Train Travel in Europe - An unforgettable experience

Train Travel in Europe – An unforgettable experience

Train Travel in Europe - An unforgettable experience

Train Travel in Europe  –  An unforgettable experience

Europe has endeared itself to us with its charm and elegance whenever we have had the opportunity of travelling there. We have always been bowled over by its natural beauty and old world charm which has a dreamlike quality. Europe for us has always been a beautiful and ethereal dream.

But this post is not an ode to the beauty of Europe but rather a paean to the excellent Rail network that connects the cities and countries of Europe. You can travel from easily from Zurich to France to Venice to Amsterdam in the comfort of these beautiful carriers which transport you over the lush European countryside and across snow clad mountains.

Train Travel in Europe - An unforgettable experience

The fact that the Schengen Visa allows one to travel to 22 countries in the EU makes the travel by Rail hassle free.

In our last trip to Europe, we covered most of Switzerland, Paris and Venice in a space of 5 days thanks to RailEurope which is a distributor of European rail products representing over 50 railroads throughout Europe.

We had conveniently booked our tickets online well in advance in our local currency (INR) and had the tickets couriered to us. We had opted for a multi-country pass for 5 days and this proved very economical and convenient to us as we moved across Switzerland from Zurich to Lucerne and Interlaken marveling at the natural beauty of the land. One word of caution here is that the pass is not valid on the Mountain trains for which one needs to take tickets separately. We also travelled from Zurich to Venice and from Venice to Paris and again back to Zurich on the TGV.

We travelled first class and the coaches were pretty much empty with impeccable interiors and service. The train travel itself was an experience we would never forget as we looked out at verdant meadows, snowy landscapes, we did not fail to admire the Swiss watch precision of the trains as they ran like clockwork.

Train Travel in Europe - An unforgettable experience

We would like to go back again and again to Europe and every time we do that we shall board one of the European beauties (read train).

We would recommend hassle free and comfortable travel by train to all travelers, check out the following sites for more information:

Train Travel in Europe - An unforgettable experience


You can check out RailEurope.

You can also watch our short video about Swiss Trains. If you liked this post, you can check our other post – The enduring romance of trains. We recommend you to check out our fellow bloggers’ post on itinerary and costs here and choosing a Eurail pass here.


63 thoughts on “Train Travel in Europe – An unforgettable experience

  1. I have heard so many good things about the train travel in Europe. I love the fact that they have the sleeper trains to be able to travel where you need to, while you sleep so as not to waste sightseeing time!

    1. True. We have traveled in both the day as well as night trains. While it was scenic and enjoyed every moment of the journey in the day trains, the night trains made us sleep comfortably and relax. 🙂

  2. So true. I love train-travelling through Europe. For me it is so much better than flying or driving a car, since you get to sit down and enjoy the way without the hassle of airports and with much more comfortable seats 🙂
    We always try to use the trains when we travel.

  3. I love travelling by train in Europe. But sometimes… Meh. I once did 13 hours Berlin to London. Frankly I preferred the 36 hour Hyderabad to Varanasi…tea was better and there was samosa 🙂

  4. We’ve only used trains for short rides in Spain, France, and Italy. But it was fun, and a great way to travel. It would be wonderful to take a month or more and really explore Europe by train!

  5. I love traveling through Europe by train! One of my most memorable experiences has to be riding amongst the swiss mountains. It was like a live show of stunning scenery.

  6. If there is the best place to do train travel, definitely Europe. I’ve train travelled Asia, but Europe just topped it off for me. So much landscape and amazing out of this world nature’s beauty!

  7. It has always been my desire to explore Europe on a train, rewarding my eyes with an enchanting beauty that the nature has in store.
    I am gonna do this on my next EU venture.

  8. I have heard traveling by train is the best way to experience Europe. But isn’t it very expensive? I’m visiting Europe for three months in summer and I haven’t booked a single train because I can’t afford! Do you have any tips to save money?

    1. Trains are the best in Europe. It is convenient and it affordable if you buy train passes for more than 3 countries. Check Rail Europe site. It is in our site too on the right hand navigation bar.

  9. Looks like you had a great trip! My bucket list is full of cities and sites in Europe, so I’ve written the rail down as a recommended way to get around – whenever “someday” comes and my travel dreams become reality.

  10. Would love to experience traveling Europe by Rail. It’s amazing to be able to get 1 visa to cover so much ground and imagine the views are breath taking and things missed by other conventional travel.

  11. With all the beautiful scenery in Europe, you really can’t go wrong with choosing to travel by Train! It would be an amazing feast for your eyes! It’s definitely worth it.

  12. The first time that I ever went to Europe I exclusively traveled by train, the next time I had a car. I much prefer the train to get from country to country. It’s so gorgeous and that is the best way to experience it!

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