Planning a Last Minute Honeymoon Trip to The Maldives

Honeymoon Trip to The Maldives

Honeymoon Trip to The Maldives

Planning a Last Minute Honeymoon Trip to The Maldives

The Maldives has become a popular place for romantic honeymoon vacations. Nestled in the Indian Ocean, the island chain happens to be the smallest country in Asia—by both geography and population. But that just makes it a stunning and secluded place to enjoy some post-wedding time together.

The crystal clear turquoise waters, puffy clouds on the horizon and overwater bungalows create an environment that is truly unrivaled anywhere else in the world.

Planning Together a Honeymoon Trip to The Maldives

Honeymoon Trip to The Maldives

When you start planning a honeymoon—especially last minute—it’s important to keep each other in the loop. Because it’s such a special vacation, you’ll want to make sure all wants and needs are considered. The best way to accomplish this is coming up with your itinerary together. Whether it’s where you’ll stay on your last minute trip to The Maldives or the airfare that will get you there, make your decisions with one another.

Think About Money for a Honeymoon Trip to The Maldives

Honeymoon Trip to The Maldives

Because the trip is last minute, it’s best to set a budget right away. In the rush of things, it’s easy to book the first hotel you find or schedule a cheap diving experience. But, if you set a budget and do your research, you’re likely to get the best bang for your buck. You can make sure you’re getting quality deals to make sure it’s the best last minute honeymoon it can be.

Finding a Place to Stay on your Honeymoon Trip to The Maldives

Honeymoon Trip to The Maldives

In the Maldives, you will definitely find some gorgeous resorts. Picking the best places to stay in the Maldives is not an easy task. Most hotels are situated on their own island, with one tree-filled section of land featuring the main aspects of the hotel. Here, you’ll be able to visit restaurants, take fitness classes, enjoy bars and dance clubs, register for scuba diving trips and go shopping. The stunning white sand beaches surround these areas, with wooden paths built over the water to take you to your bungalow. Here, steps lead directly from your porch into the clear waters. If you’re planning last minute, you’ll want to use a service like Voyage Privé to find the best deals on your honeymoon stay.

When To Book for your Honeymoon Trip to The Maldives

Last minute trips are always risky. Many of the great deals come in advance or right before you leave—but you don’t really want to wait when planning a honeymoon. While you may find better deals later, you may also end up paying more or not getting what you want. With such an important trip on the line, book everything as soon as you’ve researched your destination and know it’s where you want to go. Booking earlier will also save your time and stress just before the wedding.

Extending Your Stay—Secretly while on a Honeymoon Trip to The Maldives

Getting time off of work for a honeymoon is typically pretty easy, but also makes it more difficult to surprise your significant other. If you’re able, reach out to his or her boss on your own—after they’ve already gotten time off. A great way to incorporate a surprise is to extend the trip with the knowledge of the boss—but don’t tell your loved one until you’re already en route to The Maldives.

Adding Some Friends to the Mix while on a Honeymoon Trip to The Maldives

For a unique honeymoon trip, tack on a couple days and invite some of your mutual friends or another couple to meet you there. This is another great way to surprise your honey and will make the trip even more memorable. Once you’ve formed your own special memories celebrating your marriage, celebrate your loved ones by forming some spectacular island memories with them as well.

What to Do While You’re There on a Honeymoon Trip to The Maldives

Honeymoon Trip to The Maldives

Finally, don’t forget to plan out some fun in advance. While you may intend to just relax on the deck with the water surrounding you, it’s always nice to explore a little. There are a variety of massive reefs in The Maldives so consider a scuba diving or snorkeling trip. You can seek out dolphins, rays, small sharks and turtles in addition to colorful fish. If you’re staying near the capital island of Malé, you can also visit the Old Friday Mosque, which is carved out of white coral stone and dates back to the 1600s. There is also a walking tour of the city and various cooking classes available for a romantic evening out.

Crystal clear turquoise waters and the puffy clouds are perfect for a Honeymoon Trip to The Maldives. It is truly unrivalled anywhere else in the world.

Coming to Maldives Travel costs, it is a myth that Maldives is exorbitantly expensive, Maldives can be visited on a range of budgets from economy to the luxurious. Is Maldives on your cards?


Honeymoon Trip to The Maldives    Honeymoon Trip to The Maldives


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40 thoughts on “Planning a Last Minute Honeymoon Trip to The Maldives

  1. Anne Reply

    I spent part of my honeymoon in the Maldives and think it is a perfect destination for honeymooners or those who love diving. Those who want lots of activities might struggle though!

  2. Nisha Reply

    Yes!!! More than anything else I want to go there for the shades of blue. Water and sky playing with each other.
    Maldives is said to be an expensive place but your post suggests some good options. 🙂

  3. Megan Indoe Reply

    I have always dreamed about visiting the Maldives, one day we will especially since it’s becoming more and more popular and tons of resort options. These are nice tips for anyone planning a honeymoon, or just a trip for that matter.

  4. Danik Reply

    The Maldives is a fantastic destination, not just for honeymoons. 😀 I so want to go back here and reading your post and looking at the photos has brought back a lot of memories. 🙂

  5. Anete Reply

    I so agree with the last minute booking being very tricky. It’s so tempting to have a great deal at the last minute and so often itworks out perfectly. But it also might happen thateverything is sold out and risk didin’t pay off. Such a gamble! Maldives is the best destination ever. And photos are truly amazing!

  6. Dorene Reply

    The Maldives is definitely a stunning place, agreed! it would be risky to plan a last minute honeymoon, thanks for your tips, perfect for my next anniversary!

  7. Peter Korchnak Reply

    In my language, Slovak, the Maldives are spelled “Maledivy”, which you can break it into two words, “malé divy”, which means “little wonders”. Sounds about right.

  8. Annie Reply

    I had never considered trying to get some friends to join you for part of your honeymoon, but I love that idea! Definitely unique and a great way to make memories.

  9. Anthony Jury Reply

    How my heart sinks everytime I see anything about the Maldives. So beautiful and romantic, I would love to get there some day for sure. It looks pure paradise.

  10. robin rue Reply

    I’ve never heard of the Maldives and don’t know if I will ever end up there, but it sure does sound like a lovely place to visit.

  11. Jaime Reply

    I would love to visit the Maldives one day. The photos are beautiful! We went to the Bahamas for our honeymoon and I planned that out more than my own wedding!

  12. Tonya Wilhelm Reply

    Wow. That would be an amazing trip. The water is stunning, the views amazing. I could lounge around all day. Now, back to the boring computer screen. 😉

  13. Neha Saini Reply


  14. Heather Johnson Reply

    I am not usually a fan of water or beaches. However, your photos are absolutely gorgeous and I kind of want to go here sometime!

  15. Davi Reply

    The water is breathtaking! This looks like an amazing honeymoon! My husband and I had more of an “adventure” honeymoon. Although we had a great time, we were exhausted and would have much rather been relaxing on the beach!

  16. Liz Mays Reply

    I definitely wouldn’t mind planning a Maldives getaway. I’d be excited to do some scuba diving in those waters!

  17. ejnosillA/RedefiningHERstory Reply

    Oh that looks so beautiful! I have always wanted to go there and I am thinking about planning a “Girls Summer Getaway” next year and couldn’t figure out where to go. Now, in my mind it’s confirmed… Now… I just have to run it by the Ladies and your beautiful photos will be a great way to convince the Ladies!

  18. kelly reci Reply

    OMG! I really wanted to visit Maldives! the place looks so magical!

  19. Stefanie Reply

    We´re going to spend our honeymoon at the Maledives! I´m sooo looking foward. Your pics are amazing!

  20. Czjai Reply

    Maldives is definitely on my bucket list! Hoping I could visit this gorgeous place – with my husband – soon!

  21. Scott Reply

    It’s not currently in the cards for us, but would love for it to be. Maybe someday we’ll splurge for a trip there!

  22. Nadalie Reply

    OH MY GOODNESS! This place is soooo absolutely beautiful! Immediately adding this to my must visit places and perhaps even at the top, it just so gorgeous. Swimming must be fantastic in those waters. Love it.

  23. Pete Reply

    Next time I get married, for sure!

    On my laptop, the share icons float on the left side of the page and there is no way to remove them. They block off some of the content and make typing in this comment box a chore.

  24. Carol Cassara Reply

    Nothing like a vacation here to help you relax! Love the resorts that you can choose from. Shangri-La is one of the best ones! I’d love to stay there again someday!

  25. Wanderlust Wayfarer Reply

    I’ve always wanted to visit Maldives, and it sounds like the perfect place for a honeymoon. I love the idea of surprising your loved one with an unexpected extended stay. Such a great idea!

  26. Julie Syl Reply

    My husband really wanted to visit Maldives! We planned to go there after the graduation of my daughter! Gonna have to remember this post!

  27. neha Reply

    I am tempted to go to the Maldives off-season. Do you know how it is during the monsoons? When I plan my trip here, it will be definitely the last minute one and your tips are going to be really helpful

  28. Elizabeth O Reply

    The Maldives is on my list of must visit destinations. I think it is the perfect location for a honeymoon or romantic escape… simply gorgeous!

  29. Annemarie LeBlanc Reply

    The Maldives is the perfect honeymoon getaway for me. The crystal clear waters, the calm ocean and the serene surroundings will guarantee memories to last a lifetime. I would love to surprise my husband with a trip there. How exciting!

  30. brook clifton Reply

    This is one of my bucket lists and I really want to go there and see it in live such a beautiful place and so relaxing.

  31. Travel Tips Reply

    I have flown severel times through Maldives but never had a chance to stop for a stay! How sad! I’d love to!

  32. Arnav Mathur Reply

    Having stayed for a month in Maldives, I can vouch for the unimaginable beauty and the feeling of being in Paradise. The place has it all, right from white sandy picturesque beaches, warm tropical water lagoons and abundance of marine life. I loved Scuba Diving in the Maldives and it’s definitely one of the most sought after activities for Honeymooners.

  33. Laura Nalin Reply

    I’ve wanted to visit the Maldives for awhile now – mainly as the water there is so clear and it would be great for diving. While I’m not sure I’d want to spend my entire honeymoon there (I like a bit of activities), I would LOVE to visit someday! I

  34. Patricia Reply

    I just got married in May, and we did a mini-honeymoon trip. But we are planning a more extended honeymoon down the road, and The Maldives sounds amazing. From your post, it looks like there are many more places to stay than I thought, I do agree that a little planning could go a long way to making sure we don’t miss out on anything we would like to do. I don’t dive, but if we plan far enough in advance, I might be able to learn!

  35. candy Reply

    The Maldives is such a stunning place to visit. I would go here even if I wasn’t on a honeymoon 🙂 It is one of my dreams to stay in an overwater bungalow. The thought of waking up to the beautiful ocean view and white sands can never get old! I will make sure to book early and to plan a ton of activities when I finally make this dream a reality.

  36. Paige W Reply

    Look at how beautiful and turquoise that water is! I’ve always wanted to visit the Maldives! Maybe for an anniversary or something – looks like a great honeymoon destination as well! It would have to be a stopover because I get antsy without doing loads of activities! My husband and I hiked over 40 miles on our honeymoon along with loads of other activities like helicopter rides and such.

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