Do You Know Why We Love The Splendid Sunny Moments?


“Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t going away.”
Elvis Presley

This is in continuation of our series on our obsession with the sun where we had shared our sun fascination.

Sunset - Do you know why we love the splendid sunny moments








Do you know why we love the splendid sunny moments? We bring to you some special sunsets associated with specific memories, they may not be all that spectacular, but they hold a special place in our hearts and evoke nostalgia whenever we see the photos.

Sunset at the Eiffel Tower

An evening in Paris

It was a magical evening in Paris for us and we were feasting our eyes on the various sights of this beautiful city when it started raining. A rain washed Paris was indeed a sight to behold, and to add to more magic to this mesmerizing moment, we spotted the Eiffel tower bathed in the radiance of the sun as he peeped from behind the clouds.

Swiss Sunset

Sunset in Switzerland

Sunset in Uster
Sun sets against the distant mountains


Uster sunset
A couple bonds over a magical sunset

A small picturesque town in the country which is akin to heaven on earth, Switzerland, a small hillock with an old castle at the top, green pastures with Swiss cows grazing on it, a beautiful park and to top it all a great view of the town. If you take all these ingredients and blend it with a liberal dose of the magic of the setting sun, what you would get is the stuff that dreams are made of. Yes, it was a wonderful dream come true for us in Uster, Switzerland, and these photos are a futile attempt to capture those magic moments.


Goa sunset


We reached Goa after a tiring drive, it was evening and we decided to spend some time at the Colva Beach.

The sight that awaited us was like a soothing balm to our tired bodies, it seemed as if the rays of the fading sun enveloped us in a cocoon of radiant energy and renewed our tired spirits.


Bangalore sunset
Sunset at home

One Saturday evening after a stressful week at work we were relaxing in the balcony of our house when we were blessed with this beautiful sunset. Watching a sunset sitting in your own home is an experience in a different league altogether.

What wonderful memories do you associate with the sun?

Do let us know by commenting on this post, we would love to hear from you.


Do you know why we love the splendid sunny moments

Do you know why we love the splendid sunny moments
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35 thoughts to “Do You Know Why We Love The Splendid Sunny Moments?”

  1. I spend almost a year in Ireland where the sun is a rare phenomenon! On the rare days when I could see that yellow round thing glowing in the sky, I sat for ages bathing in its warmth. Now I am in sunnier places and realize I could not live in a grey country anymore 🙂 The warmth, the beauty of sunrise and sunset, …

  2. Beautiful! I can never truly capture a sunrise or sunset on camera because, as you said, there is all the nostalgia and emotions that come along with them. Great photos, it looks like you have some incredible sunset memories!

  3. I get amazing sunsets from my apartment, so no matter where I am, sunsets remind me of home 🙂
    My favourite sunset memory was in Zadar, sitting on the sea organ with the waves making music. Beautiful!

  4. Beautiful shots. I love beautiful sunset pics like these, but alas, due to some reason sunsets make me sad while sunrise fills me in with new hope. Don’t know why this phenomena

  5. I love that quote by Elvis that you started out with. Yes, having the sun is sooo nice. Even when I’m not traveling, it makes a huge difference like in Amsterdam, when the sun is shining, I feel like the city is more alive. I love your photos! Thanks for sharing.

  6. The sunset and sunrise are truly an amazing site. I remember reading a haiku one time about how nature causes devastating things sometimes, but everyday nature also gives us beauty 🙂

  7. I think I have more magical memories of sunrises than sunsets. But I do agree that they are magical. I most recently loved watching the sunrise after camping out all night in the Sahara desert. Your photos are amazing, especially the one of the Eiffel Tower!

  8. There is so much that is captured both at sunrise and sunset. I love each for different reasons, but they are both magical in their own. My favorite sunsets have been in Greece, while sunrise’s in Los Angeles.
    Gorgeous shots!!

  9. Everyone loves a sunrise or a sunset. Just look at the most popular instagram feeds – they’re full of amazing photos! I do agree with you though, there’s something special about sunset at the Eiffel Tower.

  10. Sunsets photos can be so amazing! The colors can be very vivid sometimes. We dont realize how important the sun is for us. It is healthy to enjoy some sun every day.

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