Wearing Fun Up Your Sleeve, The Bumchums Way


Fashion has evolved over time and today it is being defined and redefined every moment. Fashion today is more about expressing your own unique style and personality rather than conforming to preconceived styles. Also, fashion is no longer the bastion of a privileged few and has entered the lives of most people and transformed their outlook of life itself.

Bumchums – Online store for the Tiny tots, Teenagers & Grownups

Bumchums is a brand that combines the elements of fun, fashion and style and brings it into our homes through Bumchums online store. Bunchum also ensures that their range is reasonably priced and affordable providing value for your money. So, one can look their fashionable best without having to shell out a bomb.

Summer is in the air and it is the time of the year when vacations and idyllic beach resorts are on the mind. Consider a situation where you are heading out for a holiday to an exotic beach and want your clothes to radiate the fun and frolic in your mind. You want to pick up some clothes that are comfortable to wear and at the same time pack in elements of style, all you need to do is check out the Bumchums online store and you can have the entire family kitted out in the most stylish and trendiest clothes. Off you go with a spring in your steps for some fun time with your Bumchums!

Bumchums has a range of relax wear for both men and women. It also has a range for kids and toddlers as well.

Review: Bumchums Men’s Wear

The Bumchums Bermuda Range for Men

As the summer closes in, there is nothing better than Bermudas to lounge around in. Bumchums has a range of bermudas that come in 100% cotton and in plain as well as stylishly printed designs. One is sure to feel relaxed as well as up their style quotient with these bermudas.

Stylish Plain Bermudas for the cool man.



A selection of colors, 100% cotton, plain but epitomizing style, just the right fit for the cool man.

Printed Bermudas for the flamboyant man.


Multi-color and stylish designer prints bring alive the energy and pizazz of the flamboyant man to the fore. 100% cotton ensures cool balances flamboyance.

Favorite Plain Bermudas for the methodical man.


The ideal pair of bermudas for the man who likes to be organized and perfect all the time, even when he is having fun. These bermudas can be perfectly coordinated with every T-shirt and vest.

Designer Plain Bermudas for the man who wears his attitude.


These bermudas are the perfect fit for the man who wants to make s subdued statement with his designer looks. These cotton and plain bermudas come with contrast stripes down the sides.


The Bumchums Loungewear Range for Men

Weekends and holidays are the time when one wants to dress down and relax, be it at home, the Gym or just catching up with friends at a roadside café. But of course, everyone would like to do it in style and make a mark. The Bumchums range of loungewear ensures that you step out relaxed and in style.

Stylish Plain Loungers for the man who wants to radiate an air of sophistication.


Loungers that look luxurious and come with a two-tone design and can be paired harmoniously with a tee that complements. An ideal way for the suave man to step out in style.

New Plain Loungers for the Trendy man.



These are loungers designed for the man whose every step, gait, and posture screams out style! Contrasting stripes on the 100% cotton plain loungers are sure to be the cynosure of all eyes when one steps into a crowd wearing these.

Designer Plain Loungers for the Uber man


These loungers are designed to bring out the best in you and you are sure to make heads turn when you turn up in these cotton designer plain loungers. The loungers can be coordinated with matching tees to stunning effect.

Sleeveless Set for the Chilled out man



Bring your chilled personae to the fore with these 100% cotton sleeveless uppers and shorts which come with contrast stripes down the sides.

The Bumchums range of T-shirts

To complete the ensemble and to coordinate with the Bermudas and the Loungewear, Bumchums has a snazzy range of T-Shirts in vibrant colours, prints and designs. All of them echo the Bumchums elements of style laced with fun.

Round Neck T-Shirt for the Bold Man


Available in sets of 3 and very aggressively priced with funky prints that are guaranteed to create a stir, these T-shirts are made of 100% cotton and are cool to wear.


Designer Stripes T-Shirt for the Fun Loving Man



These T-shirts come in vivid stripes and are guaranteed to create ripples wherever they are seen. A perennial favourite that will never go out of fashion.


Stylish Wash Printed T-Shirt for the Man who is not afraid to stand out



Colours that sing the song of the seasons and prints that are sure to captivate, T-shirts that smartly ensure you stand out. These T-shorts are as comfortable as your own skin and up your style quotients by a few notches.


Polo  T-Shirt for the Elegant Man

These T-shirts blend the right amounts of fun with elegance and style to create a cool style statement. They incorporate the right mix of retro and contemporary to amazing effect. The collared T-shorts act as a perfect foil to anything from the wardrobe.


Wear your attitude with the Bumchums range of products. The product range also includes T-shirts for men. In addition, ladies and kids can fashion their own style and make their own fashion statements through the Bumchums range of products.

Bumchums from Rupa has a design range for all. It has Bermuda, Relaxwear,  T-shirts, Loungewear for men which are 100% cotton and are comfortable and stylish. So be fashionable and stylish with Bumchums!






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50 thoughts on “Wearing Fun Up Your Sleeve, The Bumchums Way

  1. Hallie Reply

    The mens line looks great. I’ll have to get more info on the women’s line though! I love any good relaxed fit clothing lines. ^^

  2. Alli Smith Reply

    I haven’t heard of this line before. I like that they have a relaxed clothing line for men, women, and kids. I’ll check out the women’s line.

  3. ricci Reply

    I’ve never heard of bumchums before but it looks like a great line!! I will have to send this post along my guy friends!

  4. robin rue Reply

    It looks like have some cute beach wear. My hubby could use some new stuff this year 🙂

  5. candy Reply

    I will have to share this with my two sons. They like to look nice but still have fun, comfortable clothing to wear.

  6. Anosa Reply

    I am such a huge lover of relaxed clothing and hope they do the same for the women’s range too. The men’s range looks absolutely lovely

  7. Jaime Nicol Reply

    I will have to share this with the men in my life! These clothes definitely look comfortable and fun for summertime!

  8. Lynzy & Co Reply

    I am so going to have to share with my husband, these are such great options and just in time for the weather that is FINALLY warming up in CT.

  9. Angelic Sinova Reply

    This is my first time hearing of Bumchums but they seem to have a lot of fun men’s clothing! I’ll definitely pass this along to my male friends!

  10. Jessica Hughes Reply

    I’ve never heard of this line of clothing but I just love their name! I like the looks of the men’s line and it’s totally something my husband would wear when we are on vacation at the beach. I’m interested to take a look at the children’s and women’s line as well.

  11. Natasha Reply

    I’m all about comfort when I travel, so these items look really great and affordable, too. I’ll have to check out this store the next time I’m loading up on travel essentials. Thanks!

  12. Annemarie LeBlanc Reply

    Thank you for pointing me to this website. It is difficult to find men’s beachwear or casual clothing that my sons would actually like. Spring is here and summer is fast approaching so that means lots and lots of time in the water. They will need new Bermuda shorts!

  13. Cat Reply

    I’ve never heard of this store but it seems to have a great collection! I like their casual style and affordable price!

  14. My Teen Guide Reply

    I am checking out their website for women’s beach wear. I need some new shorts and shirts for a trip down the lake two weeks from now (if the weather permits). Thanks for letting me know about Bumchums!

  15. Iuliana Reply

    It seems that I’ve just read a very cool post. I always thought that bermudas are only for going to the beach, but these ones are so …. ‘elegant’ I may say. Anyway, you post inspires me an atmosphere of holiday, joy and relaxation and it’s perfect for the upcoming summer.

  16. Kiwi Reply

    Never heard of this brand but I love the name. Sound so funny but awesome summer wear for men.

  17. Neha Saini Reply

    Nice summer collection. Liked all the t-shirts . This product is really worthy for summer.

  18. Svetoslav Dimitrov Reply

    Ah, fashion – sometimes, it makes us look like complete fools :))
    Just kidding. If I have to choose from all the men’s lines, I’d be dumbfounded since all of them look chic and stylish.

    Probably the Elegant one, the flamboyant, and the one that wears his attitude.

    Thanks for this excellent review – so entertaining!

  19. Kristen Reply

    Great collection of menswear! I am looking at some loungers for husband!

  20. Chrishelle Ebner Reply

    What a great place to shop for summer fashions. I think my husband’s summer wardrobe could use a little help. We are going to the beach in May and I think he needs a couple pair of Bermuda shorts.

  21. Shannon Reply

    Will for sure have to check out the women’s clothes. I love the relaxed feel and goes perfect with our Keys lifestyle.

  22. Dogvills Reply

    Its time to shop for spring and summer clothing! I just checked the website and have chosen a few pieces myself. I’m just waiting for my husband’s and my kids’ choices so I can order all pieces at the same time.

  23. Taty Pradilla Reply

    I have never heard of this brand, but it looks pretty cool!! I will have to check them out to stock up on Summer essentials.

  24. Elizabeth O. Reply

    Their line is perfect for boys who love spending time outdoors, especially at the beach. It’s perfect for summer, without a doubt!

  25. Billy M Reply

    Never heard of bumchums, but so glad I read this article to discover the brand! Everything looks so comfy and relaxed, perfect for summer.

  26. Mae Reply

    This is my first time to hear about this brand, but the men’s line looks neat and I love how some looks are easy and casual.


  27. Vibeke Johannessen Reply

    I really love this and that you write about fashion for men. I don’t see that so much. I haven’t heard of this brand before but certainly sounds perfect for men that are outside during summer. I really like the style and the colours and it seems it is targeted to different kind of men, and different styles. Gonna recommend this brand for my boyfriend. 😀 Thank you for this 🙂

  28. Ola Reply

    I’ve never heard of Bumchums, but I like the cool casual look of their menswear. It looks pretty lightweight too.

  29. Deimarys Reply

    This is the first time I hear about this store. Seems they have a really nice selection of pieces and good quality.

  30. Rosey Reply

    my second oldest has a style all his own. My oldest is trendy, but I think that’s because he had to wear uniforms so long in the Army the he just wants to go all out now. He was happy to grow hair too. 😉

  31. Emily Reply

    These are all great outfits! I like the casual style, it seems like they will work for any activity, which ic great. They all seem so versatile.

  32. Debra P Reply

    I hadn’t heard of this brand before so it’s fun to learn about them. I’m loving the guy’s styles and will check it out for my family.

  33. Hey Sharonoox Reply

    I never heard of this brand before. Love these casual outfits. The bermudas will be perfect to wear this summer. I might get it for my hubs!.

  34. rika Reply

    Great review! I haven’t heard of this brand before.. i think my husband will love their products!

  35. Andrea Broom Reply

    gonna pass this on to my brother, I know he would like all of these styles. They are great reviews!

  36. Ana Ojha Reply

    There men’s line looks pretty amazing! I also liked that they have few vibrant colors in their collection!

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