Parking Near the Airport – Different Airport Parking Options

Parking Near The Airport – Different Parking Options

Make your trip more comfortable by choosing the right parking option. Read all about parking near the airport in this article.

Parking Near The Airport – Different Parking Options

When you step out of your house for that much-planned and much-awaited holiday, you would want things to be perfect. Parking near the airport is an important aspect that you need to incorporate into your travel plans. You can then expect everything to fall into place and the entire experience to be as smooth as clockwork.

Parking Near the Airport: What Are the Options? 

Parking Near The Airport – Different Parking Options

Are you planning your next vacation? Nothing is more convenient than loading your luggage into your own car and driving comfortably to the airport. Whether you’re going on a weekend trip or a long vacation, your car needs to be parked safely so that you can easily drive home when you arrive back at the airport.

Different Parking Options | Parking At The Airport 

Read about the different available parking options in this article. This will help you to choose the best parking option that is cheap and safe.

Parking Near The Airport | Airport Parking Options | Different Airport Parking Options

Most airports in the United States and Canada have on-site parking spaces for travelers. Parking at the airport is convenient, as your car is situated nearby. Most parking spaces are within walking distance of the entrance, others include a free shuttle.

Finding a parking spot and making a reservation is a lot easier if you do it online; travelers made good experiences regarding airport parking with Parkos. On this website, you can see which parking spots are available during your vacation if you must leave your key or not, and the available amenities (such as airport shuttles and car washes).

Parking Near The Airport – Offsite Parking 

Another option is to park at an off-site parking lot. These parking lots are not associated with the airport but are often nearby. Off-site airport parking is usually less expensive than parking on-site. Your car will be parked in a parking lot or a garage and you’ll be offered a (free) shuttle to take you to the airport.

Off-site parking lots are often guarded and offer lots of extra services, such as washing your car or repairing scratches and dents. Making a reservation ahead of time is encouraged and sometimes even obligated.

Parking Near The Airport – Valet Parking 

Valet parking is another convenient option. You’ll drive yourself to the airport, where a valet will be waiting to take your car to an off-site parking lot. Making a reservation is necessary, as the valet needs to know your exact arrival time. You can also supply the company with your flight numbers so that they can make sure that your car is at the entrance when you arrive back at the airport, even if your flight is delayed or canceled.

If you choose valet parking, make sure that you ask the driver for identification and know the name of the driver in advance to avoid scams. Furthermore, make sure you use a reliable company as there are many questionable valet parking companies.

In addition, make sure to write down your car’s mileage so that you can check that your car has not been used by the company.

Parking Near The Airport – Park, Sleep, and Fly

Park, sleep, and fly is especially useful for those who come from far away and have a tight itinerary, and want to be well-rested before their flight, or for those who have an early flight. You can use this parking option by booking a hotel that has a park, sleep, and fly package available. The package includes a night in the hotel, parking during your entire trip, airport shuttle service, and sometimes even breakfast.

You’ll arrive the day before your flight and have some time to rest. There is a maximum time that you can use the parking lot, though, which is usually fourteen days. Check with your hotel if your trip is longer and you want to make sure that parking is available. This package is available with most big brand hotels situated nearby the airport.

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Parking Near The Airport – Different Parking Options

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Parking Near the Airport - Different Airport Parking Options

Parking Near the Airport - Different Airport Parking Options

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