The Heritage Transport Museum in Pictures

We had embarked on a fascinating journey in our last post – Heritage Transport Museum that took us back in time.

Transport Museum

We were mesmerised by the evolution of transportation as depicted by the exhibits in the Heritage Transport Museum, Delhi.  As promised we are back with a photo blog about this amazing place and hope to recreate some of the magic that we had experienced.

Transport Museum

Come, let us step into the Heritage Transport Museum and be swept away on a fascinating journey.

This is what set everything in motion. The wheels of time have literally spun.

An early expression of Man’s urge to go places.

Traveling in style before the advent of mechanisation.


Back to school, some things never change!

Does anyone care for a bus ride into the past?


I am not old at all, I am a classic!

Whatever the time period may be, this definitely spells class.

Some stars from Bollywood movies.

This was the car that was once pulled by an elephant in the Rajesh Khanna Bollywood blockbuster movie of the 70’s, Haathi Mere Saathi.

This one must surely have created a stir wherever he rolled in.

A dash of elegant class.

If you ever thought what white magic was all about, here it is!

Dare to be different, the dash of blue against the sober brown sure shows off the devil may care attitude of the owner.

A closer look at this car will reveal that it has been inlaid with One rupee coins. Wonder what was going through the mind of the car owner!


Any takers for this Chevrolet at Rs.2,700? That is what this advertisement in Hindi proclaims!


Is this a plane, a ship, an amphibian or a UFO! soaring on the wings of imagination.


Origami gives wings to an artist’s flight of fantasy.


Toys from the past.


A ride on this scooter would really be fun!

Wonder where the kids who rode this toy car are now?


Life is a bike, keep moving or else you may fall off.






A blast from the past. A 1940s Piper J3C cub aircraft, suspended in mid-air.


The Airline wars! vying for customer attention.



Time to take home a slice of the memories of the captivating journey that has come to an end.


With loads of memories and the mind still filled with images of vintage cars, enchanting toys and brazen bikes the journey across time and place in the Heritage Transport Museum, Delhi, came to an end.

We hope you liked the pictures and they entice you to visit the transport museum, you are sure to take back a wonderful experience. Check Heritage Transport Museum timings and ticket info on their site here. To explore Delhi in detail, check out Delhi Darshan.

If you have not read our earlier post on Heritage Transport Museum, please check it out by click on the below image:

Have you heard of the Heritage Transport Museum near Delhi?


Transport Museum


Transport Museum  Transport Museum  Transport Museum

Transport Museum  Transport Museum  Transport Museum




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60 thoughts on “The Heritage Transport Museum in Pictures

  1. LaiAriel R. Samangka ( Thelittlelai: Beyond limits) Reply

    Your stunning photos just bring back all the memories in the past. I never thought that there is this kind of museum, it very interesting and I like the idea of putting all old kind of transportation in one place. I’ll surely bear this museum in mind for a future reference. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Claire Reply

    The classic cars are the best – you’re right – not old but classic! I love the buses too, i suppose the design hasn’t changed that much because it worked so well in the first place – if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it! 🙂

  3. Stella Reply

    This museum looks like so much fun! I don’t drive, but I love the look of classic cars. I would especially like to see the cars that starred in Bollywood films. I just love quirky museums like this one.

  4. Elizabeth O. Reply

    That’s amazing. I love going to museums especially since it’s a good learning experience for the kids. I’d love to take them here and just let them enjoy and learn about the different forms of transportation that we have and used to have.

  5. Amanda Love Reply

    This is awesome. I’m not a huge fan of cars but I love learning about history. It’s a great way to learn more about cars and more here. And the kids will definitely enjoy it.

  6. Annemarie LeBlanc Reply

    I remember those pedal cars. I had an army type jeep before (a hand-me-down from a male cousin) and I loved it! This museum is a must see. I will have to remember to visit if and when I get to travel to Delhi.

  7. Catvills Reply

    Awesome! I always look at those period cars with amazement. It would have been so nice to own a car like that during that time! Oh and the pink convertible! Love it. What immediately came to my mind was Olivia Newton John and John Travolta in the movie “Grease.”

  8. Neha Saini Reply

    This is amazing. This museum looks like entering into era of vintage. Old cars, jeeps, palanquin and planes are the heritage of history. I love visiting such places. I have seen these in Umed Bhawan, Jodhpur also.

  9. Iuliana Reply

    Your post about the Heritage Transport Museum reminds me that we have something similar in Romania. In fact it’s not a museum but an old railway that was rehabilitated and you can travel in an old train along it. It’s a real cool journey and authentic as well.

  10. Cat Reply

    It is fun to see how the mode of transport evolves over time! We have something similar here in Calgary, but I would love to visit this one in Delhi and learn about the history!

  11. Nisha Reply

    This is amazing. And you did the right thing to make this one a separate post. 🙂

    This museum looks like going into vintage era. Loved looking at old cars, and other modes of transport. I saw one in Spain and still remember the details.

  12. Catvills Reply

    I love those vintage cars! The one in deep red with spoke wheel tires is a classic! I have never been to a transport museum. It must be so exciting to see cars/vehicles from different eras!

  13. Dawn McAlexander Reply

    I have been to a couple of transportation museums near my house. It is so cool to see all those cars and carriages and even trains. It is a testament to our heritage.

  14. Chris Reply

    Those images certainly transport us across a variety of ages.

    Of particular delight, are those classic vintage airline posters.

    They really do their best to convey glamour and the exotic!

  15. Reshma Reply

    This is a surprise! Had never heard of this transport museum in Delhi. Loved those antique cars and bikes. The bike for kids looks so cool. I wonder why I had never known about this. Thanks for sharing this!

  16. Kavey Reply

    Loooove all those classic cars, some real beauties in there, that turquoise and wood one is my favourite!

  17. chloe Reply

    Wow this is really an interesting place, remind of me a railway museum in Taiwan. I will check it out when I’m there!

  18. Rashmi and Chalukya Reply

    The museum sounds amazing with those interesting and intriguing exhibits. Some of those cars from the bygone era exudes royalty we can also imagine its grandeur in those times. The toy cars are fascinating too

  19. Gracie Gill Reply

    This place is cool! The toy collection really caught my eyes. I would love to collect matchbox cars and other miniature transportation. Those classic cars looks amazing too. They are very colorful. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Trisha Velarmino Reply

    “I am not old at all, I am classic.” YEEEES! Those vehicles look so classic! I feel like driving one out of the museum and roam around the city. LOL

  21. Suruchi Reply

    I never knew about this museum before your post and now so want to explore it. These vintage cars collection is amazing. Actually what was in the mind of that owner who decorated his whole car with 1 Rs. coin. Simply, loved your post and pictures.

  22. melody pittman Reply

    This is such a fun and colorful place to visit! I love going to car shows and take a ton of pictures at them so I know I would take hundreds at this transport museum. 😉

  23. Megan Jerrard Reply

    The Heritage Transport Museum looks great! I always love visiting these kind of museums because they give such an insight into the culture and history of a destination’s past 🙂 And I love old cars!

  24. knycx.journeying Reply

    Love cars and I had no idea there is such a great transport museum in the world!! At least you did a great job capturing all the exhibits and nice rides in one blog. 😂 Thanks for sharing @ knycx.journeying

  25. Rosey Reply

    I am going to remember that line, “I am not old, I’m classic.” 😉 Great pics, it looks like a nice trip.

  26. Barb Reply

    This museum looks so fascinating. I love the little British cars. Too bad I missed out on it, when I was visiting New Delhi.

  27. Jeanine Reply

    This would be a really great museum to check out. Especially with my boys, they’d really love this!

  28. Rosemary Reply

    Fascinating to see how far we’ve come with our cars and two-wheeled transportation system. It’s always fun going back in time and seeing your pictures. What a fascinating collection!

  29. The Travel Ninjas Reply

    This is awesome. We love museum like this, but there aren’t that many. It’s fascinating glimpse into culture, history, art, and technology at the same time. It seems like such a rich experience. Thanks for putting the spotlight on this cool attraction.

  30. Dana Reply

    Wow, this museum combines two of my husband’s favorite things, vintage and automobiles. Really fascinating to see the evolution of transportation from the beginning of time and all the way to the present, with Bollywood and Indian pop culture references. Amazing! Looks like you can get lost in there for hours!

  31. Coralie Reply

    My husband would love to visit here. I am putting it in our list of places to visit when we are in the area!

  32. Scott Reply

    We love to visit the transportation museum in St. Louis. There are so many cool things to see (and to actually sit in them!).

  33. Nicole Anderson Reply

    I may not have been able to go and see the museum but I really got joy from looking at all the lovely photos you took. What a great collection and it is so good that they are on display for all to enjoy.

  34. Carmen's Luxury Travel Reply

    I just love that display of traffic lights that looks like a Christmas tree! Actually, everything inside this museum looks fascinating, my kids would just love it. Great post, thanks for putting it on my radar! Happy travels 🙂

  35. Carol Cassara Reply

    Beautiful! Now I don’t know much about cars but I love learning about the history of things! It would be nice to take my husband here!

  36. kelly reci Reply

    i love to travel and i love visitng museum! im very interested to visit this place someday!

  37. Angela Milnes Reply

    Looks a great place to visit with my son, He loves to see the different model of old cars

  38. Mimi Reply

    Wow all these old cars! Would like to take one or two for decoration in my you house haha! the blue britannia is my favorite! So cute!

  39. Marion Halliday (Red Nomad OZ) Reply

    What a cool place full of fantastic memorabilia! Sadly, I actually recognise some of those old school buses – although I’ve never been to India, I was raised in Fiji and there were a lot of similar vehicles on the roads there!! Also loved the toys – and like you, wonder what ever happened to the children who used to play with them! Great post – loved all the pics.

  40. Ankur, Incomeboy Reply

    Hi Sandy & Vyjay,
    Thanks for the free tour of transport museum. I heard it somewhere, but never been there. And it’s certainly an unknown fact of incredible India. And the picture was clicked by you is totally amazing. Keep sharing.

  41. Penny Reply

    Wow! I’m an Indian but I did not even know that this museum existed. I must say that they have documented the change in transport quite nicely.

  42. Iza Abao Reply

    I like the pictures a lot! I’m eager to visit this kind of museum. It would be so much fun to see the evolution of automobiles. What is the name of that pink car? It looks so pretty and ladylike.

  43. Kristina Reply

    What a unique museum! I’ve always had a thing for old cars, so this ticks that box immediately. There’s such a vast array of interesting museums in India. Can’t wait to see them all.

  44. Victoria Reply

    I love that you used so many photos it was so helpful and makes me want to visit!

  45. Jenna Reply

    The Heritage Transport Museum looks so neat! I love vintage cars, and all of your photos definitely make me want to visit. Seeing how transportation has evolved over the years is so interesting! Great photos!

  46. neha Reply

    The vintage cars look so interesting. It’s always fascinating to look at the journey of evolution – be it transport or anything else. I will definitely visit here one day

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