Offbeat and Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in India


Offbeat and Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in India

Are you are looking for a unique honeymoon destination in India – most beautiful honeymoon destinations in India that are both offbeat and romantic? Are you tired of looking at the pictures of those idyllic and veritable paradises on earth promoted by the travel companies? Are you googling for the top 4 most romantic honeymoon destinations in India or honeymoon packages in India? Are you tired of hearing the same old suggestions of places like Kashmir, Shimla, Manali, Mussoorie, Ooty, etc.. Finding a honeymoon package in India can become a daunting affair by the sheer choices that you have. Honeymoon packages in Kerala, honeymoon packages in Manali, honeymoon packages from Mumbai, honeymoon packages in India, the list goes on and these words will buzz in your ears.

Do you want to go where no honeymoon couple has gone before? Are you looking for off beat honeymoon destinations in India? Then you are at the right place. We have for you a list of offbeat honeymoon destinations in India that promise a wonderful experience. These offbeat and romantic honeymoon destinations in India will not be choc a bloc with couples jostling with each other to take that one ‘unique’ selfie to take away as a honeymoon souvenir. These places provide you an ideal setting to spend quality time together, discover each other and take home memories that would bring a smile to your faces whenever you relive those moments.

The Sundarbans


If you are looking for a secluded honeymoon experience in the wilderness, then what could be better than the beautiful forests of the Sundarbans. Situated in Bengal the amazing ecosystem that includes crisscrossing waterways with mangrove forests stretching as far as the eye can see, makes an ideal backdrop for an unforgettable honeymoon experience. As you cruise through the waterways lost in the depths of each other’s eyes do spare a glance at the salt-tolerant mangroves passing by, the crocodiles and snakes slithering furtively on the islands and the graceful spotted deer prancing daintily in the forest. The roar of the Royal Bengal Tiger at the dead of the night is guaranteed to get you closer to each other.


How to get there

Sunderbans is about 114 Kilometers from Kolkata and can be reached by bus/car/boat.

The best time to visit

We recommend the Monsoon months between June to September guarantee an unparalleled experience. More wildlife sightings, rain, and spectacular sunsets make the Sundarbans one of the ideal honeymoon places in India in monsoon and promise an exhilarating experience.

Where to stay

Sundarban Tigerland Resort is a nice place set in the midst of lush greenery with all amenities at your disposal. There are quite a few other hotels and resorts that you can choose based on your budget.



Khajuraho is an ideal place to start a romantic adventure with your partner and make one’s honeymoon memories linger for a long, long time. The poetry of love sculpted in stone by loving hands in the temples of Khajuraho make it an ideal place for two hearts to beat as one. So if you are a couple who love to travel back in time and be enthralled by ancient art, culture, and heritage, Khajuraho is where you need to head to for a romantic odyssey. The ancient temples and the calm and serene environs are sure to leave an indelible mark on your hearts and minds and are sure to haunt you for many, many years.


How to get there

Khajuraho is connected by Air to Delhi and Varanasi and by train to Delhi. It situated about 200 Kilometers from Jhansi. One can travel to Jhansi by train and take a car to Khajuraho.

The best time to visit

We would recommend the winter months between October to January as being ideal for a honeymoon in Khajuraho. The temperatures would tend to soar during the summer months. Thus Khajuraho is one of the best honeymoon places in India in winter.

Where to stay

The Ramada Khajuraho promises to be an ideal foil for your romantic escapade in Khajuraho.



If your idea of a honeymoon in India is a secluded place high up in the mountains where you can walk hand in hand, breathing in the invigorating mountain air, the Pelling at a height of 7,200 feet is just the place for you. High up in the mountains wake up to mesmerizing views of the Himalayas and the Kanchenjunga, mountains. You can get drunk in the sheer beauty of pristine nature all around you and get lost in each other too as you wander through enchanted lakes and magical fountains. It is a place literally close to where marriages are made, heaven.


How to get there

Pelling is about 115 kilometers from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim and can be reached by road.

The best time to visit

We would recommend visiting between the months of September-December to get some spectacular views of the snow clad mountains and experience the chill of the mountains. If you are looking for honeymoon places in India in summer then Pelling can be a best bet!

Where to Stay

De Regency is a nice hotel with some great views of the mountains. You can have your morning cup of coffee watching the morning light reflecting from the far of snow-capped mountains of the Himalayan ranges.



The setting sun casts a golden shadow on the sea, the waves gently rush to caress your feet as you walk on the soft sands, hands interlocked and eyes filled with dreams. If you want your honeymoon to assume similar contours, then head out to Cherai. A relatively unknown and long stretch of sea and sand near to Kochi. You can walk for hours on the beach and not meet a soul. And when you get tired of the sand, you can turn your attention to the enchanting backwaters. Wake up early to catch a magical sunrise as you cruise in silence on the romantic backwaters of Cherai.


How to get there

Cherai is about 27 kilometres from Kochi International Airport and can be reached by car.

Where to Stay

Le Petit Elephant is a nice and secluded place, ideal for a honeymooning couple.

We hope these off beat and top 4 romantic honeymoon destinations in India would give your honeymoon that extra zing! We would appreciate your thoughts on this post. Do let us know which of these destinations appeal to you the most. Which place do you consider as one of the best honeymoon destinations in India?

Offbeat and Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in India

Offbeat and Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in India  Offbeat and Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in India

Offbeat and Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in India  Offbeat and Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in India

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93 thoughts to “Offbeat and Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in India”

  1. Some gorgeous looking spots, especially those views at Pelling (I’m a sucker for beautiful mountain views).

    Is that also where the very first image in the post was from as well?

  2. Beautiful amazing pictures, this really looks worth a honeymoon location. We already did our honeymoon in the US and Hawai, but this seems to be a very nice idea to do the anniversary honeymoon 🙂
    Especially the mountain region looks very interesting for this purpose.
    Thank you for sharing these great tips!

    Cheers Birdie & Hendrik

  3. The play of light and shadow on that image of Pelling is beautiful. The ancient temples at Khajuraho at outstanding, will have to go and visit to it up close. Think I’ll go there alone first, enjoy it all to myself 🙂

  4. I love your very descriptive posts! These would be beautiful destinations, whether you’re honeymooning or not! My husband I really enjoy exploring any new place we haven’t yet been, and we’ve been married for 31 years!

  5. This is such a great blog post!! Everything about it!! I was just telling my boyfriend the other day that when we get married I don’t want to go somewhere typical for my honeymoon! And we both love the mountains and the forest more than the beach, so you have given us some great options! Thank you 🙂

  6. Love the suggestion of Khajuraho and the Pelling. I would very much enjoy visiting either of those – or both! India is still on the “To Do” list of places to visit, but these spots are definitely getting added to my itinerary when I do make it there!

  7. I feel like I am missing out on some truly stunning places in India! I am visiting Mysore in January to practice yoga so won’t have a chance to travel around India this time around, but I’ll definitely be back – Sundarban looks so incredible!

  8. I must admit, I had never though of India as much of a romantic destination but really, your post proved me long. Certainly catching sight of some of the wildlife in The Sundarbans would be magical although honestly, Pelling seems particularly appealing to me with the snow-capped mountains in December. A thoroughly enjoyable post complimented with some great photos

  9. Khajuraho is certainly an offbeat destination! It’s arguably a bit of a wonder of the world, with its rather naughty depictions on its architecture 😉 Shame about the touts though! Thanks for sharing this, some very interesting looking places on here!

  10. These sound like some really incredible options for honeymoons. My husband and I just got married in June, but we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and even though it was magical it’s definitely a bit more cliche. We are, however, planning to be in India for my 28th birthday, so perhaps we’ll make a second honeymoon of it! Khajuraho would be my top choice!

  11. Now why didn’t I consider India when I was planning my honeymoon?! These places are gorgeous! Definitely honeymoon-material. TI wouldn’t be able to choose coz all of these places have something special about them… whether it’s the beach or the wilderness! The Sundarbans look great though!

  12. A honeymoon in India definitely sounds like a one of a kind experience. I had my honeymoon in Hawaii, but who says I can’t have more than one 🙂 I would love to hear those Royal Bengal Tiger roaring!

  13. What a fabulous roundup of scenic and romantic spots in India, Vyjay. I like Khajuraho as it is truly unique and fits into the honeymoon mould. Pelling also looks spectacular.

  14. So many enticing options! My husband and I took a very simple honeymoon, a roadtrip to a national park in the USA (where we’re from). Spotting a tiger on your honeymoon would be a bit intense!

  15. Those are some great ideas. I am mostly a solo traveler but there have been times when I have craved the company of a special someone. Of the destinations mentioned by you Cherai, Khajuraho and Pelling appeal the most to me. Oh, and Sunderbans too.

  16. Loved the selection of places – most offbeat destinations have also become crowded now, so offbeat travellers are always on a lookout for new destinations. This list should be helpful to many such honeymooners.

  17. Wow, we are going to use all of these destinations in India when we finally make it there together! Scott has always wanted to go back and I have never been! The Sunderbans sounds incredible, but being that close to tigers at night sounds a bit terrifying! Did you get that close to a tiger to take that photo?! Incredible ideas, thanks for sharing!

  18. A very interesting compilation of some of the amazing and offbeat destinations in India. Unfortunately, I haven’t visited any of these places and hence they are right away going to my travel list.

  19. I read a kids’ book about the Sunderbans years ago, and I’ve wanted to visit ever since. Good to know that I can consider it a romantic getaway!

  20. Honestly, I have never even considered that India might be such a place. So many beautiful places here and all of them worthy of a visit I am quite sure. Well sold on behalf of India 🙂

  21. These are beautiful suggestions. I had never considered India a honeymoon destination before. I would love to visit the waterfalls and see some of those beautiful temples. It looks like a truly romantic place to take a trip.

  22. What a great breakup of honeymoon destinations! Some really great ideas in here. I’ll definitely be saving this for the future.

  23. Some incredible destinations here … we’re already married, though very much enjoy planning “second honeymoons” lol we’ve had a few of those already 😀 I would love to discover the Sundarbans as our big passion is wildlife. Thanks for the ideas!

  24. Nice list of destinations. I so want to do Pelling …and now even more so after your description. Khajuraho for me has always been on top of my list but have never seen it as a romantic destination. Maybe I will shift my lens a bit to your description.

  25. These are all great suggestions! I was thinking of going to Greenland for my honeymoon, but might have to reconsider now 😉 I’ll certainly try to visit Khajuraho at some point!

  26. have always known india to have lovely destinations but never knew these were how lovely and beautiful they were, now i just have the wish to go there quicker than i expected.

  27. Wow. That’s a very beautiful list! Khajuraho never comes to mind when you think of Honeymoon, but what better way to begin married life than with those amorous sculptures!!!

  28. So many glorious places to choose from, where would you start? However you have given a fantastic guide here with lots to think about! When we were celebrating our anniversary, we chose India and the Golden Triangle which included a trip to Ranthamborne National Park and we were incredibly lucky to see tigers in the wild, we then had a week relaxing in Goa so yes, India is a great destination for a honeymoon or anniversary! #feetdotravel

  29. I would love to go to honeymoon at the places that is less visited. Pelling seems exceptionally appealing to me with the sheer beauty of the mountain range. I have never lived on the mountains and holding up a warm cup of coffee and watch the glowing morning light would be my dream come true.

  30. Having never been to India (at least not yet!), I never thought of India as a honeymoon destination. Although we previously enjoyed our honeymoon in Portugal, Cherai looks like a very enticing destination for a future visit.

  31. I’m not planning a honeymoon (ever!) but I would love to visit all these places just for the beautiful surroundings and the fact they are so unknown to most people! They’re the perfect picturesque location for some peace and serenity!

  32. Such a beautiful place I can see why it would be romantic as well. Visiting the temples would be amazing. I must admit with that scenery my mind would be on hiking. Thanks for sharing this unique place with us.

  33. Awesome place of honeymoons , thank you for sharing. I haven’t been to many of these so it’s more valuable to me. First I would like to go to Khajuraho.

  34. Theres a lotof great romantic places for a honeymoon in India. It is fun to go to places that are not as common to travel to so that the experience is unique. What a great way to spend a honeymoon. I especially want to see Khajuraho

  35. There is a lot of great romantic places for a honeymoon in India. It is fun to go to places that are not as common to travel to so that the experience is unique. What a great way to spend a honeymoon. I especially want to see Khajuraho!

  36. Wow some really stunning locations there! India is a country that appeals to me more and more with every post you publish! While I am quite a long way away from being married, I definitely would consider some of those places for my honeymoon! Thanks for sharing

  37. We are firm believers in the principle that you can never have too many honeymoons. These romantic India destinations are so inspiring. Khajuraho would probably be our first stop, but they are all awesome.

  38. I never knew India could be so romantic! We’re not honeymooners anymore, but my husband and I are always on the lookout for special and romantic spots to enjoy. I’ll have to add these to that list, because they look incredible!

  39. This is such a beautiful post. I truly love the photographs. Love the way you have depicted Sunderbans as a honeymoon destination.

  40. Gorgeous places as a Honeymoon destinations, well I could say: Original and off-beaten path!! Great idea to have chosen these locations; Me and my wife are planning an Honeymoon but in 2 different countries, we have chosen the first one and maybe this post suggested me the second too!! Well, we will figure it out in few months, thanks for sharing it 😀

  41. I’ve heard great things about the Khajuraho temple and you just confirmed them! I’m not on a honeymoon soon but I definitely want to stop by and explore the temple grounds

  42. Your pictures says it all.Looks like an amazing romantic getaway. Its a good breakaway from the cliche romantic destinations in India.Thanks for sharing.

  43. I don’t think I could choose just one destination, so I would do a tour-honeymoon around all of them! Pictures are incredible!! Interesting post 🙂 Actually I never thought before on a honeymoon in India! 🙂

  44. What amazing Honeymoon Destinations or I would think anytime travel. Just Beautiful…I like the Sundarban Tigerland Resort for a nice stay and a visit to Khajuraho. Such lovely places I have never heard of and would love to visit some day. Wonderful Photos and I will pin this for others to see. Thanks for Sharing 🙂

  45. I’ve always loved the idea of safari for a honeymoon and India looks beautiful and very romantic! Love the tigerland resort! Now I just need to get my boyfriend to propose 😳

  46. These are some great and varied honeymoon options. I have only traveled in the North of India and if I would have to choose one of these destinations here, I would go with Pelling. I love hiking and being surrounded by nature only in a secluded place makes it a perfect honeymoon destination in my opinion.

  47. Never really see people suggesting places to go during the monsoon season, but I agree that rain can really help atmosphere of a place! These all look SO gorgeous. I really need to get to India sooner rather than later!

  48. Interesting list of the offbeat romantic gateways, Cherai and Pelling I’ve never heard before. I believe not just for honeymoon but anyone who like to explore something new would head towards these places, me too.

  49. Nice blog.. Good job.. Thank you so much for the information. It’s a great post…I love travelling and want to travel all over the world. Explore new places, adventurous things and many more. And photographs are just amazing. Keep writing !!!

  50. We understand planning a wedding can be overwhelming and to plan a honeymoon after that; can really be stressful! To simplify your honeymoon planning, we offer a list of the best honeymoon destinations in India that guarantee a romantic getaway and a dreamy time with your loved one!

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