10 Best Places to Visit in Belarus

10 Best Places to Visit in Belarus



Belarus is a relatively lesser known country in Europe that has lots of great places to visit that most people don’t know about. The wide diversity of things to do in Belarus allows everyone to find something interesting.

The country is the best place to visit if you are a nature lover, if you want to discover former Soviet Union countries, if you like visiting medieval castles or spending time in old historical cities. Here is a list of 10 Best Places to Visit in Belarus:

10 Best Places to Visit in Belarus

  1. Bialowieza Forest National Park
  2. Braslav Lake Group
  3. Medieval Mir Castle
  4. Brest Hero-Fortress
  5. Minsk, capital of Belarus
  6. Grodno full of architectural sights
  7. ‘Belarusian Maldives’
  8. Geographical Center of Europe
  9. Silichi Ski Resort
  10. Visit Zabrodie Village that Still Remembers the First World War

Some information about Belarus

Belarus is a country situated in the geographical center of Europe, although many people think it is on the East. It seems so, as the only European country to the East from Belarus is Russia. The Eastern border of Europe, the Ural Mountains, is situated several thousand kilometers away from Belarus.

The country used to be a part of Soviet Union, the remnants of which you can still see here. In most of the small towns, and even in some places in Minsk, capital of Belarus, you will still find monuments of Lenin and Soviet signs. Still, after over 25 years of independence, Belarus managed to become a European country with cozy cafes, great festivals, and a much better service than it used to be. From the beginning of 2017, more than 80 countries don’t need a visa to Belarus, you can check if yours is on the list here.

Belarus borders Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia. Its population is almost 10 million. It is not a tiny country, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland could altogether fit on the territory of Belarus. For more information, check 50 interesting facts about Belarus here. One of the main places to visit in Belarus is Minsk, while there is much more to see in the country. So, I will tell you about the best attractions and places to visit in Belarus.

Bialowieza Forest National Park

Did you know that the largest and oldest forest in Europe is situated in Belarus, on the border with Poland? It is called Bialowieza Forest National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is a great place to visit in Belarus with kids.


If you visit Brest (which I strongly recommend you doing), you can easily get to the Bialowieza Forest situated less than 100 km away from it. There, you can rent and ride a bicycle through one of the numerous bike paths in the national park, go to one of the nature and local lore museums, visit the Father Frost (Belarusian Santa Claus), or simply walk along the forest alleys enjoying the calmness and fresh air. You can even stay in a house in the center of Bialowieza Forest.

To find out more about activities and things to do in the Bialowieza Forest check this article.

Braslav Lake Group

Braslav lakes is one of the favorite places to visit in Belarus among locals. These lakes are also one of the Belarusian national parks.

The lake group includes dozens of small and big lakes, some have a very well-developed infrastructure around them, but some are just hidden in the forest.

Medieval Mir Castle

Another popular place to visit in Belarus in the Mir Castle Complex. It is situated in Minsk region and is easily reachable by car or bus.


The castle used to belong the famous rich family of Radzivills and is surrounded by numerous legends that you can find out during your visit. The architecture of it is a combination of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance. This blend makes the Mir castle special.

In summer, numerous knight and music festivals are held on the territory of the castle gathering thousands of people.

Here is an official website of the Mir Castle.

Brest Hero-Fortress

Brest fortress, which is situated close to the city of Brest, on the south-west of Belarus, is famous for its heroic defense against German invaders during the World War II. As you might know, the whole of Poland was conquered in just 2 weeks, while the Brest fortress alone could restrain constant attacks of Germans for 1 month.


The fortress is now part of a big complex of monuments and museums. You can visit the Museum of War, the 5th Fort Museum, as well as Defense Museum. Being in this place lets you feel the atmosphere of those difficult times. Entering the fortress gates, you will hear the original announcement about the Fascist invasion. On the walls of the fortress, you can still find the famous inscriptions of the soldiers. The most famous of them is “I’m dying, but I’m not giving up. Goodbye, Motherland!”

Find out more on the official website of Brest Fortress.

Minsk, capital of Belarus


Minsk, the capital of Belarus, is the most visited place in the country. It is a big city with almost 2 million people, but you don’t feel the business, dirt and noise of a big city. Minsk is a great place to visit with kids. The city is very convenient for tourists, as most of the main attractions of Minsk are located close to each other, in the city center. They include the Grand Theater of Opera and Ballet, cozy houses and cafes of the Trinity suburb, Upper town with the town hall, the Independence avenue with its chic boutiques and many other places. Just walk around the city center and you will easily find them all.


One attraction worth visiting that is situated not in the center of Minsk, is the Belarusian National Library having a form of a diamond, one of the largest libraries in the world, the roof of which is also a great panoramic point.

You can go to one of the numerous museums of Minsk: the new Great Patriotic War (World War II on the territory of former Soviet Union) Museum, Strochitsy Architecture and Local Lore Museum, the Museum of Stones with a map of Belarus made of huge boulders and many others.

If you like spending time with nature without leaving the city walls, Minsk has a lot of different parks for any taste. Go to the Loshitsa park, which is regarded as the best park in Minsk, and walk along the nice alleys and a fruit garden, visit the Central (Yanka Kupala) park to ride on its numerous attractions, enjoy the Victory park near the Great Patriotic War Museum with a Bird island and outdoor fitness equipment, ride a bike through the Cheluskintsev park, or feed the swans in the third largest Botanical Garden in the world.

Grodno full of architectural sights


Due to the central position, Belarus has been continuously crossed by enemy troops and was the main battlefield in the region during the First and Second World Wars. Because of that, a lot of architectural sights didn’t survive to our days. For example, Minsk was completely destroyed numerous times, and after the World War II, the government wanted to rebuild the city 30 km away from the place it was situated before, but changed their mind in the end.

So, Grodno is the city that preserved the most of architectural sights in the country. That is why it is a great place to visit in Belarus. You should go to the Zamkovaya street to see its two castles, the new and the old one. The city is also full of beautiful churches of different religions. Belarus is a country, which is very tolerant to such a diversity.

Go to the Grodno Regional Drama Theater, look at this unusual structure and try to think of what it is similar to. Another place I recommend to visit in Grodno is the Old Pharmacy Museum having a collection of old chemist’s utensils and equipment.

‘Belarusian Maldives’

Another great attraction in Belarus that was just recently found, are the ‘Belarusian Maldives’, chalk quarries with turquoise water and cliffs with white sand. The water has such a beautiful color because of the chalk and limestone formerly mined here. There are several places, where you can view the ‘Belarusian Maldives’, the most famous are situated close to the Volkovysk town.

Today, the chalk quarries have a limited access, because the government decided to build good infrastructure around them for more safety. Hopefully, in a few months, we will be able to visit the beautiful ‘Belarusian Maldives’ and stay in a tent for a night in such a wonderful place.

Geographical Center of Europe

You have never been to the center of Europe? You have to!

You can visit it in Belarus, in the city of Polotsk, the oldest city on the territory of Belarus with over 1000 years of history. Here, you can find the monument of the center of Europe and get a certificate that you’ve been there.


Silichi Ski Resort

One of the favorite things to do in Belarus among tourists is visiting one of the country’s ski resorts. Despite the fact that Belarus doesn’t have high mountains, there are numerous artificial hills with a good infrastructure and low prices. Silichi Ski Resort is one of them. It has ski slopes of all the levels of complexity, so you will definitely find the one, which suites you the most, or ask an experienced instructor to teach you skiing.

Find out more about Silichi and other ski resorts in Belarus here.

Check prices on the official website of Silichi Ski Resort.

Visit Zabrodie Village that Still Remembers the First World War

The last place to visit in Belarus that I will tell you is Zabrodie village, which still remembers the events of the First World War. This complex was created by a Tsitovich family in the place, where the front line of the First World War was situated. Here, you can observe the collection from this war, see and even ride one of the oldtimers and enjoy the atmosphere of the rural life. You can find out more here.

Other places to visit in Belarus

Belarus has lots of great places to visit. This list could include other beautiful castles, like Nesvizh and Kossovo castles, Pripyat and Berezinsky National Parks, other old cities like Slonim, Novogrudok, Gomel and Vitebsk, numerous museums and places to discover the Belarusian culture. Just come here and find the best places to visit in Belarus on your own!


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10 Best Places to Visit in Belarus

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Author bio:

Roman from Visit-Belarus.com writes about interesting facts, useful information, attractions and places to visit in Belarus. He is also the creator of the RomanRoams.com travel blog which talks about adventurous travel and traveling on a budget.



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81 thoughts on “10 Best Places to Visit in Belarus

  1. robin rue Reply

    I have never even heard of belarus before, but it definitely sounds like a great place to visit. Maybe I will end up there someday?

  2. Dannielle Reply

    I must check how easy it is to get to Belarus from my city! Didn’t know too much about it until I read this so thanks for the inspo.

  3. Ania Reply

    Looks incredible! I’ve never been there before but now I’m adding it to my bucket list 🙂

  4. Chris Reply

    That opening image with a waft of mist above the water and the distant church was stunning! Made me want to know about where it was!

    I’ve not had the pleasure of visiting Belarus (although Sarah did over 15 years ago), but it’s certainly not from any lack of desire.

    What time of year were you guys there?

  5. ada Reply

    Belarus is not so close to my hometown in Poland but I feel like I should have visit it earlier! Especially Bialowieza Forest National Park which we share as it looks so wonderful! I haven’t realised you can do so much over there! Your photos are fabulous and definelty convincing to visit that beautiful country!

  6. Jeanette Reply

    I travel a lot and I have never heard of this place. I’m embarrassed to say that. Obviously I need to explore more of the world than what I even knew was out there. I cannot wait to go here.

  7. Zwitsal Reply

    OMG! What a beautiful scenery! I can’t imagine being in these places! I will practically jump for joy! Going to add this on my travel wishlist!

  8. Sarah Bailey Reply

    Europe has some amazing places to visit how absolutely gorgeous does the Belarus look, I think I am going to have to add it to my bucket list of places I would like to visit.

  9. Lena Reply

    I knew Belarus & Minsk from my history classes – but I had no idea about the beauty of this part of Europe. Sometimes the most beautiful places are not that far away ! Especially the castle & the whole architecture is really worth a roadtrip 🙂

  10. Sarah Honey Reply

    Your photos are beautiful! Haven’t visited Belarus but after seeing this I think I need to put it on my travel list!

  11. Andrew @ Mommy's Busy Reply

    Never even heard of Belarus but it looks beautiful! I love that forest, but you absolutely cannot beat a castle. I toured Europe after college and was just astounded by all the history and architecture. I’d love to visit some more off-the-beaten path places like Belarus.

  12. Angelic Sinova Reply

    I’ve never been to Belarus before but after seeing how much there is to explore there I’ll definitely be adding it to my travel bucket list. The Medieval Mir Castle is so gorgeous. I’d love to see it in person.

  13. Flo Reply

    What a hidden gem! Belarus looks incredible. I’d love to visit Bialowieza Forest National Park and Minsk one day – seems like it’s still up-and-coming and not too crowded!

  14. Anosa Reply

    How have I never heard of this place before?! It looks so lovely, I especially like the fortress it looks beautful. Another place for me to check out

  15. Maurene Cab Reply

    I heard of Belarus before, but haven’t thought of going there. Now that you mentioned it, I’m considering to go to this place.

  16. Neha Saini Reply

    All your trip pictures are great. I have been to Belarus once with my family. I went to Church of the Holy Trinity. It’s a very small church, white walls not a lot of sculptures, but it’s very cozy. I didn’t see much things around there. But will add all these places in my bucket list for the next time.

  17. Jen Reply

    My kids are waffles fiends…..I swear they would eat the 24/7,
    Don’t forget to look after Mike’s post!

  18. Rebecca Swenor Reply

    Belarus sounds like a great country to visit. I don’t think I have ever heard of it even though it is a huge. There is so much to see there and I would love to visit there some day. I find it interesting that so many don’t need a visa to visit there too. Thanks for sharing the information.

  19. Danik Reply

    I been to Belarus twice now but both visits have been to Minsk. I really need to get out there again and do the parks etc. The country has so much more to offer. Just wish they sort out the international transport prices and visa prices.

  20. neha Reply

    Belarus seems to have some wonderful architecture as well as natural landscape. Love the Bialowieza Forest National Park as well as the Mir Castle and other architectural places. Thanks to you for sharing it. I will add it in my next Europe trip itinerary

  21. Dogvills Reply

    The Belarus Maldives would be a nice place to visit, but I think I would be more interested to get to Polotsk and see the marker for the geographical center of Europe. Its cool that they give you a cerfiticate to prove you’ve been there. Awesome!

  22. Annemarie LeBlanc Reply

    I would love to go to the Geographical Center of Europe, in Polotsk. That would be so cool to even have a certificate that I can show my friends and family. I have to make sure I get to that monument the next time I am in Europe!

  23. Indrani Reply

    Belarus is totally new to me. But what a great place with such a lot of things to do and see. How many days did you spend there? This list totally demands at least a week.

  24. Sarah Reply

    Wow!! Breathtaking photos. I’ve never been anywhere near Belarus, but looks like a delightful place to visit.

  25. Patricia Reply

    Years ago, I worked with development teams from Belarus, and it always seemed like a wonderful country from their stories. But seeing your photos, and hearing how much love you have for the place makes it even more real. The forest and the Brest Hero-Fortress would be my first stops, but I would love to see Minsk and Grodno, too. LOL! Honestly, I’d love to see it all.

  26. Liz Mays Reply

    Spending some time exploring the national park would be amazing. I’d love to absorb some of the history by checking some of the museums and historical sites out too.

  27. Megan Indoe Reply

    Wow, excellent photos! You’ve captured the city very well. I would love to check out Belarus one day. The architecture is beautiful, I would love to visit Mir Castle too!

  28. Neely Moldovan Reply

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    Belarus was never on my list of places to visit, but you have totally convinced me. One, the pictures are simply stunning. But what really intrigued me are the medieval castles. I love exploring old historical cities!

  32. Amanda Love Reply

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    Never been to Belarus but looks incredible now I will have to add to my list of must visit locations. Many good options. Your pictures are so pretty too =)

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    This was really interesting, since I knew just about nothing about Belarus when I started at the top of the page! Your photos are stunning. I think I’m finally recovered from all the castles my parents dragged me to and I’m ready to put some of these on my bucket list.

  35. [email protected] Reply

    I would love to go to Belarus! It looks like such a beautiful country. I also love to travel to places that aren’t as popular destinations so I don’t have to deal with the crowds.

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    Never heard of the place Belarus before but this photos looks so awesome that makes me wanna visit it!

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    This is the first time that I heard Belarus and it looks a nice place to visit with my family and I love all your photos

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    The article is incredibly insightful and reveals several ‘hideout’ destination in the country of Belarus. Belarusian Maldives appealed to me, I will wait for it to be opened to tourists. Medieval Mir Castle looks so impressive!

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    My aunt lives near Belarus! I heard she will tour us to the most beautiful places on the City! looking forward to see those in person!

  40. Czjai Reply

    Such a beautiful country! The castles and fortresses are stunning; I will definitely go on a historical tour of Belarus someday!

  41. Marion Halliday (Red Nomad OZ) Reply

    Wow! So many places to go I just wouldn’t know where to start without your terrific guide!! I particularly like the look of the Bialowieza State Forest – that’s my kind of place! But your photo of Minsk looks like a new-modernist painting, and the Belarus Maldives? Unreal!

  42. Paula Bendfeldt Reply

    I had never thought of visiting Belarus but it looks like it’s a great destination. Love the architecture and the beautiful natural scenery too.

  43. Cai Dominguez Reply

    Your introduction of Belarus to me makes me hope that it would be easy for us to book a flight in Europe. It’s so beautiful and look so peaceful. Unlike, most of the mainstream European country this look so pure. I love its ambiance and the architecture is really amazing!

  44. Darlene | PSW Reply

    Wow. I didnt really thought of visiting Belarus before but your post is very enlightening! Looks like it’s better to explore these hidden gems of Europe first.

  45. Kellyn Reply

    I love the Medieval architecture. Time to get my Rick Steves on. This is definitely a place I would visit in the future.

  46. Nadalie Reply


    Belarus is one of those places I’ve heard lovely things about but not until reading your post (and seeing these pics), did I decide it needs to be on my list of places to visit.

    Thanks for the travel-inspiration,


  47. Vibeke Johannessen Reply

    Even as a European I honestly have to say I haven’t thought about visiting Belarus. It is certainly a country you don’t hear much about. After reading this I am definitely more convinced on visiting. The architecture looks so cool. I would love to see the Mir Castle. I love medieval castles 😀

  48. Swati Reply

    What an interesting post. Biking through Bialowieza Forest National Park would be amazing with that view ahead of you. Center of Europe sounds like such an offbeat thing to do 🙂 . Loved your post and hopefully I visit Belarus some day

  49. Marge Reply

    I went to your other post, holding my breath, hoping that the Philippines is included in countries that don’t need visa to Belarus, but of course, as expected we’re not included *le sigh*. What I really want to visit there is the Biolowieza. I learned about it while I was researching for the best national parks in Europe.

    I love it that the country is not that popular, I mean, how many people can say I’ve been to Belarus? It is part of its charms and of the reasons I wanna go there. Just looking at your photos I love its overall feel, laid-back and has so much history.

  50. Steph Reply

    I could spend all day visiting castles and fortresses. Belarus sounds amazing. Never realized how many beautiful things there were to do in this country. Hopefully I can visit one day soon.

  51. Paige W Reply

    Belarus looks absolutely stunning! My husband and I are trying to plan what countries we want to visit on a trip through Eastern Europe and I now what to add this to the list! My husband is a sucker for nature, so I’m going to pitch it with the forest national park!

  52. Iza Abao Reply

    It was good that I read your post. I did not know much about Belarus. It is a country that is not that popular but I am fascinated now.
    I like the places that you have featured. There are something for the nature and architectural design lovers. Minsk looks pleasant, quiet, clean, and beautiful.

  53. Nuraini Reply

    Belarusian Maldives huh? Would be cool to see those chalk hills..! I hosted a Belarusian vlogger earlier this year. He showed me footage from his journey so far – especially Iran – but never any of his own country!

  54. Cathy Reply

    Medieval Mir Castle looks like a fairy tale castle. So lovely and worth instagrammable! There’s so much beauty in this country, so sad Filipinos still need a visa here. Your photos make me jealous!

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  56. oursweetadventures Reply

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  57. John Reply

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  58. Veronica P. Reply

    Belarusian Maldives have been on my bucket list for years. Unfortunately, the government closed access to that place so it is semi-legal to go there.

  59. Laura Nalin Reply

    I had no idea how pretty Belarus is! Funny enough, I thought it was in Eastern Europe so it was interesting to learn that’s not the case despite many making that assumption. I’d like to see this country with my own eyes someday!

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    I have never been to Europe but I am setting my eyes this year or next. Belarus is such an offbeat choice. The fortress attracts me the most. Its ruined walls speak a thousand words. Those inscriptions are bone chilling.

  61. Ricci – When In My Journeys Reply

    I think I’m going to love Belarus whenever I get the chance the go there. It has everything that I am interested in like nature trip, historic castles and fortresses and city walks. The photo of the Bialowieza Forest looks stunning.

  62. Eve Kay Reply

    Beautiful photos there! Heard of Belarus but never really thought of visiting. Now I want to go after seeing your post!

  63. Elizabeth O Reply

    The photos are fantastic. Makes me want to pack my bags and head to Minsk!

  64. Swati & Sam Reply

    Belarus looks so stunning. Mir Castle looks amazing. Belarus was one of the worst affected countries in WW2. Belarusian Maldives and Cemter of Europe are the two attractions that I would love to see.

  65. Colby Holiday Reply

    Wow! Why have I never heard of Belarus? Especially since the geographical center of Europe is located there and it’s not particularly just a dot on a map. Either way, you have certainly piqued my interest and I’d love to visit someday! I do hope they secure the Belarus Maldives, it would be incredible to visit there as well.

  66. Johna Reply

    Love the photos and details of your post! Definitely another place to add to my never ending travel bucketlist hehe.

  67. Gina Reply

    You had me sold at nature, discovery and ancient castles. Sign me up for the next trip to Belarus! It’s good to know that Grodno has the most preserved history and war is such a sad thing because it destroys history and tries to write new ones.

  68. Kristina Reply

    Belarus is not a place a ton of people go, but after reading this and looking at your photos I can’t imagine why! It looks so beautiful! I’m a sucker for castles and a history buff to boot. This is all right up my alley!

  69. Baia Dzagnidze Reply

    Belarus is close to my country, Georgia, and yet, I haven’t visited it yet. However, it’s on my bucket list. Good to know there are lots of interesting places to discover. I especially loved the Medieval Mir Castle, it looks soo beautiful

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