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Ethnico App

India is a country that is resplendent with myriad cultures. The country throbs to the rhythm of its diverse and at the same time unique ethnicity. Whether it is flamboyant bridal wear, mouth watering cuisine from across the country or intricate Mehndi designs gracing the palms of blushing brides, the sheer beauty and variety of Indian ethnic thought is stunning.

Ethnico App

Ethnico, fueled by the inspiration of the kaleidoscopic ethnicity of Indian art forms like Mehndi and Rangoli as well as the elegant ethnic wear of India has embarked on a mission to create an ethnic hotspot right on peoples’ phone screens. Ethnico has launched its App for Mehndi and Rangoli, which is available on Google Play Store.


Ethnico App


The App brings the best and the latest in the following categories, literally to your fingertips.


  1. Mehndi
  2. Beauty & Grooming
  3. Wedding Photography
  4. Wedding Services
  5. Bridal
  6. Blouse Design
  7. Suits
  8. Sarees
  9. Lehengas
  10. Kurtis & Tops
  11. Footwear
  12. Jewellery
  13. Rangoli
  14. Wallpaper
  15. Home & Living
  16. Food
  17. Horoscope
  18. Health & Wellness
  19. Spirituality
  20. Festivals

Ethnico App

Download & Navigation

The app is free to download and one can register on it for free as well. It is available both in English and Hindi. The APP is quite user friendly and easily navigable. There is a menu bar at the bottom of the screen where you can toggle between ‘POPULAR’, ‘CATEGORIES’, ‘TRENDS’ and ‘SERVICES’.

Under ‘POPULAR’, you will find the most popular food, designs, etc. The ‘CATEGORIES’, is the main section which houses the different categories as mentioned above. The ‘TRENDS’ section features the latest trends across categories while the ‘SERVICES’ section has details of service providers for various categories.

Ethnico App


You can browse through different designs of Mehndi or Indian Rangoli Designs or look up recipes of various Indian delicacies by selecting the category of your choice. You can also see what is trending on Ethnico across categories. One interesting and useful feature is that you can also browse available service providers for each category and also request for a quote from them.

Though the App is quite user friendly and the menus easily navigable, moving across categories is a little cumbersome and so also searching for specific items that interest you. When I was in the food section, I found it a bit difficult to identify the item from the image, as not all have their names on the images. Also I did not find a way to zero in on only Vegetarian fare, i.e. there is no way to sort the categories into sub-categories.

Here are some pros and cons of the App.

Pros of Ethnico App

  • It is free to use
  • It is user friendly and works on all devices
  • It is a good platform for ethnic products

Cons of Ethnico App

  • Too many categories dilute the focus, it would be better if the App focuses on related categories
  • If you want to search for the services of a particular category, you are not directly taken to it
  • I did not see any SUPPORT or HELP feature on the App

To be fair the App has a lot to offer and can be a useful tool when planning for a wedding, scouting for bridal makeup, Mehndi artists, wedding photographers etc.. It is also a good place to check out the latest designs in ethnic wear. Young girls with a love for anything ethnic would undoubtedly like this app. 

I am sure the Ethnico App shall develop into a teeming melting pot of ethnic culture and shall be a much sought after resource for people looking out for the latest in ethnic trends and fashion.

Ethnico app

Ethnico App

We have been commissioned by Ethnico to do a review of their Ethnico App, however the review is our unbiased review after trying out the App.


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71 thoughts on “Design Inspirations from Ethnico App

  1. Chris Reply

    I really liked that you showed very local items. When I travel and look for souvenirs, I try to search for something very authentic and local. Tired of the magnets…

  2. Danjuma Reply

    one thing is for sure, its a great app trying to bring various things close to ones finger tips but like you pointed out,there are many many categories on it which makes a loss of focus, but all in all,it seems a great app choice.

  3. Rob Taylor Reply

    This is pretty cool! I feel like it’s Pinterest but without the distractions of unrelated noise. Such beautiful bits of culture!

  4. Ami Reply

    ooh nice! I always run out of imagination with all the Diwali work. This will be helpful for this season’s rangoli.

  5. Elizabeth O. Reply

    Regardless of the cons, it sounds like an app that will help people when they’re looking for services or people that offers what they need, especially when it comes to event planning. I think it’s useful.

  6. Karlyn Cruz Reply

    Oh, I super like these designs! I like to try the app too, sounds really helpful!

  7. Courtney Gillard Reply

    I like to see this app. I like doing crafts and I can get great ideas from this app.

  8. Carol Cassara Reply

    Awesome! It’s a great app to use if you’re in need of suppliers and designers. It think this will help brides to be the most, it will make it easier for them to locate designers and the like.

  9. Adriana Thornton Reply

    I think is a very helpful app for people that are traveling. Very interesting!

  10. Carol Cassara Reply

    Planning a wedding is tough as it is and it would be nice to have a little help, what more if that help is an app! Things would be so much easier. I’m sure it’s not perfect like other apps but it makes the job easier for people who are planning weddings and events on their own!

  11. Kathy Reply

    I love all those pieces. They’re so lovely. Those necklaces are so pretty. I love the whole style.

  12. Ron Leyba Reply

    Great app indeed. Love that it promotes a great an amazing culture.

  13. Sarah Bailey Reply

    This is such an awesome app if you are like for inspiration. I love designing and so this is perfect for me.

  14. Robin Rue Reply

    I have never heard of this app before but it looks like it would be awesome to browse. I already love looking at Pinterest, so this is cool.

  15. Jay Simms Reply

    I really like that they have a wedding section. This would be a pretty cool theme.

  16. Liz Mays Reply

    I think this app will be a handy tool to have when looking for unique services and products. It’s definitely nice that it’s free and user-friendly.

  17. Shobha Reply

    That’s so cool. such intricate patterns – they should definitely be memorialised. I have friends who are into zentangle and this would be such great inspiration for them.

  18. Melissa Bernardo Reply

    I love learning about new apps. Thank you for sharing!

  19. Blair Villanueva Reply

    Cool app for creative and art lovers! I like the colors and the strokes, very inspiring and also worth pinning 😀

  20. Stefan Reply

    Wow would of never thought an app like this existed. I have a few friends who are into this so could be cool to show them

  21. Liana Reply

    Wow, one thing is sure, it’s such a great for inspiration, obviously when you’re loving colors and india inspo and gypsy details! Great idea, really!

  22. Karen Reply

    I love this app and also those stunning eggs and the beads……providing great inspiration here for home decorating and decor.

  23. Berlin Reply

    Nice to have new apps specifically on a certain topic. Love to look into it and discover new sarees.

  24. Enricoh Alfonzo Reply

    This app is awesome! Especially coz of the indian artform factor. Downloading right now, plus my cousin is getting married in October so this app will be perfect for all her wedding planning needs. Thank you.

  25. Travel Pockets Reply

    I’v never heard of this app! I love Indian art and fashion because t’s so colorful and intricate 🙂 I’m downloading this! So glad it’s free.

  26. Indrani Reply

    This is interesting! Very innovative app.
    What is old becomes new again. I like such recycled stuffs.
    Great designs.

  27. neha Reply

    I love your collection…I am a lover of art and an artist at the core of my heart..I am going to take some inspirations from here for my next rangoli and mehendi work

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