10 Amazing Facts About Gol Gumbaz in Bijapur, Karnataka

Amazing Facts About Gol Gumbaz Bijapur

Here are some amazing facts about Gol Gumbaz that will make you want to visit this stunning monument of Karnataka, India at the earliest.

Amazing Facts About Gol Gumbaz Bijapur

The Gol Gumbaz in Vijayapura or Bijapur is well known for the incredible acoustics of its whispering gallery. Here are some amazing facts about Gol Gumbaz that will make you want to visit this stunning monument of Karnataka, India at the earliest. The Gol Gumbaz lives in the shadow of the many heritage monuments of Karnataka like the ones in Hampi and Anegundi, Mysore, forts of Chitradurga and Mirjan near the beach town of Gokarna, and many others. However, the Gol Gumbaz is a unique architectural marvel that deserves its own place in the sun.

Amazing Facts About Gol Gumbaz Bijapur

Amazing Facts About Gol Gumbaz Bijapur

The Gol Gumbaz at Bijapur in the southern Indian state of Karnataka is a 17th-century monument that was built as a mausoleum to the king Mohammed Adil Shah of the Adil Shahi dynasty. The dynasty was established by Yusuf Adil Shah in the late 15th century.

Interesting And Amazing Facts About Gol Gumbaz 

The 17th-century structure that is Gol Gumbaz is an enduring marvel of architecture and engineering. Apart from its impressive visual beauty, the Gol Gumbaz is surrounded by many interesting facts, legends, and myths that lend it a unique aura. So here are 10 amazing facts about Gol Gumbaz that are sure to make you want to visit Bijapur and see it with your own eyes.

One of The Largest Domes  

The huge dome of the Gol Gumbaz, which is its most striking feature has a diameter that stretches to a length of 44 metres (144.3 feet ). The dome stands unsupported without any pillars, purely on the basis of strong masonry.

A Taj Mahal Look-Alike  

The Gol Gumbaz is often referred to as the “Taj Mahal of the South,” or. “The Black Taj Mahal.” The monument is constructed with Dark Grey Basalt and is built in the Deccan Indo-Islamic style of architecture.

Gol Gumbaz, A Taj Mahal Contemporary  

Did you know that the Taj Mahal and the Gol Gumbaz were both constructed roughly around the same time in the 17th century?

In fact even before Shah Jahan commissioned the construction of the Taj Mahal in the year 1632, Mohammed Adil Shah had already started the construction of his own mausoleum, the Gol Gumbaz. The main dome of the Taj Mahal was completed in 1648 while the Gol Gumbaz was completed in the year 1656.

The Ratnagiri Connection  

An architect by the name of Yaqut of Dabul was the one who designed and built the Gol Gumbaz on the orders of the Adil Shahi ruler, Mohammed Adil Shah. Yagqut hailed from Dabhol also known as Dabul which is in the Ratnagiri district of the state of Maharashtra. Dabhol was an important seaport and trading centre in the 15th and 16th centuries.

From The Throne to The Tomb  

It is intriguing to note that Mohammed Adil Shah started the construction of his mausoleum, the Gol Gumbaz,  even before he ascended the throne in 1627. He wanted his tomb to be grander than the tomb of his own father Ibrahim Adil Shah II, the Ibrahim Roza which is another beautiful monument in Bijapur. The construction of the Gol Gumbaz went on for 20 years till the year 1656 and stopped only with the death of Mohammed Adil Shah. The grand design of Gol Gumbaz was never completed and remains a single dome structure.

Chamber Inside Gol Gumbaz  

There is a massive chamber inside the Gol Gumbaz that sprawls over an area of 1700 Square Metres, which is considered to be one of the biggest single chamber spaces in the world.

Magical Echoes of Gol Gumbaz  

The prime attraction of Gol Gumbaz has to be its whispering gallery. A circular gallery that stands right below the huge dome is known as the whispering gallery. The architecture and acoustics of the gallery are such that even a soft whisper at one end can be heard clearly resonating throughout the gallery. What is more, the echo of the whisper is heard not once or twice, but 7 to 10 times in succession.

An Entire Family Lies In Eternal Sleep  

The Gol Gumbaz is the final resting place not only of Mohammed Adil Shah but also that of his wife, daughter, grandson and his mistress named Rambha. There are 5 cenotaphs placed on a raised platform, the actual graves are below ground level. A wooden Baldachin stands over the cenotaph of Mohammed Adil Shah.

A Unique Engineering Marvel  

The dome that stands without support is an engineering marvel, and this is best echoed in the words of James Ferguson, in his book, “History of Indian And Eastern Architecture.” He says, “The most ingenious and novel part of the construction of this dome is the mode in which its lateral or outward thrust is counteracted. This was accomplished by forming the pendentives so that they not only cut off the angles but that their arches intersect one another and form a very considerable mass of masonry perfectly stable in itself.”

The bolt of Lightening  

On the facade of the Gol Gumbaz, a piece of meteorite tied in a tripod-like ring hangs from a solid rust-resistant steel chain. Locals refer to it as, “Sidili,” which means thunderbolt in Kannada. Legend has it that during the construction of the Gol Gumbaz, a meteorite landed in a nearby village. Mohammed Adil Shah who was a great believer in astrology took it as a good omen, and went to the village and brought the piece of meteorite in a procession and had it tied at the entrance of the Gol Gumbaz as a lucky talisman.

How did you find these amazing facts about Gol Gumbaz in Bijapur, Karnataka? Are you awed by the mysteries of Gol Gumbaz and want to experience the place and its whispering gallery at the earliest. Please do so, the Gol Gumbaz awaits the echoes of your footfalls.

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Amazing Facts About Gol Gumbaz Bijapur

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