A Candid Interview of an Unique Couple


Interview of an Unique Couple That Cannot Be Missed

I nervously checked my camera to ensure it was charged before I embarked on what was to be my first interview for VOYAGER. The interview was special for us not only because it was our first, but because the incredible couple that I was going to interview were also very special and unique.

I reached the venue of the interview well in time and took my place in a discreet corner. I did not have to wait for long. My guests arrived as soon as I was seated. After exchanging the usual pleasantries, I indicated to them that we could get started with the interview.



The Interview

Me: I would like to start with asking both of you about the name by which you are famously known as, “The Orangutans”, how did you get this name.

Both of Them:(Smiling and replying in chorus) That is a derivation from both our names, our names are Nora and Tanner. We played around the letters with various permutations and combinations, adding a letter here and removing a letter there till we arrived at something that we liked, “The Orangutans”.



: How long have both of you been together?

Nora:(with the hint of a blush) Oh! I think we have always been together, at least as long as my memory goes, isn’t it Tan?

Tanner: Absolutely darling!, then turning to me, you see both of us were born and brought up here and hence we have been together here for a long, long time.

Me: So how do you like your work and life here. Do you enjoy all the attention.

Nora: (with more than a hint of a blush) I love all the attention, especially the photography sessions!




Tanner: (with a contemplative look) We are well taken care of…. But, we have to do what we are asked to do and when we are asked to do. For example, the other day Nora was down with fever, but she had to doll up and smile and wave at the guests.




Me: Which is your dream destination, a place you would love to travel to?

Both of them: Africa! We understand that Africa is where are our roots are and we would like to visit the place at least once.

Me: Tanner, this one is for you, if you were given one chance to change the world, what would that be?

Tanner: (With a glint in his eyes) If I had my way, you would be in my place and I would be interviewing you! Man is treating animals like us badly, he uses us for his own selfish gains and entertainment. Who has given him the authority to do this? If I had my way all the zoos of the world would be filled with men and women and we animals would come to see you guys behind bars while we ate popcorn and made fun of you. That, is my dream, a day when the animals will rule the world and Man shall be shown his true place.

A chill went up my spine as I heard these ominous words. I lamented  the insensitivity of man and how animals had borne the hegemony of Mankind for ages. The images of animals in captivity in various parts of the world danced frenziedly in my mind as my wife shook me. I woke up with a start and the book I had been reading fell to the ground. I picked up George Orwell’s “Animal Farm“, and placed it on the table.





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69 thoughts on “A Candid Interview of an Unique Couple

  1. Interesting interview. I can really relate to what Tanner says about zoos and animal parks. When they are done insightfully and humanely, they can be useful educational tools and helpful to animals who are injured and need a place to live out the rest of their lives. But I don’t agree with breeding animals to put into zoos. We need to treat our animal friends with respect.

  2. what a neat interview! totally not what I was expecting when I first started reading! Our family just spent a little time volunteering in Malaysia with a turtle project; it was unbelievably amazing, what the project stands for and does, the staff/interns and long term volunteers that run it but also how much we learnt from it. I gave me so much to think about and not just in relation to turtles but all animals. I also remember reading about a volunteer place in Costa Rica where they have monkeys however the volunteers are caged in rather than the other way round…very neat concept and I would love to volunteer there someday.

  3. This is a creative way to raise awareness about a serious issue. I personally don’t like to see great apes like these dressed in human clothes, so I was relieved when you used the ‘interview’ to make the point about animals in zoos.

  4. It was a very creative idea to interview the animals. The result was an insightful view into your own thoughts and empathy for the animals. Nicely done. I enjoyed the narrative and great photography.

  5. This was a really fun read (but also had a great message). Your Orangutan friends were gorgeous, and I’m thrilled to have learned a little bit more about them. Thank you!

  6. I was feeling a bit iffy reading the first part of this ‘interview’ until the last part. This is great- very unique way to speak to mankind’s (some) obsession with caged animals.

  7. I can’t tell how I feel about this post really… Animals in human clothing is never a good sign in my book. Wish they weren’t such attractions for so many people.

  8. Reading Animal Farm could certainly induce some bizarre nightmares. I live in Malaysia and have occasionally had the chance to visit with some Orangutans at local conservation centers. I loved learning that their name comes from “orang utan”–jungle person!

  9. Oooh, zoos is always a testy/touchy area.

    Unless it comes well regarded (from an ethical, animal welfare standpoint) we generally tend to avoid them when abroad, both to avoid depression and to not show support for many bad institutions…

  10. This is greeat and congrats on you guys! Been wanting to incorporate volunteering with travel, either for humanity, the endangered animals or the environment and articles like this one serve as an inspiration to many travelers out there. 🙂

  11. Nora has got some stylish trousers going on! I hate zoos precisely for this reason. I am fine with safari parks so long as the animals have free space and I am fine with zoos that do conservation/rehabilitation of animals who are hurt or endangered. Traditional zoos though i find very sad and I have never taken my children to one.

  12. What an interesting couple! I love how they came up with the name. You had some great questions…and I love that they said their dream destination is Africa! South Africa has been on my To-Do list for quite some time! Great work!!

  13. Haha I was so confused at first but love the way you wrote this article. It must have been such an amazing experience working with this lovely couple.

  14. I was confused too to start with as well! I agree though, we should really be watching animals in the wild rather than in cages. Not just because it’s better for the animals, but because it’s a lot more interesting to see them in their natural habitat.

  15. I’m with Brianna lol, it took me a moment to catch on and when I did, well, genius is all I can say! I love this angle, and I love the interview, thank you so much for showing the plight of these gorgeous animals in such a unique way.

  16. Glad your interview went well, Vyjay! Haha. I must say, you rather did well there assessing your interviewees answers. Nora and Tanner look so adorable and I also agree with the last part written there. Don’t like zoos much!

  17. Definitely a very interesting take on an interview and I was glad to see your final message. There’s certainly too many places where animals deserve to be treated better, hopefully things keep changing for the better. #FeetDoTravel

  18. I thought this post was brilliant! You and I have commented to each other over that past few months on our thoughts of animals in captivity (good & bad) and the ending here summed that up. With that being said, they are soooo cute but even better in their own habitats! Maybe they will do a sequel with you.

  19. Like the tone in which this piece was written. Given the incidents in this last year itself where animals were shot because of human error it reinforces the fact that there needs to be some kind of check in place. Our animal friends belong in their natural habitat and should have the freedom to decide when they wish to meet us.

  20. This is hysterical! As I was reading the post, I expected the “very special couple” to be a travel blogging duo (as most other people probably were too). You make a very good point in the closing of this interview about the inhumanity of keeping animals in captivity. While some zoos and wildlife sanctuaries do a good job of providing ample space for the animals, it can never be the same as letting animals enjoy their natural habitats.

  21. This is my first visit to your blog and you certainly had me going there for a while. In general I prefer to see animals in the wild but there is a place for zoos when they are well run and look after animals that for whatever reason can’t be returned to the wild as well as for breeding endangered species.

  22. They sound so happy! I love it when couples get interviewed. Their love for travel really shows and it’s so nice! Thanks for the fun interview.

  23. Wait, I had to double take. So Nora and Tanner are a couple, but not a human couple lol. You are so creative and definitely keep your readers on their toes! The photo with the arms stretched out, I had no idea that their arms were so long!

  24. Wonderful read. I am wondering how that day would be when animals get to rule the world and the men. They will definitely take their revenge..mankind should sense that!! Nevertheless, a very unique interview indeed 🙂

  25. When I looked at the first photo with the orangutans, I thought you were just trying to make a reference to these animals because of the couple’s names. Turns out you were really interviewing orangutans hahaha… Such a clever post I must say, it did send me chills when I read about world domination too, but I am very well aware of the pains that the animals all over the world are suffering. If they could talk, they’d probably the exact thing you wrote here.

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