Pelling – A Pristine Destination


Kanchenjunga - Pelling – A Pristine Destination in Sikkim

Pelling – A Pristine Destination in Sikkim

Pelling is a gem of a place, still pristine and pure, it is about 135 Kms. from Siliguri and about 115 Kms from Gangtok, the Capital of Sikkim.

The road trip from Siliguri to Pelling is really exhilarating and you feel sanctified as you breathe in the fresh mountain air and take in the unalloyed terrain, which is a feast to the eyes.

There are quite a number of hotels to choose from, once in Pelling; to suit one’s budget. During our trip we stayed at Hotel De Regency, a clean and comfortable hotel with an excellent view of the Kanchenjunga Mountain ranges from our room’s.


As we were there during the Off season(November), we pretty much had the Hotel and indeed the place to ourselves.The hotel served good food and was spick and span.

One can go for long walks and marvel at the greenery and cool climes, the view of the Kanchenjunga Mountain ranges always keeping you company.

Pelling – A Pristine Destination in Sikkim

We drove down to Khecheopalri Lake, originally known as Kha-Chot-Palri (meaning the heaven of Padmasambhava), is a sacred Lake for both Buddhists and Hindus, which is believed to be a wish-fulfilling lake. It is located near Khecheopalri village, it is a serene place with a peaceful aura and far,far from the maddening crowd. Near the entrance to the lake there is a small Monastery which has a giant Prayer wheel.

Khecheopalri - Pelling – A Pristine Destination in Sikkim

Other places to visit around Pelling include the Kanchenjunga Falls, Singshore Bridge and the Rabdentse Ruins. Sikkim abounds in pristine and natural wonders and the world is now discovering the wonders of Sikkim Tourism.

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Pelling, a pristine destination



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Pelling, a pristine destination

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50 thoughts on “Pelling – A Pristine Destination

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  2. Rob Taylor Reply

    One more place I MUST visit in India. Apparently I’ll need two months just to explore 1/10 of the country.

  3. Sabine Reply

    Beautiful photos, looks like a great place to visit. Love the photo of the sun coming over the mountains.

  4. Shelly Reply

    Since you were there in off season and you had most of the place to yourselves, it must have made the visit even more special.

  5. samiya selim Reply

    absolutely stunning! Have to show this to hubby, he has travelled in these parts of India when he was young and we are both excited about doing several roadtrips around India once we head to Bangladesh and start travelling around Asia over the next 2 years 🙂

    • Voyager Reply

      Wow that sounds interesting! Glad to know you would be traveling to Asia for the next 2 years. Would love to hear more travel stories. Sikkim then should definitely be a part of your itinerary.

    • Voyager Reply

      I am soon going write few more posts on North East India, especially Sikkim. If you are planning to visit and need any info, do let me know if I can help. The mountains, the snow, the nature and the beauty, we just cannot have enough of it.

  6. Ami Reply

    That is definitely an interesting place. Yet to do the North East….will add this to the list 😀

  7. Ajay Sood Reply

    Sikkim is surely on my list. Let’s see how soon it happens! Thanks for sharing the places to place on my radar!

    • Voyager Reply

      Thanks Ajay. Sikkim is truly the Switzerland of India and you will not repent going there. It has such scenic beauty that your eyes would ask for more to capture.

  8. K K Daga Reply

    There is a place near Pelling for a stunning view of Kanchenjunga on Full Moon day. Can you please suggest.

  9. Sreeram Reply

    This is certainly a hidden gem in India. I am glued to your updates on your posts on Sikkim.

  10. Tami Reply

    Very nice! No end to the beautiful locations I’ve not yet discovered… Thanks for the photos and descriptions! Hope I can visit someday, but if not, I’ve at least experienced it vicariously.

  11. Elizabeth O. Reply

    The place looks fantastic. I’m glad that there are lots of accommodations to choose from should you decide to go here! There are many beautiful sights to see!

  12. Christina Reply

    What a gorgeous region. I can almost smell the fresh air from looking at your pictures. How amazing that you had the place almost to yourself.

  13. Marge Reply

    I would definitely visit Kanchenjunga Falls if ever I get there because I have a thing for waterfalls. I just think they are quite beautiful. I think I am getting more and more convinced that I should consider going to India.

  14. Loveleen Reply

    It’s so lovely! I had been to India many times but I never had the chance to visit this town. This should be on my list when I visit India again.

  15. Darlenr Reply

    Oh wow! What ana amazing view from the hotel! Lucky that you guys had the hotel all to yourselves! The perks of off season travel!

  16. Evan Kristine Reply

    It is amazing to see how many undiscovered places in India. You’re my greatest source of great Indian cities/towns/provinces to put in my list. I’m planning to visit soon!

  17. neha Reply

    Pristine. We had been to sikkim when I was small. But due to time crunch we couldn’t cover pelling. Looks like high time to make a trip now

  18. Jo Reply

    Did you guys go to Yumthang valley? I kid you not, its the prettiest part of North Sikkim. I still need to go to pelling but fell in love with Sikkim on the whole 🙂

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