stubs and leaflets you’ve collected on your way, or getting the clothes you took with you turned into a blanket or stuffed toy.

If you are looking for a more creative and immersive way to remember your trip, perhaps you want to feel more immersed in the experience you had, then the following tips should give you some great inspiration. Presenting immersive ways to remember your travelling experience. These travel tips will help you to remember your travel experience in some creative ways.

An At Home Spa

Immersive Ways To Remember Your Travelling Experience

If you have travelled in Asia, you will know that the spa culture is huge, and you’ve likely experienced at least one spa experience, or if you’re lucky, several. To remind you of the deeply relaxing and for some, spiritual experience of a Thai spa, you won’t have to catch the 11-hour flight to Bangkok. The immersive way to recreate this authentic spa experience is to ensure all the senses are catered for. For example; a common scent used in Thai and Indonesian spa’s is jasmine. You could use a jasmine reed diffuser in your bathroom, light a jasmine scented candle and enjoy it whilst you pamper yourself, or even make your own essential oil bath bomb to completely submerge yourself in the scent that reminds you of your time in Asia the most. You might also want to add luxurious towels and bathrobes to your bathroom, get some natural dried petals to sprinkle in the bath, or even have a go at a massage session with your partner using Thai-inspired massage oils.

A Playlist

Immersive Ways To Remember Your Travelling Experience

One really great thing to do whilst you travel is to have a playlist you are continually building throughout the trip. It could list a song you heard in a cafe you loved, a song where the lyrics really rang true to you at a certain point in the trip, or even just a song that kept being played on your journeys. If you didn’t manage to write down the songs during the trip, don’t worry. Have a shower or a bath, get comfortable and try to relax and think about your trip from beginning to end. Try to remember the different songs that played at different times and then create a special playlist you can enjoy any time you want to remember this wonderful time in your life. Struggling to remember many songs? Perhaps you could get some traditional music from the area you visited to take your mind back to the area.

A Travel Inspired Menu

Immersive Ways To Remember Your Travelling Experience

One of the most memorable parts of any trip is the food. Every country, and sometimes region, has its own cuisine, and no doubt you’ll have tried plenty of new food during your trip, some pretty adventurous (that you would rather forget!), and some so delicious you would love to recreate it at home. Luckily, with social media, and the internet, there is no doubt you will be able to find the recipe you need to recreate your favourite dish. Maybe it’s efo shoko from Lagos, Balinese lawar, Canadian poutine or traditional fluffy American pancakes. Whatever takes your fancy, grab a recipe and ingredients, plan a travel inspired night and invite friends round to share your experience with you, it’s the perfect way to reminisce.

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself” – Danny Kaye

Hopefully, these three tips have helped inspire you to remember your travel experience in some creative and truly immersive ways. Who knows, they might even inspire you to book your next trip! Happy travelling!

Immersive Ways To Remember Your Travelling Experience

Immersive Ways To Remember Your Travelling Experience


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80 thoughts on “Immersive Ways To Remember Your Travelling Experience

  1. I love travelling and only wish I’d done it more! Love the idea of a playlist. Never done it but a great way to bring back those happy memories 😊 I also like to collect souvenirs along the way x

  2. These are all fun ways to remember your travels. I love the idea of growing a playlist while on the road. I could see how hearing a song could bring you back to memorable moment on your trip.

  3. I’d give just about anything to be able to travel the world. I planned to do that when I was the age I am now but my back injuries are preventing me from going as much as I thought I would.

  4. Haha I don’t think I have room for a home spa in my little student studio. Music and food definitely takes me back though. I always have a specific artist connected to a trip:)

  5. I love the idea of the playlist. Any time we travel (we never go too far from home) we go by car and some songs that play later remind me of a certain trip. These are amazing ideas to help remember trips.

  6. Travel can change you as a person as well as allow you to learn more about yourself. I think it’s awesome to be able to do these things so that you can remember your trip or experience.

  7. This post is so very true!! Travelling opens your minds to so many things you didn’t even think of before you do it – and learning about new cultures, people and he amazing food places in the world has to offer, well, that’s the best part of it! #feetdotravel

  8. These are all great ideas and so true! There are so many things from my time living in Japan or my visits to Europe that remind me of my trips when I come across them such as familiar smells or songs from my times there. It is amazing sometimes how strongly our senses are tied to our memories.

  9. A travel playlist is a must for me. I always load my phone with the best inspiring songs to keep me going. Food is another thing. I am off to Thailand in a week. Cant wait to get my hands on the street food.

  10. For me, it would be pictures, souvenirs I could display in my home, and the food. One thing I would like to do that would incorporate all of this would be to put together a special scrapbook/cookbook. It would be easy to include pictures of restaurants, cities, and foods you ate with a recipe for one or more of the foods you enjoyed there.

  11. These are some great ideas. I really like the idea of making a playlist. Music or a particular song really seem to be something that takes me right back to the moment.

  12. I’m definitely not traveling at the moment. But I did move to an entirely different part of the country. (I moved from a city in California to rural Tennessee). This could have been the most miserable move of my life. But, instead, I got a job and found ways to keep myself busy. I think this was the smartest thing I could have done. By working out here, I feel like I have a genuine idea of the culture and the people and what it’s like to ACTUALLY live here. The same goes for traveling. When you actually live day-to-day the way others in the area live (e..g by getting a job, etc.), you get a feel of what the place is all about.

  13. I was smiling while reading the playlist part. Recently been to the northern tip of the Philippines, which is known for its stunning rolling hills, crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean and the windy atmosphere. This backdrop make for a dramatic setting with our hair blowing in all directions. Instead of singing “The hills are alive with the sound of music”, we were singing the tearjerker theme song of a famous Filipino drama series currently airing. It makes me remember this trip with a laugh everytime I watch the show back at home.

  14. A playlist is a favorite, it’s amazing how a single song can immediately transport you to a moment, even years before. I also love to re create foods we fell in love with! A favorite of mine is simply thru photos. My albums have brought me so much joy as I look back on the memories of a distant place.

  15. I had never thought of making a playlist while I travel but I love that idea. Will have to give it a try on my next trip. Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. I love to travel and pictures are a great reminder in my case. Agree with you on the benefits of travelling. It’s so nice to learn and see different cultures while travelling. Great post!

  17. Yes, lovely ideas to bring those memories to life once home. For us, it’s usually the food, we are inspired to try and replicate favourite dishes once home. One recent trip really changed things for me, I did a short pottery class at a famous pottery in Shigaraki, Japan and when I came home, embarked on a pottery class. That was a few months ago and I’m still loving it.

  18. Totally love this post and totally agree with the list at the start of the post. These defo makes traveling a lot more enjoyable and makes the experience a lot better. Love the photos on here also.

  19. There are so many great ideas to choose from. For me, one of the best memories are taking photographs from around the world. Sometimes I like to make a collage and get it framed. I loved the idea of having to cook different dishes from around the world

  20. I love these ideas! Refreshing to hear about ways to remember an experience – the playlist is a great one – there are certain songs from certain trips which were iconic, and every time they come on it instantly takes me back to that experience. Music has an incredible power!

  21. Love the idea of a playlist…. 🙂 Never done it but its a great way to bring back those happy memories !! i love travelling and memories <3

  22. Some great ideas – especially the playlist. 🙂 We make photobooks of all our travels, and on rainy days at home we just browse through them and relive the nice trips…

  23. Interesting post concept! I like to make art collages/scrapbooks after I travel. I tend to take lots of photos and keep small things like plane tickets, museum tickets, train tickets, and brochures. All these things are great artistic keepsakes that help me remember my travel experiences.

  24. I find music transports me back to a point in time. I only have to listen to a song to remember exactly what travel experience I was enjoying. Like the bus in cambodia which drove the wrong way down the highway and comes back to me every time I hear a certain Olly Mums song. I would not mind, I’m not even an O.M fan!

  25. I loved reading this post, I like buying things from each destination I list and I keep all my tickets and boarding passes and bits from my travels. Most of all I love taking photos of everything I see.

  26. Music is a big part of my life, so it’s only natural that I have certain songs to remind me of different places or trips. I would love to have a spa in my home, especially one like in the picture, haha.

  27. What fun tips! It is truly amazing what your senses remember! I always love listening to music when I travel because it is such a strong trigger when I listen to the same playlists back home!

  28. I love the idea of a spa experience at home, it’s not something I ever do. I do try and keep my ipod updated with the songs I have enjoyed dancing to. As I am terrible at cooking I will not subject my friends though to my attempt at making the food I enjoyed, it might put them off a country forever!!

  29. I immerse into my travel memories with my blog and I love going through the photos of each trip of mine. I agree it is a great way to learn to relax and to be inspired. Especially now local products are shipping everywhere and internet are so convenience. It’s easy to have foreign experience brought home! @ knycx.journeying

  30. These are great ways to remember travel adventures. Playlists are such an amazing thing – I hear songs now that could take me right back to the time I heard it. Its so powerful! And I love it!

  31. Such great ideas to take your travel memories beyond the material items we bring back! I love eating cuisines of places I’ve traveled to reminisce!

  32. We love finding new foods and then coming home and making them. It’s been big in expanding our home dining experience, but also in drumming up excitement for future travel.

  33. What a great post full of ideas! I love the idea of having a home spa to remind me of Thailand. I’m also a big fan of learning to cook in different countries so having themed nights would be perfect for me!

  34. I can relate to your tip about the playlist sooo much! I absolutely love listening to certain songs that remind me of certain trips I took and getting back all the good feelings that go with the memories. Thanks for sharing, have a nice day !

  35. What a cool idea. Using sensory experiences from travels as memory triggers to relive the experiences at home. We will do more of this and do it more consciously. We’ve been triggered by smells or music or food, of course, but it was usually by chance. Doing this intentionally is a great idea. We’ll definitely use it for a fun date night experience.

  36. This is a very thought provoking post. The playlist idea is really cool. Certain songs always remind me of certain trips I’ve taken and every time those songs randomly come on whether it’s on the radio or on my iPod it brings back those incredible memories.

  37. I love traveling a lot and every journey is a wonderful experience that teaches something new. I love meeting new people, exploring the local culture and that playlist idea is really interesting too!

  38. These are great tips, especially the playlist idea! I love how music can attach itself to a memory and years later when you hear a song it takes you right back.

  39. Nice tips … I do often try to pamper myself with home spa and usually pick a lot of items like oil, bath bombs or scented candles whenever we travel to Asian countries. Food has always been a struggle so I don’t even dare to experiment. But ya meeting new people and learning more about the culture does makes travel all worth it.

  40. I absolutely loved these ideas, especially the playlist. One thing my husband and I do is add popular songs from the area we are visiting. We now have quite a few J-pop playlists that we enjoy listening to whenever we think of Japan!

  41. There’s so much about travelling that brings back so many great memories, but I made my YouTube channel for this reason too.

  42. Great tips! The at-home spa and travel inspired menu are my favorites. I used to do the spa think quite a bit, with candles and lots of bubbles, face masks and the works. This is a good reminder to try it again 🙂

  43. Its amazing the way music can transport us to a place, whenever I listen to a song that was playing during a trip is like going back to the place, it is magical! I loved the ideia of the playlist 🙂

  44. I have never thought of creating a playlist throughout a trip. That is a great way to always be reminded of the adventures and experiences you had. I find that whenever I listen to a song it reminds me of the time and place I was at in life. I am going to try this on my next trip! Thank you!

  45. I know what you are talking about. Having travelled across India since 2008 I can claim that Travel has totally changed me as a person. It has made me poor money wise but given me enough wealth of experiences.

  46. Those are some really innovative ways to remember and relish your travel moments. A playlist is a good idea. Will be definitely trying that out

  47. Traveling is so much deeper than sight seeing. That is just one sense! We take away a lot more from an immersive experience, and scent and taste are biggies when it comes to memories. It’s a great idea to keep in mind, that what we take away from an experience goes far beyond a spectacular photograph.

  48. I gree!

    Especially about meeting new people and the food! Travel has much more meeting by conversing and taking time to interact with the locals and fellow travelers. Indeed, it is not just about the place that makes travel extra special, it’s the people who meet along the way. As for the food, do I need to say more? Hahaha I love food and it’s one of the many reasons why I travel, to try the local delicacies. 😉

  49. It would be awesome to relive the moments from your travels. I will forever love traveling, there’s just so much that you can experience from it, from the food that you eat to the people that you talk to along the way.

  50. Wonderful list. We had most of these experiences except for working in a foreign land. And we really want to try that out – working or volunteering during the travel. That will add to enhancing our travel experience.

  51. The experiences that my boyfriend and I had during our past travels help us to know more of each other. I love how life becomes more meaningful and enjoyable because of our travels. I haven’t experienced to have a spa during our trip. I agree with you about the foods. We will be heading to Indonesia this year and I am looking forward for different kinds of food as well.

  52. Very nice ideas to take you back to the place you have visited. What I use is music, I have songs that if I hear them and close my eyes, it takes me back to an exact location where i’ve been, the thing I did and even the feeling I felt. I also like to recreate different dishes from other countries that I have visited, of course it’s not the same I have eaten there but at least it makes me feel to visit the place again.

  53. Travel is such a wonderful way to enrich your life, your memories, your stories, your photography… it’s amazing. A playlist is a great way to evoke those wonderful memories of your time in X country or Y country meeting X person. I also find that printing out some of your best photos and framing it in your home is another great way to remember those wonderful memories.

  54. Great post to battle the traveling blues. I think we are all so busy writing about our travels that often forget that essential question “what to do after the travel ends?”. Having a play list is something that I do in a way because I often relate my memories to songs that I was listening to at the time. The idea of using spa oils is something unique and I never thought of that. Cheers

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