Beautiful Golden Grass Craft Of Odisha – Empowering Women

Beautiful Golden Grass Craft Of Odisha – Empowering Women

Golden grass craft of Odisha is fostering a silent revolution of women empowerment and financial independence in districts of Jajpur, Puri, and others.

Beautiful Golden Grass Craft Of Odisha – Empowering Women

Women across the rural hinterland of India have been silently, but surely engineering an economic revolution through sustainable crafts. A case in point is the Golden Grass craft of Odisha, which has been recognized as one of the approved crafts, by the Directorate of Handicrafts, Government of Odisha.

The humble Kaincha grass, a reed that grows wild in riverbeds and marshy land, has been catalyzing Women’s empowerment through Golden Grass Craft in the villages of Odisha.

Golden Grass Craft In Odisha

Beautiful Golden Grass Craft Of Odisha – Empowering Women

The state of Odisha is a veritable treasure house when it comes to handicrafts. Its crafts are deep-rooted in its culture and heritage and stand as glowing examples of the, “Make In India,” drive.

Odisha has nurtured a wide range of crafts, that include Silver Ware, Brass and Bell Metal Ware, Terracotta and Pottery, Golden Grass And Cane Work, Applique Work, Sea Shell Work and Stone and Wood Carvings. The Sarees of Odisha like Sambhalpur Sarees and those made from the GI-tagged Gopalpur Tussar silk fabric are also well-known and much sought after.

Golden Grass Craft Odisha

Golden Grass Craft Odisha
Golden Grass Craft Odisha

Golden Grass Crafts of Odisha has emerged as a major shot in the arm to the rural women of Odisha. The handmade Golden Grass craft is providing meaningful employment and financial independence to the women of the state in the districts of Jajpur, Kendrapara, Puri, and others.

Thousands of women who are part of different Self Help Groups or SHGs across rural Odisha are engaged in creating wealth from the wild reed grass that has been termed as Golden Grass in India.

What is Golden Grass?  Golden Grass Craft

Golden Grass
Golden Grass – Kaincha

Golden grass is a reed belonging to the grass family, with the botanical name, Vetiver Zizanoids. Locally growing on marshy land and near the banks of rivers, this grass grows in tall clumps. It is known as Kaincha in the local dialect but is popularly known as Golden grass, owing to the golden sheen that it acquires after it drys.

Kaincha Craft
Kaincha Craft

The artisans of Golden Grass Craft, who are almost all women, split the dried Kaincha grass and dexterously weave amazing products from it. These products range from coasters, and hats to even jewellery.

Golden Grass Craft At Antia Village In Jajpur District – Meeting The Golden Grass Artisans

Golden Grass Craft At Antia Village
Artisans of Golden Grass Craft At Antia Village

Jajpur District is not only a heritage district but also a flourishing hub of arts and crafts. We were thrilled to visit the village of Antia which is about 19 kilometres from the Tussar Silk centre of Gopalpur.

Golden Grass handicrafts at Antia Village in Jajpur, like in other villages are almost completely done by its women. In fact, Ms Malati Pradhan from the village has been a Kalakruti awardee for Golden grass craft. We were looking forward to interacting with the Golden Grass Handicrafts Weaving Community of Antia village in the Jajpur district of Odisha.

The livelihoods of more than 300 households in the village are dependent on golden grass craft,” says Bipin Kumar Raut, who is associated with the Adi Shakti SHG in Antia village. ushering us into a room in which around 25 women in colourful attire, sat weaving golden grass, with the utmost focus and concentration.

We were in a Golden Grass Craft centre run by the Adi Shakti Self Help Group (SHG). Kids played around the women who were the epitome of concentration. They barely spared us a second glance when we entered the room, continuing with their work, after welcoming us with a warm greeting.

The women of Antia sat almost shoulder to shoulder, cross-legged on the bare floor, their backs to the wall. In front of them lay bundles of Golden grass. They used their hands to split the grass and then weave them into innovative products. Some of them were using a needle to push the grass through the loops and twists that constituted the design of the finished product.

Some of them were still starting and hence we could not make out what the finished product would be, however many had the products in the advanced Work-In-Process stage and we could make out that they were either hat-tops or coasters.

Golden Grass Products – Kaincha Craft  Golden Grass Craft In Jajpur

Handmade Golden Grass craft-Handicrafts of Jajpur

The roots of Golden Grass Handicrafts in Jajpur District, go a long way back in time. The earliest baskets that were woven by Man date back to 3000 BCE and beyond. Initially weaving of cane, and other forms of grass fulfilled a utilitarian value, that of providing vessels for storing and carrying material.

Along with the march of evolution and the dawn of finer sensibilities, weaving evolved into more sophisticated art. The sky was the limit, and the imagination of the artisans fashioned an array of products. The materials changed, but the craft evolved around the same methods.

In India too, weaving baskets and other products of different types of grasses and cane is a practice that goes way back in history. Sikki grass crafts and crafts made from Moonj grass by the Tharu tribals have been around for quite some time.

In this scenario, Golden Grass Handicrafts from Orissa are grabbing the limelight in recent times, with their innovative range of products. The golden sheen of the grass combined with the fact that the products are eco-friendly and biodegradable makes them an attractive alternative to the much-dreaded plastic.

Golden Grass Products
Golden Grass Products

Golden Grass Handicrafts in Jajpur District include utility items like mats, baskets, fans, and bowls. However, the Golden grass craft has evolved with time from a spartan craft to one that is making waves even on the global stage. Today golden grass has become the material for designer jewellery and other fancy fashion accessories.

The list of products of golden grass is huge and includes hats, key chains, items of home decor, coasters, wall hangings, Golden Grass Jewelry, and much more.

Images Of Golden Grass Craft In Odisha 

Golden Grass Products
Images of Golden Grass Products and the Artisans

If you are in Jajpur, you must visit the village of Antia, to see for yourself, the transformation that the sustainable Golden Grass handicrafts in Jajpur are bringing about.

Golden Grass Craft At Antia Village
Images of Golden Grass Handicrafts from Orissa

Golden grass craft is a great example of Atmanirbhar Bharat and is fostering women’s empowerment and financial independence in a significant manner. Here are some images from our visit to Antia village, that tell the story of Kaincha and the women of the village.

Golden Grass Craft Odisha – FAQ

At Antia village

What is the famous handicraft of Orissa?

Odisha state is well known for its handicrafts, the state has 51 approved handicrafts. Some of the famous handicrafts of the state include Terracota, Golden grass craft, and Applique work.

How do you make golden grass?

Golden grass grows wild and is a type of wild grass. It is used to make products like baskets, hats, coasters, etc.

What kind of grass is gold grass?

Gold grass is a wild reed grass, and its botanical name is Vetiver Zizanoids.

Where does golden grass grow?

Golden grass grows in marshy areas and near river beds. In Odisha, they grow in the districts of Jajpur, Kendrapara, and Puri.

As we left the village of Antia, the women and the kids waved and smiled at us. We felt really happy for the women who were part of a silent revolution of women empowerment sweeping across rural India. We were reminded about similar women in Anegundi, near Hampi in Karnataka who crafted beautiful products from Banana Fibre and Water Hyacinth. Our thoughts also went out to the women of the AMA market, an all-women market in Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh.

Our visit to the District of Jajpur in Odisha was part of a familiarization trip organized by the Jajpur District Administration. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are our own. #Jajpurodisha #HACTJajpur #visitjajpur #Odishatourism #UNWTO #Odisha #goldengrass #handicrafts

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Golden Grass Craft Of Odisha

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Beautiful Golden Grass Craft Of Odisha - Empowering Women

Beautiful Golden Grass Craft Of Odisha - Empowering Women

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